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  1. Post on Roleplayers on Uno? in Roleplay

    By Gackt, posted
    When I first bought the game I was really looking forward to roleplay but, didnt research it much ive found out from the unofficial black desert roleplay site and the forms that orwen is apparently the offical rp server. im 4 characters in and at lvl 50+ so im wondering where are the Uno roleplayers? Ive already put too much effort and time into my characters on uno to just stop and go recreate the characters on another server, or spend god knows how much money on a server transfer. 
  2. Post on Recruiting in US Guild

    By Ellsie, posted
    After joining several guild's, i saw that none of them really fit me so i decided to make my own guild. if you are like me, or you just want to join a guild that has just started, feel free to leave me a message or something like that and i will invite you. There is no level restriction, and there will never be one, the activity in the guild is not a must, but don't be inactive for too long without leaving a message. Once there will be more ppls. in the guild we will decide on a shard to use based on a vote.
    Cyaa and a have a fun time! 
    server: Uno
  3. Clockwork is currently recruiting new members that are active players. We are a casual PvX guild that is part of the Brotherhood. We will help and build up new players to the game, but we also help with players that are in their 50's who might not be up to spec to join other guilds in the Brotherhood, that have higher requirements.
    Teamspeak is a requirement to join the guild, you are not required to talk if you do not have a mic or some other reason prevents you from being able too. The important thing is being able to listen in so that you know what is going on within the guild.
    Discord is another requirement, we use Discord for texting chat, we have the voice channels turned off. The reason we use it is so that we can use it to store important links and also have it so that we can communicate through text chat from anywhere.
    You are required as a new member to help do guild missions so that it is not just the guild as a whole helping you, but you helping the guild(it is especially important for players who plan to move onto other Brotherhood guilds). Obviously you are not required to do every guild mission, especially if you are in the middle of doing something important while it was started, but will be looked at case by case so that members do not abuse our laid back style.
    Clockwork is a casual guild, but we do have very active members that are on every day. We are currently hoping to start doing guild boss scrolls as soon as we have a strong enough force to do them without having to worry about the time limit. We are also pretty active in doing relic scrolls and other boss scrolls.
    Groups join us - we do accept larger groups of players wanting to join us, or smaller guilds wanting to merge into our guild. If you feel that this would be a good option for you and your friends or your smaller guild. We will do an interview to make sure that we fit well together of if another guild in the Brotherhood might be a better fit for you.
    If you are interesting in joining Clockwork please contact me in game on Aurri or Eodiin (one in a blue moon on Deviie). If I am not on feel free to contact any member and they will get you with an officer.
    Thank you, 
  4. <Zeus>
    We would love you guys in our guild. Looking for levels 30+.
    Once you join our guild we will assign you a certain project or task focusing on what you're best at.
    We have "scroll Fridays" for those who are 45+. 
    Very basic rules you need to follow if you decide to join.
    #1. Stay active.
    #2. Don't leak any inside any info or give out info.
    #3. Don't cause drama or be rude to others.
    #4. Don't start going around and starting shit with our name above your head.
    #5. If you do rule number 4, ask for help. I would have rather you not to do this, but we are a guild so we will always support each other.
    The Guild Creators; Inesi & Jehse (I love screenshots)


  5. We're a new guild looking for like-minded individuals to play and enjoy the game with. We're a relaxed group of people that like to push end-game content and expand into all sorts of PvX content. We have people experienced in a multitude of different areas (from horse-breeding to fishing to hunting to alchemy and everything in between!). We're extremely helpful and are willing to help newer players learn the ropes or join up with experienced players to hit up more challenging content.

    We run guild missions daily and do boss scrolls semi-weekly. The nature of each mission is up to what we (the members) prefer. Grinding parties are also running almost daily and consists of whoever is online at the moment.

    Officer positions are definitely still available and we welcome all types of players. We use primarily use Discord for voice comms, but we have dedicated servers for Mumble and TeamSpeak for anyone who prefers a different client (we tend to hop around unless someone has a specific preference).

    We're a group of young adults (21+ mostly); all either in college or finishing up and starting on our careers, so we understand if you can't be on daily. We just ask you have fun and enjoy yourselves and ask for help whenever you need it.

