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  1. Hello,
    First of all - these are just a few possible hair- and eye-colors, but the most common- / hard-to-make.
    Without getting a tinge of other colors or looking rubbish in the game itself, it was hard to find something fitting, but here they are:
    dark-brown hair & brown eyes tutorial
    hazel hair & golden-shimmer eyes tutorial
    mid-brown hair tutorial
    light-blonde hair tutorial
    natural blonde & green eyes tutorial
    dishwater blonde & deep-brown eyes tutorial
    [bonus-special] violet hair & brilliant eyes tutorial
    Please note, that this is a guide for colors only. No template is required. The used characters are randomly edited or on basic-settings. I think the colors can be used by almost every class, tho i used ranger, valkyrie and warrior here.
    Inspired by this webside, where you can find more cool color-ideas: nailingtons

    If you are a new player in Black Desert here you will find all important and useful information to get a fun and good start in this game, my intention is put together all of this information in one post and then dont need search in reddit, forums... across one thousand post talking about this things one by one one hundred times each one and some times with wrong information.
    Wellcome to Black Desert and player's community
    (Your best friend in Black Desert to find/search any quest, object or whatever: http://bddatabase.net)
    If you are a new player in Black Desert and you wanna rush to max level fast or you want to enjoy with the game slowly you need to know somethings: 
    -KNOWLEDGE: you get knowledge exp. talking with npcs in cities that show a "?" in the map, spending energy in NPCs to get knowledge, completing quest that give you knowledge reward, discovering for first time places, crafting recipes and materials and killing enough mobbs of one kind to can see the damage in the hp bar over them to get A-B-C rank knowledge about this mobbs (depends of the rank you deal more damage to this kind of mobbs). With Knowledge you get exp. in your energy xp. bar the total points of energy grow up and learn or enjoy about the game lore:
    -ENERGY POINTS / EP: you can use energy points to spend in life skills: fish, cooking, gathering... to get an offer from special black market NPC (50energy cost), to upgrade a node, get knowledge from NPCs, get amity with NPCs, hire workers and many things. Your character recovery base is +1 energy every 3mins. online / +1 per hour offline,  1 more if you are resting in a bed in your home and you can get more recovery per time from special consumable buffs, also you can recover +3 instanly from bars in towns if you buy a wine glass 50k silver and doing quest with energy recover reward.
    -CONTRIBUTION POINTS / CP: contribution points are used to exchange for equipment / tools  from NPCs (rent option), activate nodes to send worker there to gather materials, buy residences, warehouses and different kinds of buildings in cities. Dont worry about spend CP because you can get all back in any moment giving back the objects to NPCs, selling instanly any building or recovering from nodes deactivaiting it.

    -SKILL POINTS / SP: you get skill point killing mobbs or in quests rewards, you use this SP to unlock new skills or improve the skills that you already have, dont worry about your first skill builds because you can reset all skills up to level 55 (right click in the skill) and you can reset it after 55 with one object to test and make a perfect skill build for your play style when you know more about the game.  
    -NPC search tool: in the right upper side of your screen you can click in "NPC" icon and search any npc you will see a path that you can auto follow to find it.

    -You share your warehouse across al characters.
    -You can share the armor and accesories with all characters in any level (weapons and outfits are exclusive stuff).
    -You share the same mounts, wagons and ships with al characters.
    -You keep node levels, workers and workers jobs queue between al characters.
    -You share the same CP and EP with al characters (SP are exclusive for each character).
    -Life skills levels are exclusive for each character.
    -The fail regrade stack is exclusive to each character.
    -All stats are exlusive to each character included strenght, breath and health.
    -You share all buildings between all characters.
    Just doing main quest line (Black spirit quests) you can reach fast and easy to lvl 50-55 you can go back to finish this quests later if you want to get some interesting rewards that you dont need now or you can evolve your character doing all quest arround or at least good ones. Mainly check the reward from quest or you will lose lot of time for nothing because in Black Desert most of the quests doesnt give you exp. to level up or something interesting:
    -Level exp. quests: good. 
    -Contribution points/CP exp quests: bad, you get enough CP exp. from main line quests to start and you can do this quests along all game plus at the end are daily quests that you can complete faster, try to do only 200-500 CP exp. quests.
    - Skill point/SP quets: good, you need lot of skill points to get skills in your character and upgrade it, you can get grinding mobbs as well.Link with a list of all SP quests : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/20960-guide-a-list-of-all-town-based-quests-that-grant-a-full-skill-point/
    -Life skill exp: bad, gives you xp to one of your proffesions (gathering,cooking,alchemy...) normaly need sometime to do it and you can complete all of this quest at end game in some hours when you choose your 1st proffesions to level up.
    -Gold quest: good, depends of the amount of gold but normaly is a chain of quests and you get more gold in the next quests and only worth if you need kill mobbs because you get xp and more gold from the drops also this quests are in most of cases daily quests. 
    -Energy recovery quests: bad, only give you some energy points normaly 5-10 only if you need to do something important at end game and your are empty of points.
    -Knowledge quests: good if they are related about new locations to discover, NPC characters/mobbs to know because is fast but others about matterials and life skills for example are slow to complete.
    -Materials / tools and consumables quests: bad, you can get easier and faster big amount of tools, consumables and materials in the game by other ways (buy from merchants, craft or gathering by yourself).
    -Special materials / objects quest: good, special and expensive material rewards as blackstones, special fruits, black crystal shards.

