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  1. Ok kakao it would be good if the min and max prices of the market stay the same for a while, some like top predict what the market is soon going to be at, and with the constant up and downs my way of making money is useless, please don't treat the NA market as if it was the EU or KR ones.
  2. Post on Steal Kill in General

    By SweetChilli, posted
    Hey everyone! Just need some opinions. I'm not entirely sure how it works but you can actually steal kill other player's mob and obtain its loot. Is everyone ok with this? I can't seem to find any mention of this in the forum.
  3. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  4. I don't understand, this game is not free to play, why there are items like this in the shop:

    "Reset Skill Items" by the name of Partial Combat Skill Reset, All Combat Skill Reset and Awakened Skill Reset
    Suggestion: Remove it and add a "Skill Page System" instead where we can purchase extra pages in Cash Shop. Allowing us to switch skill trees on the fly for any occasion be it PvE or PvP for example.
    "Avatar Costumes" with status all of them.
    Suggestion: Remove the Status and adjust the price accordly. Like deduct 10€ from all purchases, since sets cost between 20€ to 30€ with an extra weapon skin.

     I though by buying the game we would not need such things has this 2 in the Cash Shop. I'm sure that anyone that strives for balance and sportsmanship agrees that we don't need this 2 types of items in the game.

    This two items comprise heavily this game in not making it to the eSports or making all players on equal ground, I think, correct me if I'm wrong.

    PS: Prices and Numbers can and should be adjusted according to how Dev's see fit, I'm not implying anything.
  5. Post on More Glasses for Ninja? in Ninja

    By Kenekii, posted
    So, I noticed that for some reason every other class has 4 or 5 glasses options, but for some reason Ninja only gets one? This isn't game breaking or anything, obviously, but does leave me somewhat wondering. 
    I mean...Why? Kunoichi has all the glasses option, and they were released at the same time, so that leaves me a bit confused... 
  6. I'm just going to say this now, an alliance built during the middle of combat is one thing 
    But stuff like Brotherhood On Na Uno server are something else.
    For those of you that are unaware - on Na Uno server press escape and go to guild rankings - There are a slew of guilds with a B on their guild emblem - these guilds are part of the brotherhood alliance. 
    Whats wrong about alliances? When done correctly, nothing at all. But heres where these alliances are going wrong. 
    Imagine you, a guild with 30 members - This other brotherhood guild has 30 members as well. 
    You both want the same node, in the field you'd be even. Two forts placed - one guild wins. 
    But what the brotherhood does is they have 3 of their guilds, So that guild that wanted the node , + two other guilds place forts. The two guilds team up with the third and kill that one little 30 member force as a flat say 90? Then they let their alliance friend kill their forts and have the zone with no stress or struggle. For free. 
    @ Cm_Jouska 
    It's unfair, it's not supported by the game itself and there should really be a way to counter it or condemn these actions. Or a supporting system that allows alliances to fight for lv.3 or above only Idk, what you could do - but its unfair for the enemies who want to earn their own. 
  7. It strikes me as grossly unfair that the person who is killed by another player is penalized XP, and possibly Money in the form of broken crystals
    These are just a few reasons that it should be changed or modified
    1) the penalty of losing your grinding spot by being killed already is strong enough without losing XP and possibly crystals
    2) Players whose sole reason for playing the game is to annoy others get the added bonus of causing normal players to lose money and leveling time
    3) If this effect happens during node wars etc there will be a large number of players who will not turn up because they can't afford to lose the XP
    4) Karma loss is obviously not a sufficient method of controlling peoples urge to kill random players as I've personally seen quite a few red name players camping main roads just killing people as they go by.
    Now possible Fixes/alterations
    1) Remove the XP loss and crystal break chance by death in PVP
    2) Penalize PK'ers by freezing their XP gain for a length of time (possibly 5 minutes depending on how low their Karma is)
    3) Anyone with negative Karma can't gain XP 
    4) Remove the automatic dismount if attacked while riding a mount
    At the minimum number 1 needs to be implemented immediately the rest are just suggestions and could help make the game a better place to play within 
  8. Hallo an alle,
    also ich war bisher nur wegen der Updates im Forum und habe deshalb keinen Account gehabt, falls sich jetzt ein Forumnutzer wegen der fehlenden Beiträge von mir aufregen will.
    Das Spiel ist mit seinen Elementen bisher ein wunderschönes Spiel. Der fehlende Handel beschränkte mich von Anfang an und ich habe mich damit abgefunden. Kaufe ich eben alles aus dem Markt.
    Dann gibt es aber die noch fauleren SPieler, die zu faul zum Spielen sind und am liebsten 24/7 afk angeln, reiten, hin- und herlaufen.... am besten grindet ihr gleich noch afk. Wäre doch toll, oder? Warum werden die Funktionen anstatt heruntergefahren immer weiter ausgebaut und "verbessert". Warum baut man die Funktionen nicht langsam mal ab und lsst die Spieler selber spielen?
    Dann der Shop - klar nicht das P2W wie man es aus billigen F2P-Games kennt, aber trotzdem P2W. Reitkostüm um das afk reiten noch zu beschleunigen. Unterwäsche und Schmuck mit Glück. Rüstungen mit EXP-Boni und auch gleich noch Freundschaftsbonus. Die Begleiter sind sowieso nur über den Shop zu erhalten. Ja es gibt jetzt eins vom Event, aber sonst NUR!! über den Shop. Damit die faulenSpieler auch noch weniger aufheben müssen. P2W eben.
  9. Post on RIP Pet in General

