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  1. Grey Wolves is a very pvp focused guild lots of hardcore players. Would like to get as big so that we can take territorys. PM XAlucardX or Brunikk for details.
  2. <Antagonistic> Previously named <BloodyOath> until my guild <Aggro> merged into them and took lead.
    Requirements :
    - lvl 50+
    - 350+ GS
    - Active
    - Show for PVP/Node Wars
    - Discord (No mic required)
    Currently 50+ members all over lvl 55 with around 400 GS with mainly Aussie and NZ members but anyone is welcome. Our focus as a guild is to take higher level nodes and possibly for regions as well later on and ofc have fun along the way.
    142 guild points as of right now. Players do not have to be skilled in PVP or have a lot of experience with BDO as long as you are down to actually do node wars. We can help you with the class you play and in PVP as well as gearing up and making silver.
    Like the guild intro picture shows.. we do scrolls daily, same with guild quests. Guild bosses every now and then and Node Wars every week. We also have Boss Times.

    If you are interested then just send any of the people in the contacts a message.
  3. Post on <Oblivion> in US Guild

    By Gregorovich, posted
    Hello all, 
    If you are looking for a laid back place to hang out and do whatever think about <Oblivion> PvWhatever you want.
    Server Uno
    Mykew Gregorovich.

  4. Guild Master: Reiver Co-Master: Daiyana Officers: Kuro_Kazi, Kang_Seulgi, NinjaDust, Reinia, Gummiho
    What is <Parallel>?
    || Parallel || is a progressive, small close-knit PvX guild, looking to expand. We are looking to recruit people who strive to rise up in the game at a decent pace in order to take place in the various activities BDO has to offer. We are a guild of mostly college-aged guys and gals simply trying to have some fun. Our ultimate goal is to build up a stable player-base and actively participate in node wars.
    What is our history?
    Though <Parallel> is new in its name, we are definitely not fresh to this game. We were originally branded under the guild name of <FruitSnack>, which has been running since March 1st, 2016. However, our old GM eventually decided to make his leave from the game, taking the name and leaving the assets to remaining members of the guild. Now we are starting fresh under a new name, leadership, and less casual guild direction. Our new GM and officers are members who’ve stuck with us through most of <FruitSnack>’s duration, and therefore come with a lot of experience.
    What is “progressive PvX”?
    Progressive PvX simply means we want our players to make progress in their growth in the game. We want to see you leveling, gearing up, and honing your skills. The pace in which you grow does not matter to us, just as long as you’re trying. We are willing to help you with every step of the way! Our members are incredibly helpful to anyone looking for advice.
    *If you aren’t looking to progress and resort to life-skilling all day everyday, unfortunately, this guild is not for you.
    What do we offer?
    -Node wars
    -PvP practice
    -Discord (highly recommended, only required for node wars)
    -Daily guild missions
    -Boss timers
    -Scroll groups
    -Grind groups
    -Friendship that you may or may not ask for
    -Non-toxic environment (toxic players will be dealt with accordingly)
    What are the requirements?
    We’re simply looking for motivated players! Due to the size of our guild, we currently do not have any set AP/DP or level requirements, though the higher the better. As long as you’re willing to improve yourself, we’d be happy to have you join us. Our ultimate goal is to be able to have most of our players join us for node wars, since we do actively participate in them, so that is why we are really looking to recruit anyone who is looking toward a future partaking in high level end-game activities.
    What are the rules?
    -No toxic players allowed; if you pose as a problem to any of our members, you will receive 1 warning and if it is not adjusted, you will be kicked
    -7 days of inactivity without notice will result in being kicked
    -You may flag and engage in PvP if a player attacks you
    -You may flag and engage in PvP if someone griefs you
    -Discord is required for wars; you do not have to speak, just listen
    Who do I contact?
    If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to send me a message in the forums, respond to this thread, or whisper our GM or any of our officers in game. Whichever method is preferred to you!
    Also, please do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any. You may message me directly or respond to this thread with any questions you can think of bringing up. I am very active both in BDO and on the forums, so I will get back to you ASAP!
  5. Who are we: A couple of noobs looking for other noobs to join with us.
    What we are looking for: All levels of players, new and old.
    What are our goals: Someday take a node, for now build guild funds and offer buffs to players.
    Requirements: None other than being willing to sometimes help with a mission or two.
    What we have to offer: Basically nothing, but we will poll in the guild for what buffs we pick as we go along. We also want to help assist other new players as gear up for world bosses and node wars.
    Timezone: We play primarily PST, but we are generally on all day long anyway.
    We are looking into discord and such but for right now we have no requirements of that sort, and VOIP will always be optional.
    If interested find me in game or respond here.
  6. Ravenholm , We don't talk about it!  (Obligatory Half life 2 reference)
    Small scale pvp guild in development. We do Node wars and we pay big!  Base contract 1 million..
    No zerg mentality here, teamwork, skill and socialization are where it's at in Ravenholm. Casuals and new players welcome.
    Have dreams of being a mercenary and get PAID!  or just getting paid for participating in guild events then we are for you.
    Xerise on UNO
  7. Canadian male, age 30 - looking for an intelligent and mature bunch to play with.

