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  1. *Insert really cool quote*
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Divine Hunters Guild!
    Lets get right to the point:
    1. We are a balanced PVP/PVE Guild
    2. We are very new, don't worry though! We do guild quests daily at 8pm EST and cannot wait for node wars (Once we have more members)
    3. Discord is available but not nessecary, we would love your company though
    4. Cookies cost 2 dollars
    5. We have groups for 50+ grinding
    6. Experienced members available to help lower levels
    7. Activity: You don't have to be very active, just help out once in a while and to make sure that you aren't dead, please log in once a week!
    8. What more do you want? We probably have it...
    9. Website: divinehunters.tk 
    10. We pay you nothing to do work for us
    Who are we? 
    We are a guild started by three experienced players who left all other guilds and decided: We probably can't do a better job at running a guild, so lets try anyways! And here we are today. This guild was created for players who want a casual pvp/pve guild, that are active daily, and don't exclude members due to lack of experience. *Note only players who have passed character creation may join* Age required: 16+ (Maturity people!)
    The Staff:
    Luew (Founder):                                                         Ax (Founder):                                   Shandel (Founder):                  
    Description: This is me, I'm cool.                                    Description: Australian (Bad ass)          Description: Mysterious
    Age: 16                                                                           Age: 18                                                   Age: Old? Young? No clue
    Time Zone: EST                                                             Time Zone: UTC +10                              Time Zone: Central
    Main Char Level: 51                                                        Main Char Level: 52                               Main Char level: 52
    Favorite Thing In BDO: My dual riding horse (Its lit)      Favorite Thing In BDO: Beating Shandel Favorite Thing In BDO: Running
    If you have ANY questions, feel free to contact us at divinehuntersBDO@gmail.com
    Or you can go the our website at divinehunters.tk and join our discord!
    Thanks for considering us as your guild!

  2. Hello! 
    I'm Feyria, co-GM of Laughing Demon together with Desvero! Our guild is on the UNO server, and we're a small guild that takes it easy and just looks to have fun. We've been a guild for about three years now across a variety of games including: Tera, FFXIV, Path of Exile, Guild Wars 2, and a few other games. Right now we're very focused on BDO and would like to expand our guild a bit. We have a guild rap on youtube if you'd like to watch:
    The footage is from a TERA guild event we ran, and the vocals are mine lols. 
    If you're interested in joining up with us please visit our guild website: http://laughingdemon.shivtr.com/  and submit an online application there prior to contacting us in game. Upon acceptance of the application (give us a few days) we'll leave a comment on the application with whom to contact in game for an invite.
    Thanks for checking out this thread and see you in game! 
    I don't check the forums a ton as I spend most of my time in game but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them here and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
  3. I am a level 50 Wizard looking for a guild on the Uno server. I am a regular player (5-7 days a week) who likes helping others. I enjoy crafting, exploration, horse taming, a little farming, and PvE. I would like to explore some of the large-scale PvP, but I am also open to guilds that are mainly PvE.
    If your guild is a good fit for me, perhaps you could let me know.
  4. Congrats WarriorPoets, PureLuck, IIIIIIIIIIIII and BlackRose on the Conquest
    Congrats to those that have gotten nodes! Also better luck next time to those that ended in a tie or lost (but hey you still get that 30mil guild funds )
    I put together a doc showing all the nodes and what ones were taken and by who. "N/A" for those that either no one went for or just ended in a tie (I would include which were a tie or not but I was not online to see most the time)
  5. Post on LFG UNO lvl 34 Tamer in US Guild