    By PapaStriker, posted
    Hello today I want to share with you fellow BDO players a flawed game mechanic regarding pets, I have bought a total of 3 pets! 3 hawks to be precise, I have as well received +1 pet from the conquerors package making the total amount of pets I own 4.

    The reason I bought these pets were to see what are the results when you breed them. I fused 4 tier 1 level 10 pets and got 2 tier 3 pets and was satisfied by this result.
    Being the curious person I am I wanted to fuse my 2 tier 3 pets but first i had to get them to level 10, after 3 days of feeding these pets I succeeded in having 2 tier 3 lvl 10 pets.

    Now here comes the mind boggling game mechanic. I attempt to fuse these high tier pets and the result is a tier 3 lvl 1 pet (even the model did not change) so I essentially lost 2 pets and
    ingame time/resource for absolutely no gain.

    Before attempting this breeding I did a search if there was higher tier level than 3 for pets, but found nothing. So I just went for it. How can this be possible that it is allowed to fuse them even tho a higher tier is not available?. 22€ and time lost.. and my I miss BoB now
  10. Why does it no longer cost a guild $$$ each hour to war dec when its not returned?
    this is causing the biggest guild to be able to just bully everyone with no cost on them and only hurt those who cant do anything but change channels and hope they don't follow.
  11. Yo sometimew when playing the Amity Minigame with some Npc's you get tasks that are not realistic to be done ... for example you have npcs all with over 50% chance to succeed and ayou need to fail to spark the npc's interest 5 times ... HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE POSSIBLE ?! 
    Certain tasks should not appear on certain npc's