    (the most of the quest has mix rewards with this information is your choice which ones to complete and not)
    I advice start only with 1-2 blue workers gathering potatoes all time from nodes close to first city (Velia) craft and save a big amount of beer in your warehouse to dont care about in a future when you need focus and spend time in more important things, level up easy your cooking skill and enjoyning the game at start without complicating you much learning this part too early because you dont need this up to a log time playing / end-game or you can simply grind mobbs, skip this and buy all from marketplace. 
    You can hire and fire workers in the "Work supervisor" NPC in the cities, you need to spend some energy but i advice you dont buy any white/green worker and wait to getat least a blue grade worker offer, doesnt matter get humans, goblins or giants at start they are good in diferent jobs and you will use all kinds later, for example humans are good to craft expensive things or get special matts from nodes, goblins work fast are good to farm things fast, normal crafting, craft crates and giants are good to farm basic things as potatoes or send them to care your farms. To recover worker´s stamina you need give them some kind of  special consumables, the main one: beer, you can buy it from marketplace or craft it easy by yourself without any life skill request in a cooking bech inside your house, you send your workers to work in nodes then they send the materials to your warehouse, workers can care your farms but they dont collect the plants and you can use them to craft in your buildings at cities.
    To hire workers you need build "lodgings" buildings at cities nearest to nodes that you want to gather, you can recover workers stamina from anywhere if you have beer in your inventory just opening the worker list, clicking in the beer icon for worker and clicking again in the beer icon in the new window that appears, 1 beer = 1 stamina point.
    Beer: 5x potatoes (farm with your character in farms arround Velia or gather with workers in this farms nodes) - 6x mineral water - 1x raw sugar - 2x leavening agent (buy it from Inn/tabern in cities at chef or Inn keeper NPC).
    You can craft by two ways, basic craft (L) key, doesnt spend energy if fails doesnt spend materials used, or crafting stations (you can buy in NPCs) that you need to place in your house,  spend energy per craft and if fails spend materials used, you can produce diferent things depending in which way you are choosing and you need level up your professions crafting things of your actual level to produce new harder ones. To craft special materials, tools, weapons, armors, wagons, ships, grade/blackstones and other things:
    1.You need to buy the proper building in cities to craft the object of your choice. 
    2.Use your workers to collect the materials in nodes plus some materials that you only can farm by yourself or procesing basic materials (L).
    3.Click in the building and "manage crafting" option, select the object to craft and in the right side the amount to craft that you want, woorkers will use the requested materials stored in your warehouse of this city to craft the object. 
    Best alchemy & cooking guide also where and how to farm materials:
    Alchemy: http://dulfy.net/2016/05/08/black-desert-alchemy-life-skill-guide/
    Cooking: http://dulfy.net/2016/06/06/black-desert-cooking-life-skill-guide/
    In Black Desert you can find a lot of nodes arround the map somes are easy to find and others you need to search them to find the materials that you want / need or to conect  other nodes. I post here a interactive map with all nodes is your choice use it or try to find them by yourself  : http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/map/#7/-5.616/-55.432
    1.You spend contribution points to activate nodes to be able to send workers to work and get materials, your workers send the collected materials to your warehouse of the nearest city.
     2.You can spend energy to upgrade your node (lvl 1-10) and get more materials and more chance to get rare materials listed below main material (1st one).
    3.You can select how many times you want to gather from node with the choosen worker in the right side of node screen, one stamina point spent per gathering order, and you can see the time to complete one gathering order to get the materials in your warehouse.
    4.You can manage your workers jobs in nodes from anywhere of the map but you need to go to "Node Manager" NPC to activate the nodes if you dont have "Value Pack" activated if you have it you need spend 10 energy points to activate nodes from anywhere without "Node Manager" NPC.
    5.To can gather from nodes you need conect this nodes with the nearest city with a warehouse activating all nodes between both, thas`s why you can see nodes without any resource to gather only are conexion nodes.
    ////////////////////////////////Spend energy to improve the nodes doesnt give you more drop chance in objects, gold or more exp. when you grind mobbs (tested by my self and check the test results of people in google if you want).////////////////////////////////
    To construct a building you need click in the city icon in the map and click again in the houses icons in white color then check which kind of building can you construct, the contribution points that you need and the max level that you can upgrade this buildings, to upgrade it you dont spend more CP only silver but is a ridiculous amount to buy/upgrade buildings and you can demolish and get back your CP in any moment then dont care about test this part of the game. The best thing is maximize your CP buying buildings, this means: you can buy a warehouse with 2 points that can reach lvl2 but maybe in this city you can find other house with a warehouse that can reach lvl2 as well but only need 1 CP to buy it also to get the bests buildings or somes like a stable, shipyard, crafting buildings or a warehouse lvl5 you need buy other buildings before to conect them just click in a building that you want and then in the new window click "check purchase conditions" you will see marked with arrows the buildings that you need to be able to purchase this one.
    Residence - personal house to place workbenchs, bed, decoration mainly and other things.
    Stables - is good get at least 1 lvl 3-5 to can have 1-2 horses and some wagons arround all map ( you share all spaces in all regions of the map).
    Lodging-  let you hire more workers in one region of the map.
    Warehouses -  gives you more spaces in your storage in the city where you have the building.
    Crafting buildings - let you craft weapons, armors, metal ingots, ship parts, wagon parts...
    Breeding is a hard RNG and a waste of time at start just buy your horses at start up to lvl 57-58.
    Mount skills:

    You can play the RNG of the game or if you save the money and buy the gear in the market place, depends on you, some people tell its better buy the gear others tell not, is your choice do it, personaly i like a lot RNG, test my luck and the adrenaline of the moment  all this options are calling the "Black Spirit" and talking with him:
    To enhance (+1 +2 +3 etc) your gear you need "blackstone" (armor or weapon) items, you have 100% chance up to +5 arround between +8 +10 can fail a bit more  at +12 +14 sometimes you can get 8-12 fails and to get +15 you can fail 10-14 times all in green grade 1 gear, if you reform the item to grade 2 blue or grade 3 yellow the chances are lower and depends of the item the chances change as well, bosses weapons has less base chances and in more grade (green-blue-yellow) has less chance as well.
    When you fail you decreasse the max durability of the item 5pts and you cant regrade more if the max durability decreasse to 20pts then you need repair the item in any armorsmith NPC at cities, to repair a item max durability choose repair option in the armorsmith NPC and the in the lower part of the screen choose repair max. durability, select the item to repair and the material must be the same item in the same grade (green, blue, yellow) or lower and you recover 10pts max durability. Some end-game items are not worth to repair with  other items cause they are expensive then you can buy an object from market-place "memory fragment" for arround 750k silvers to repair it but you recover only 1-2pts of the max durability then the best way is stack fails with your alters with cheap items droped from mobbs in blue-yellow grade to get more fails up to stack 14 or 25 fails because the fails give you more chances to regrade per fail in the next try to then try in the expensive items that you want to upgrade to +12 +13 +14 or +15 and dont decreasse the max durability because is expensive repair it, also you can force the enhancement using a lot of blackstones and decressing a big amount of the max. durability of the item (depends of the item and the grade +5 +6 +7 8+...) to get a 100% succes rate (you can check the amount of blackstones you need and durability lost before force the enhance).
    When you reach +15 you need special stones to regrade it to PRI (+16) DUO (+17) TRI (+18) TETRA (+19) PENTA(+20) you lose more durability per try in this levels.
    To reform an item (green,blue,yellow) you need "grade reform stones" that you can craft in refinery buildings or buy in market-place really cheap depending of the stone grade1 green, grade 2 blue or grade 3 yellow, you have more chances to upgrade the item to the next grade when you are using a best stone but you can craft or buy a special stone "ultimate weapon / armor reform stone" that give you 100% chance to get yellow grade 3 ultimate item from green grade 1 or blue grade 2 items. 
    Bes way to me upgrade to +15 - PRI -DUO -TRI - TETRA and then use ultimate stone to get ultimate grade 3 100% because as well upgrade is easier in less reform grade of the item.
    Know to transport your items between cities its important in BDO, you only need acess to the city where you have the items that you want to transport clicking the icon of the city in the map screen you will see the warehouse window and one option "transport" in this window, click it and drag the desired items into the new empty window - select a transport vehicle (ship, wagon) and the city where you want to transport this items, the NPCs will start to prepare the transport (need some time) and automatically the transport will move to the desired city, a message will appear to you in the screen when the transport begins and ends and you only need take inside your warehouse the items in the city where the transport reached using the same window you used before in the map to transport the items. Nobody can steal your items or attack your transport.
    This is really useful to move your gold and items between different cities without move your character and doing bored long trips crossing all map, you can go to do other things in your computer/real life or stay focus in market-place to buy something some minutes while your transport system is working.
    1.Level up to reach Heidel city (your main base in the game, next one after Velia) only with main quest line and talk with all NPCs arround that you see a "?" in the map, dont stop to grind/farm low lvl mobbs up to lvl 53-55 because the money you will get really much more and in low levels you dont need much money is enough with the gold you get in the quest rewards and from the drop of the mobbs you are killing for the quests.
    2. Buy at Heidel with CP one "residence" to place your crafting stations and one bed, some "warehouses" as you need to store your things, one "stable" to get more space to save your mounts/wagons, one "refinery" to make "Black-stone powder" and 1-2 "lodgings" in the city where you are gathering to hire workers.
    3. Start with 1-2 blue workers gathering potatoes all time from nodes close to first city (Velia) send transports with materials to Heidel and craft / save a big amount of beer in your warehouse, you can set some worker to gather iron in any node arround Velia if u want, you will need later a lot.
    4.Sell all normal materials, tools, accesories, weapons and armors (arent better than yours) instantly in market place and save only special materials: "Blackstones", "black crystal shards".
    5.if you can/want gather while you level up get a pick and mine rocks arround all map to get "raw stone"  (you only can get it by this way mainly and its important) to transform in "blackstone powder" with workers in refinery buildings at cities, material that you need to craft 80% things in Black Desert, you can buy it in market place but you need big amounts in the future (market place is empty of this material and if someone list it in market-place instantly dessapear).
    6.At start buy a tier 2-3 horse (is cheap 50-150k silver) in "Stable-keeper" NPC, arround lvl 40-45  buy a tier 5-6 horse and try to get one with somes of this skills: sprint / drift / start acceleration / instant aceleration / caution, buy a cheap armor set to your horse at market place and as well buy a "noble wagon" as soon as you can (or maybe 2 ) to use as storage and transport in a future. 
    7.Dont buy any weapon/accesory/armor, expensive or special consumables, magic crystals or regrade items from market place up to level 50 at least you dont need nothing of this to level up to lvl 50-52 you can save your gold to try get a pet / outfit / Value Pack in any moment when you see the notices in marketplace and to upgrade the choosen gear set that you think its good to wear for your class when you reach high levels (55-56) and when you know more about the game, if you want a improvement to lvl up faster:
    -Buy "Yuria" weapon when you want arround level 35-45 upgrade to +15 and keep it up to lvl 56-57 then buy a "liverto" weapon and when you reach +13 or +14 in the "liverto" weapon sell the "Yuria" and equip the "liverto".
    -Dont upgrade your gear (+6,+7,+8...) up to level 35-40 at this level upgrade it only to +5 and only gear that you can sell in market place later, at level 50 start to get better gear set and weapon to your class and you can upgrade it to +10 or +12, at level 55-56 you must run with +15 all gear.
    8.Save all your loyalty tokens up to end game to buy later "Blessing of Kamasylve","Mount skill deletion", "Armstrong skill guide", +weight consumables or important things.
    9.Create up more than one character, at least two, to can stack fails to upgrade cheaper and easier good / end-game weapons, armor and accesories.
    10.If you are a new comer get full "Jarette accesoriy set" from daily reward / black spirit aventure or any event and dont care more about accesory set up to lvl 58, if you cant get only accesories with AP-DP stats and dont spend to much up to level 57-58.
    11.Buy and get active a "Value pack" from marketplace all time that you can play, you get more gold from your sales in marketplace, +100lt weight all character, can acces beauty salon ever you want to change your characters look, +5exp to all, +16 slots inventory all character and all cities warehouses.
    Best set in my opinion at start before get boss set:
    Strength Shoes of Heve - Magic Crystal of Perfection (luck+1) & Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine (Knockback/floating resistance 10% and Knockdown/Bound resistance 10%)
    Strength Armor of Heve - Magic Crystal of Abundance - Armor (damage reduction +5) & Black Magic Crystal - Vigor (Max hp+50 and Stun/Stiffness/freezing resistance 10%)
    +250hp bonus
    Grunil Helmet  - Magic Crystal of Infinity - Memory x2 (casting speed +2) or Black Magic Crystal - Harphia   x1 ( hp+50 and hp recovery +5) & Black Magic Crystal - Intimidation x1 (Knockdown/Bound resistance +10% and Stun/stiffness/freezing resistance +5%)
    Grunil Gloves - Black Magic Crystal - Viper x1 (casting and attack speed +1) & Black Magic Crystal - Sturdiness x1 (Grapple resistance +10% and knockback/Floating resistance +5%) or change 1st one only for attack speed or casting speed depends on your class.
    +5 AP bonus
    Liverto weapon - x2 Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power (+5 AP)
    Rhik secondary weapon - Black Spirit Crystal (+100hp +5 AP)
    Jarette accesory set (from events) Jarette's Ring, Jarette's Earring, Jarette's Belt, Jarette's Necklace
    if you cant get jarette set or at more advance game (lvl 57-58)
    Witch's Earring and PRI Witch's Earring x2
    Ancient Weapon Core belt & Ancient Guardian's Seal neckleace set or Ogre Ring neckleace
    Sahazad's Ring of Monarch x2 or any ring from Valencia main quests
  4. This 2 minutes review for Black Desert is the best thing that happened to me lately!
    OMG what did I just watch??!!
  5. Short and sweet - 
    there are plenty of quests you can do to learn new crafting skills and to figure out how to use the worker system. 
    maybe add a checklist of lifeskill, worker quests that the player can /are eligible to do when they login. much like the suggested quest function of ffxiv. give the player an overview of what they have yet to do. 
    I of course already have done most if not all of the lifeskill and crafting quests. but i remember the tedious process of having to go through multiple forum posts and google searches to figure out exactly where to go to do those quests. The reason this is coming up for me is because i have a lot of new friends joining the game who are repeatedly asking me questions such as "what is a worker?" "how do i get more contribution?" "what is a node?" "how do i craft ingots?" "how do i repair my weapons?" "how do i get my workers to work again?" "what should i do to make money besides grind?" "how do i move workers from city to city?" (i know that one is not possible)
    I guess my point is it would be nice if when they logged in they saw a pretty comprehensive list of options of what they could do to improve their passive income, crafting etc. (with the option to turn off the list on logon with a setting of course)
  6. Post on Stuck In Tutorial in General

