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  1. Hello all!
    I've been building FS and using them to get my gear up to DUO like a good little boy, and even some to TRI, but I have this 1 gear piece, an Ultimate Strength Shoes of Heve, that just DOESN'T want to get to TRI. So, defeated, I decided to Force-Enchant it to TRI..... but it doesn't work. 
    The tooltip is telling me I need 30x Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Armor), which I have and try to use. When trying to Force it, it fails (item not deleveling) and I get the message "Item does not match". Stones do not get used up either, so it simply fails, as in the Black Spirit has no idea what to do with it.
    Apart from trying to talk me out of trying to Force-Enchant this damn gear piece, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and can point me in the right direction?  
    EDIT: After looking into it further and harassing some Guildies, my dad, my dog and cat (they get along, yes), my next door neighbors and THEIR pets (2 birds and a dog), and some Reddit users who were more than helpful, I've found the answer to my question. It seems that I was trying to Force-Enchant it with an alt that had 0 FS left, which in turn makes it auto-fail. Seems that when you do this on an alt that has at least 1 FS, it actually DOES work. So hurray for that  
  2. Saved up some money for awakening. Currently at level 55 tamer, reaching 56 today. Have the generic +7 blue awakening weapon.
    I heard that awakening damage is based off of primary weapon ap as well? So should i just invest in a TRI Kzarka primary or is it better to be more well rounded with accessory and awakening weapon upgrades? Looking to spend 500m and my enhancing RNG is complete ass. Please help, thank you!

  3. Keep trying to TRI my Kzarka weapon... only for it to be PRI again
    i was told that having duo gear is not enough for valencia.. and i really want to move onto valencia so that i can grind harder and more rewarding things, but i can't seem to get just a tri weapon let alone my armor or accessories

    i got a 60 stack on my main (which apparently is "TET country" [LOL])
    i got a 51 stack on my alt (which apparently is also "TET country" [LOLLL])

    both started attempting TRI at ~30 stacks :[

    why would i try TET when i'm having this much trouble with TRI? i'm most likely going to fail TET even at a 60+ stack and have to get TRI again.. but if i somehow manage to achieve TRI in this lifetime i'm not going to want to risk it failing and going to DUO which it most likely would if i attempt TET
  4. Personally i'm driven absolutely crazy by the idea of losing hundreds of millions off of failing accessories. The cron stones are an awesome idea and a helpful tool, but I'm not a fan of the valks cry and don't like cash driven success rate. 
    The system i would like to see implemented is one where you can use 2 pri items to make a duo and that would significantly increase the % chance of success. I feel that the more you invest in the item going into the enhancement the more likely it should be to succeed. This would be an excellent counterpart to the people that don't want to spend hard earned cash on extra valks cry FS offering an in game cash alternative. Between that system and cron stones it would make accessory enhancement RNG a bit less terrifying and maybe keep people from blowing their brains out when failing tri ogres. 
    Let me know what you guys think.
  5. Post on TRI Dande Preorders NA in General

    By MiNiBUNZ, posted
    What do you guys think preorders for TRI Dandelions are right now NA?
  6. Hello,
    I'm fairly new to Black Desert Online. Though I've only been playing a month, I can only imagine the frustration that other players have experienced at much higher levels than I. My suggestion is about the penalty and cost to upgrading weapons, accessories, and gear.
    1. The Failstack system is still a little blackboxed but I understand why it exists. However, my beef is with upgrading beyond +15. The pentaly should never degrade an item back down to it's former level if the upgrade fails. The penalty for having to build up blackstone failstacks, grind for more blackstones, and repair duability is more than enough. Taking away a sense of acheivement for getting Duo, Tri, or Tet is counterintuitive to enticing us to upgrade. As an example, I'm perfectly satisfied staying at Duo for most of my gear bcause I don't want to loose that upgrade ever. Especally when I'm trying to grind tougher and tougher mobs. Therefore I'll never try and therefore I'll never experience the higher level of upgrade. Many players have simply quit the game because they lost a tet or pen on an item. One friend of mine simply won't play because of this reason.
    2. Accessories. These should never "Blow Up" or be destroyed. It's already enough to have to find an item again or use memory fragments to repair the max durability of an item let alone build up the fail stacks to try a Pri let alone a higher level of upgrade. I refer again to penelizing a player for the work that they did grinding, playing and acquiring items to simply try for an upgrade in this manner is ludicris. I will never Pri my Ogre ring simply for this reason. Accessories should have a similar blackstone item such as a concentrated in order to attempt an upgrade. Another alternative is to reduce durability on an accessory by 20 or 40 pts instead of the regular 10 like with armor and weapons. Another alternative is to give a bonus penalty on the item until it is back to a certain percentage of max durability (eg. 80/100 duability = 80% effectiveness). Keeping in mind that Fail Stacks are still necessary for a potentially positive upgrade.
    My request is simple. Change the mechanic of blowing up an upgrade or an accessory. This will help encourage players to continue to grind because they already need to acquire blackstones at an alarmingly low drop rate through various means such as grinding, gathering, questing, and doing scrolls. These tasks are already fairly time consuming. By destroying items, as a game mech anic for all of my hard work, you're now taking away the time that I've spent to attain the attempt at the upgrade, as well as the previous upgrade. Which in some cases is months of work.
    Comments and additional thoughts are welcome.
  7. @Bordegann @Chi Cha
    C'est bon mes bébés.
    Après 5 fails et des centaines de millions de perdu en répa et duo.

    ALLEY, je suis dans le club.

    Bisous à tous mes copains gays qui ont connu mes galères  
    @Lyano @Kyna @Ashenvall @Artoriass
  8. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16KEr7N5nIml_K_XnfrzATcHqqSrh9mpsBN_vhnYE-YM/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I think we can all agree on two things; gathering is the absolute worst, and Hard / Sharp Blackstones are in very short supply.
    Why not implement one, or both, of the following:
    1. Allow Sharp / Hard Blackstones to be created via heating standard Blackstones in the processing window
    2. Allow our workers to have a chance at gathering them from nodes
    In a PvP game, gear should be easy to get so that people can crack on with having fun. 99% of the population are too busy grinding / gathering / afk skilling to actually 'play' the game.
  10. WELL you know how in this guide i said spamming on reblath doesnt work for me, and this whole method being formed because the "spam method" did not work for me.  well guess what folks it works for me now, i really think its due to enhance from drops reducing the value of green gear making turn over success rate of this method to high to use, so i guess in theory you could replace the words "green gear" with "reblath gear".  this reblath method is now based on the items being so undervalued that the failstack chance is actually increased. cough cough mchands 170 stack fails pri attempt on a green accessory. this has been a theory of mine from close to the beginning
    Edit 09/1/2018
    if you like conspiracy read this hahaha if not skip down a bit.
    i did not fix grammer or proof read, because this is already basically a waste of time, i could delete the post but i want the record to show in histroy exactly what went down here .
    i apolagize for my conspiracy theories, but they are infact truth, and nothing they can do will hide the numbers. you can show me a 2 disquised as an 8 but if the 2 acts like an 8 for long enough the this new disquised two will just turn itno 2=(2x4). making it a two but having the values of an 8. almost like mustle memory for the perception of  value.
    ok its official they broke this method by adding enhanced armor and weapons to drop/loot table.  what it did was devalue the internal number of an enhanced item, creating a higher turnover rate, these items are now considered common. when before they were only obtainable by throuhg the gate of blackstones. took me a few enhance sessions to pin pount exatly what was going on  but yep this is what happened RIP what i love most about this game.
    after a little frustration of time after time, just proccing +13,14,15 under stacked basically, compared to my old chart i say to my self "lets do it how people use to do it the way i was never able to do it because i would always proc my armor sub 10 stacks"(this was the mainstream way people did it before losing tons and tons of blackstones int eh process), so i made 1st stack from accessory, 2nd stack from a pri accessory, then i spammed up to 12 stacks on a +13reblath, then tapped twice on a +14reblath, and voila i have 15 stack, i dont think the devs know how numbers work, there will allways be a back door to success, though what they will do is change that backdoor in as many patches as they can with out changing the ingame numbers, they will just add new items/features that will have some sort of impact on existing system.  so i guess gg bad dev's hahaha.  also another reason they had to make this change was people were sinking to much time/gold into 15-30 stacks being they were using hards and sharps.  so what happened is this was a mainstream way to get stacks, so what they wanted to do was make it so these main stream stackers had a fair, basically bringing the value down to their level instead of keeping it as is. (though of course non of this truly matters in a game sense, because we know when we lose 150% gold value of an item we have a close to 100% chance to get it. so like you could basically delete gold bars from your account to force rng in your favor, this has been one of my thoughts all along, the addition of cronstones back in the day was evidence to support this theory.  they try to disguise all these mechanics by layers and layers information and mechanics that make it very hard to pin point. i see you game makers cant fool me.
    Edit 08/26/2018.
    deleted a rant, this method is fine, but outdated, i made a rant, but i want ot update again, and say that get the base gear you want, then makes silver with that progression, to buy upgrades off market place. risking your time just isnt worth it with blowing up your accessories, i mean unless thats what you are into good luck, and hopefully you dont get as aggravated as i did yesterday.
    this method was never perfect, i did lack some feedback and they changed the forums so all replies were halted.  I was having trouble around 6-9, this is easily fixed by using a +12 weapon to gain 3 failstacks on these points +6, +7, +8, revert to +13armor for +9 +10. (this is also a well needed addition to the method, being as we did not have a good way to really get are weapons up to those higher lvls, mainly because we were saving money using armor stones, being as the goal is fail-stack, we need to invest pay just a tiny bit more to decrease are chances of success, we cant be to stingy about saving money or it will just hurt our failstack progression. trying to keep this update short good luck. 08/26/2018