  12. Post on Report Button Ingame in Suggestions

    By Feylon, posted
    Hi there,
    well i kinda walk by severall Boters or Macro Users and just ignored them the first few times cause i was to lazy to write something in the Forum. I think a Report Button ingame would make this much easier. Well i dont know if this is the right Forum or not. Just wanted to improve the Game for People who actually play this Game themself.
    See You.
  13. Hello,
    When RMT spam is coming up in chat, there is a problem. I know the dev's and CM's etc cannot have enough time especially at launch to deal with these.
    I suggest promoting several players on the server that can issue temporary chat bans up to 1 week and giving them a special title. For the ban to go through the system would either require a Screenshot of the offense and take an instant snapshot  of the chat window that displays channel/world and submitting it to the gm's. This way once a week they can review quickly and make the bans and in the meantime they have to buy another account or get a pass to play.
    This leads me to another point in which passes(players who have not purchased the game but are on pass) should not be allowed to talk in world chat/general/channel.
    These fixes are simple direct and will fully address the situation.
    I could go on but its up to you to make a flowchart that makes the coding easy and it can be adapted over time because as the RMT's starve, they will Evolve.
    Spending 30 energy to report one of these guys right now is a lot and it halts character progression for players using professions. Not to mention the same guys is spamming the channel 5-10 for the next hour and the player is like why waste my 30 energy.
    I do not want the Words "power Level" banned from chat as a GM I will be doing this and may advertise it from time to time.
    I will personally volunteer as an experimental chat banner if it is something you are interested in. You have all the info to contact me and can feel free to do so.
    ---Ninjerd @‌ Edan 
  14. Guten Tag meine Mitspieler und Support von BDO!
    Ich habe die Quest vom Schwarzgeist erhalten, in der ich Org töten musste. Ich habe ihn also beschworen und es sofort bereut. Ich als Magier halte jdenfalls nicht viel aus und weiß, dass diese beschworenen Kreaturen sehr anspruchsvoll sind. Also sehr viel ausweichen ist angesagt. Habe auch all seinen Feuerangriffen sehr gut ausweichen können. BLOS Werde ich von Angriffen getroffen, wo keine sind. bin 6 mal gestorben. Zur Erörterung. Er zaubert viele Flammenkreise, die natürlich sehr schmerzhaft sind. Natürlich werde ich auch einmal getroffen. Doch wenn ich sichtlich 5 Meter von dem Äußeren Rand stehe, dann glaube ich wohlkaum, dass mich dieser noch treffen sollte. Ich wurde auch öfter getroffen, wenn er gerade seine normalen Feuerbälle wirkt (also noch nicht einmal abschießt). Ich habe es <ohne> ausweichen dann doch knapp geschafft. Einfach nur ein zwei angriffe und GAAAAANZ VIELE TRÄNKE, dann LAUFEN WAS DAS ZEUG HÄLT. und zwar an seiner seite vorbei bis man hinter ihm steht. dann wiederholen. Es kann nicht sein, dass man ausweicht (auch 2-3 Mal hintereinander umd Platz zu gewinnen) und dann doch von etwas getroffen wird, was nicht mal ansatzweise einen treffen sollte UND von angriffen getroffen zu werden, welche noch nicht mal abgeschossen wurden. Mann kann geradezu sagen: Ich laufe um den herum und werde von Unsichtbarren Angriffen erfasst. Ich bin nicht zufrieden mit dem Kampf. So wie ich am Ende knapp gewonnen habe, fühlte es sich nich wie ein Sieg an, sondern eher wie Ritt auf stürmischer See mit einem Schuhkarton als Boot.
    Habt ihr auch solche eine Situation gehabt? Ich habe zwar gewonnen, doch will ich mehr darüber erfahren und für andere diesen Kampf sogar überarbeitet sehen. Das war einfach nicht Benutzerfreundlich.
    Schöne Grüße, Rakwel Greifenschwinge, Magierin von Alustin
  15. I thought I was promised headstart or at least access on the 1st 8 UTC, even took off days from work in order to play and have some fun.
    Apparently deceptive marketing is part of this publishers agenda and likes to screw over everyone that purchases their products, without even warning them that they won't be entitled to play on the 1st/2nd if they purchase these packages.
    You actually have to look at the statement where it says PRE ORDER ONLY gets HEADSTART.
    If they wanted to help us out they should have put a warning on the purchase page, AKA " PLEASE NOTE THE PURCHASE OF THIS GAME PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCESS TO PLAY TIME ON THE 1st/2nd OF MARCH".
    I want my money back, I don't think i'll be playing or supporting this game.
    No way im waiting till the 3rd when it clearly said I was going to play on the 1st of march
  16. So the headstart for Conqueror's package is 72 hours.
    Headstart for Explorers is 48
    And headstart for Travelers is 24.
    Dates listed as
    28 Feb - Conqueror
    1 Mar - Explorer
    2-Mar - Traveler.
    That means the conquerors get 96 hours.