    By Fanalise, posted
    so i skipped the tutorial with a new character, now whenever i try to set way points or various other things, it displays a msg saying action cannot be done because i am still in the tutorial phase. is there anyway i can reactivate the tutorial or fix this somehow?
  7. My request ticket is #229761 but I want to see if anyone has any suggestions that could help me.
    I'm stuck at the NPC named Claus in the Western Guard Camp. The Black Spirit wants me to take a quest from Claus, but he offers no quests. I'm super confused on what I need to do because now I can't summon my black spirit, even though he has a quest for me, and I also cannot do what the tutorial says. This locks up a lot of options I cannot do now because I'm stuck in the tutorial.
    Screenshots In Spoiler:
  8. Hi there, so i have two characters one lvl 56 and another lvl 50, is anyone sure how to skip the tutorial on a new character? Last update says you can skip it if you have a lvl 50 character on the account and it did give me an option when i started the charter, a small chat window poped up and said the tutorial is about to begin. [Continue] [Cancel] as options i hit cancel however now im level 10 and i still cant auto path due to it saying (Navigation cannot be altered during tutorial session) Anyone know how to bypass this?
  9. Hallo liebe Leute
    Hier stelle ich euch mein erstes Tutorial-Video für Black Desert vor. Es handelt sich dabei um ein Tutorial für Alchemiesteine. Ich hoffe, ihr habt ein bisschen Spaß damit und ihr könnt mir folgen. 
    Ich entschuldige mich für die etwas schlechte Bildquali, ich fange gerade erst wieder an, richtig Videos zu machen, daher brauche ich noch ein paar Trys, bis wieder alle sitzt.
    Also, schaut es euch an und ich wünsche jetzt schon viel Spaß
  10. Hey guys and gals!  I don't post here often, but with Valencia out yesterday I thought some folks might find this helpful. Have a great day!
  11. Hello friends, I'd like to make a quick tutorial on how I make ~2.5-3m silver [not including shards] overnight doing absolutely nothing. Any gold hotspot not to far from a trader will work, so you can use your favorite.
    To start here is a link to a map of all publicly documented hotspots: https://bdfishers.com/pages/map/ -- Thanks to all the guys at BDFishers for putting this together!
    Overnight I use 160 total "durability", if you have more that's great! How it works is like this:
    1) Throw my +4 Epheria Rod [90 Durability] *
    2) Wake up at 8am, sell fish really fast, swim back to ship
    3) Throw +4 Balneos Rod [70 Durability] **
    4) Go back to sleep
    * It is good to have as much inventory space as your Epheria rod, or else you're going to hit a bottle neck
    ** You can replace Balneos +4 with steel, or even better a higher tier Balneos c:
    I just woke up, made some food, and decided to post pictures of the silver I woke up to:
    Inventory #1 [Epheria]

