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  1. One of the biggest draws of Black Desert as opposed to other MMO's is the world and the sense of grounding in that world.  By that I mean, most games simply shove you into a generic, lightly-themed area where you point and click at arbitrary mobs and that's the extent of your experience, but Black Desert actually feels like a naturally progressing landscape and the things you fight in it you actually fight .  This gives a much better feel to the game, but I feel it's completely overshadowed by the massive amounts of unnecessary or randomly locked UI elements that really throw it in your face that it's still an MMO and detract from the game's beauty.  It's not viable to play with the UI totally off because you miss simple things you might not have known you could interact with because the map would normally have the ? to tell you, or you can't see your cooldowns so you wind up flailing randomly, or you just plain take too much damage or can't manage your resources and get pummeled before you can do anything about it.  You also can't simply disable the elements of the UI that you don't need because half of them are locked in place, unscalable, unmovable and in general just in the way.
    I'd like to see two things done about this:
    1. Remove all limitations on what can and can't be hidden/scaled/moved in the UI editor, and remove the limits on how large or small I can scale things like my map or the chat boxes, because if I try to set the UI scaling slider to anything other than 100% the text becomes pixel-y and difficult to read.
    2. Add options so that rather than healthbars and skill buttons everywhere, I can have some kind of contextual indicator of damage like most FPS's would have, IE: some sort of effect creeping in around the edges of the screen as my health lowers (yes I know there are some in-game but they only show at incredibly low health where it's practically pointless) or symbols to represent my skills similar to the class symbols that become more or less opaque based on their cooldown state.  Let me assign potions to a hotkey but not have to have that hotkey sitting on my screen at all times, I can remember what button does what myself.
  2. Like the title says, I'd really like the option to hide player names only in towns but have the names show outside of town besides your guild and party of course. Going into options every time is a drag, thanks.
  3. I think it would be awesome if we could hide just our EXP percentage and the bar across the top of the screen while still keeping your Level Number, Skill Level Bar, Energy Bar, and your Contribution Points bar. I know you can hide ALL of it via the "Edit UI" function, but when i hide my energy i forget about it. I like hiding it because when you get to the higher numbers, sometimes its better not to see how slow it goes

  4. • Detailed description of the issue
    Issues related to resolution of 3840 x 2160:
    Adjust Interface Scaling has problems with this resolution. First, it will typically change to a minimum scaling of 140 which leads to interpolation and bluring along with a larger than necessary UI (if using a large monitor). Reducing the scale to 100% is not possible. However, there is a trick / work-around where I set the resolution down to 2560 and hit apply. This will then restore the Adjust Interface Scaling sliderto permit 100% (and lower) scaling. Adjust to 100% hit apply. Then, switch the resolution back to 3840 x 2160 and the scaling will be at 100% and look normal. Yet, Adjust Interface Scaling will incorrectly now report 140% scaling (minimum) despite being at 100%.
    This is all fine and I have lived with this process. Except that, anytime ANY setting is adjusted in the Settings section (even if its input / sound etc) then this entire process must be gone through again. AND, this always trashes the UI placement of UI elements. So, you must then go back to Adjust UI -> Reset, then start moving everything around again.
    Consequently, I have run into problems where Reset UI / Apply UI adjustments will revert things back to the 140% scaling ... However, this is not 100% reproducible. Despite the dialog reading 140% while actually displaying at 100%, it doesn't always revert to 140% (which is good for me as this is a repeat of the above steps--and it does happen occasionally).
    So, to adjust any game setting while using resolution will force the work-around process which subsequently trashes the UI element placement (because of Resolution switching), which then requires a realignment of all UI elements -- too bad you can't save a UI profile for placement.
    ISSUE #2
    Selling at the Trade Manager at this resolution eliminates the SELL ALL button. Sorry had a screen shot, but misplaced it. Along the Right edge where I sell my fish, on a lower resolution SELL ALL is displayed. At 3840 x 2160, the last fish displayed at the bottom is actually about 1/4 of the screen up from the bottom of the entire screen. Even if you have 50 fish, it does not list the fish down the entire right edge of the UI like lower resolutions. Perhaps this is related to why the SEE ALL button is not rendered? At any rate, this forces you to use the SELL button on each of 50 fish. Frustrating.
    EDIT: I just noticed when back in game the BARGAIN and (i think) the SEE ALL button are hidden behind the 1st fish displayed at the upper right. I can definitely see the bargain button behind the fish. I added a screenshot and red box around the area where the buttons show behind the fish item.
    • Reproducibility (e.g. Happens 2 out of 3 times)
    Reproducible always
    • Steps to reproduce the issue (steps 1,2,3…) 
    See above

