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  1. Hello everyone~
    I'm Chiara, or Kenjii_Asgard of the Eliraz family in-game. I'm looking for a guild of like-minded individuals with whom to share experience (especially on horse breeding) and light-hearted chatting. I'm pretty reserved and as of now I could very well do without the chatlog for how little I even look at it, so the thought of having a group to discuss with as I travel around the world of BDO sounds pretty nice.
    Though I'm lv46 on my Musa main, I've never really focused on combat content, save quests here and there. Most of my EXP came through life-skills, and a lot of repetitive quests related to them. I'm also a roleplayer, but not in this game really. Still I love story-writing and roleplaying discussions too. I can be pretty open and opinionated when I warm up to people.
    IRL I'm a former horse trainer (and you can see what lured me to this game then), retired for health issues. I love BDO because it lets me, to some extent, further my passion for horses despite the inconveniences. I often change sleeping patterns too, so you can find me on NA-friendly or EU-friendly hours without any distinction. I don't really use voice chat, because while my written English might be decent, my spoken one is really lacking. I'm a self-taught so please bare with me for any error I may make while typing too.
    I tend to play on Balenos 2 the most, but I'm willing to change channels for an invite without any issue. Please let me know if you have something that sounds like what I'm looking for
  2. Hello,
    I’ve been training horses for a while and I’ve noticed that this life skill is a bit lacking. After going through the forums and other online sites, I’ve come to realise that many of us trainers have the same issue with this skill: not very rewarding to level it up. 
    Once we got our dream horse, what really keeps us going? Pony passion. But beyond that, any normal gamer needs a little bit more eventually.
    Here is a list of ideas I gathered from the forums and also some of my own for your consideration, which could be applied together or individually.
    Please note that all numbers and levels are suggestions only (detailed information included in spoiler blocks).
        1.      Make Training level allow you to tame different tiers of horses in the wild.
    Note: consider camels to be tier 3 and miniature elephants to be tier 6 which could be added to the wild.
    2.      Make Training level allow you to breed and train (skills) different tiers of horses.
             Note: in regard of skills, we could alternatively have Training level requirements for using skills, with all horses starting with all the skills (similar to how sailing works). This would however not work well with the courser system, but the idea is out there.
    3.      When reaching a high level of mastery in Training skill, could raise the breeding rate multiplier for a better chance in getting higher tier horses.
    4.      Allow trainers to level up other people’s horses and train their skills depending on the mount’s tier and Training level for money.
    Note: consider camel to be tier 3 and miniature elephant to be tier 6.
    5.      Make horses more expensive on the market depending on learned skills level of completion. Also applies to other mounts.
    6.      Make horses in general more valuable on the market (especially for T7 and T8).
    7.      Allow users to preorder specific horses (tier, style, skills) on the market and/or sell to specific buyers.
    8.   Add a bidding system to the horse marketplace.
    9.      Increased chance to learn horse skills when levelling horses by 1% every 10 level of Training. Also applies to other mounts. Alternatively, have Training level requirement for using skills, with all horses would start with all the skills (see #2).
    10.      Currently leveling Training is slower than most other life skills. Here are a few ideas to increase it more easily.
    Note: could consider camel as being tier 3 and miniature elephant as tier 6.
    11.      Give horse XP bonuses depending on Training level of 0.1% per level (i.e. Beginner 10 would give 1% increase while Artisan 10 would have a total of 5% increase). Also applies to other mounts.
    12.      Reduce time between horse XP ticks by 1 sec. every 10 levels of Training skill. Also applies to other mounts.
        13.   Must be a certain level in Training to ride specific tiers OR create a new Riding skill.
    Note: consider camel to be tier 3 and miniature elephant to be tier 6.
    After discussion this idea was deemed maybe not suitable to be implemented. Here are a few reasons why:
    Option 1: Training level to ride specific tiers (not recommended)
    Options 2: Riding skill idea (recommended, but not necessary)
    Forum references
  3. Post on 4 Horse wagon in General

    By IHirs, posted
    If i have a 4 horse wagon what % multiplier of xp does each horse get? some people have said 50% some have said 25%
  4. The Massive Potential of Margoria
    The Margoria update increased the physical game size by about 1/3. Naval warfare was introduced. A new continent is available (even if only the small port). Underwater exploration was added. There is a lot here. But somehow, it feels so empty. What I am trying to say here is that this feels like only part 1 of a much larger update. Margoria has HUGE potential. My suggestions below are about increasing what can be done in the massive ocean.
    So far we have:
    GvG naval combat.Personal Sail Boats for travel and trade (with minor combat abilities)Sea Monsters to kill (which pretty much takes a guild Galley to kill, aside from the weakest one). They drop items sell-able for guild funds and mats and to craft ship parts.Underwater gathering (which is very difficult being productive without the shark suit)Cross ocean trade (with max of +150%, same as desert trade bonus, I believe)Pirates to fight (do they even drop anything, or are they just an annoyance?)And that's about it. For a single expansion, this is a decent amount.
    The question is, how can we make this better?
    Node Wars could be held in Margoria with a slight change in how it works (due to there being no land).