    Inventory #2 [Balneos]

    Final Load

    I'm currently Artisan 3 Fishing, and sit at a +4 bonus. I've only active fished for like an hour months ago. Today I got above average shards, but I never get less than 2.5m silver.
    While you can make more grinding, free fishing levels and some silver sleeping doesn't hurt.
    Thanks for reading!
  12. Gutes Tierfutter herstellen und Tiere füttern leicht gemacht mit Brodalf . Hier das Video.„tongue“-Emoticon
    Wenn ihr vorschläge für Tutorials habt oder fragen habt einfach mal dazuschreiben.
    Brodalf kümmert sich dann darum und versucht alle Fragen zu beantworten „grin“-Emoticon
  13. Hi everyone! I decided to make this small tutorial on how to make a few natural hair colors. The hair coloring of BDO can be very tricky at times, so I figured this would at least be helpful for some people! If you'd like to see more hair colors, comment them down below and I'll do my best to make a small tutorial for them! Please don't be shy about asking me to make a tutorial for any new hair colors, they don't have to be natural, either! I plan to update this when I have more spare time, and maybe even include small video tutorials if requested!
    Note: 'Shine' looks fine on the hair colors, I just prefer to not use it!
    For the darker natural colors, I highly suggest using a black base as to avoid the dreaded 'see through' hair and awkward neon glowing hair until a fix is added to the game!
    Dark Brown:



  14. Hey Leute,
    Hier mal eine kleine Liste der "Freundschafts-Quests" die nach und nach geupdatet wird.
    Ich musste bereits öfter feststellen das es nicht nur reicht die Anzahl an Freundschaftspunkten zu haben, sondern das man auch noch andere Anforderungen erfüllen muss wie z.b eine bestimmte Berufsstufe.
    Werde allerdings nicht dazu Schreiben welches Wissen ihr Benötigt um Gespräche freizuschalten (fahrt einfach mit der Maus über die Gesprächs Option und ihr solltet sehen welches ihr braucht).
    F: FreundschaftspunkteBW: Benötigtes Wissen Olvia -Nodmir Coop (F:100 Sammeln-Anfänger 9) -Julietta (F:150 Sammeln-Lehrling 4) -Sady (F:300 Sammeln-Lehrling 1) -Nadia Rowen (F:200 Koch-Anfänger 9) -Curtis (F:200 Sammeln-Lehrling 9 BW:Erhitzung Anfänger) -Wolter (F:100 Sammeln-Lehrling 9 BW:Hacken Anfänger) -Chiara Coop (F:150 Sammeln-Lehrling 4) Westliches Wachlager -Luke (F:10 ) -Hessental (F:40) -Feinia (F:10 ,F:50 ,F:80) -Jarette Domongatt (F:20) 
  15. Recently hit 45 on one of my chars...and had absolutely nothing useful about PvP...if it was a blue mid screen message then it was lost in all the loots and other messages.
    I'd expect at minimum to be told why my name is a different colour, tagging and what that looks like, safe zones, and karma.
    Maybe a Black Spirit quest taking you to an arena, could serve as a nice introduction.
  16. Hallo hier ist mal ein kleines Tutorial das erklärt wie man Bier Herstellen kann. Weis vll auch noch nicht jeder.
     Hier zum Video
  17. Hope this helps answer your questions on the minigame for conversations, made it after seeing all these comment on folks being lost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRqD9MWPf0I Hope it helps.
  18. Hey guys, just wanted to share some screenies here as i believe this game works very in terms of player art creation from within the game itself by using the depth of field mover/slider and color corrections
    Feel free to share screenshots      If there is anything i've missed please tell me and I will add it
    Some tips for screenshots:
    by pressing CTRL+U you will get rid of the HUD
    Hold shift and press either left or right arrow to tilt the camera, back and forward to pan in and out
    Hold CTRL+ Left, Right, Up or Down to move the depth of field
    Hold CTRL+Shift and press either Up or Down to change the color correction from within the game
    You can use emotes by either setting up a customer command in the emote menu (press enter then to the right of your chat bar is an "S" - press that")
    OR by typing in the emote: /Welcome - this can be done with the HUD off also if you type the emote and then press CTRL+U afterwards, you can then press enter and capture that emote - Example is final picture below
    Pointers and tips: (to be beefed out as i go)
    By using light sources such as windows when in a house or a lantern/ambient lighting when outdoors you can make things stand out more
    If you mess up don't worry as pressing CTRL+U once more will bring up the HUD and reset any changes you have made
    Happy Screenshotting!

  19. Hey!
    I just made a quick and easy guide on how to make some quick money! I would really appreciate if you would have a look!
  20. Hey guys, this video is for those who are a little intimidated by the amity guide and would like a quick intro on how to get started!
  21. Post on Valkyrie PvP guide in Valkyrie

    By Ritualen, posted
    Valkyrie specific PvP
    I have been searching far and wide for a, how-to pvp thread with close to 0 results.
    Could some experienced players help out with some tips and tricks?

    What are the combos you should go with for that bursty dmg.
    I would like to have an complete (softcap) build aswell.
    What gems do you go for, what stat priority do we have?

    This is just a couple of things i've been thinking about. Could we get a general Valkyrie specific PvP thread going?
    A l'inverse du metier de cuisinier qui permet d'etre upper via une prise en charge par les quetes depuis Veolia, ca devient deja plus delicat.
    En effet, pas le moindre indice ni quete tuto !
    C'est pourquoi je vous montre ici, par l'analyse de la video Youtube ci-dessous, sa progression.