    The story:
    Came into this game solo a couple weeks ago: Currently a straggler in Heidel but looking to commit to a good guild. I totally fell in love with this game and now planning to keep up a blog at http://phamtastic.info (under construction.)

    Got 50 last night - Ninja - 85ap 110dp - I'm a fast learner and will be aiming for a PvP worthy status.

    I'm still in the learning phase here, so don't expect me to carry any weight. I do come from the pioneer MMO days though (Lineage 1) so I'm not a total noobcake in terms of this style of game.

    Server: Uno
    IGN: Phamtastic
    Give me a shout if you think I might be a good fit in your group, thanks! <3
  8. I'm fairly new to the game, and was slightly interested in RP....but there doesnt seem to actually be any RP??
  9. Post on WTB T8 Horse in PVE

    By remilafo, posted
    WTB T8 Horse with battle ready skills. Will to pay upwards of 200 million on UNO server.
    Contact me please, we make deal.

  10. FrontierGuild.com
    Super chill • Progressive & Open-Minded • Solid PVP
    Our greatest strength is our friendship.
    ↣ WHAT WE DO ↣
    Our main focus is having a fun time no matter what.
    We love to fight competitively, but we don't trash talk, fling salt or hold grudges. We try to turn all of our enemies into friends! And we've successfully taken multiple Rank 2 nodes.
    PVP isn't all we do--we hold awesome guild events like mountain climbing and wagon races; we help each other grow stronger with scroll groups and grind parties;
    we hunt down whales; we explore the highest mountains and the deepest, darkest caves. If it exists in the game, we want to try it out!

    Outside of the game, we're extremely open-minded & LGBT+ friendly, and welcome people of all backgrounds, identities and sexualities.
    We don't tolerate bigoted language.
    We're understanding about real life obligations.
    We jam out to music together on Discord.
    We're not just a BDO guild--we're a group of friends that spans multiple states, countries and continents, and the relationships we've built here will surely outlast this game.

    Above all else, be a good person. You'll fit right in. We care more about your personality than your gearscore.
    Check out our website to apply and to see some videos & pictures of our adventures!
    Feel free to shoot a whisper in-game to our Commander Cenza or Lt. Commander Golgomath.

  11. I'm looking for a roleplay partner for preferably long term role play, and unfortunately I picked Uno as my home server. Suffering the loss of a rp community, hehe. Reply here or follow this: my ingame family name is Drawnable, name's Aliciwolfie, drop me a pm when I'm up (right now @posting time) and we can discuss terms and such for hopefully a long lasting roleplay ^^

    Here's an image of my character! 