    Guide starts here but is outdated.---------------------------------
    This was formed so i didn't burn a 10-15 stack on say a +5-+6 piece of armor(also so i don't push a +13-to-+14 with 0-10 stacks etc and have it procc.  this to me is a waste of a perfectly good high stacker, though with "Outlaw degrade method" end of this page and beginning of 2nd page should help with keeping our gear at high stacks).  i Also only use Weapons past a certain point due to the fact that i always seem to proc +14/+15 when i get close to 20 fail stacks enhancing armor. this method also takes into account hitting multiples of 5's and 10's (or even not hitting multiples as shown i always stop at +34).  These are very strict guidelines, stray from them at your own risk, i do encourage innovation, and really would like to hear back from you guys once you get rolling with this method.
    keep in mind the gear in videos is what i will be using for maewha and valk, so no waste in the end. 
    Now lets set up some guide lines.
    The first number is what the fail stack is currently on, so accessory start at +0, use correct item when this stack is displayed.  You can pretty much do what ever you want step 1 through 5 this is some what out dated, all my gear is 10/11+. I still all ways use the green accessory for first stack. Check */XB for Reblath Info.
    I need to revise some of the tiers below, Kzarka video down below has more of a refined approach although i have not directly tried to translate those numbers yet, just waiting on a little more feed back.
    +0(Use Basic Green accesory).....+1-+2(use Basic Green armor lvl +5-+8)......+3-+4(Use basic Green armor lvl +6-+10) ive been using grunil......+5-+8(Use Basic Green armor lvl +9-+11)......new system +6,+7,+8 (use basic green weapon +12) [old system was, +6-+8-+10(basic green armor +12-+13) seemed to have some issues with succeeding to much, un able to sustain items around this point.] this section was in bold because it was to unstable, hopefully with weapon it should stabalize. sorry i did nto catch this sooner, i was too focused on armor stones, and saving weapon stones.+10-+14(+14 armor) "+13 is Quesitonable"+15-+24(Use Basic Green Weapon +13, no less).. i suggest you don't use +14 weapon, unless using Outlaw Strategy. you will need that +14 for +25-+34. its up to you though.+25-+33(use +14 weapon)....(note any freshly turned item will always be better*/XB)I procced +15 weapon going from 34-35 stacks, this is what created the stop at +34 rule, do not go for +35. edit(just pushed another 25-34 stack with a fresh +14 weapon this was not the one in video, as you can see by screen shot after video i now have multiple 34 stacks) (should be able to use Reblath some one suggests +13armor= 0-10, and +14armor is 10-15.)
    */XB Note a freshly turned over item should in theory always work better, than one that you have received stacks from, second video shows me turning over krea horn bow +13-+14, (this is after using it to successfully get 50 stacks " not all on the same stack but still multiple stacks only using it to push from +15-to-+25" id say i just about got the maximum use out of +13), once you build enough fail-stacks on an item regardless of the stack size it will turn over, its more of a stack count on that specific item,  try and keep track of your new turned and older items might help you avoid turning over when you really don't want to. this is very important, I have since turned over quite a few of these items that i felt like i had milked for all there worth.  I will probably start keeping track of how many stacks i have built on what item during each tier,  to avoid turning over like in video, this is hard to judge as well and will take me quite a long time to really get more information on this.  The information that i convert to guide will still only be my experience unless some of you want to test it for yourself and help pitch in to this method, would be much appreciated.
    Next is a work in progress....well not a work in progress because i have not started yet.  there are a few reply's below about blue items, refer to them for more info.
    The expansion to greater stacks in the future for me will be testing Livertos(possible horse gear, suggested below) at +34 to (lets say +44/49stacks) this will be extremely expensive but might be the mechanic to increase your chances at TRI/TET. 
    Its all rng in the end when you go to crunch those items, thank god for cron-stones now, to bad i didnt wait,  there is a pick down below i have a 38 stacks, that thing consumed 2weapon cores when i tried to PRI at +34,  then it proceeded to fail 3 attempts at a duo red coral all pre patch next attempt will be protected for sure. 
    Would like to know how you all do, i will continue to update/organize/refine this as We keep building.
    Copy Video up here easier to find, i still highly recommend reading some of the feed back, and the thought processes that have brought original post to a more refined method. The post down below where i originally posted this video has insight into how a failed horribly to prepare so sorry vid is so long.