    <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Sf4m-57dqNo?feature=oembed" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" height="270" width="480"></iframe>

    --- ( en attendant un BBCode pour l'insertion de media de type Video, et de composante IG via Syndication  [source: http://bddatabase.net/fr ] ) ---

    1 ) Du néophyte 1 a néophyte 9
    a) Réactif de liquide clair - http://bddatabase.net/fr/recipe/47/ Réactif de liquide clair
    <a href="http://bddatabase.net/fr/recipe/47/"> Réactif de liquide clair</a>b) Réactif de poudre pure - http://bddatabase.net/fr/recipe/48/Réactif de poudre pure

    2 ) A partir d' apprenti 1
    a) Des quetes journalieres vous renvoie a Olvia et n'étaient pas disponibles jusqu'alors !
    N'oubliez pas la loupe 'NPC' situé en haut a droite pour cibler le pnj puis d'appuyer sur la touche T pour l'auto-guidage
    PNJ /  Nom de la quete / URL Database
    Bionière / Comme un phoque / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/121/
    Bionière / Bijoux de bionier / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/120/
    Curtis / Solvant métallique de Curtis / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/122/
    Wocester / Optimisation des contreplaqués / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/118/
    Akan / Méthode de l'hémostase / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/123/
    Chiara coop / Le traitement du cuir de Chiara / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/119/
    Bofin / Le défi décisif / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/130/
    Bofin / Optimisation de cristaux / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/129/
    Bofin / Suggestion de Bofin / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/128/
    Bofin / Le savoir est inépuisable #1 / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/134/
    Bofin / Le savoir est inépuisable #2 / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/1200/135/
    b) Pour ceux d'entre vous qui serait comme moi a Heidel, les quetes reprennent a partir de :
    PNJ /  Nom de la quete / URL Database
    Villageois / [Niveau d'alchimie 11] Potion égayante / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/2100/147/
    George Fusto / [Niveau supérieur en alchimie 10] Giorgio le studieux / http://bddatabase.net/fr/quest/2100/106/
    Moi j'en suis la ! Mais vous saurez progresser comme des grands hein 
    Si des precisions sont a ajouter, erreurs ou autre, merci de preciser.
    En esperant que cela vous sera utile dans votre progression. Bon craft a tous
    Cordialement a vous.
    Liloo Dallas  - Magicienne  Lvl 23, Valkyrie Lvl 9 - Serveur: Jordine
    NB1: Merci d'epingler,
    NB2: D'avance desoler pour la redaction mais j'epurerais sa redaction apres l'ajoue de BBCode adequat.
    Daily Quest – Tutorial Guide :
          Black Desert Online, a beaucoup de choses à nous offrir. Cependant, il est aisé de se perdre face à l’etendue et la complexité du jeu. Ici je me propose de vous présenter quelques quêtes journalières qu’il ne faudrait jamais rater. Ce guide n’est pas une liste exhaustive des quêtes journalières, mais plutôt une façon d’augmenter très rapidement son total de Points de contributions. Voici mon petit parcours journalier, notez qu’il peut être bouclé en 40 minutes environ ou moins ou plus évidemment !
    Sommaire :
    -Carte Zone de Velia
    -Quêtes de récoltes
    -Carte Zone d’Heidel
    -Quêtes d’endurances
    -Quêtes d’escorte
    Carte de Velia :  Le soleil se leve sur ce beau pays, j’ai bien dormis, je suis pleins d’energie à depenser. Après avoir verifié le bon fonctionnement de mon empire basé sur la culture de la patate, donné une paire d’ordre, passé une commande auprès de mes artisans, il est temps pour moi aussi d’aller bosser. Il me faut absolument me debarasser de ce trop pleins d’energie, allons donc couper du bois, depecer des sangliers, taper sur des cailloux ou encore vider quelques belettes de leurs sang. Je commencerai donc par réaliser 2 quêtes journalieres de recolte. (adaptez les quêtes en fonction de votre maximum d’energie et du niveau de vos metiers).
    Les quêtes de récolte : Apres avoir decouvert la ville portuaire de velia, vous serez très vite ammené à visiter les environs, 4 lieux notamment retiendrons votre attention, La ferme Loggia à l’ouest, la ferme Bartali au sud, la ferme Finto à l’est et enfin la forêt de Balenos au sud est. Avant de pouvoir obtenir les quêtes journalieres de récolte, il vous faudras dans un premier temps terminer les suites de quêtes proposées par les différents NPC de chaques zone. Enfin, ces quêtes se declinent sous 3 formes.
    -Ferme Loggia : récolte de pierre, je vous conseils d’aller sur la zone indiqué la plus à l’est, passez à gauche de l’entrée de la grotte des gobelins et grimper jusqu’à tomber sur un petit lac (pratique pour pêcher d’ailleurs, toujours abondant, peu de poissons différents, utile pour la cuisine). Par-delà le lac, se trouve une rivière dans laquelle vous pourrez miner sur des pierre de sang, andésite et du grès. Notez que vous looterez des pierres et aussi, mais surtout du ZINC, car le zinc est la seule ressources (hormis métaux précieux, Or, Argent, Platine) qui ne possède pas de nœuds où envoyer vos travailleurs, et que bien sûr il rentre dans la composition de l’alliage « laiton » qui vous sera absolument nécessaire si jamais vous voulez une armure sur votre cheval, ou bien vous crafter un wagon.