    By Kalour, posted
    New to BDO, played RO, Tera, Rift in the past.
    Looking for a social guild to learn about the game, not too interested in pvp atm.
    Whisper Delphini
  6. Started a discord today and its going great, over 50+ members already. Use this discord for public scroll runs, dailys, world boss information, or even join a pvp group. Plenty of text chats from BDO news, patch notes, to fishing. Come meet some new friends and gain a different experience!
    It is encouraged that guilds post recruitment information if you would like to do so!
    Lots of text channels to post screenshots, share information about skills, builds, whatever floats your canoe!
    Chat off topic, or just meet friends to play other games with as well!
    You can join the discord here https://discord.gg/0mB2NnGF6QZAc8iC
    Hope to see you all there!
  7. Hey! Hubris is looking for core members to build with. No requirements. If you're new to the game we'll help you get started, if you're high level we can help you gear and vice versa. We want to have members that want to build with us and eventually reach the top of the standings.
    Contact me on Uno Mediah U1
    Tyranicus(Family) KonTrax(Main)
  8. Anyone notice UNO had 2 crowded servers last night? Edan had 0 crowded.
    So much for UNO being a "dead" server.
  9. All of us are fairly active mainly within life skills, few artisan skills each. 
    We average about 270 ap/dp each, all looking forward to building farther.
    What we are looking for in a guild as a group:
    Guild Boss scrolls (relic/dailies)Guild Grinding groups (since we are 51)World Boss killsActive members (at least 20ish?)Prepping for node warsNice people in general (kind of a must, tough ask.. i know)Would love hear back from a few guilds either in this post or in game!
    My IGN is "Vexest"

  10. PureLuck Recruiting For Endgame GvG & Node Wars
    Are you interested in having some of the most entertaining and fun PvP in Black Desert you've ever had? Want to be at the top of the node wars fighting at castles? Want to be in a guild where you make a boat load of money from regional tax money? Then PureLuck is the place for you!
    While all of that above stuff sounds nice, the hard line is, we want good PvPers, we are one of the Top 3 PvP guilds on Uno, and we WILL take a castle for node wars. We are almost constantly war dec'd against other guilds and large scale PvP is an everyday occurrence for us. We are however not slaves to anything, if you can show up and PvP that's great, but at the end of the day we want people that are active and fun, we are not militaristic or a zerg, we are just a group of tryhards that like to win.
    If you are interested in joining us, please make sure you meet the following requirements and them message either the GM or one of the officers below and we will give you an interview and see if you fit in with us. We may also test you in PvP to see where your baseline skill is at, you don't need to be god tier at PvP but you need to have a solid base and we can show you the ropes.
    Active mostly in evenings, and available for at least 1 node wars nights, Friday/Saturday/Sunday
    Well geared and level 56+
    Love of PvP, you don't get discouraged when its 20v100, you get excited instead
    Constant strive to always improve and wanting to stay at the top
    GM & Officers
    GM: Vindicta
    Officers: VincentXXVII, Meralux, Liza, Ozs, Devilhealer
    Here is a taste of what you can expect on a daily basis when you join us


  11. Atrocity Network
    In Game we are <AtrocityNetwork>
    Atrocity Network is a Small Scale pvp guild on the server Uno mostly on the channel Veila U1.
    Atrocity Network is seeking new members for the future node wars. You must be 40+ and have Ts3. You must also have very thick skin. We have free donuts, blow, and hookers. We are a special interests guild and we will be doing a lot of pvp and bandit/pirate type pvp. We do nightly scrolls, world bosses, guild missions. Please inquire within.
    Our Rules
    1. Have thick skin. We are all a very friendly fun community but things do get rowdy and wild sometimes. There are jokes (Sometimes Offensive) If you get offended easily this is not the guild for you.
    2. Activity. We expect you to be pretty active in the guild and on teamspeak3, this does not mean you have to be on every single day all day. Most of us are on everyday at some point and we schedule our events on our guild Facebook group.
    3. Help your guild mates. Don't let your fellow guild mates get ganked/griefed if your on help them!
    We will be participating in the Node wars and Siege wars coming soon. As well as doing a lot of things in the new desert area.
    If you are interested in Joining Contact Drasmir or ZenZero in Game!
  12.              JackOfAllTrades Is Recruiting  
    About us-
    We're a EST - PST PVX guild looking to have fun, we're a friendly bunch looking to progress through the game mixing a little PVE with PVP.  We also understand that people have a life if you have to go somewhere just let us know we'll write it down, and you'll still have place when you return. We also play other games. 
    Looking for-
    Active, mature, and social players Lvl 50+ looking to PVE and PVP while progressing, enjoying the game, have fun, and watch each other's back. We will also take in new players.
    What we do-
    Guild Quest
    Scrolls and Relic Scrolls
    Node wars
    Cliff Dive
    Horse Train
    Ask about the meaning of life, and pizza
    And more miscellaneous things
    Be Active 
    Be Social
    Show up for Node Wars 
    Teamspeak is required a mic isn't (pretty much don't be a loner) 
    We also have discord if needed but teamspeak is mostly used
    Help out with guild activities
    Who to contact in game-
    Chaosmasta, BoutFiftyFatties
    Ginzo (Ivyor), Cic, Furi_hime
    It's dangerous to go alone take a contract and be one of us.
    Guild Leader: FoxieMoose/ShiroSayuri
    Server: Uno
    Officers: Sniipe/Jorvar/Megalomania/Vangest
    Focus: PvP
    Any Level - A level requirement does not exist to be in this guild. Our members will be guided to become players that are a force to be reckoned with.
    The Will to Progress - So long as the member is willing to progress, they will succeed in this guild.
    The Ability to Use TS3 - It is a requirement for Guild War/Skirmishes/Guild Bosses/Node War. Other than that, you do not have to get on unless I need to talk with you.
    Dedication - Be dedicated to the grind in Black Desert Online.
    About Us:
    KSNT is a driven guild, focused on the preparation of node wars and life skill progression.
    Other Info:
    The host of PvP tournaments on the NA Uno server.
    PvP Practice
    Player Progression
    Guild Boss
    Top 100 Guild
    Life Skill Leaderboards
    Daily Sausan Grind
    We PvE as well!
    420 Friendly 
  14. <DropBears> All rounded PvX guild on UNO is seeking active members to join the family! We do regular boss scrolls, guild missions, scroll groups, grinding parties and other activities. Prefer level 40+ as most of our members are already 50+ but all levels will be considered. Discord is also required for siege/node wars. 
    Message one of our officers in game for more info or an invite.
    You can find us on the Calpheon U1 channel
    Look up, stay alive.
  15. we are  an active guild on Uno  server , looking to  expand our numbers , we welcome members of all levels. 
    we have discord.    We pretty much  cover all bases in Black Desert , crafting  to  fishing  to  pvp   we do it all.
    if your looking for a great guild of pretty awesome people and no  drama . come check us out
    send me a  pm    Miishil  ( family name Jeeeong)    

  16. Post on Crusader in US Guild

    By TaiTsu, posted
    The primary goal of <Crusader> is to have fun. Everyone has their own idea of what fun is. Ours is to be a part of a mature, friendly, knowledgeable community, that shares the same values as us. This primarily involves enjoying the highest tiers of PvE content, and becoming one of the most skilled and respected PvP guilds on Uno while enjoying the company of friends.

    We plan to achieve these goals by recruiting players that share our vision. Strength through Solidarity. We want players who are mature, friendly, and knowledgeable. We seek mature players, that are respectful and patient, that will stand with us as we build towards our goals. We want friendly players that want to better themselves and their guild, offering advice and contributing to a positive guild environment. Lastly, we need knowledgeable players, because knowledge is power.
    If this sounds like a good fit for you please check us out at: http://crusader.uno/ 
    Please leave a reply here or apply on our site. 

  17. Proxima is a Guild that was forged in the birth of Uno.
    We have been around since the server breathed life and are now a full fledged community uniting like-minded gamers, tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, and streamers under one roof. We are a community of gritty, mature individuals whom have played games and entertained one another for as long as 10 years. We invite you to join us for our first official foray into the conundrum that is "Black Desert Online."
    Our play styles differ internally but we cover almost all realms of gameplay. Most importantly Player vs. Player. 
    Why should you join Proxima?
    We (Proxima) aren't your ordinary guild, nor do we strive to be. At this present juncture we are a mid major guild striving to participate in high end content, strong pvp, and an even stronger willed member base. We have many in game goals for ourselves but our goals extend past the virtual and into the real world. If you're looking for not just a guild in Black Desert but a community of people whom you will develop friendships, strong bonds, lasting relationships, plentiful laughter, a sense of achievement, and still be able to play other games... you've come to the right place. Many of us have families, children, jobs, and existing commitments. We won't ask you to break those vow's. We understand priority.
    Our accomplishments will be just that - accomplished through our teamwork and through our community.
    We are all this and more.
    ~The specifics~
    Server: Uno
    Guild Skills:
    92 Guild Points
    +3 Accuracy
    +3 AP
    +60 HP
    +3 Damage Reduction
    +1 Gathering Level
    +1 Pledge of Determination
    Requirements: (Subject to Change)
    18+ Level 52+240 AP/DPDiscord Use EncouragedProxima.GG Forum Account Registration & Introduction Post (No Guild Invite w/o Introducing Yourself)Contact: Leuie (Ithalia), Torero (Pobre), Dusteh (Ellanoria), Omni (Scient), Starrkiller (Death_Ruin), Traheaern (monkeymattb)
    I want to thank you for your time, and to all potential interested.. Salute!

    - Leu

    Home: http://www.proxima.gg
    Forums: http://forums.proxima.gg
  18. <Sunagakure no Sato> is recruiting. all are welcome. must be active, must help with guild missions.
    -no drama
    -respect others
    -be active
    -help with missions
    Guild info:
    -20+ members atm
    -atleast 10 level 50+ people
    -experienced players with info in horses, grinding, gathering, fishing, and general game info
    -semi-casual atmosphere
    -plans to play around with the pvp and seige stuff later on when it comes out if we can get atleast 50 people.
    -helpful friendly people
    -discord chat available but not required
    Contact me on here or in game, UNO server, usually channel valencia u2 KohakuYuki, family name Hoishi.
  19. Post on ignore in US Guild

    By Meggiora, posted
    jk found guild, ignore
  20. Clockwork is recruiting members!
    We are PvX with an active group of core members lvl 50+.
    We accept all levels and will help new players.
    Our main focus is on building up our members so that they have better gear and become stronger players.
    We are part of the Brotherhood Alliance and one you meet the requirements for other guilds in the Brotherhood, you can move to them if there are openings.
    Players already looking to join other guilds in the alliance that do not meet the requirements, talk to that  guilds leader and mention joining us until you meet their requirements.
    We are currently trying to recruit more level 45+ players that are active in order to do more guild boss scrolls.
    We do boss scrolls, world bosses, relic shard groups, and guild bosses.
    We do a lot of relic shard groups for gear and exp!
    Our main requirements are that you use Teamspeak for voice(if you don't have a mic you can sit in and listen, and we can also know if you are actually afk or not because of the afk channel.), use Discord for texting/forums(we are using it to replace our guild site and will store info there, Its also a great way to keep in touch outside of the game when you can not be logged on but need something.), and help with guild missions(if you are in the middle of popping an exp scroll or relic scroll group for example, we don't expect you to just drop it and run off.)
    We are more than happy to help out new players and players that have been in the game since day one, but we do not accept leeches in our guild. Our home channel is Mediah U1 and unless its for farming or world bosses we expect you to be on the same channel. It is where we do all of our guild missions and it is the only channel we will renew contracts on. This is the help the guild over all so that people are not just on for the guild buffs.
    All of that being said, we are a laid back group of players who do not throw salt(taunting and being a smartass are ok), and have a lot of fun playing the game.
    Whisper me on Aurri in the game if you are interested in joining. If I am afk, I have a window just for whispers I check every I come back form afk. You can also message our officers Rookio and Grenton for invites.
    If you are a small-med size guilds who are having trouble expanding or are just looking to merge with another guild feel free to message me as well.
    - Matthew
    Aurri(Warclaw) - Guild Leader of Clockwork

    Diversion is a guild on the Uno server of Black Desert Online. We play primarily on the Mediah U2 channel.

    Our goal is simple. We want to enjoy our game time and create a "diversion" from our real lives for a short time. This is a game and all about having fun. We are PvP focused and want to enjoy all aspects of the game.
    These are just a few things that you should know about Diversion:
    Guild buffs: 5 AP, 4 accuracy, 4 damage reduction, 40 hp, 2 gathering.
    lvl 50 (all classes)Events:
    Node wars twice a weekFriendly organized Guild warsGuild boss scrolls and player scroll groupsNetflix nightsPvP practiceFree Style Friday 
    Please send us a message in game for more information.
    Guild Contacts:  Greta, Rydana, Ninji_Benji, Sadist, Rungar, Yalan, Zenisin
  22. Maehwa/beserker and tamer/Valkyrie in uno looking for a PvX guild that doesn't require TS3/Discord (We just prefer old school MMo typing.) Had a bad experience with the clan RedFang and left there. We are both highly active with increasing AP/DP and are very interested in pvp. Anyone recruiting? 
    EDIT: I couldn't bump my last post so I had to make a new one
  23. ==== Omnipotence is now recruiting ====
    - We are a friendly and competitive PvX guild and strive to be the top in all aspects of the game, whether it be topping the leaderboards or dominating guild wars and taking over castles.
    About Omnipotence
    We are a community of friends that like to play competitively in BDO. We strive to do the best, reaching higher and higher. This includes leaderboard pushing, leveling, farming, life skills etc. We enjoy all parts of the video game.
    We are not strictly "pvp" or "pve" but we do want to be competitive in most parts of the game. While we might be open to all aspect, we still expect attendance to each event. We like our members to be constantly headed towards higher levels and very good gear. We would like our members to be reaching +15 gear and getting accessories up in the next month or so, as we prepare for guild wars.
    We are a pretty active guild, and as such we expect our members to be on a decent amount. We are a friendly competitive guild, meaning we are not total assholes who expect the most hardcore; But we are still competitive and want to have fun by competing in the higher end brackets of the game.
    Recruitment Requirements
    Server: Uno
    Age:*18+ (We do accept younger people on occasion, as long as that does not infringe on maturity, or activity)
    Must have TS3 + Working headset for talking
    Must be active enough to participate in events and keeping up with gearing, activity etc.
    We are currently open to all classes and levels. We will be progressing upwards to 55 and maxing gear
    in the following weeks, in preparation for guild wars.
    If you would like to apply for an interview please fill out the application on our website.
    Omnipotence Gaming
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by PM, or on TS3.
  24. Hey Hey,
    Since yesterday I can not login in the UNO server every other server besides UNO is fine.
    Yesterday I took a nap and closed the game and after that I coudn't login on the UNO server anymore.
    I start the game > no patch required ,so I can login and start it > click on whatever channel of UNO > channel restriction > disconect from server
    I tryed:
    1. login on my brothers account this works fine, no problem what so ever
    2. send a ticket to support but knowing that they replied my tickets after around a month I feel like it woudn't help I still did it tough
    3. trying to login europe server and other servers but these works all fine
    I have 4 characters on UNO and I played only on UNO, now I can't even participate in the event ):
    I hope someone is willing to give me some advice about this matter so I can enjoy it again.
    Family name: Munasi
    Server: Uno
  25. Hi,
    I'm a relatively new player (lvl 34) that is very interested in the crafting system in BDO. I am currently trying to focus on Cooking/Fishing primarily and processing as a close second. I'm interested in joining a Fishing guild that has the +3 buff preferably or even +1 (as long as guild is more crafting oriented). Let me know if there is a spot open for me to join!