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  1. I'm really wondering why bdo uses so much of my cpu when send to tray. It's always between 25-50% usage at ~4-4.1GHz and I'm running the Intel i5 7600K. This confuses and annoys me..
    Any suggestions or ideas how to prevent that?
  2. Hey guys,
    anyone else has the same problem since the last patch? When I minimize it and do afk stuff the game crashes after about one hour. Never had any problem with this function over the last weeks but now it suddenly doesn't work so well anymore. Not sure if the connection got lost or something else but in the Task Manager the hardware usage drops completely and I am not able to open the window anymore.
  3. Hallo Zusammen,
    mein Problem ist folgendes, dass sobald ich auf den Desktop oder ein anderes Programm über "Alt+Tab" wechsel, BDO sich beim erneuten wechseln zurück ins Spiel aufhängt, ca. 2 Minuten läd und dann entweder willkürlich ohne Fehler abstürzt, oder sich wieder fängt.
    Das selbe wenn ich es über das Menü abends in den Tray ablege und morgens wieder aufrufe.
    Vielleicht haben andere Leute ja das selbe Problem und haben schon eine abhilfe dafür.
    Zu meiner Hardware:
    MSI Z170 PRO CARBON GAMINGIntel i7-6700k @ 4GHz16GB DDR4-3200 (2 Riegel DUAL-Channel)ASUS Radeon RX480 STRIX OC 8GB (Aktuelle Treiber)  ---  2 Monitore angeschlossen 
    Grafikkarten Treiber Crimson 16.2.2 funktioniert. Ursache war der neue Treiber 17.1.1

  4. Does anyone know why this happens (the GPU usage spiking)? The CPU usage looks normal but I was just wondering if anyone had insight as to why this happens.
    I'm using a 3770k and a strix 1080 08G.
  5. Not really a suggestion, but i guess it's a bug...
    Just copying my reddit post, so this can be handed over to developers  (see on reddit)
    So when i play BDO on max settings, my graphics card temperature reaches roughly 60°C with my fans on 70%. When i want to do afk stuff, i minimize the game to tray. Since its in tray i am able to turn my graphics cards fans off to or leave them at 10% while still having ~45°C. But when the game disconnects while its minimized to tray and the window saying "Connection to the server has been lost" appears, my graphics cards temperature shoots up to 95°C if my fans are turned off and 75°C if theyre on standard 40%.
    How does that make sense? How can a screen saying you DC'd which is showing different backgrounds use so much processing power? AND its not even on screen, its still in the tray!
    The thing is, i wont even notice if im away. In fact i just noticed this one time because i was there when it happened, and my fans automatically went to full blast because my graphics card reached 90°C. Might aswell leave a slice of pizza on my graphics card next time... Running an EVGA GTX 970 FTW Edition btw - the 3.5 GB cripple
  6. I would really like the option to the game, not to play sounds and music while minimized to tray or alt tabbed for that matter.
  7. Hey there, I don't know if that has been added for KR or something, I'm currently playing on RU, but I think it would make sense that when we tick that checkbox to send the game to the tray, we also had one to mute the game while it's in tray. Maybe also an option in the settings so it does that by default?
    Anyway, just a little QOL thing.
    (btw the sending to the tray feature is amazing in itself)