    Feel free to message me here on the forums or in-game (character name: Rhytlie, family name: Rhytlocke) for details and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Commit to honor. Commit to excellence. <Commit Sudoku> today!

  6. Post on Looking for guild in US Guild

    By Minerva00, posted
    Level 50 Ranger looking for a casual guild on Uno to server to play with. My in game name is Kira or you can leave a message here. Thanks.
  7. Goosberry Trade Co, is recruiting lvl 40+ (age 18+). Casual economic guild. come for the skill bonuses, stay for the fat stacks of cash. NA Uno Server
    For more Info feel free to post beneath or talk to us in game. Hatty.
    - Daily missions - Discord (no voice required) - No drama -Max pay 
  8. Guild Website: http://www.balmaethor.com
    Guild Category: PvX
    Server: Uno Valencia U1
    Voice: Discord
    Recruiting Status: Actively recruiting
    Main Time Zone: All time zones are welcome.
    Age Requirement: 18+
    Who We Are
    We are an online gaming community with members participating in a wide variety of massively multi-player online games. We are comprised of friends, both real life and in-game, that have been gaming with each other for almost 15 years and in many different games and guilds. Bal Maethor was formed to provide a collective gathering of those friends. We strive on individual qualities within a guild. If you are looking for the large quantitative guild "the zerg", we are not it. We are a small qualitative guild focused on the honing of our members into lethal players.
    What We Are About
    Bal Maethor is first and foremost about having fun. We are a small guild that wishes to progress deep into the game, but we only wish to do so with the guild as a whole. We are mature enough in achieving these goals as a group; instead of rapid progression seeking loot as individuals. Bal Maethor is unorthodox in its ways because it is a guild run by its members, majority rules in this guild.
    The members of Bal Maethor enjoy the challenges of MMORPGs. We enjoy raiding along with the development of tactics and strategies involved in the demise of difficult monsters and their bosses. We often do this with less people than those of your average guild. Because of this unique play style, our members are known to be some of the best players in their class. We value all our members as friends and family, especially maintaining courtesy and respect to the person behind the pixels. Above all else, to include having fun in gaming, is that real life aspect. Theognis, a Greek poet, was quoted as saying "moderation is best in all things". Your real life is more important than our gaming life. We will never hold anything against a member who puts off gaming for real life.
    Recruitment Process
    All potential recruits should read our Recruitment Policies. Our recruitment process is discussed in full there.
  9. Fugitive is now recruiting. We are a small but growing clan looking for 18+ members. We are looking for members of level 40+ who are ready to help with guild quests and boss scrolls. We have a TS server. We help with level and job progression or any other questions you may have. If interested switch to Calph u2 and PM Evictionz or Elyndr for invite. 
    We look forward to hearing you.
    Send me a message on the forums if you have any questions. 


    FruitSnack is a social guild with the purpose of forming a tight community. Starting out as a group of five close friends, we decided to expand our numbers to create a guild that would be a fun environment to just enjoy the game in. We take part in everything the game has to offer, with a focus on node wars. While we strive to attain more fruits to add to the snack pack, we prefer quality over everything. We want to build a community that will learn and grow together. We won't try to impose rules on anyone, and we try to foster a space where everyone can be themselves. However, we do hold some standards. With that in mind, we accept all players new and old! We're an ever growing community, and we'd love to have you in the snackpack!
    *Complimentary fruit snacks included.

    - Diverse Community
    - Guild Missions and Events
    - Scroll Parties
    - Guild Passives:
        +5 Accuracy
        +2 AP
        +40 HP
        +4 Damage Reduction
        +1 Gathering
        +2 Fishing
    - Active Discord Server
    - No preservatives
    - Gluten Free

    We do have a "requirement" of 280 AP/DP and level 50+, but many exceptions can be made. This requirement is more of a suggested standard to obtain, rather than an entrance requirement. As long as you're a motivated player willing to learn and grow at a reasonable pace, we'll let you in and help you on your journey! We also ask that you're active, willing to participate in guild activities, and are respectful to your guildmates, as well as allies. Also, while Discord is mostly optional, if you plan to be in one of our Node Wars, we require you to join and listen. If you're interested in joining, contact anyone below!
    Family Name(Character Name)
    Guild Master

  11. Comet
    Channel: Valencia U1  
    VoIP: Discord
    Guild Master: Pansy/Cresentbeam 
    Officers: Jaosn, Luxyifer, Bomackin
    Focus: PvX
    Goals: To strive to be a close knit community, to ensure a great experience in BDO, to have fun and to be helpful to new members to the game, and to make everyone feel welcome/at home. 
    Rules: Keep the drama at the door, keep the chat relatively clean, participate in chat and in guild missions as much as possible to keep the guild thriving.(Don't be a stranger! Strangers will be kicked! Please inform me if you have some reason you can not be online! Requirements: None! Everyone of Every level and playing style are welcome, we're here to help new as well as grown players.  On going Events: Scroll Boss Saturday. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your scrolls, grab your guildies, and lets beat up some bosses!    FAQ: What is PvX?      PvX means we participate in both PvP and PvE
    For more information, please send me a mail on the forums, or whisper me in game. 
    **I'd like to remind the members of Comet, and those looking to join that we do have discord for voice and text chat!**
  12. Hello, 
    I have been tasked with being the public voice for our alliance on this forum. 
    I will start with our current guild membership. 
    Last Symphony
    No Parley
    Zero Fear Gaming
    Any questions feel free to post here, or pm me here on the forum. 
  13. Welcome to the <LeagueOfAssasins>!! We are a very active guild who runs under the clan
    "Legion Gaming Community" where you will find that our savage leader owns the data 
    center that hosts are teamspeak and various games on his servers for his loyal minions
    to play on. With how much potential the guild has with the backing of the clan and with
    the guild leaders being every active there is no reason why we can not leave a big 
    footprint in Black Desert Online. There are plans in placed to start giving away steam keys
    during guild events and gatherings as well! Our goal is to get the most out of our time
    by having fun while helping all our members enjoy there time in game.
    So how do you join? Well you can comment down below and wait until someone gets back to you
     or whisper any of the guild officers and guild leader. To get in asap and with a decent 
    paying guild contract is to go to our website and register. There you will also be able 
    to connect to the teamspeak directly from the site. From there just jump down in Guild 
    channel where you can get a guild invite.

    1 - Register on http://legiongc.com/wordpress/wp-login.php?action=register
    2 - Check your email and confirm your email address.  Check your spam folder too.
    3 - log in to http://legiongc.com and click the link to the forum and confirm you are logged in.  
    If not, please go to the home page and log out and back in.
    In-game name (Family Name)
    Guild Leader
    Kneol (Masakh)
    Pooki3 (Khadae)
    Alttanin (Kilgharrah)
    We pride ourselves in helping our members grow in the game to get better at whatever they want
    to do within Black Desert Online. With the pool of steam keys we are also looking forward to those big
    guild events to handout prizes to our fellow warriors and friends. 
    Any Levels and classes are welcome to join there is always room to grow and improve. We just ask is 
    that you are active willing to contribute.
  14.  occidere
    occidere is a brand new, casual pve/x guild in primarily the EST timezone.
    we are looking for friendly players who are, like us, focused on achieving our
    own personal goals, whatever those may be! as a guild, we are particularly
    interested in socialization, guild missions, helping each other out, and generally
    just having fun!

    we have discord and a guild website, both of which are listed in the guild panel.
    discord is not (and will never be) required.

    in order to join occidere, you must meet our three requirements:
    ♦ be 18 years or older.
    ♦ have a friendly attitude.
    ♦ be mature.

    if you would like to join, please respond here, whisper us in game, or add us
    to your friend list! we are usually in valencia u2. if we don't answer to a
    whisper, we're likely afk-training something.
    guild leaders:
    ozette or daath (family: toize)
    sindra or silphy (family: zarine)
    taylyria or jaborosa (family: tayler)
    mikacchi or matthewmatical (family: daiki)
    We stay at war with top 25 guilds who have 100 players so there's always 500 players to kill.
    Kill their scroll parties: Yes
    Kill their AFKers: Yes
    Talk Crap: Yes
    Diplomacy: GTFO
    We attack, We Kill, We Channel Hop. You want a big guild with a bunch of cry babies who want to 50v50 then this is not for you. You wanna destroy crybabies, talk shit, wreck afk losers, and merk children? See below
    Message me here on the Forums if you're interested, Include the following information:
    Player Name
    PVP Games you have experience in

    Bonjour à tous, la guilde Black Lotus est présentement en recrutement dans Black Desert Online, mais nous sommes une communauté Québécoise présent sur de nombreux jeux.

    - Des joueurs respectueux / respectueuses ;
    - Matures ;
    - Intéressé(e)s à progresser ;
    - Et d'être âgées d'au moins 18 ans.
    Nous sommes une guilde qui préconise l'entraide et le respect des autres tout en cherchant a simplement s'amuser. Après tout black desert reste un jeu.
    Nous avons déjà tous les styles de joueurs : de l'occasionnel au ''très motivé'', évoluant autant en PVE qu'en PVP. Tous joueurs intéressé(e)s trouverons une place parmis nous...

    - Sur notre site web : www.blacklotusgaming.ca
    - Par facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/842413752529677
    - Sur notre TeamSpeak : Blgaming.ddns.net  Pass: BLG2016 
    - En jeu : /whisper Thalyv, LlamaQC, Marack, Brunar, Mileillu, Hellbabine, Xarg00n, 

    - UNO
    - Media U2
    Au plaisir de vous voir sur le jeu.
  17. [NA - UNO] <Focus Target>
    About Us: Focus Target is a small, tight-knit community that started around a decade ago in FFXI.  We’ve been playing MMOs together since then including titles like Tera, SWTOR, FFXIV, and most recently Blade & Soul.  We are currently 6 members strong ranging in playstyles from very casual to semi-hardcore (as hardcore as you can get with a full-time job).  We are all 30+ years old with work and/or other real life commitments.  We use Mumble for VoIP and almost always have at least 1-3 people in the channel outside of work hours.
    Our Focus & Goals: We have been and will be focusing on the PVE aspects of the game.  From daily things like life skills and guild missions to higher-end PVE like boss scrolls, exp grinding, and hopefully guild bosses at some point.  Our goal for the moment will be to stay small, and probably not exceed 15 members for the foreseeable future.  We may eventually dabble in some PVP, but that is not a focus at the moment.  We are looking for members who are active on a weekly basis, though we realize that not everyone can be active every single day.
    What are some reasons why you would join <Focus Target>?
    You’re looking for a drama-free environment.
    You’re interested in joining a newly formed guild (we formalized our clan into a guild 2 days ago) and helping build it from the ground up.
    You’re looking to play with other people who are laid back and understand what real life commitments are.
    You have somewhat thick skin.  While I wouldn’t call us blatantly offensive, we don’t have any sacred cows or worry about being too politically correct.
    You prefer using VoIP over typing in chat.  We don’t type a lot in chat, and because of that, if you aren’t getting onto VoIP with us you won’t get much out of the guild.
    The idea of occasionally doing Mad Libs on Mumble makes you smile.
    What are some reasons why you wouldn’t join <Focus Target>?
    You’re looking for a griefer guild and like to feed on the tears of others.
    Your favorite thing to talk about is how much of a badass you are.
    You are easily offended.
    If any of this interests you, and you would like more information send me a PM here or whisper in-game (character name is Rahab).  Other people to contact in-game for more information would be Lenaliah, Rymmi, or Boss_Smiley.
  18. Does UNO have an unofficially designated RP Channel?
    That said, is there any word if the developers of North America plan on creating an RP-oriented server?

    —Thanks ahead of time.
  19. Note: as of 27 May 2016 we've downsized to a Clan format, having voted to disband from the guild mechanic.  We are still around for RP, just in a different disguise ^.^-- Leaf
    Server: Uno
    Channel: Serendia U1 (usually)
    Website: none needed
    VOIP: Mumble (absolutely not required)

    Skeleton Crewe is a motley band of wandering fighters and sell-swords. We are also sometime brigands, often-times care-worn and desperate. (ooc- at BDO launch we find ourselves currently on the lam having escaped Calpheon a few weeks ago after a contract failed). Disguised and living scattered, yet within a days’ hard ride of each other... We start again, gather our strength, fill our muster and eventually return to hiring ourselves out again…--Journal Entry, Cherri-Anne Leafsilver, Matron

    Skeleton Crewe is a friendly guild of RP-PvX casual players. Despite the 'casual' label, we do play hard and fight to win. Note that many of our members work shift. Times we are online are somewhat scattered due to real-life; morning/afternoon/evening/some nights. Timezone-wise we are mainly MST/PST. We welcome members from anywhere around the world.

    Our meta roleplay is purposefully broad to allow for variance and easier fit. Our roleplay style encompasses everything from RPLite to Hardcore which we leave up to the individual player. No godmoders pls. We hold to the tenets of respect, honor while playing- roleplay is not an excuse for @sshattery. We are always happy to help each other out, grouping to grind etc. Skill level of player is not a consideration (skill can be learned). If this is remotely interesting and you are looking for a home on Uno contact any of the Leafsilver family, Antigaar family, Nakatani family, or Onyx family. Thanks for reading!!

    Kukyochan Leafsilver
    42 Tamer,
    Serendia U1
    Welcome to ZeroFearGaming (Under the Clan HeavenStrikeGaming) 
    We currently have over 50 members and are looking in all places to find more players who are looking for a Casual/Hardcore Guild to call home and settle down in.
    There are no level requirements and our only concern is that you are able to play 10+ hours a week and when you are in game, you are also in the TS. We get it if you may not like hanging around large crowds of people talking so there are multiple rooms you go hang out in if you would just like to enjoy silent questing, grinding, and leveling the assortment of  Life Skills that this game offers.
    Check out the HSG website for more info - http://heavenstrikegaming.com/
    What We Do:
    Currently we are focusing on increasing our size and gear level to eventually be a large factor in the upcoming Node and Siege Wars. 
    Our End Goal:
    After reaching the point where we have a substantial amount members on at all times, we will begin our scheduled daily Guild Missions to begin climbing the rankings (currently we do them when we feel we ave enough people wanting to participate). After that, we will be able to double down on World Boss Farming as a Guild and gear up together. Lastly, we want to be a driving force in the Node/Siege Wars when they are finally released and claim Mediah U1 and U2 as our own.
    Where and How to Join Us:
    Whisper any of our recruiters in-game, or me here on the forums. Hop onto our TS if you would just like to try us out and get a feel for the Guild before giving a definitive answer.
    In-game Recruiters - Vesteroth/Reapful/Gilfrey
    Guild Leader - Alerans/Dark_Terror/Ekkin
    Thank you for taking the time to look us over and i hope to see you soon!
    - Vesteroth
  21. If so, you might want to think twice about your alliance.

  22. A quick over view of Aqua, aka: TLDR
    We are a bunch who just love to have fun and joke around. Our discord chat is lively, and during events, is full of members who want to enjoy themselves in black desert. Many of us only just started playing black desert during the NA release, but we have experience in other MMOs such as GW2, TERA, WOW, Wild star, and others. We are a semi-completive guild; and while we won’t force your nose against the grind stone to be the best, we won’t stand for folks picking their butt and whining for free potions.
    As far as our history is concerned: we are a completely new guild that has been created for the sole purpose of kicking ass in black desert.  Many of our members are located in the EST time region, but we do have other members who are scattered about the states. we primary schedule around  5pm-11pm EST when we are at our most active. Read on for more detail.
    Wow, your guild is amazing. Am I for you??
    We’ll first, ask yourself, “Do I want to have lots of fun?” If the answer is yes than keep reading. If the answer is no….. Go umm?? Watch paint dry?? We don’t expect you to be number 1 in growth or a profession, nor do we expect you to come to ever single guild mission, but we do want you to be an active member who is willing to participate in many of our guild mission. We also hope that you’re interested in honing your PvP skill with us in the arena and during GvG. We want someone who can get on discord and at the very least listen to instructions. Actually talking in discord yourself is not however required, but is highly recommended. We know you can be shy ^.~ .
    So I can do pretty much whatever I want??
    No we are Aqua, and we have standards.  We will not be party to any cheating or exploitation of the game in any way. We have a Zero tolerance policy on this particular issue.
    We want to have fun and joke around, and sometimes it can get a bit mean. If someone ask you to tone it down. Be respectful and do so, or else you will be warned. Multiple warning  will result in expulsion from the guild.
    Prolonged inactivity that is not explained in the forums will result in being kicked from the guild. As of right now, the time period is one week of inactivity.
    We require Discord voice chat for GvG. This is a necessary tool to be effective on the battle field. We do not expect or require all of our member to talk in discord, but we do want you to be able to listen to shot callers and follow simple instructions. I mean, how else are we supposed to rekt faces?
    Our rules for engaging other players. If your grind for EXP/MONEY, leave other folks to their packs. If someone takes one of your mobs kill them, and don’t look back. If you get ganked call for help, and we’ll gank them back.
    Lastly, try to continue to gear your preferred character. We don’t expect you to be the best geared character in the game, but we want to know that you aren’t falling behind the bulk of our opponents in black desert. As long as you’re willing to progress we are happy to have you.
    When do I show up??
    We are mostly based off EST guild events such as guild bosses are slated for 10pm EST, and most of us start grouping, grinding, and doing dailies together at ~8est. If these times don’t work for you it might be difficult for you to be productive or noticed.
    As far as attending our guild events we have been quite relaxed, but we are slowing starting to make at least 1 or 2 guild subjugation missions and bosses mandatory a week. If you can’t participate it would be silly of us to keep you over a member who is willing to work with us to get ahead.
    WOW!! You guys sound fantastic! How do I join??
    Go on out website and apply!! http://aquabdo.shivtr.com/ is where you can apply. After you apply and get accepted feel free to post on here and bump the thread. Also Message Mmimzy, or Sycamore in game for a personal interview. 
  23.  Server : UNO 
    Channel : Balenos U2

    La Scouting Legion est principalement une guilde francophone composée de joueurs Québecois et certains européens qui souhaitent s'investir.
    Nous regroupons plusieurs styles de players, allant du simple joueur qui ''leveling'' en découvrant le jeux jusqu'aux joueurs plus hardcore qui peaufinent leurs professions et améliorent leurs équipements aux meilleurs possible.
    Nous sommes très actifs et l’entre-aide est un point fort . Le jeux reste immense et chaque membre peux apporter un plus à la guilde :).
    Nous avons un site et un forum sur lequel nous partageons nos liens utiles et découvertes.
    Event :
    - Possibilité à tous les membres de participer au ''Guild Quest'' chaque jour.
    - Les ''Scroll boss'' sont fait chaque semaine en équipe. 
    - Dans un futur proche, nous souhaitons ajouté des ''Guild boss'' à chaque semaine.
    - [Edit] Les ''Guild Boss'' sont commencé ! 
    Critère de recrutement :
    - Actif (Participation, Guild Quest, Guild boss, future activité... )
    Politique d'activité :
    Si nous voyons que vous n'êtes pas connecté depuis plus de 14 jours sans avoir prévenu un officier ou le Guild master, vous serez alors expulsé pour laissé la place à un nouveau membre.
    - Respectueux (Nous souhaitons garder une bonne harmonie l'humour est la bienvenue ! )
    Pour nous joindre :
    Directement in-game :
    - Tom_jedusor
    - Rahal
    Possibilité de m'envoyer un message directement en privé ^^ !
    Nous avons ...
    - Site internet avec forum.  http://scoutinglegion.shivtr.com/
    - Discord
    À la prochaine .. !  
  24. Cthulhu is a new guild that was created for the worship of the true Lord Cthulhu. We are currently a small guild with me as the leader and another officer. We are looking for followers that we know are out there. The guild will change based off of what the guild members want as we don't want to force you to play any differently then you want to play. If interested in joining the guild for the glory of Lord Cthulhu then message me in game(Momji or Nerriva) or reply here whatever works for you. We use Curse for talking.
    All hail Lord Cthulhu!!
  25. Who do you think will Win sieges in uno?
    (I saw ruler_edan do one for the edan server so I though I'll do one for uno)