    -Forêt de Balenos : Ici rien de plus simple, il vous suffit de jouer au gaulois, promenez-vous tranquillement dans la forêt au sud de la ferme tant que l’ours n’y est pas et dézinguez gaiement du sanglier à tour de bras par Toutatis. Vous ferez néanmoins attention aux ours –VIOLENT- qui spawn très souvent dans cette zone. Remarques valable uniquement pour les joueurs de bas niveau !
    Ferme Bartali : Au-delà d’être le paradis de la patate et du poulet, le KFC de black desert et l’un de vos premiers investissements de géopoints, c’est aussi votre principale quête journalière pour vous aventuriers et marins de tous bords, car qui compte prendre la mer sur BDO soit attend le ferry, soit fabrique sa barque et pour ça il vous faudra du bois ! N’importe quel arbre fera l’affaire, vous pouvez aussi garder cette quête pour faire d’une pierre deux coups avec une quête de guilde, de métiers ou autres…
    Ferme Finto : Peut-être pas la plus utile au début, mais vaux absolument le détour car quand vous apprendrez qu’au-delà de la nourriture, des passifs de guildes et des selfbuffs, votre seul buffer ingame, c’est vous ou du moins la pierre philosophale, vous vous jetterez absolument sur l’alchimie (Oups, j’ai lâché une info ?). Et pour se faire vous aurez besoin de sang, de beaucoup de sang, sang de pauvres petits animaux sans défenses tel que les belettes de Velia ou d’ailleurs ! Cela ne fera qu’exciter votre soif pour aller poutrer vos voisins ailleurs que sur le chat générale !
             Une fois que vous êtes bien crevé, que vous avez sauvé un petit chat (j’y reviendrais) dirigez-vous vers le « Col d’Heidel » au sud-est et quittez votre tranquillité campagnarde pour aller faire un tour chez les citadins. Au poste de garde vous pourrez obtenir 2 nouvelles quêtes qui ne sont pas à proprement parler des quêtes journalières, mais des quêtes que vous pouvez refaire 22hr après l’avoir terminé (Donc ne reset pas  à minuit ^^). Cette fois il s’agira d’aller buter des moutons (Qui n’as jamais rêvé de se prendre pour un loup dans les bergeries pyrénéennes ?  ?) et de refiler 2 rondins de bois à un garde visiblement trop feignant pour aller les couper lui-même…ça tombe bien normalement vous en avez quelques-uns sur vous (en même à chaque fois que je passe, de jours comme de nuit qu’il pleuve ou qu’il vente, le mec il est là, debout, sans bouger, stoïque le bestiau…alors soit c’est un mannequin, soit il fait le coup du Coréen…m’enfin ça doit pas être facile le taf). Bref escaladez la palissade sur la droite ou vers l’ouest pour les relou, grimpez un peu et déchainez votre folie meurtrière sur…2 mouflons…ouais je sais, je sors…
    Bon…voilà une bonne chose de faite, so far vous avez fait le plus long et déjà récupéré pas mal de CP. Reprenez votre route vers le sud…et vous voilà bientôt dans la zone d’Heidel !
    Carte d’Heidel : Ouais je sais vous vous dîtes que je vous ai pris pour des nouilles et que vous n’êtes pas au bout de vos peines, y’a encore plus de points que sur la carte précédente et en plus elle est plus grande…d’abord ce n’est pas des points, ce sont des étoiles ! Mais c’est fini les récoltes, place maintenant aux quêtes que tout le monde adore dans les MMO de tous bords, les quêtes d’escorte !
    *Suite à un lynchage en règle, l’auteur a dû être remplacé en cours de route*
    Salut les amis, j’espère que vous allez bien…oups copyright ! Bon reprenons je…enfin « il » disait donc les quêtes d’escorte :
    Les quêtes d’escorte : Dans BDO c’est un peu différents, pas encore tout à fait au point, (on y reviendra) mais tellement rentable, elles sont au nombre de 7 et ne devrait pas vous prendre plus de 10 minutes à boucler !
    -Maum et Cie, les sales gosses : 3 petites gamines espiègles, inconsciente et un peu teubé en fait que vous devrez ramener à l’orphelinat du coin TOUS LES JOURS… d’abord Maum (pour moi c’est la chef…) 100 m à faire 20 secondes de course et hop 100 CP, qui dit mieux ? (Si si ça existe mais comme j’ai dit on y reviendra)…j’a pas vraiment besoin de vous faire un pavé, j’ai fait des zolies nimages pour expliquer tout ça !
             Toya est un peu tricky car contrairement aux autres elle se déplace légèrement en fonction de l’heure…bah oui en même temps elle court après des papillons…vous pourrez la trouver entre le croisement de la ferme en ruine Lynch (Cf. Screen) et la route nord du dit croisement (à savoir que la route « nord » bifurque vers l’ouest au bout de 50m, m’enfin z’allez pas chipoter, suffit de suivre la route quoi).
    Davis le postier : Plutôt un cadre de la sncf qui s’est reconvertie dans la livraison si vous voulez mon avis…toujours en retard vous aller devoir le conduire en haut d’une montagne.
    Lui aussi se ballade mais il se contente de faire des allers-retours sur la route qui longe le fleuve depuis le croisement de la ferme en ruine Lynch jusqu’à plus loin vers l’ouest Gnnnn c’est ou la montagne ??? Pour un chamois ça la fou mal. Cette quête peu bugger, je vous conseils donc d’être patient et d’utiliser l’auto-pathing pour aller en haut de la montagne et de ne pas faire de détours au risque de l’amener en haut sans pouvoir rendre la quête…balo hein ?!
    Ken smith : Avez-vous déjà rêvé de vous retrouver dans la peau d’un conseiller pôle emploi, de prendre un assisté par la main et de lui trouver un boulot ? Cette quête est faite pour vous ! Pour ceux qui veulent des CP quasi gratos aussi cela dit.