  12. <The_Innocents>, a small PVE guild, invites you to join us! We're expanding & looking for players of any level, experience, gear score. This friendly guild of mature gamers understands that life comes first. Playtime & style are completely up to you. We love exploring what Black Desert has to offer; after all, it's about the journey, not the destination. If this sounds like a good fit for you, pm Guild Recruitment Officer Annableu. Thank you for your time. <The_Innocents> NA, Balenos, U2
  13. Hi,
    New to the game (about 3 days in) and I'm looking for a guild. Sorry to be picky, but....
    +UNO server
    +Willing to take someone new and low level (Ranger, lvl17)
    +Looking for a Casual guild, PVE mainly, craftying/....
    +Needs to be a large guild 50+ members.
    I played in a small guild in EQ2, and it was always tough to do things with guild mates. This time, looking for a large guild, larger the better. Thanks!
  14. As the title suggests, I'm interested in finding a casual guild (on Uno) that primarily focuses on trading/crafting. I'm interested in a light amount of pvp, but I'm only level 40 and my playtime is sporadic, so I can't reliably commit to a node war every week. While only level 40, my trade skill is Skilled 10 and my cooking is Skilled 5. I like to run trade routes while writing/watching shows. If I'm doing it anyway, I feel like it would be beneficial to do it for a guild. I've looked around the forums to find a guild myself, but it's hard to tell which guild's are active/still recruiting. I thought I would throw this up first and see what happens.
    Character Name: Arilian
    Family Name: Griffensbane
  15. Looking for a laid back guild that likes PvE and PvP on the UNO server.
    Been playing Black Desert since the first two beta waves plus the 96hour early release. My main is a level 54 warrior . I have +5 Grunil armor(all blue and full set), +8 Vangertz shield(blue), all jewelry are blue with dp/ap stats, and Ultimate Yuria longsword +15. I do have a Sorc, Ninja, and Samurai as side characters. My main focus on the game so far has been gearing up and leveling up on my Warrior. I am decent at PvP but still could use more practice.
    I am in a guild already, waiting for my contract to end which probably be in 14 or less days.
    Since I am in college it is hard to stay on for very long on certain months (different schedule every month).
    I do have Discord and Skype.
  16. So I learned the value of running more than normal Guild Missions this week, we got a Guild House with 3.4million daily rent wow so been pushing missions. Since monday alone, I have made 61 Million so far. I did not get a chance to cash out the trash look of ruthams and manshas last night but based on the week so far say another 15-25 million.
    Yes 4 pets, and party is on Marketplace, so if you are ever farming and someone says doing a quild mission do you want party "take it
    as i have been sharing this all week.
    Bought a centaur belt this am 12 million off blackmarket seller.
    anyhow thats my week, please if you have learned or experienced something cool to share this week please do
    Thanks from Uno-NA 

  17. As an older Gamer who has played everything from Paid to Private servers, I see change all the time, I see free to cash shop, or donation shops on free private servers.
    Things cost money, on a daily basis we all experience it, from that morning coffee to lunch. We buy gas for our cars, which was built in a factory and sold by a sales man.
    The game was paid for and yes they made some nice coin, but that 1x payment will not last forever. I paid my rent 4 days ago and have to pay it again in 27 days. Life cost money.
    The game is hosted and designed by people, people who get paid to work there, in a building where they pay rent, as well travel fees to usa from overseas.
    Since joining I have heard so many rants of things for change or change without asking.
    I also see 1000's of -10 posts ranting they paid 100 1000 or more into the game who cares, I paid to win i have 3 t3 pets. and costumes, shit changes people.
    Many new accounts who say 100 Days wasted I quit blah blah blah, ok?
    you are not the only person online more will come.
    People will scream, and rage, tell me my head is in my ass or carebears or freepers or pvpers who cares.
    we all know we will go home after work or school grumble and find a way to make this work in our favor and how to move on.
    I love the game and well will continue. 
    If you leave, sad as it was alot of work you entered. I hope you find a game as cool as this one.
    well be well and remember to breathe life is too short to rage that much.
    if this message makes any sense ok if not well  I don't care. 

  18. [KORGW] is now recruiting new active members. We are currently using Discord, and ask that all members use Discord. KORGW was started by Korean/English speakers but all speakers are very welcome to join the guild. We ask that everyone speaks English during all guild activities. Guild skills include Accuracy, AP, DMG RED., MAX HP and Gathering level. Guild activities involve guild raid, Node War and Siege.
    Message me here for more information.. or message Tacori - Doable
    Clan Leader: Lionz
    Officers: Tacori - GogoJUICE - Hittman - XSaikoX - Excuse
    Goal: KORGW has helped allies get their castle. Now we want to continue node war success as a guild, and eventually get our own castle. We need active players that are looking for a casual guild, which is involved in competitive pvp.
    KORGW APPLICATION: http://goo.gl/forms/eXaABGEamooSC2Ot2
  19. Camorra Family
    The Camorra Family’s history
    Formed in Arma 3 on one of the most popular roleplaying server’s named Arma 3 Life eventually growing into many other
    Roleplaying server from critical gaming, all the way to Arma 3 Project Life.
    The Camorra Family not only has been around in Arma 3 but Blade and Soul, Aion, Cabal 2, and now Black Desert.
    When going into MMORPG’s we’ve never been a large guild but a small group of friends enjoying the game.

    Why join the Camorra Family
    We have a dedicated discord for any and all guild members that wish to communicate with one another.
    We are more than a guild, but a family, A group of individuals that don’t request anything from one another and cherish the good moments with each other.
    If you wish to leave we hold nothing against you but we don’t force anyone to leave.
    The Camorra Family is a PVX guild (PVP and PVE)
    No Level requirement
    No leveling quotes

    Would you fit into the Camorra Family
    What type of question is that! The Camorra Family is looking for both PVP and PVE players, with a diverse group of
    individuals with many different personalities so it’s almost impossible not to fit into the Camorra Family.

    Guild Activities
    Guild Quests
    Since the camorra family is currently a small guild we will be focused on "Small" guild missions, which
    will be done some time during the weekend (Fri-Sun)
    The camorra family has no level requirement but we recommend all members
    to strive to be the best
    You can find the guild master and myself grinding monday-wednesday for levels and thursday-friday for money.
    Remember always ask for grinding parties when in Discord we are a family!!
    Please be aware you may die more than you like if you don't Grind for average gear.  All we ask is that you are active and continuously working on getting better.
    We have small family meetings to info everyone of the guilds standing and how we should improve.
    These meetings are generally done on a friday which only last a few minutes.
    Server Info
    The Camorra family is currently on Uno and are home channel is Calpheon U1
    If you would like to talk join are Discord!!
                                Discord URL: N/A Guild applications are closed.
    We are sorry to inform you but guild applications are currently closed, better luck next time!
  20. <Typhoon> is recruiting! We are a small, casual PvX guild a group of friends originally started to get away from a taskmaster of a guildmaster. As is the natural cycle of things, some of our original group of friends have moved on or left the game, so we're looking for new members of any level or class to enjoy the game with. We plan to stay around 20-30 members. We use Discord, but it is not required. There are also no activity expectations. Things happen, and I don't want to do every guild mission either.
    As a heads up, we currently do not do node wars, but we're not opposed to trying if that's what our members want.
    If interested, head on over to our Enjin guild site and fill out our application survey! It's really just a formality for us to get to know you a little. We'll be happy to have you! 
    <Typhoon> Black Desert Online - Uno Server, Valencia U2
    Master: Folds (Tesuh)
    Co-Leader: Ekoyuhale (Aritel)
    Feel free to PM us in game or on Enjin!

