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  1. Post on BDO Livestream in Off-Topic

    By HoolioCoolio, posted
    Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great day! Just wanted to let everyone know to check me out Twitch.tv/hooliocoolio for lots of BDO fun from leveling, lifeskilling and much more! I hope to get the chance to hang out with everyone and have fun! My stream schedule is on my twitch page!  
  2. Tout est dans le titre. Retrouvez des video sur Black Desert du type gameplay commenté, guides, conseils, réflexions, lore … Vous souhaitez aller encore plus loin dans le jeu ? Abonnez vous !
    La chaine Youtube
    Chaques semaines aussi des live 100% Black Desert qui sont à vivre sur ma chaine Twitch. Il y en a pour tout le monde généralement le Jeudi soir à partir de 21 heure.
    La Chaine Twitch
    Quelque exemple de mes productions :
  3. Heyo! My name is Goodvibesguy, and I'm doing a 24 hour charity live stream of Black Desert Online this Friday at 9pm PDT! I hope we as a community can come together and do something awesome! For this week, consider spending the monetary equivalent of a costume or a pet that you would buy in the game on a donation to people who need it much more than ourselves. I have a goal of $100, so every dollar counts!
    What charity are you raising money for?
    The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My dad runs triathlons with Team In Training who also raises money for LLS, so I thought I'd continue the family tradition by doing my own 24 hour marathon for the same charity!
    What will I be doing during the live stream?
    Grinding. I'll pop a Kalmisive Blessing for 24 hours, and grind away! Most likely at Crescent Shrine. I have over 300+ boss bundles saved up as well, and at the end of the stream with the Kalmisive still active, we'll open them all and all the Soiled Rings as well! Assuming I manage to survive to the end... There will also be dancing and other fun things going on throughout as well. 
    Even if you don't donate, your support would mean a lot and helps tremendously!
  4. DrunkenBDO Recruiting those who don't care about level 50+ We drink, we Discord and we play to have fun. We're global, friendly and we don't give a F**K about your AP/DP (we'll help you improve it though). We care more about having fun being active and... erm. having a drink. Msg SpaceKrackler today! Alienware (Dell) PC not required. Noobs
    The forums are not all toxic. some of us like the game
    Everyday I come to the forums and try to help, or answer questions with a positive mindset.
    The forums sadly are toxic and even this post I suspect trolls will come lol
    Many people love the game like us, I wanted to share this boss we did last night, no one got anything awesome but a good time was Had.
    May your guild or grinding mates have a great time as well.
    May the RNG be with you and if your a troll may he go on vacation.
    And to the staff, know some of us actually thanks you and appreciate your work.
    Thanks from Uno
  5. Post on Twitch BDO Streamen in Off-Topic

    By Daikota, posted
    ich bin derzeit dabei einfach nur so, meine Spiele zu streamen.
    Allerdings fällt mir das bei BDO schwer da ich meine Einstellungen nicht richtig hinbekomme damit es lagfrai und gut aussieht.
    Meine Setup
    i7 4970k
    8 GB Ram 2100 DIMM
    Nvidia GTX 970
    200 MB Leitung mit 10 MB Upload
    Bildschirm Auflösung 1680x1050
    Benutze OBS zum streamen
  6. Post on BDO Streamer in Off-Topic

    By Denecro, posted
    Hey Leute dachte mal fals noch mehr Streamen das wir unsere links hier rein schreiben um der Community zu zeigen wem sie alle zuschauen können
  7. Hey
    Da ich gerne Black Desert streame und neu bin gefällt es mir mit Leuten das Spiel kennen zu lernen
    Ich habe mir das Spiel vor ca 1 Woche gekauft und biete nun einen Gastkey als Verlosung an.
    Ab 10 Zuschauern würde ich gerne per Zufall jemanden gewinnen lassen.
    Ich hoffe das ist erlaubt  
  8. Hey dachte da ich in BDO eh viel zeit verbringe dann kann ich auch mal dieses Streamen auf Twitch versuchen und wollte hier ein wenig eigenwerbung machen.
    Ich werde nichts Spezielles machen, sondern einfach nur Zocken...
    habe mir das heute erst alles erlesen was man alles machen kann, und meuin Eq ist auch nicht so gut ^^ aber hey Vielleicht macht es mir ja spass
    Denke wenn man hier alle anfönger sammelt wird das auch ein schöner tread danke fürs reinschauen
  9. Hey fellas. I'm a lvl 55,21 (0,21 so important.. lol) sorceress from Jordine, currently in the best guild on the server (Futilez).

    I'd like to answer whatever question you have regarding the game - I know a damn lot about it, so if you got any questions, feel free to tune in and ask them in the chat.

    Don't know how to efficiently level up your life skills? general class questions? Ill answer em all  Ill even help u make money based on whatever skills you have. 
    Professional 9 processing.
    Professional 2 gathering.
    Skilled 9 alchemy.
    Professional fishing 1.

    Looking forward to see you guys there. Afaik I can answer any of the questions that are below this post, so I guess you can ask pretty much anything.