             Lui aussi a la bougeotte, vous le trouverez sur la rive SUD du fleuve Demi, depuis les environs du pont ouest à un peu plus loin vers l’ouest…c’est pas super précis enfin en même temps j’ai jamais galéré à le trouver ! Direction Coco Elda la petite ferme sans nœuds à l’est…
    Baum, le chiot des enfers : C’est là que ça se complique passablement, rendez-vous à la ferme Costa (Sud-ouest d’Heidel) et cherchez le taulier. Il vous dira d’amener BAUM THE PUP OF NIGHTMARISH HELL à la ferme Coco Elda…pour commencer trouver le clébard dans la ferme, si la plupart du temps il est sur la place principal (ex : la ou il y a le plus de monde) il peut aussi se trouver un peu n’importe où…
             J’en passe et des meilleurs, comme écris ci-dessus, une fois que vous lui avez parlé courrez pour votre vie, ne le laissez surtout pas vous ratt-----r sinon c’est la mort ! En effet le chien s’arrêtera sur place si il vous ratt----- et de ce fait une quête qui devrait durer 1 minute maxi peut prendre jusqu’à 10 minutes !
    Mais ce n'est que le debut, retourner donc voir le pere Costa et il vous enverra porter d'autres chiots de l'enfer à divers endroit!
    Eleanor Rigby : Elle chiale mais rien à voir avec son mariage, vous voudrez courir sans vous arrêter, arriver le plus vite possible et la rendre à sa famille, tu comprends vite pourquoi elle est seule malgré un gamin en bas âge !
    *Faute d’auteur, celui-ci ayant été piétiné par la gente féminine à coup de talons aiguilles………………………………………*
    *Faute de voix OFF, celle-ci ayant été etouffé de la plus belle manière qui soit…*
    *Faute de…ho et puis merde on a repris le premier auteur*
             Sans vouloir parler des quêtes d’escorte, il y en a une autre qui se prend à Glish et dont le PNJ peut se trouver à ce même croisement, mais elle est relou et fais perdre du temps donc je l’ai zappé ! Donc…
    Les quêtes d’endurance : une composante essentiel du jeu, la course à pieds, à cheval, en calèche, en âne…heu non ! Certaines quêtes peuvent vous rapportez de l’Exp. D’endurance. Il y en a 3, la première se fait en arrivant à Heidel juste après avoir ramassé le Lapin du petit déjeuné…comment ça je n’en ai pas parlé… ?! Bon ben heu, ça m’apprendras à faire un sommaire par catégorie quand je fais un cheminement ! Et puis je fais bien ce que je veux…
    *regarde par-dessus son épaule, inquiet*
             Je commencerai donc par la ferme Dernyl, ou la fin, car c’est à Glish que ça se passe, ou plus précisément sud-est de Glish…portez la brouettes jouez le jeu et tout iras bien !
             Ensuite ou avant mais ça c’est pour les habitués, à la ferme costa…attention Kelevra ou chien méchant si vous préférez !
             Et pour finir la forêt à l’entrée nord de Heidel, connu dans tout le royaume pour la qualité de ses renards, enfin de leurs peau quoi !
             Et voilà pour les quêtes d’endurance pas grand-chose à dire de plus passons maintenant aux quêtes diverses !
             La plus pourrie en premier, mais pratique pour recharger son énergie et récupérer des ingrédients de cuisine pratique pour les journa de cuisine de Velia…comment ça les journa de cuisine, ce n’est pas dans le sommaire ça ? Bah non je ne vais pas tout vous mâchez ! (indice Sandwich au jambon, j’aurais pu dire petit géranium, c’était pareil) Bref ! Prenez le sac montez à l’étage, fin.
    Bon avec tout ça, vous devriez bien avoir 2 CP de rab nan ? Fin !
    Retour à Heidel maintenant, donc soit au petit dèj. Soit à 4 heures ! C’est à vous de voir ! La normalement vous êtes a nouveau pleins d’énergie et près pour les 2 quêtes de récolte suivantes ou bien un peu de craft…
    Voilà pour ce petit guide, j’espère qu’il vous sera utile et vous plaira, n’hesitez pas à me laisser des commentaires, me signaler des oublis éventuels, à  savoir que je me suis concentré sur les journa autours de Velia et Heidel, et sur un parcours pas trop contraignant et rapide. Environ 3 à 4 CP/jours en 40 min.
    J’en profite pour rajouter que notre guilde recrute des membres FR mature sur Alustin ! Oui pas comme moi en gros, nous sommes une communauté d’environ 10 joueurs actifs et d’un Hyper actif…hum hum…nous prendront bien évidemment part au PvP late game mais pour le moment on avance tranquillou, on découvre, on s’amuse, on pêche, on se tape dessus entre nous, on kiff BDO quoi ! Et c’est pas parce qu’on prend notre temps qu’on est des Casu ! Alors si le cœur vous en dit, n’hesitez pas à me laisser un commentaire, ou à me PM directement ingame : « Sophitiia », notre guilde s’appelle ChildOfSin…la fourchette d’âge se situe entre 22 ans (putain de jeunot  et 56 ans…(Rooooo ces vieux… 
    Aucune obligation, pas de vocale hormis skype atm, soyez cool, fun, venez comme vous êtes…merde copyright ! Au choix McDo ou Kurt Cobain, ca dépends des références !
    Ah oui, j’allais oublier, ma petite préféré…j’ai pas mis de carré rouge !
    D’autres guides à suivre si cela vous a plus, comment faire un bon headstart, Nodes et worker, craft, cuisine and many more si j’ai la foi !
    -The End-
  24. Hello, my nickname is "SienNeS," I have a problem, he would play for the first time since the first beta, everything was fine when creating the character until after the first cinematic history, when the black spirit teaches you how to move and everything, because I do not come configured keys, can not move, can not do anything, nor can configure the keyboard or where to set it.
    Someone could help me thanks.
  25. Hey guys, another quick and dirty guide of about 5 minutes to making beer and using your workers.