  21. So a friend and I got into a discussion the other day and we decided to take it to the forums because we wanted to get a bigger pool of people to hear back from. We basically were going over environments in pvp guilds and how they can vary, and we both disagree on what we think most active pvpers want. I'm in a small guild with a few friends on the Uno server and when making our guild we wanted the close knit pvp group, like a squad? We want to have access to all the pvp aspects of the game and of course be a tough group to beat. We want to be respectable and not toxic assholes who constantly grief people for no reason, obviously fighting over grind spots n such is something you have to do, but I think you can fight for a spot and not be a ----- about it. My friend believes its impossible to have a hardcore pvp guild and still be a respectable guild, where I disagree....   I expect to get a lot of troll responses to this post, but I wanted to ask generally what type of pvp guild environment do you look for as a player? One that is the unrestricted group of do-whatever-you-want-roll-everyone-in-your-way type of guild OR a more disciplined militant style pvp guild that functions on some sort of moral code? Do you think its possible to run a pvp guild in this way? and in the case of a merger down the road for my guild (because I realize that most smaller guilds are having trouble recruiting and you need numbers to participate in node wars) what do you think about some of the top hard core pvp guilds on the Uno server?
    TLDR version: What environment as a pvp player do you look for in a pvp guild (military vs free-for-all)? Do you think its possible for a PvP guild to be respected (pvp and not be viewed as douchebags)? And what is the general view of the top PvP guilds on the Uno server do they have a good or bad reputation in case my guild merges with one down the line?
    Thanks for reading!
  22. <Isoleth>
    Intro(of me).
    A little about me. You honesty don't need to read this part, but it's gonna be here anyway. I've played MMOs for a long time now. I started with Ragnarok back somewhere in the 2000. Since then I've tried out a bunch of different MMOs, mostly Asian, well, since I am Asian. For as long as I've played MMOs, I've ironically played alone. This game though, regardless of what anybody else thinks, has been almost everything I've liked in an MMO. I'm not saying it's the best MMORPG out there, but it is exactly what I wanted. Because of that, I decided to settle down and not nomad my way around MMOs anymore, this time I want to play the long game. What does any of this have to do with the guild? Simple, I want to make a family, a place for players to feel at home with each other. Reason number two of this seemingly pointless rant, hopefully it'll relate to you
    Player of all skill level are welcome. New and veteran players alike are welcome. I love helping new players personally, but I'm not that good at the game myself, in that regard, we can learn together. As for veteran players, hopefully you'd be inclined to help new players, but it's not necessary. Elitist probably won't like to be here because I have no idea what i'm doing as far as the game is concerned. I'd love to learn if any veteran players out there would like to teach the guild. It's a brand new guild, So I can't promise a lot of things that larger, older, more established guilds can, but hopefully together, we can build that as a bunch of friends goofing off :). 
    Guild Mission Statement (Always wanted to say that)
    First and foremost, this is a guild about making friends. So if what you want is a large guild that barely talks, this won't be the guild for you. If i do this correctly, every member should remember each other by name. When you log on, you'll have people who care greet you. This guild is about building a close knit group of friends more than anything. Everyone should feel welcomed, and not afraid of speaking their mind. At the very least, you can always speak to me. 
    I personally just really want a guild house  beyond that not much. However, in the future, if I do manage to make this guild happen, it won't be about what my goals are, but rather all of us together. Our goals, our ambitions will be that of all of us. The most important thing is for it to be something we want to do together. If doesn't take us anywhere, so be it, if it takes us really far, so be that. As long as we have fun, together.
    I could say that there aren't any requirements but i'd be lying, but it'll be fine, just bear with me here. In order to build the community we need this is important.
    Be Mature: Simple right?Be Active: I mean how will you be social if you aren't active Be Social: It's a guild for building relationships, no point if you're not social  If you're just shy, no problem.Be Friendly: Most people are, so no issue, it's more like a rule, if you can't be friendly then you aren't wanted.Told you it would be easy. 
    How to Join
    Whisper me in game: Akane_Kurokawa or Anri_Shikihana
    If you can't reach me, leave a message on this thread on when you'll be online, or send me a PM here. BTW, I'm on PST.
    Closing Words
    As of this moment I'm trying to design a guild emblem, I have a couple designs so far but it's still all up in the air. I'd like the guild to have a say in it. 
    I have a discord server set up, but I'm not that experience in using it yet, so if anyone who does know would like to help feel free. 
    For the most part I'm on Val U2
    Channel: Valencia U1  
    VoIP: Discord
    Guild Master: Cresentbeam 
    Officers: Jaosn, Bomackin
    Focus: PvX
    Our Goals: To strive to be a close knit community, to ensure a great experience in BDO, to have fun and to be helpful to new members to the game, and to make everyone feel welcome/at home. 
    What is Comet? Comet is a small, new gaming community created by my S/O and I. (Cresentbeam and Jaosn) We strive to bring people together in game and out of game, in a friendly enviroment on our discord channel. As a community we have expanded our reaches to a few other games and our working on our own website to become even more connected with everyone! 
    Requirements: None! Everyone of Every level and playing style are welcome to join us in BDO, we're here to help new as well as grown players!
    On going Events: Scroll Boss Saturday. 
    Ladies and gentlemen, grab your scrolls, grab your guildies, and lets beat up some bosses!  The Rules:
    • No fighting!
    • Be respectful of your other guild-mates.
    • Inform (Cresentbeam) of any possible absences from the game.
    • No bullying, ever! (This includes pking someone over and over, intentionally stealing mobs, and knocking people off their horse. Everything can be handled in a CIVIL manor.)
    •Keep the guild chat relatively clean! (Joking around is fine, don't take it too far.)
    •Participate in chat and in guild missions as much as possible to keep the guild thriving
     FAQ: What is PvX?      PvX means we participate in both PvP and PvE
    For more information, please send me a mail on the forums, or whisper me in game. 
  24. Hello all, 
    Hopefully this is the correct place to do this.  Epic_Fail is looking to fill 5 spots in our guild.  We are casually competitive players that like working together to figure out all this game has to offer.  We ask that our potential recruits be over 25 and have a general sense of respect for people.  We are friendly towards all, run daily guild quests and we do scrolls mainly on sunday.  We plan to get into the node war world and would be looking at sunday or wednesday nights most likely.  (we will also be helping out our alliance guild on friday nights for those not able to make sun/wed).  If you would like any more information you can post in this thread or whisper me direct on Dreggo.
    Thanks and best of luck!