    The Magoria node war should be held on Velia 1 at the same time as Conquests. It is not a territory, but does give guild funds equivalent to a T-3 node.Once a victor has been decided, the guild symbol will be visible at Port Ratt.The node war area would be circular in the center of Margoria, about 1/5th the size of the ocean. The map would be visible for the duration of the war. All hostile monsters and ships will despawn.[Guild] Buoy - Purchase-able from guild harbor master for the same cost as a T-3 fort. Marks a guild's territory in the ocean, similar to how building a fort prevents other forts from being built nearby. It is built with the same materials as a normal fort, except the rough stone is swapped out with cedar plywood (common planking for old fashioned boats). Unlike normal node wars, this is not the structure that needs to be destroyed. It is more of a base point for respawn. The buoy acts as a harbor to bring back destroyed ships and buy items. Discovered Buoys will show on the map, just like forts. The Buoy also comes with 4 cannons facing the cardinal directions for what little offense/defense they may provide.[Guild] Guild Flag - purchasable from guild harbor master shop for 1mill guild funds.  The owner of a ship uses this to designate a guild galley as the 'Flag' ship. Only 1 flag ship is allowed at any time. This is the target of the node war. If no flag has been bought, your guild automatically loses the war.During the node war, the flag ship has 4x the hp of normal galley, but takes a 10% speed reduction and cannot be repaired using the usual items. The flag ship must also always be within a distance of 500 from the Buoy. Go beyond that, and the speed reduction increases gradually to a mazimum on 90% decrease until it returns within the perimeter. The Guild Flag must be installed on the ship before the start of the war (no time is taken to do this), and the ship will automatically be transported to the Buoy at the start of the war, including all guild members riding the boat. The flag ship will not show the flag until the node war starts. While other ships can leave the node war area, the flag ship cannot. Once you lose your flag ship, you are out of the war.If players die, they are able to respawn at the Buoy at full hp. Respawn timers are still in effect.If a player's ship has been destroyed, all surviving guild members on the ship at the moment of destruction will receive the option to be transpoted to the Buoy.Offensive items that can be bought from the guild harbor master for the node war:[Guild] Shrapnel Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to other ships, but massive damage to players.[Guild] Chain (Bola) Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to players but massive damage to ships.[Guild] Sea Mine - explosive barrels that can be placed in the water to damage enemy ships that hit them. Members on the boats may right click to drop them from the boat.During the node war only and only in the node war area, all participating ships (both Galleys and Sailboats) do not need cannon balls to fire, aside from special cannonballsI feel node wars on the high sees would be an amazingly fun experience. Imagine 4-6 guilds, each with 1 - 3 Galleys and a dozen sailboats waging full on naval warfare!
    Life Skills
    Right now, all we got was an increase of gathering items, but the sea is full of so much more. Lets improve a few other life skills with the potential the sea has to offer.
    Net FishingNet fishing is both a single player and party fishing method for Artisan 1 fishers and above.Nets can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island using flax thread, rope, and black stone powder. It would take a lot of mats, but nets are repairable.It is only available in deep sea (where the map disappears).Nets are attachable to fishing boats and sail boats only. Once attached, a player can drop the net by selecting it on the boat. The pilot must then move the boat around until the net is full (the boat will slow to a crawl when full). In the meanwhile, everyone can fish as normal or do whatever. Once full, the players then work together to pull in the net. The more players in the party, the faster the retrieval.Each net haul brings in anywhere from 5 to 15 fish of varying rarity and the net's durability will decrease. Each member of the party can individually loot the full fish net.The number of fish obtained is balanced out by how long it takes to fill the net, but active net fishing with a full group far faster than normal fishing and comparable to hotspot fishing when net-fishing solo.A net can be prematurely hauled in at the cost of a major reduction in fish caught.If a sea monster attacks when the net is out, the net will lose durability, but it can be repaired 1 durability by having 10 flax thread in your inventory and going over to it to select repair.Underwater SpearfishingFor Master 1 fishers and above.Only available in the deep ocean (where the mini-map disappears)Fishing Spears are different than the thrown harpoons in that you only have one, the mini-game is different, and it is repairable.Fishing spears can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island suing flax thread, steel, and pine timber.Spear fishing works like horse taming in reverse. You swim up to the fish and stab it, causing the fish to flail and swim away. You then have the same horse struggle mini-game but constant as you try to pull in the impaled fish. The difference is that when the fish is about to flail, you need to let it have control (let the gauge drop) or the tension will rip the harpoon out and you will lose the fish. Once you completely pull in the fish, you get it. If you lose the fish and it swims away, you can chase after it again if you still have the breath to do so.If you run out of breath, you lose the fish, so preparation with potions, gems, and even the cash shop suit would be helpful.Target-able fish will need to be added to the ocean, such as tuna, swordfish, orca, sperm whale, sunfish, giant squid, and other yellow grade fish. Only yellow fish are caught by spearfishing, but they would be difficult to find in the ocean. The rarer the fish, the harder it would be to find one, and the harder the mini-game to catch it.Dolphin Taming (1 - use only)For Skilled 1 training and above.Be able to tame a dolphin to take you from the ocean to either Port Ratt or Lema Island, whichever side of Margoria you last entered from.This is an emergency measure to save people from being stranded in the ocean.To tame a dolphin, all you need is chum and a rope. Chum can be made by grinding any fish. Right click it anywhere in the ocean and a dolphin will appear. Lasso the dolphin like with horse taming (further using chum like sugar for horses) then "mount" the dolphin by grabbing is dorsal fin. An option will then come up asking if you would like to travel back to land. Selecting yes will bring you to Port Ratt or Lema Island as stated above. Selecting no releases the dolphin. 
    While GvG is fun and fighting sea monsters with your guild mates is fun, there needs to be something more for the solo player or non-guild associated party. Here are my ideas:
    More "weaker" monsters that can be fought with a single sail boat. From what I hear, only the red whale looking sea monster is feasible killing without the guild galley.PiracyHave NPC trade ships moving across the ocean, similar to the caravans across the desert. Players can take a karma hit attacking these for loot.Drops can include general crafting materials such as logs, rough stones, black stone powder, as well as more valuable items like gold bars, weapons, black stones, and trade items.The better the cargo, the more smaller support ships will be there, so players can gauge reward vs difficulty.5k karma is lost per support ship destroyed and 25k karma is lost per trade ship destroyed.Anti-PiracyThe same trade ships above will at times be under attack by the NPC pirates.Destroying the pirates will result in a small reward from the trade ship.The larger the group of pirates attacking, the larger the reward, so players can gauge the reward vs difficulty.Saving trade ships gives a large karma boost: 2K karma for small pirate boat, and 15k karma recovery for large pirate ship.The reward for saving the cargo ships is significantly less than the loot from destroying them, but karma is recovered in return. 