    • Screenshots/Video (link to the screenshot)

    • DXDIAG (click here for an explanation of how to obtain the file)
    I had a 3xSLI system until today and switched to a 1080ti and that card behaves identically to the above issues.
    DXDIAG attached

  5. Not sure if this one is possible. I haven't found a way.
    I was setting up my UI for my ranger and making use of the seperating the quick slot feature (which is very cool and super useful). I set up 8 skills that I would like to watch the cooldown of. I know there is an option for this in the UI, but I would like to be able to only show certain ones since I have tunnel vision, so I'm setting it up like this instead. I'm sure I'm not the only person to use it for this either! The issue is that flow skills cannot be put on the bar. 
    Flow: Tempest is an awakening skill which can be used during wailing wind. It has a seperate cooldown and I can't put it on the skill bar since it can only be used in certain situations. It would be nice to be able to do this and just have the skill greyed out when it can't be used, or be unable to set a keybind to it. There are quite a few other skills as well such as Flow: Rushing Wind, Flow: Heavenly Knot, Flow: Piercing Wind and Flow: Dissilution.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention this but the buff/debuff bar can't be moved either? Would be nice to be able to seperate those too.
  6. Just a simple button to favourite/unfavourite channels, so they can be at top of the list all the time.
  7. Hello,
    positives first, so: Overall the UI is quite well customizable and can be made to look quite slick.
    Except for one point, which has constantly annoyed me: I don't need to know nor to be shown the information of what any of my 66 workers has gathered at any point in time. In a similar sense, I also don't need to be constantly shown, what loot my pets gathered.
    To further reduce the information overload, which this game's user interface tends to bombard us with, I hereby politely ask for an option in the settings menu to disable the display of the aforementioned information.
    Best regards,
  8. I don't know when the quest tracker was changed, as I was on hiatus during that time, but it's really lost a lot of functionality. With the old quest tracker I could easily organize my quests (by most recent or by distance) and they would actually sort properly, so I could keep up with quests easily, at a glance. 
    Now, despite changing the settings and organization of the tracker (via options) there is no effect on the order of the quests. There appears to be no logic to the order either, meaning I've now resorted to just opening my map to view quest markers, as the tracker is inefficient and generally useless unless the quest I need details on happens to be highlighted. If I sort ascending or descending, it still doesn't show the most recent quest on either end, nor will it show the nearest if I choose to sort that way (I obviously didn't try both as I couldn't even get a single filter to work..).
    - It does not effectively sort by "nearest" quests.
    - it does not effectively sort quests by "most recent"
    - I have to scroll through an unorganized mess to try to find the quest I'm working on, which is more time consuming than just opening the map and mousing over for details.
    Why was the tracker changed from something that worked well, to something that is inefficient and inconvenient? 
    It needs more work, in a major way. From a production standpoint, I would have never let that "feature" make it into the patch without some serious reworking (pretty sure my QA team wouldn't have either). 
  9. Most of the time I'm enjoying this game with Ctrl+U mode (removes all UI).
    The scenery of BDO is just too great!
    Can we have a little function ...
      1.Make a check box at ESC>Setting>Game>General
      2.The function is "Show a little HP bar when you are in Ctrl+U mode."
    It's a nice gaming experience grinding mobs with Ctrl+U mode.
    Players need to grind to level up at end-game.
    I've already know all skill CD and item keys since I've played this character for over 100 days.
    I really don't need UI except HP bar while grinding.
    Is there any player love Ctrl+U mode so much also here? ;D
  10. Apologies for the thread if there is an obvious solution that I've some how missed, but how on earth can I remove the flashing banner at the middle/top of the display?  