  10. Post on Twitch !! in General

    By nandayo92, posted
    Hi im korean
    nice to meet u
    Hello dear BDO Community, Ladies and Gentlemen, iam looking for an international Guild, in past i have played many MMO´s,
    my last is EVE Online which I have currently paused, here i have played in a mostly english speaking Cooperation (Guild).
    After more than 5 years, i would like to focus on another game.
    Best i would like to play in a guild where english and german language is dominating.
    I would love to find a funny group of focused people
    About me
    iam 32 years old, and i live in Germanyi play MMO´s since 2000i speak german, polish and english 
    I bring with me
    Level 35+ TamerTeamspeak, Skype and PidginTwitchchannel if you want and allow (https://www.twitch.tv/meowmonkeypow)I am able to integrate myself into groupsmotivation to play and the willing to learnablitiy to receive ordersShow up regulary buying pearls if neccessery  
  12. I have a problem
  13. Post on Streamer BDO in Off-Topic

    By Heldenburg, posted
    Hallo Leute mein Name ist Toni Janßen, Twitchname iChooseYa .
    Ich streame seit kurzer Zeit und versuche bisschen größer mit BDO rauszukommen und den Leuten BDO auch näher zu bringen.
    Es würde mich freuen wenn ihr mal raufkommt, zuguckt und evtl. einen Follow da lasst
    Vielen dank

    Derivation is a collection of people residing in Multiple realms of Gaming, wiping out the evils of Enemies and dominating in Continent versus Continent and more! Originally founded in the realm of Auroria, we've been around since the start of Cabal, and we plan to stick around for quite a bit longer.
    Derivation is a growing, friendly guild always looking for new active players who will represent us and be social with other guild members. We have our own Discord server,  where we chat and interact with each other, along with have guild meetings in. We accept low levels as well as high levels, and we constantly have members around to help others level, complete a dungeon, etc.
    We focus on friendliness, and definitely support each other and help one another whenever help is needed, whether it's getting your gear or just doing Trade runs and farm work.
    About Us :
    Derivation is a gaming community founded 5-7 years ago, and we have had multiple names for our guilds as each game usually has a different guild name. a lot of us have been playing together for a long time. We play tons of games! We are looking to pick up more players interested in a fun friendly and helpful guild/Community; Be it your favorite games are Moba, Fps ,or MMORPGS we have a group for you!
    Our Average age of players is in the age group of 20-25, we do have a couple members above the 40's and a couple members below the 20s so all ages are welcome to join us!
    What We are Looking For
    We are Looking for People who can speak English, and are generally from North America, if you are not from North America that is fine, just as long as you can communicate with us! also a sense of humor is highly suggested as a lot of joking around takes place in the community and not having a tough skin can be hurtful! Also we would like to recommend using our Voice Communication Service.
    Black desert guild requirements : 450+ Gearscore, and level 57+   
    anyone  inactive of 10+ days with out notice is removed.
    Voice Communication!we use Discord  you can join and Talk to us! *
    Anyone is welcome to use our Discord no matter if you join or not!
    Interested in joining? 
    if anyone sees or has any tips to help make this better feel free to let us know here  or  find me on twitch lol
  15. Hey Everybody,
      As the title states. Would I be able to do a giveaway on stream and not restrict it to just my server for item giveaways? Or is there anyway I can gift pearls to people viewing off server?
  16. Hey Everybody!

        I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Gortos and I've landed on Orwen! I've been playing since CBT2 and I'd like to share my adventures with you guys! Normally I'm a RPG/MMO streamer but I've been so sucked into BDO that I've just been streaming that constantly. 
    Streaming: Monday - Wednesday: 7pm EST Onward
        If you're looking to maybe learn something about the Beserker class, participate in some Pearl Shop Item Giveaways, or Just tagging along for the grind. I'm not going to sugar coat it, this is not a PG-13 stream. So, if your mom lets you watch I'll need a signed permission form here: http://www.twitch.tv/thegortos/profile

  17. Hey guys, 
    Since the game release, I've been liking this game everyday and honestly i'd like to give opportunity to those who couldn't get it and or can't afford it. So i'll be giving away 2 30$ Game as a giveaway on my stream that is currently going on right now.  So come by and check it out.
    Also, i'll be recruiting people into my guild in Orwen/Calpheon O1. See you in stream!
  18. Hello I'm oSnuggleBunnyo,
    a small time caster that is just looking to grow. If you are interested in joining me for this adventure, please feel free to stop by my Cast and be part of the Community. 
    Here is my Twitch: oSnuggleBunnyo  and my discord URLs https://discord.gg/0UH3FF0mlAdDkRrV if you feel like being part of a community
    Black Desert Information : 
    I main a  blader, which i currently just got to 50, and now have started a ninja who is level 34. now
    i've played BDO in Korea when it first launched Open Beta, i played a warrior to about level 40 , then switched to a Blader who i reached to level 50 in the game. this was prior to any kind of English patch being out. so the game play was purely quests/ story line leveling.
    What server do you play on?
    When do you stream?
  19. http://www.twitch.tv/malicesin
    I have no financial gain from the streamer. I'm just supporting a new BDO streamer. This is my money.
  20. www,twitch.tv/BadKidSensei
    Stop by and join the discussion!!! The Topic is Black Desert Online and Berserker Gameplay. 
  21. We've been doing a Q&A for anyone with questions about the game Come in and ask us anything! 
  22. We've been doing a Q&A for anyone with questions about the game  Come in and ask us anything! 
  23. Kurze Umfrage
  24. Kurze Umfrage
  25. Post on LegendaryHacks Stream in Warrior

    By NexG, posted
    Hey everyone,
    I'll be streaming my 1-50 for anyone who wants to watch tomorrow at 12:00am PST/ 8:00 UTC and doesn't have the Conquers pack. Just a for fun stream and if you have any questions, feel free to come and chat/ama.
    My stream: http://www.twitch.tv/legendaryhacks
    Meanwhile, if you need some help with Warriors, check out my YT channel @ http://www.youtube.com/c/legendaryhacksbdo and Kinto's @ https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatOneGameReview