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  1. Post on Region transfer NA/EU in Suggestions

    By Nevon, posted
    First time submitting an idea here, so here goes.
    Since I started playing the game about a year ago, I have had many and more joyful hours in the virtual realm that is BDO. From slaying dreadful monsters, setting up trading empires, teaming up with friends to take down larger challenges to becoming a potato baron. There is much to praise about the game for sure. But as we all know there are also a lot of things that have major room for improvement.
    Now I understand that a lot of players want a lot of things, and it is impossible to implement every single idea. If not because the idea is not good, then because it requires a lot of programming to combat the current game structure. I would say my request falls in the latter category, yet I think it can be done!
    To get more to the point. Since launch in EU/NA, BDO, and especially the community has changed quite a bit. Servers have been merged, content has been added, people found their place in all of this. And personally I must say a lot of my friends have shifted focus to the NA servers for.. a variety of reasons I will not name here. As much as I would like to follow my online companions in their quest to the new world, I feel bound to my old and trusted EU lands for reasons that I think shouldn't do this. I have spent quite a bit of money on customizing my character with outfits. I have spent countless hours grinding my way up and getting gear as well as that sweet sweet silver. I have build respectable empires of trade and am an employer to many and more Goblins that would be stuck in the gutter if it weren't for me.
    All of this makes moving to another region (NA) and starting over completely very hard. It would be a waste of nearly a year worth of progress, and many euro's of hard earned cash. Not to mention the effects of the aforementioned employee goblins that rely on my trade to sustain their families! What kind of human being would I be if I left them all to their faith?
    So... what is to be done? Give up my dreams of exploring the new world? Let my friends drift off to a vague memory in the back of my mind while I get rooted in the same place? I think not! Another solution rises to the surface, and it is named "Region transfer". Now before my outlandish idea gets shot down, allow me to explain it.

    In its very essence, the idea is for players to have an option to transfer their character to another region (From NA to EU, or EU to NA). And with the character, their energy, contribution, dye's, costumes, and more are transferred along. This way, people can freely (Or for some pearls I suppose) move from one region to another if their friends decide to relocate, or for other reasons. I am certain many players would appreciate this option, and it seems to be a common thing in other MMO's. It would be yet another thing that makes BDO more attractive to the public, a useful feature that satisfies both players, and gives DAUM a reason to steal a few pearls from our pocket (Although free would be even better, although very unlikely!).
    Now I get that this is not something easily done. A few things that immediately spring to mind are issues with transferring account (or server) bound stats. If you move your highest character, then what is the new energy/contribution of your remaining chars based on? Does it all transfer to the new region or not? Questions I can not answer here, and I am sure the team that will eventually have to work on this will flesh out.
    But enough rambling about. I hope this gets a bit of attention.

    A hopeful player.
  2. I'm a french canadian who began to play the game on Betta with French (France) & Québecer (Canada) players on Europe. We were a big guild and though i'll be fun to be active 24/24 with the 2 time zones. The guild changed badly and divided into 2guilds who failed again. Now i'm stuck in bad situation, cause after the "No P2W" events and the guilds faillures, i'm stuck alone on a server with players who go sleep when i can log in. I'm missing all the nodes war so it's difficult to find a guild. 
    Being alone is boring but i manage to be on (or almost) in most of the top 30 ranking list. I dont want to quit the game but i want to be able to play with other players.  I came on euro mostly because i speak french and it would be easier to begin with players who can explain stuff in my main language. But you can see my english is not so bad... except for voice chat but that's another story.
    When i saw the 1 year comparaison thing i was suprised! Both server are almost the same. Why not give the oportunity to coppy/transfer characters from Eu to NA or NA to Eu. Lot of games allow that kind of transfer like once or twince a year or they allow to pay for the service.
    I know there alot of compatibility problems but i think it's possible. Maybe players will lose a few events items and stuff like that but it's still worth it. To avoid items duplicate...the copied familly or transfered will erasse the old one on the destination. So no problems like the channel fusion with 400 workers and 12 lodging.
    What do you think about it?
  3. I was wondering if i could buy a musa oufit with my ninja then transfer it to a musa?
  4. Hey,
    So i haven't played Black Desert in a while but i have friends who started playing it recently and i am wondering if there is something like an option or coupon that i can buy to transfer my main character from Croxus to Jordine because my friends are playing there.
    Can somebody help me out?
    With the upcoming Wizard/Witch awakenings there is a chance some people will reroll to witch/wizard. What i would like to know is if it will be possible for support to swap the costumes from one class to the other. 
    Since it's the same class there shouldn't be an issue with it right? The costume would just change to the male or female version.
    Any thoughts? 
    Edit: With the reveal of the wizard awakening i feel really sad as it seems i will be rerolling my witch. Could we please have some info if it will be possible to change from witch to wizard or vice versa?
    For people that haven't see the videos, please see below. 
  6. Per character in the Pearl Shop. You know you'll make bank with this. @PM_Jouska
  7. It doesn't make sense that things like the fishing outfit, the training clothes, the ghillie etc aren't transferable - they give no combat xp or benefits outside of life skills like the cooking outfit for example, so why can't I buy a fishing outfit, and use it on all my characters at my own will?
    Make them shared and able to be transferred between any character (Family Bound) please.
    because lets be honest... who's goona buy them multiple times
    -UPDATE- 7-6-16 Jouska Replied


  8. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I can't find a thread about it.

    I would like to be able to move my family and everything with it to another server. I'm fine with paying money for it. $10 (loyalties or pearl equivalent) wouldn't be unreasonable, I'd think.

    Family names are server wide, as are character names (if I try to make a character with a very unique name on two servers, the first would work where the second definitely wouldn't since the first worked).
    If the issue is "What if you have progress on both servers?" that's as simple as a (very large) notification stating the family on the server you are moving to will be overwritten.

    I see no reason this isn't a thing I can buy in the store with either loyalties or pearls.
  9. Post on Server Transfer in Suggestions

    By Christy, posted
    Can we see a Server Transfer service before or shortly after Valencia or at all?
    Preferably very soon.
    Now that the game is incorporating larger scale team play (sieges, node wars, etc.) and players too far into their characters to simply abandon them with a server reroll, server transfers would be practical. Consolidating friends onto one server is a real issue right now. 
  10. As topic says. What do you guys think?
  11. I'm trying to transfer a bunch of silver from one city to another. I've heard I can do this with the Transport option but I seem incapable of doing so.
    Any advice?
  12. Post on Changing server in General

    By FrostyShrooms, posted
    This has probably been spoken of, but does anyone know if, in the future, we are going to be able to transfer our characters to a different server. I would like to be on the EU server as I live in the Netherlands. When I first created a character I was in the EU server and when I logged back on, my character was gone and so I created another one. However, the new character that I created was now on the North American server and I guess Im stuck there until they implement an option to transfer characters to different servers.
  13. I know my title is very weak, but I couldn't think of a good short title. The title may also sound confusing, but please hear me out. Some of you may agree and some may disagree. Everyone is different so we all have our own opinions. 
    Now that we finally have two new amazing classes, what do you think of an option to sacrifice one of your characters and all of your Enhancement, profession etc... will be transferred onto the character you wish to transfer it to. Example:
    Warrior              Musa              Musa     
    Level:55     à    Level:1     =    Level 55
    Breath:20   à        Breath:3   =   Breath:20
    I'm one of those people who play once and If i have to play the whole thing over again I won't. I played Musa for a little while and got up to level 17 and got bored of grinding the same things, so I switched back to my warrior. Like I said it's an option, so you don't have to choose to sacrifice your character just for another character.Let me know what you think down in the comments. If you want me to improve the post I'll do it.
    Have a lovely day or night to everyone and thank you for taking time out of your life to read my post.  

  14. Upon  release of the Oceania server mentioned by  Administrator PM_Belsazar (Territory of service - updated 13.11.2015, 2015).   Would current Oceania players be eligible  to transfer our characters over from NA/EU to OC?.  Being forced to develop and invest time/money in our  characters on an NA/EU  server while the Oceania is being developed for us will be pointless if unable. Even if it may cost a price in fee, I'd be delighted in the option to enable a transfer and not start over again. 

    ·         OCEANIA                                                                           

    Thank you,
    Territory of service - updated 13.11.2015 (2015) Available at: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/786-territory-of-service-updated-13112015/ (Accessed: 13 April 2016).
  15. Please add the [profession] Transfer Coupon
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/17603/ (example for fishing)
    As a LOYALTY item.
    There is one for each profession, and as it says, it allows you to transfer profession exp from one character to another.
    Why is this important? Because there are many people playing temporary classes till 'new' ones come out, or people just want to play another class.
    Why not just use your current class as an alt? Several reasons, first your energy regenerates faster on an active character, second you gain leveling exp, third so you show up in the ranking on your main character, etc.
    Why should it be a LOYALTY item? Because there will be 12 classes in this game, 13 if you count the upcoming dark elf. If you ever want to switch main characters, which a lot of people do, you'll without a doubt want to transfer profession EXP as getting to artisan takes about a month! There are currently 9 professions and more will be added later. So people will want to transfer their professions, and you cannot expect people to pay real money to transfer 9+ professions multiple times. If it is not made a loyalty item, you'll be expecting people to play for months or over a year to just get their professions caught up. So it does not make sense to tell people to pay real money or play for a year. Please make them loyalty items or loyalty and cash shop.
    Weird, this is on the front page of the /r/blackdesertonline reddit sub, but nobody seems to have seen this here..
  16. Is it possible to transfer a character to another server? 
    Let's say I made a character in Edan but wanted to change it to Uno, would I be able to do that if I bought some sort of transfer ticket? 
  17. Greetings there, fellow Black Deserteers!
    A feature I'd really like to see added to Black Desert Online is to be able to transfer a character from one server to another.
    In my personal experience, I've learned my friends are playing on the Orwen server, but before I knew about this, I'd already started my character on the Edan server.  (I know I can just delete my current character, and then make a new one with its name 24 hours later, but I'd just rather not do that, if at all possible.
    Thanks a lot for reading me out and I truly hope this can work out!
    ~ JBJblaze
  18. Dear Daum Games Team,
    every simple downloader has a Setting for bandwidth / data transfer rate limitation nowadays. Except of the Black Desert Online Launcher.
    It would be great if you could implement such a setting for download bandwidth limitation.

    It is very annoying, if the Internet connection while downloading is at full capacity and you can hardly do anything on the Internet for the duration of patches, or game download.

    Thank you.
  19. Post on Character transfer in General

    By Sidholun, posted
    Will there be an option to transfer characters between servers?
  20. Post on Item Transfer in General

    By Sunleth, posted
    If I made a character on the wrong server but selected to receive my explorer pack on that character is there any way I can transfer or get those items on my new character? I wanted to play on the same server as my friends but accidentally joined the wrong one and did not notice until a few hours in the game. I do not want to lose the extra items and bonuses I paid for a silly mistake like this. 
  21. Now that there are 3 servers, there's a higher chance for me to select a bad server D:
    Anyone know if there will be server transfers in the future? Thank you! 
  22. Post on EU -> NA in General

    By Cote Danke, posted
    I'm interested in playing this game so I've been doing some research and have been unable to discover if they plan on having server transfers.
    I'm currently living in EU for the next year but I plan on moving back to NA, will I be able to bring my character or will it be like WoW where a EU character must be on a EU account and vice versa.
    Any help is very appreciated
  23. So here in beta test 2 I made the mistake of making a character on the wrong server and thus my boyfriend and I weren't able to play with each other. So one of us had to make a new character. While this might not SEEM like a big deal, it kinda was cause we had claimed the free pearls already before I realized it. I thought I had picked the right server and now I realize there's no server move ticket or anything like that. 
    I think in the future it'd be a good idea to consider putting in some sort of item that would allow you to move your character from one server to another. And I don't mean region changes. Just server changes. Is it even possible to contact a CM to do this for you? I'm not entirely sure on the matter. But even so, if it can be done automatically, it'd be easier on the CM's :3