    You know the one I mean, right?  The one that continuously flashes market sales, enchant fails, hunted whales, pots and pails, etc.
    Please, there must be a way to get rid of this annoying feature because I'm damned if I can find the option in the settings or UI area.
  11. My guild had an incident recently where a player was enraged that a few of my perma-red guild mates stole this players rotation at sausans, and try as this player might, no amount of getting themself killed to my guild mates had any effect because, well... they are perma-red. Karma means nothing to them. So what this player ended up doing is creating a new guild with the name exactly the same as ours except for changing the "l" in our name to a capital "i". This player then proceeded to go to other channels and karma bomb strong guilds to get them to dec on us. We don't care if the world is decced on us, but we hate karma bombing with a passion, and this salty player imitated us in order to sully our guild name by making people think we are karma bombers.
    The main thread of the event can be found here.
    With that intro, I don't want this thread to be derailed with discussion on PKers, griefing, or whether karma bombing is a thing or not. That is not the topic here. There are plenty of threads that address this already.
    What I want to talk about is the game's FONT that easily enables imitation of guild and player names, something that is against the terms of service and naming policy.
    Discussion on Fonts
    From my understanding, the game uses Bitstream Vera for it's font. It is a sans-serif font that makes lower case "l" (L) and upper case "I" (i) indistinguishable. I will use my former dead guild as and example:
    TheBlackTidesTheBIackTidesCan you tell the difference? If you look closely, you can. The capital "i" is just a tad thicker in the forum's Arial font. In game, they are the same thickness, but the lower case "l" is a tad taller, like this:
    lIlIlIlI (in-game)IlIlIlIlIl (forum comparison)The Problem
    In game, it is possible to tell the difference when both the "i" and "l" are next to each other, but when on their own, no comparison is possible. While playing the game, especially in combat where people are moving around quickly, you don't have time to tell which letter it is, so you dec on the quickest assumption. This leads to the ability of people to mimic the names of guilds and players, and if they so choose, ruin the reputation of the legitimate name holders.
    My Suggestions
    Change the font used in game to one that has a difference between lower case "l" and capital "i". Sans Serif fonts are nice because the space text takes is minimized, but there are variations that keep this minimization and still make those two letter distinguishable.
     Enable support for 2 or 3 or more fonts, including at lease one Serif font, so that players can make the choice of which font to use. This is the best option, so that those who make use of the "l" and "i" similarities as part of their name (such as a certain top guild) are still able to, but those who need to distinguish between them for decs or otherwise still can.Example Fonts that work:
    Tahoma: IlIlIlIlVerdana: IlIlIlIl
  12. I've been looking and looking and it doesn't seem movable. I'm not sure why we can move 95% of our UI but not this one bar? The screen is already packed full of info, would be nice to get this out of our face as we don't need to constantly see it. Am I missing something??
  13. Now the black spirit rework has happened constantly seeing 10+ pages of quests on the black spirit pop up screen and only displays 5 at a time.... please change the UI for the to display the full list of available quests!!
  14. Hi, I'm having problems with the game, sometimes the interface gets corrupted and in others it's all the game (some textures become pink or the image start to flicker in black when I summon the black spirit).
    I have reinstalled the drivers, reset the settings and checked if any files were corrupt, but it still happens.
    Sorry for the bad english

  15. I am 52 lvl and i was wondering if it is worth getting a Kzarka weapon or better to keep my staff and get awakened orbs? I am not a member of any guild if it is matters.
    I don't find any fresh info about gear for Wizard with latest updates, Maybe it is way too late for me and going straight on awakening weapon is better? As I read it is an orb now with summoning abilities and water/fire elements.