    Kraken World Boss (We can give it a BDO lore name later)
    The ocean is huge, so why not have a world boss that spawns in the ocean?
    The Kraken would spawn in the north-eastern side of Margoria.The spawn interval for the Kraken would be 36 hours with an 8 hour window.Players will receive a 1 hour warning before the Kraken spawns.Both guild Galley and personal sailboat cannons would be able to fight it as well as attacks from players on boats that are not using cannons.How to fight it:At first, only the 8 minor tentacles will be visible and attackable above water. (if you dive, you can see the entire Kraken)Killing all the tentacles will bring the head up and the two main feeding tenaclesOnly the head needs to be attacked to kill the kraken, but killing the feeding tentacles will rid it of some of it's abilities.Attacking the single large eye will be considered a critical hit.Killing the feeding tentacles creates floating masses for players to stand on to attack the headKraken attacks:In the first stage, the 8 minor tentacles will swat at nearby ships and players. Each also has a ranged attack firing high-pressure water. The damage is minimal, but can knock players off of their boats if they are not pilotingIn the second stage, the two feeding tentacles and the head each act on their own.The feeding tentacles deal more damage with swatting and the high-pressure water. They also get a new attack where they will go underwater and rise back up quickly. It is difficult to see where they will rise unless you have a spotter under water to see where.The head has two attacks:An eye beam that charges and fires in a cone in front of it. This attack deal little damage to boats, but massive damage to players. Dive under water or move out of the way to avoid it.Slamming its mantle down on the water. This attack does massive damage to ships caught under it. It will rear its head back before slamming it down, so there is some time to get away.Loot: (based on party, not individuals, so that the ship pilots can still get loot if other members in their party are attacking)1G to 100G gold barsBlack stonesCrystal ShardsGiant SquidLiverto Weapon BoxMagic Crystal of Infinity - Underwater BreathingAncient Magic Crystal - Air (+30 seconds underwater breathing)Other high grade magic crystalsKraken's Aura (collect 100 to trade at Port Ratt for the item below)Kraken's Eye Alchemy Stone (Boss Class Item)Unlike normal alchemy stones, failure at higher levels will not have a chance at destroying it but instead will drop it by 2 grades.EXP from corals. Low: Coral Piece, Med: red, blue, green, white, gold corals, High: Twilight, Prarie, Breezy, Daybreak, Sun coralsImperfect: +100 Stamina, +25HP, +25 MP/WP/SP, +5% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +5 seconds, Carry Weight +50, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Rough: +125 Stamina, +50 HP, +50 MP/WP/SP, +6% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +10 seconds, Carry Weight +75, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Polished: +150 Stamina, +75 HP, +75 MP/WP/SP, +7% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +15 seconds, Carry Weight +100, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sturdy: +175 Stamina, +100 HP, +100 MP/WP/SP, +8% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +20 seconds, Carry Weight +125, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sharp: +200 Stamina, +125 HP, +125 MP/WP/SP, +10% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +25 seconds, Carry Weight +150, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Resplendent: +250 Stamina, +150 HP, +150 MP/WP/SP, +12% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +30 seconds, Carry Weight +200, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Splended: +300 Stamina, +200 HP, +200 MP/WP/SP, +15% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +45 seconds, Carry Weight +300, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Shining: +400 Stamina, +300 HP, +300 MP/WP/SP, +20% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +60 seconds, Carry Weight +400, Duration/Cooldown 10min.
  5. Hi
    The training skill really needs some love. As I understand it, it is an almost useless skill and by far the skill that will give you the least amount of silver per hour. Some suggestions..
    1. Why is there no stable button in the menu window? To see my horses I have to go to a stable, why cant I see my horses by pressing menu?
    2. Make a higher training skill actually do something. A higher skill should reduce the time between experience "ticks" while riding a horse and it should make it easier to tame animals.
    3. Give us mounts that can only be tamed at a certain training skill level.
    4. Make us able to swap horses at the stable. If a stable is full and I have a horse out I should be able to swap it with one that is in the stable. As it is now I have to take my horse to another stable and check it in. Run back to the full stable and take out the one I want. Why cant I just swap?
    I am sure I will think of more ideas but thats a start.
  6. One of my favorite things about this game is horse breeding and training, but as a lifeskill, it has been largely ignored by the developers thus far. Here are a few things that would make this a more exciting lifeskill to develop:
    1) Advancement Quests (this is literally the only lifeskill that doesn't have them implemented)
    2) Odds to learn a greater number of horse skills increases with training level. Perhaps it is only a chance at 1 additional skill at professional, and 2 at artisan, but this alone would be a wonderful reward for leveling Training.
    3) Training horse skills nets Training XP
    4) Also would be great if value pack applied to horse market sales (prices already feel low compared to the effort to produce a good horse)
  7. Post on Training Horse Skills in PVE

    By Violent, posted
    Is it just me, or does training horse skills advance much slower than it should? I can spend (at professional 6), an hour actively training a horse skill up to 100% to see, maybe, a 1% increase on Training, whereas Trading at the same level would jump up 3% at a time from a trade that took five minutes. I would think that actively training would give you more than afk looping low tier horses to get training xp from their level-ups, but this doesn't seem the case either. Thoughts? Analysis?
  8. So iam trying to complete this quest called "My First Little Pony". In this quest you need to make Lump of sugar and buy some rope to capture your first horse.. I have everything doen exept when i try to use rope it says "The condition for using this item has not been met".. I have level 2 beginner Training level, and this capturing rope requires to be lvl 5 beginner.. So how can i increase my training skill without a mount? Is there anyway to increase this Training level?
  9. I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to grind for decent EXP? I've invested a lot of energy in the Rhutum area near Trent (Almost up to +7). I've heard Sausans and Catfishmen were also good spots but the EXP wasn't that much of a difference from the Rhutum Mobs. Any advice? Otherwise I may just continue farming Rhutums.
  10. Post on NInja Build in Ninja

    By jonboy2542@gmail.com, posted
    I have started the ninja class and just hit level 50 and need some help with building a good class build. Only build i have found was on bdfoundry and it doesnt look like a good build. Help please
  11. Post on Ninja Build in Ninja

    By jonboy2542@gmail.com, posted
    I have started the ninja class and just hit level 50 and need some help with building a good class build. Only build i have found was on bdfoundry and it doesnt look like a good build. Help please
  12.  As the title suggests, I would like to know what the reasoning could possibly be behind the punishing nature of how horses work in this game. Firstly I should mention I like having to work for my rewards, but... The rewards should be rewarding. 
    I'm not really looking for people telling me I'm right, I'm trying to find out why horse trainers are at such a... Disadvantage and especially why that has never -  to my knowledge -  been changed in all the time the game has been around. I'm new, but from what I understand it's always been like this.
    Below I shall give you my story/reason for wondering about this and suggestions. Even though you may have thought or read about the same kinds of suggestions before already. 
    So I'm new and I chose horses. I love training and breeding creatures, generally don't mind the time it takes in this game and I like the challenge to get that ultimate horse. However, I feel like horse trainers are being punished for choosing horses. Here's why:
    - it takes very long to level horses up (not a problem by itself!) 
    - what you get is never set in stone (again not a problem by itself!) 
    - horses get random skills (no problem by itself)  
    - horse colors are very, very difficult to get if you look for something specific and it doesn't work in a realistic way whatsoever (not a huge problem by itself, but looks are important to me in games as beautiful as this one) 
    - males get only two breeding attempts and females only one, after all the hours put into them 
    - coupons for everything horses are cash shop only, not even available with loyalties, while it takes dedication to train horses and dedication is what loyalties are all about
    - selling horses is my biggest issue. It is not rewarding AT ALL and I don't get why. 
    I started roughly three weeks ago and iimmediately dove into the horse taming and breeding. Once I got used to the minigame and caught my first full stable of horses, I started having a lot of fun. By now I've obtained 5 foals, one tier 4,two tier 5s and two tier 6s.I understand I'm pretty lucky with this, although ialways go for the optimum chance given to me by the horse breeding calculator. The first three horses I had were a male and two females, I got 3 foals by using exchange for a final chance. I sold my t3 lvl 30 8-skills female for a meager 500k through imperial trading. 
    After that, while training my new t4 and t5 female and t6 male, I caught a t1 that sold for a whopping 600k in lvl 1,I think it had sprint but I did not check. I simply caught, registered, saw t1, clicked sell mount. I was astounded -  a t1 lvl 1 sold for more than a t3 lvl 30...huh?
    So then I obtained a new t5 female and t6 male yesterday, bred from the previously mentioned t4, t5 and t6. I call myself pretty lucky but again, level 30 for all of them, way above the required optimum. I did not use exchange, no I sold my t6 male to the market. It sold for only 12,6 million, I was disappointed after a week of leveling it. Even more so when I saw I only received 8 mil. No 30% tax had been mentioned in the selling process to my knowledge. This horse did not have sprint, but 8 mil for a level 30 tier 6 with 12 skills? Really? 
    I sold the t4 just to check. Only 7 skills in her pretty little head. Sold for a measly 600k,received 400k.a t1 lvl 1 and a t3 earned me more! 
    I am going to sell the t5 female in an hour or so. I am not expecting much, weird huh? 
    Okay I get it should be difficult to get that legendary horse and I like that. But breeding horses takes SO much time and especially compared to stories I've read about other things like fishing, I really think horse trainers have it really bad. I wonder if horses are worth anything at all without sprint, really. We don't get many breeding attempts, much money, or even control over our colors for all the effort we throw in. No, that's cash shop only and not even available for loyalties. Seriously, these options need to be loyalty-enabled!  
    I think there's something wrong when a completely untrained tier 1 level 1 is worth more than a fully trained tier 4 level 30,sprint or no sprint. Also, I noticed values of horses don't go up when you master their skills -  extra effort wasted, worth nothing. 
    To bring this to an end, here's what I think should happen:
    - horse appearance change and breeding resets and name changes should become loyalty items as well. I'd rather see them in-game, but I'll face that will never happen
    - horse pricing should be scaled better. A tier 1 that's untrained should never be worth more than a lvl 30 tier 3 or 4,no matter the skills
    - if we take the time to master skills, horse value should go up
    - horse values should go up and tax should either go away or be reduced. Otherwise selling a 30 mil horse will only earn you 20 and a 60 mil horse will only earn you 40.
    - from untrained and unskilled to max level with skills mastered, tier 1 should earn you between 10k and 500k,tier 2 between 100k and 1 million, tier 2 between 500k and 5 million, tier 4 between 1 million and 15 million, tier 5 between 4 million and 30 million, tier 6 between 10 million and 40 million, tier 7 between 20 million and 55 million and tier 8 between 30 million and 75 million. Including tax. At least values similar. For all the effort thrown in, even with the cash shop trainer outfit (which I have)  and silver training clothes (whicj I will attempt to improve soon) ,  we currently don't see much in return at all. 
    Almost all my time is put into horses, but even with my absolute noob gear, I can easily farm 1 million to 2 million silver an hour from nagas or junk golems, while horses can take 4 days to level for less. And again, from what I know about other money makers/professions, we must put in significantly more time for significantly less. And yes, much leveling can be done AFK, But that's also the case for other things we can do and I myself am lucky if I don't get disconnected, or thrown to the loading screen while AFK, or even on keyboard, while I have good Internet connection with glass fibre. 
    The effort and rewards don't compare well at all and that's a shame. Breeding horses is what I want to keep doing more than anything else in the game. 
    I hope this was insightful and I hope I will get to hear why things are like this and have always been like this, without change. Also, if Kakao staff can seriously look into this, while I know the original developers are in Korea, I and I'm sure many others, would very much appreciate that. 
    Have a nice night, 
  13. Fish pricing still needs to be updated to the higher prices like the KR version. Also the KR servers got the static hot spots back this needs to happen to the EU/NA servers too
    We have T8 horses now but are still missing the wild T5 that the KR servers have this needs to be patched into the EU/NA servers too  
    Since this is already in the the game it would be easy to at all this to a normal Tuesday night patch soon 
  14. Pferdezucht in BDO
    BDO ist ein wunderschönes Spiel mit Möglichkeiten, die sonst kein anderes Spiel bietet. Besonders angetan hat es mir die Pferdezucht. Zwar mag ich alle Berufe gern, aber meine afk-Spielzeit verbringe ich hauptsächlich damit, mit meiner vierspännigen Kutsche im Kreis zu reiten. Leider muss ich in vielerlei Hinsicht feststellen, dass wir Zuchtfans gegenüber Freunden anderer Berufe ziemlich im Nachteil sind. Wo ich diese Nachteile sehe und wie ich mir Verbesserungen vorstellen könnte, möchte ich hier einmal für interessierte Leser aufführen
    1. Das Leveln der Ausbildung
    Hier sehe ich den Schwerpunkt, deswegen möchte ich das auch gleich als erstes nennen. Die Verteilung der EXP die man auf das Talent Ausbildung erhält, ist meines Erachtens nach ungünstig. Wofür bekommt man EXP? Indem man gezähmte Pferde im Stall registriert und indem man reitet und ein Pferd ein Level-Up bekommt. Warum finde ich das ungünstig? Ganz einfach, ein wildes Pferd zu zähmen und im Stall anzumelden bringt die meisten EXP ohne das es in irgendeiner Art und Weise eine dauerhaft sinnvolle Beschäftigung im Bereich der Ausbildung abbildet. Pferde zähmen ist einfach nur der erste Schritt, den man gehen muss, mehr nicht. Man fängt seine ersten ein bis zwei Stuten + (Beifang-)Hengste und das genügt normalerweise völlig. Den viel größeren Teil macht dann das Leveln der Pferde aus, um möglichst gute Zuchtergebnisse zu erhalten und eigentlich zähmt man dann überhaupt keine Pferde mehr, weil man nicht besonders viele Versuche braucht, um an dem Punkt zu sein, nur noch mit T5-T6-Pferden zu arbeiten/züchten.
    Deswegen hier meine Lösungsvorschläge für eine meiner Meinung nach sinnvollere Vergabe von Ausbildungs-EXP:
    a) Ansteigende EXP je nachdem welche Tierstufe das in einem Stall registrierte Pferd hat. Hierbei unbedingt auch die Beachtung von geborenen Fohlen, nicht nur gezähmte Pferde! T5 bis T7 Pferde sollten deutlich mehr EXP geben als T1-T3 Pferde!
    b) Außerdem sollten die EXP bei einem Level-Up des Pferdes deutlich danach skallieren, wie hoch die Tier-Stufe und wie hoch das Level des Pferdes sind. Sprich, für ein Level-Up eines T1 Pferdes von Lvl 1 auf 2 sollte man deutlich weniger Exp bekommen, als für ein Level-Up eines T7 Pferdes von 1-2 und dafür wiederum spürbar weniger EXP als für ein Level-Up von 29 auf 30. Grund dafür sind einfach die massiv höheren EXP, die das Pferd für ein Level-Up benötigt und damit die ebenfalls massiv steigende Zeit, die man zum Leveln braucht. Um 4 T6+T7 Pferde vor der Kutsche von Level 1 auf 25-30 zu ziehen, brauche ich mit Stufe Kenner 2, der silberbestickten Ausbilderkleidung +1 und der Venia-Reitbekleidung locker 1,5-2
    Wochen, das sollte mMn Exp-technisch auch belohnt werden.
    c) Man sollte EXP für das Ausskillen von Talenten bekommen. Immerhin ist das doch die Ausbildung eines Pferdes, ich bringe ihm etwas bei. Das dauert recht lang und benötigt meine aktive Spielzeit, warum also dafür keine EXP vergeben?
    d) Zu guter Letzt sollte es die Pferde-EXP-Scrolls, die 20% mehr Pferde-EXP bringen, genau wie so ziemlich alle anderen EXP-Scrolls im Loyalitiesmarkt geben. Ich sehe keinen schlüssigen Grund dafür, dass das bisher noch nicht implementiert ist.
    2. Der Pferdemarkt
    Auf dem Pferdemarkt, den man über den Stall erreicht, kann man Pferde von anderen Spielern kaufen und seine eigenen verkaufen. Dieser Markt unterliegt genau wie der Marktplatz der gängigen Steuer und die Preise werden vom Spiel vorgegeben. Dabei steigen sie, je höher die Tier-Stufe des Pferdes, je höher das Level des Pferdes und je mehr und je nützlichere Talente es beherrscht (z. B. bringen sprinten, sofortige Beschleunigung oder Schrei des Pferdes mehr, als Tritt mit den Vorder-/Hinterbeinen). Außerdem bringen Stuten etwas mehr Silber als Hengste.