    This is leap year, 29 days in Feb.
    Fix this bull, NOW.
  17. So as far as I know, I can confirm that from the 17th of February until launch date the pre-orders for the packages have been bugged with the payment failure and internal error glitches. This problem was in no way on our end. It was even stated that due to high demand the pre-order page had a down time. I've been trying to purchase this conqueror package since the 17th of February and have been only receiving this error messages. I have posted numerous tickets and posts on the forums about this problem to see if I can get any information and apparently I wasn't the only one. People have been waiting days for replies on their tickets and finally when they did get a reply it only said ( sorry we are trying to fix it ).We all patiently waited and hoped for this "fix" to arrive before the launch date only to have our hope crushed by not receiving any information on the situation until the launch date by just removing the option to pre-order. No where have they even mentioned about this payment problem that they were experiencing... No warning or anything about this matter, we were just left in the dark.I feel confident by saying that I am speaking for more than just myself by making this post, and that there are countless of other customers that have not been given justice. I am aware that on the 26th of February the pre-orders have been re-opened until 10 a clock on the same day... which is less than 24 hours... barely giving a chance to anyone who was mistreated to purchase a package. I myself wasn't even home for that entire duration. You know because I have... a job ... Like almost everyone else. This was completely outrageous and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who was sadden by this. Not only have we already lost our 96 hours head start but we also lost the chance for the name reservation, even with those losses we are still willing to purchase the package for its other perks at its original price  (at least I know I am). Today I am not making this post to ask for a re-open to the pre-orders... I am demanding it! Its not that hard anyway, we aren't asking for a compensation reward or anything. We just simply want a fair chance to purchase what we deserve,want and tried to purchase weeks before the launch date. So please re-open the availability to purchase the pre-order packages for a full week-end or maybe even a full week, and please post it on the main site or on these forums and not just on a twitter post.
    Thank you for reading, Please support this post to keep it alive by posting a comment or even sharing it.
  18. While playing CBT2 on the Orwen server, I encountered a ton of jerks being racist and otherwise terrible people.  When attempting to "request chat ban" on one of those players, I noticed that I lost 30 energy once it had been submitted.  So basically I received way more of a penalty for attempting to report abusive behavior than that player received for being a racist piece of garbage.  I was trying to make the beta a more welcoming and pleasant experience while that person was trying to make the beta filled with their useless hate-filled nonsense.
    See the problem here?
    Proposed solution: Prevent people from spamming chat by either increasing the energy cost or by imposing restrictions as some games have (cannot post more frequently than once every 30 seconds) and remove the energy cost of requesting a chat ban.  Also I would love it if we could have the ability to report people for different things, by having a side-ways or drop-down menu allowing you to select either chat spam, abusive language, or inappropriate name.  
    Reporting these things leads to an improvement of the community and the realization that things you say are being seen by other people and that there are consequences for your actions (or, in this case, words).   It makes the game a much more pleasant environment to play in and gives us the opportunity to do what we came here to do: relax and have fun.  It also makes your job easier, because you won't have to monitor chat as much on your own, as we'll have the ability to better regulate our own communities.
  19. So who came up with the pre-order pricing?
    I'm fully aware that everybody, especially people that work for an online gaming community, know that currencies have different value based on economy? 


    Please tell me this is a bug.
    If it isn't then is this not price discrimination based on nationality?
    I'm not going to pretend to know the first thing about law but a few google searches says this is actually illegal?
    As a British customer if i paid in my own currency (£) I would be paying 1.5 times the amount this is worth...
    So down to the big question
    Am I able to legally pay for this in the US currency using a VPN without incurring extra taxes? At the moment this seems like the only option for me. 

    72.18 - 66.04 = 6.14

    Essentially 1/10th difference for me including (VAT).