    The problem that I cannot catch Kzarka boss, looking at this site I check the spawn time, I sit on the spot and since Kzarka boss is spawned on all channels I have to at least see him once, but nope... Looking Internet about Kzarka spawn already 1 week, sitting afk on spot in Serendia shrine and being check if I am bot by random people is sure very amusing. Support is way too busy to answer my request as well. I met a girl there who saw an announcement and came on spot but there were nobody, so is the answer from GM still actual?
    As I read people call him the boss for unemployed people cause he spawns near 4 o'clock, maybe I just need to wait more? Or night vendor is my only choice now? Or skip it and get a super ultra awakened orb that I have no idea about?
    By the way, in order to see announcement about boss spawn, how do I switch off all these annoying pop-up ads about marketing? I switched off them in chat but I cannot find the option for the screen. 
    Let's skip the part about my noob questions and noob staff  just advice me, I have returned in the game after 6 months pause.
  16. It'd be VERY handy if the Skillbar/UI would save the skills in slot depending on your NormalWeapon-Awakening. Like when I push C, all the skills in my skillsbar would switch to the ones I've put in while I was in the Awakening state, Then push C again, and the skillbar goes back to your UnAwakening skills that you slotted. 

    The option could be a box that you check/uncheck in the option menu IE: Awakening/Unawakening Autoswitch Skillbar 

    I am currently playing an Awakened Ninja and I've found myself to be really confused because of the amout of InSlot skills that can't be comboed in my normal state, this forces me to have my skillbar pretty much full and I don't have the option to put in any Awakened skills in since its full. So the Awakening/Unawakening system would be pretty cool I think!
  17. Hello BDO Team,
    I wish you guys would add an option so I can turn off the UI, but keep my HP bar active so that I can fight in a beautiful game and not worry about being killed with low HP in difficult areas.
  18. hi, i just started to play this game . is there any way that i can set ui in way that all the important things like inventory , world map etc i can access just by mouse clicking on their respective icons on screen( like we can do in gw2 or other mmo) or do i have to use hotkeys like I,M etc everytime when i need to access those?
  19. I think there should be an option to say "never show me this again" like a checkbox or something as right now for alt characters or players who know what is after lvl 50 but do not actively lvl but rather just do life skills and whatnot this box is very annoying to see pop up all the time. 
  20. Please, Please, Please
    Let us turn off more UI elements.
    With the latest patch, there is now the "Reward" UI button to the bottom right. You can not disable it, and accepting the reward involves making an alt and getting it to level 15, and you have to turn it off every single day. 
    It wouldn't have been such a big problem if you could actually disable that part of the UI in the UI settings. 

  21. This Reward button is now stuck on my screen, and the only way of getting rid of it is for me to make a new character, level said character to level 15, then log onto that character EVERY SINGLE DAY to accept the reward. I can not imagine this being intentional.
    I hope this wasn't intentional.

    This should not happen.
  22. The Residence UI element that contain the Workers, Farms, Residences, Maids and pet buttons will reset on every login or channel switch.
    If you move it anywhere else on the screen, it will move back to its original top left position once you relog or change channels.

    I have heard from some people that this will only happen if you use custom keybindings.

    Clearing documents cache, or the game folder cache will not help at all. It will still reset every time. No other UI element reset. 
  23. Post on Timestamps in Suggestions

    By Aintbegone, posted
    Why aren't timestamps already a thing?

    Just one way to make these work, the different chat types are already colour coded,
    so adding a bracket which tells the player again isn't really necessary.
  24. Hallo,
    wenn ich bei Kzarka bin, dann blinkt der immer so furchtbar wild blau, wie kann ich das ausschalten?
  25. I would like to see a UI that can support the use of multiple monitors. For example, the game running on the primary monitor with a main chat screen, hotbars, and the basic info while I can place my mini-map, multiple chat windows, menus, etc on a second monitor. This would allow for greater communications capabilities due to dedicated chats. Not to mention an ability to open a map in another screen and have it up for logistics.
    It would be a niche that no other game that I am aware of has.