    Dieses Sytem finde ich grundsätzlich gut und sehr realitätsnah, an sich also ein absolutes Lob dafür. Aber! Die Staffelung! Schönes Beispiel:
    vor Kurzem stand ein T7 Hengst Level 30 auf dem Markt. Mit 136,5% nicht das schnellste, aber doch solide, zumal es zusätzlich die Talente Sprinten und Schneller Ritt beherrschte, beide sehr nützlich. Insgesamt also ein wirklich gutes Reitpferd, auf einer Skala von 1 - 10 würd ich sagen eine 9. Es hatte keine Züchtungen mehr, aber das ist ja egal, wenn man nur ein fixes Pferd zum Reiten braucht. Dieses Pferd war auf dem Markt für 18,6 Mio. registriert. Abzüglich Steuern bleiben dem Verkäufer also vielleicht noch 12-13 Mio (ich hab nicht nachgrechnet). 12-13 Mio für monatelange Arbeit. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, überhaupt ein T7 Pferd bei der Zucht zu erhalten liegt bei maximal 35 %, dafür braucht man aber schon ein T7 Pferd für die Zucht. "Nur" mit T6 Pferden hat man max. 31%. Man verbreedet also im Schnitt 3-4 T6 Stuten und 1-2 T6 Hengste auf Level 27-28 für ein T7 Pferd (ich "Glückspilz" habe sogar 9 Versuche gebraucht). Wenn man von T1-3 anfängt, braucht man bis zu diesem Schritt MEHRERE Monate und Händlerwagen zum nachts afk Reiten. Und für all diese Mühen, Monate an Arbeit, Millionen von Silber Ausgaben (wenn man die Wagen nicht vollständig selbst baut), keinerlei nächtlichen Einnahmen (wie für zB Angler), keinem persönlichen Charakterfortschritt (Ausdauer, Traglast) bekommt man schlussendlich trotz solider Skills 13 Millionen Silber. Wie viel hätte ein afk Angler in der Zeit verdient?
    Meiner Meinung nach sollte ein T7-Pferd finanziell bewertet werden wie eine Bossarmor. Man muss Monate an Arbeit da rein stecken, genau wie man immer und immer wieder die Feldbosse töten muss und zuvor sein Equip entsprechend ausbauen muss, um genügend Schaden zu machen. Und deswegen sollte der Wert auch derselbe sein. Für ein o. g. T7 Pferd sollte man auf dem Markt locker 80-100 Mio. bekommen. Verkauft man die Züchtungen solch eines Hengstes, statt sie selbst zu nutzen, sollte das locker 30 Mio. einbringen. Hat das Pferd zusätzlich zu den Skills sogar noch seine Züchtungen sollte sich der Preis je Züchtung um 50% erhöhen, also mit beiden Züchtungen sollte es doppelt so teuer sein. Stuten bei Tier-Stufe
    7 noch einmal doppelt so teuer, immerhin ist die Chance nur halb so hoch, eine zu bekommen.
    Bei solchen Preisen würde man als Züchter immer noch nicht reich werden, aber man würde wenigstens etwas Gewinn daraus ziehen, denn bisher ist die Ausbildung und Zucht ein Minusgeschäft und reines Ingame-Hobby. Sicher, wer selbst nicht züchtet findet die Preise vielleicht zu teuer, aber wie gesagt, um bis dahin zu kommen, steckt man Monate an Zeit und etliche Händlerwagen hinein! Und außerdem sind die T7 Pferde aktuell die besten Pferde. Ich finde, die muss sich auch nicht jeder leisten können. Bossarmor und Kzarkawaffen kann sich ja auch nicht jeder leisten. Die besten Pferde sollten etwas besonderes sein, ein Statusobjekt, etwas, worauf man als Züchter auch ein bisschen stolz sein kann. Bisher sind die Pferde immerhin unser einziger Lohn.
    3. Der Perlenshop
    Auch ein Thema, welches mich wirklich ärgert, ist, dass die Pferdezucht wie kein anderer Aspekt des Spiels Pay to Win ist! Du willst die Züchtungen zurück setzen? Kaufs dir mit Perlen! Du willst die Tode zurücksetzen? Kein Problem, schau im Perlenshop! Die Talente passen dir nicht? Würfel dir mit genügend Perlen eben die passenden zusammen! Ich habe ja nichts gegen die Reitklamotte, die ist permanent und ensprechende Pendants gibt es für die anderen Berufe auch. Aber die genannten Scheine finde ich wirklich dreist, denn sie bieten denen, die bereit sind, viel Echtgeld zu investieren, massive Vorteile. Diese Scheine sollte man mMn vollständig aus dem Perlenshop entfernen und als besondere Belohnungen ins Spiel einführen. Zum Beispiel für jedes geborene T7 Fohlen je nach Geschlecht so einen Zucht-Rücksetzungsschein. Und die Marken für das ändern der Talente für 50 Loyalities "verkaufen". Mir ist natürlich bewusst, dass das so nie kommen wird, denn es würde die Einnahmen ja schmälern. Aber es wäre wesentlich fairer, schließlich gibt es im Spiel sonst wirklich an keiner anderen Stelle so einen massiven Vorteil für Spieler, die Echtgeld investieren.
    4. Titel
    Im Spiel gibt es massenhaft Titel für wirklich alles: Töte 10, 50, 100, 1000 Mal den und den Mob, angel so und so oft diesen Fisch, schließe die Quest ab, sammel das Holz und den Stein und das Erz und... - ich brauche sicher keine weiteren Beispiele aufführen, alle geneigten Leser werden wissen, wovon ich rede. Aber für die Pferdezucht gibt es keinen Titel. Gar keinen. Nur für das Aufsteigen im Ausbildungslevel, welches aber, wie oben ausführlich erklärt, derzeit nichts darüber aussagt, wie viel und erfolgreich man trainiert und züchtet. Dabei gäbe es so viele Möglichkeiten! Züchte das eine Pferd (je nach Aussehen) 1, 5 und 10 Mal. Registriere 15, 30 und 60 Mal Pferde je Tierstufe. Zähme so und so viele Pferde. Registriere dein erstes T5, T6 oder T7 Pferd. Regtriere dein erstes schwarzes, rotes oder weißes Purebreed und so weiter. Für Titel bekommt man immerhin Vorteile und in die Pferdezucht fließt so extrem viel Zeit, warum nicht belohnen?
    5. Quests
    Zugegeben, Quests für die Ausbildung einzuführen, ist sicher nicht ganz einfach. Aber man kann es doch wenigstens versuchen. Immerhin kann man in allen anderen Berufen auch durch Quests ein paar extra-EXP und Items bekommen. Und wenn schon nicht durch Quests, dann wenigstens kleine Level-Up Belohnungen, immerhin ist die Ausbildung einer der am schwersten zu levelnden Berufe.
    Alles in allem ist die Zucht bisher wirklich nur ein teures ingame-Hobby. Man hat faktisch überhaupt nichts davon, außer nach viel Zeit und Kutschen ein schnelles Pferd und mit noch viel mehr Glück oder Echtgeld hat es dann auch noch nützliche Talente. Aber das wars. Man hat mehr Ausgaben als Einnahmen, man kann seine afk Zeit nicht mit rentableren Dingen verbringen, für optimale Ergebnisse MUSS man Echtgeld investieren oder noch viel mehr Zeit rein stecken (oder richtig Glück haben), man bekommt keine netten Extras, trainiert nichts an seinem Charakter... Nichts. Nur eben irgendwann dieses eine wirklich perfekte Pferd. Und das hätte man sich in der Zwischenzeit durch Geld, das man durch Angeln verdient hätte, schon viel schneller kaufen können, hätte noch Millionen an Silber zusätzlich verdient, hätte Ausauer und Stärke auf Level 50 und zusätzlich noch einen schönen Vorteil bei den Titeln, durch die vielen unterschiedlichen Fische. Außerdem viele Schwarzsteine und anderes Nützliches (wie Erinnerungsfragmente) durch die Schlüssel und die Reliktfragmente.
    Ich werde natürlich weiter züchten, weil es mir unheimlich Spaß macht, auch wenn alles bleibt, wie es ist.
    Ich will damit auch nicht reich werden oder irgendwelche Vorteile dadurch haben.
    Das einzige, was ich mir wünschen würde, ist, dass die Ausbildung und die Pferdezucht wenigstens annährend auf eine Stufe mit den anderen Berufen gehoben würden und dass all die Zeit und Mühe, die man in die virtuellen Tiere steckt, auch mal in irgendeiner Form gewürdigt würden.
    Denn es gibt doch eigenlich überhaupt keinen Grund für die Entwickler, die Ausbildung und Zucht so stiefmütterlich zu behandeln, wie sie es aktuell tun.
    Damit möchte ich mich bei jedem bedanken, der bis zum Ende mitgelesen hat. Für konstruktive Kritik bin ich gern offen.
    Freundliche Grüße
  15. Post on Chariots in Suggestions

    By Violent, posted
    Would be cool to see two horse chariots in play, akin to the two horse wagons, but faster and without any carry capacity.
  16. 4 days in a row now I've set up an auto-loop path for my horse to run while I go to work, then when I get home my horse is just standing around mid-path somewhere, almost no levels/experience gained.
    This is so freaking annoying, why even offer the train-while-you-afk feature if it never freaking works right??
  17. Ive been playing BDO for about a week now and today I bought a horse from the horse market.
    While the horses name is very inappropriate (something I overlooked due to good stats) she arrived in my stables with no stamina at all. I went to recover her stamina in the stables using the "Recover" option however all I get is an in game error saying "Internal error occurred while processing" and I have no idea why. None of my other horses have the issue as I recovered another one of my horses shortly after getting the error message and it went along like normal.
    Any idea why I am getting the error message?
    NOTE: I blocked out the horse name because it is inappropriate. Darn people and their getting around naming things.

  18. Suggestion:
    Give us the possibility to transfer our tradeskills from one character to another on same account.
    1. There will be a significant part of the playerbase that will be switching mains when the Ninja/Kuno classes are introduced, myself included.
    2. Alot of us will change mains during the time we invest in this game and this will make us more fleksible and give us the option to continue working on those tradeskills.
         - Why not just keep the old character and log in when i need those tradeskills?
    A. Maybe im apprentice in cooking on my old character and i wanna make something that takes proff so this means i gotta log my old character online and grind him up to proff and now i finally got my new cool armour on my main that is a part of my identity in the game so i dont really wanna log in my old character.
    B. A big part of MMOs is about making an online identity that we showcase ingame and therefor i think alot of us prefer beeing logged in on our main.
    C. I dont have to transfer tradeskill matts from one character to another.
    3. I dont know if the tradesymbols above the players heads are character or accountbound so i could be mistaking. But if its characterbound then i think alot would be interested in transfering tradeskills because theres alot of status conected to these ranks/tradesymbols.
    4. If were allowed to transfer tradeskills i also feel that having to start over on my stamina/weight/health skill on a new character is less stressing cause i will be able to focus on those skills alot more in my afkgame cause i dont have to grind them along with the tradeskills.
    5. This game is very grindy, which in my experience and from talking to people ingame is one of the reassons the playerbase is shrinking atm. So giving the players this option would not only benefit the Ninja/Kuno but everybody whos thinking about changing classes now and in the future with a mindset thats similar in some degree to what i have described.
    And having this option would somewhat ease up on the grinding thats linked to making a new main so we/they can get into the content of the game faster. I think this will keep people ingame instead of moving along to some of the new and very interesting upcoming MMOs where theres lots of content and less grinding. Revelation Online is a good example.
    Closing remark.