    Most recent Addition. 7/3/2017
    Hello Everyone. Figured i Have not updated the method above, but a video shows that i have refined it a bit, and kind of just go off the spur of the moment enhance, i could follow the guide-lines, but in the end its a game and i want to have fun and not bust my brain to much . Well maybe i will update the numbers above soon. The video explains a lot and allows those to see this method in action.  i do not have much experience with Duo TRI etc.  but i do my best with what i got.  just need to do it more to find out the patterns. oh and i almost forgot, this Durable option is so good i discovered it when i was enhancing making the video.  i am looking forward to enhancing greens instead of reblath well maybe just reblath until like +10 or +15, and use green past that point, my main issues with armor was i would always succeed sub 20 or on the 20th stack(why i was using weapons past +15), so maybe just maybe i can use +14 armor to go to 20/25 i don't know i will take notes next time i go to fail-stack.
    i will think about narration in the future as well to explain a few new theories i have been working on. anyway here it is hope you guys like it. copied description of video underneath.
    YouTube Video Description
    Sorry guys for no sound I suggest you put on some music. I Also apologize for not recording TRI which i ONE-TAPPED with a 48 stack the next day, i wasn't about to start the process over and i really wanted the upgrade. So here is how it went in this experience. Been trying to get hands on Kzarka for awhile been saving up memory frags since i started playing the game, sharps/hards from life skill farming, and just the general black-stones from everything i do, events, scrolls, rewards, mobs drops etc.
    For a week i had pre-order on zarka, if i did not win the pre-oreder i would wait for the post and i would have to take pre-order down and then try and buy being i did not have enough money.  my goal was to farm enough cash so i could have a pre-order out and be able to bid at same time. i just got to 200m,  and was in process of getting gold in the right spots when Kzarka popped on Market place after not winning via pre-order, i canceled it, had the 95m+ in bank and guess what i won was super happy.  I took it from +0  all the way to DUO that night this took me about an hour or so with the materials i already had.  I considered this successful, so i went to bed. next day i decided that if the Kzarka Down graded, i could be in for a money sink, so i mayde the decision to use the 48 stack, which i have no regrets about. (again sorry i did not record it) wish quality was better its all i got though i ended up having to change from flv to wmv. i guess its not to bad once it buffers correctly.
    Here are all the materials i used.
    Kzarka Staff = 100m
    Random Accessory Belt = 8M (probably less)
    65 Weapon Stones = 19.5M
    219 Armor Stones =  54.75M
    144 Memory Fragments = 108M
    8-10 Sharps =35M
    +32  Stack
    +48  Stack
    all of which i already owned except for a few sharps.
    newest edit 7/5/17 : keep in mind all those armor stones will be extracted from reblath when they hit +15. so i will be refunded some of the money i put in.  was thinking about setting up armor workshop, or weapon workshop, but i am fine using reblath for now, seems time/space efficient for me at the moment.