    I know alot of the hardcore people want this game to be very grindy cause thats what they think makes it hardcore but this is 2016 and theres a ton of other MMOs out there, its not the "good old days" where there were few MMOs and today people play multiple online games at the same time , so time can be limited for semihardcore or hardcore gamers aswell.
    Atm im very content with a mix of BDO and Overwatch for example.
    And theres lots of ways to make this game apeal to both cassual and hardcore gamers in terms of content.
    My idea is to make a battleground that apeals to the hardcore players in terms of exp or itemlossses and with rewards thats slightly better than what cassual players can get.
    High risk and high reward and then take some of the grinding out of the game.
    Like it or not but its probably the cassual gamers that put a great, if not the biggest, bag of RL money in this game so i think we have to figure out a way to make this game appealing to both hardcore and cassual gamers in order to keep the playerbase healthy and even growing.
    P.S Get the dam Ninja ingame
  19. So since last week it has been nearly impossible to afk train horses due to either reloading or something else. Every night i see my char either just stopped running and autoloop is gone, or im running into a wall from without the route i set up.
    I am guessing this would be the same problem for strength training, and i doubt im the only one with same issue.
    So i lost a lot of horse levelling due to this, and would like an response to when this is getting addressed ?
    Another issue the last few days is the game get slowed down when i try to loot, mount horse or entering a house. No problem on my pc doing other stuff with the game minimized, all as usual except the game.
  20. So, its been a while since many players havnt been able to afk train horses. What kind of compensation are you guys going to provide us with all that missing downtime for training? What is the point for you guys to selling players trainer costumes or horse costumes when some of us cant even bloody afk train our horses without the risk of it dying. Is this how you guys do business? Is this how you guys treat your paying customers? If that is the case i would like to get a refund for all my horse training gear i bought. Its like i paid for a product i cant even use. Some sort of response from you guys would be appreciated, 
  21. I set my horse to autopath last night for 8+ hours. It started at level 15. I minimised the game in order to use less CPU so my computer didn't make too much fan noise. Upon checking this morning, i was still level 15. It had used 50 carrots, was still moving (so not stuck) my pets hunger had reach 0 (so the game was indeed still running) and the autopath is at a suitable length. When i had maximised my game, i left it running on the autopath and watched it, and it started gaining exp, i left it to gain a level and it did, it's now 16. So last night, for 8+ hours, for some reason, my horse would not gain exp even though it was moving, on a correct length path, not stuck, and the game still running. So now im 50 carrots down and 8+ hours wasted!

  22. Does anyone know if they are going to fix it or just ignore this issue? I havnt been able to afk ride my horses since these node war patches. If you guys dont want us to autoloop then take it away from the game. I am sick of waking up to see my horse dead or gaining little to no exp. Are you guys just ignoring this issue? All that time put into leveling my horses have equated to nothing but a waste of time thanks to the many bugs in this game.  I have tried all the suggested solutions mentioned by others on this forum. Still i get that dam forced loading screen that totally scews up my autopath. Please fix this ASAP.
  23. Guten Tag alle zusammen, 
    Ich denke viele bemühen sich ebenfalls die Attribute in der Ausbildung zu vervollständigen.
    Ich hab kurz bevor das Update samt erweiterung kam gerade das lvl 30 bei Stärke und Atem abgeschlossen (Dank dem Loop ja eigtl eher Zeitaufwand).
    Seit dem Update habe ich das Stärke trainings fortgesetzt, Tag und Nacht und das lvlt steigt gefühlt gar nicht oder extrem wenig und das über TAGE !
    Habt ihr irgendwelche Vorschläge wie das Training besser laufen kann oder findet ihr auch das es langsam zu viel zeit nun in Anspruch nimmt ?
    (Theoretisch ist Stärke kaum Lohnenswert zu trainieren, zumindest nach der Zeit nicht)
    Mein Aktueller stand seht ihr unten

  24. Hello everyone!
    Maybe it's not in my place to already talk about making a certain life skill more appealing since I just started to play BDO for about two months now, but I realized that certain life skills don't feel as rewarding as others do, although you spend so much time and effort in them - the training skill in particular.
    While you get awesome procs while cooking and brewing potions, which you can perfectly level up spending not too much effort in it, since your workers are on the field, collecting all the materials you need or you just sometimes switch to the marketplace to buy a stack of whatever material you are lacking at that moment. So you can spend a lot of time actually playing the game (farming/leveling), while the training skill needs so so so much more dedication and is so much more time consuming than everything else. 
    The ultimate outcome I speak of, is of course, breeding. As a breeder you spend hours and hours of simply doing nothing in the game because you need to level up your horses to get to a certain level to breed them. In this time you can't do anything else. And if you finally finished leveling your horses to a certain point where you should get a better horse, the RNG can be so brutal. I'm always sad to see peeps who leveled so many horses so diligently get nothing of it in the end.
    I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't adapt the rng/percentage of horse breeding (what would be nice though too haha) but that you have the possibility to get a proc while breeding too - like twinsies! Or a little window pops out, giving you 2-3 possible outcomes and you could chose from that. 
    Why am I suggesting something like this? Because the training skill gives your horse a higher possibility to learn a skill BUT who would have thunk - that's rng too! It's not that the horse would have a higher chance of learning a better skill orso. And that was it. Your taming chance in the field isn't higher or that you need less time to level up your horse etc etc. 
    So, yeah ... all in all it would be awesome if the training profession would be more rewarding in the end  
  25. So, obviously, we have a problem with traffic on main town roads. What would appear to be happening is, people are riding their horses or driving their wagons up and down the street in a loop in an effort to train their horses. It's gotten more than a little ridiculous.

    You know, I actually grew up on a horse ranch. If you want to work a horse, you need a pen to train them in, barrels, poles, maybe a round bit so you can have them do lunges... Perhaps that's the answer? Can we get some places people can go to work their horses, and quit clogging the road?