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  1. Hello ! ( French topic here ) .
    Let's make this post simple  :
    Player : 
    Location : FranceAge : 29English : FluentProfile : Sociable / Helping / ReliablePlaytime : Every day ( 19:30/00:30 Fr time) + WeekendGamer type : Always ready to help, as soon as it's not an obligationObjectives : High tiers horses breeding on command, Fortress buildingVocal : Available, but not necessarily everyday, and as soon as it's not an obligationCharacater :
    Server : UNO ( most time on Calpheon U2 )Family name : ArdathCharacter : NialcenOrientation : Triaining / PVE ( this order )Level : 36Training : Pro 5 (90% done to Pro 6, Top3/5 server)Progression : General slow, Training FastLooking for a Guild :
    On UNO serverActive during my playtime ( better not to play alone )French speaking would be cool but not necessaryAdult ( no problem with age itself, but with ... too young state of mind  )Without hard obligation ( like compulsory connection, compulsory guild quest everyday, etc ... I like to participate, but don't like when I don't have choice )No needed vocal ( I realy like to talk online, but not necessarily everyday )Mainly help orientedReliable and active staff ( GM + Officers )REal end-game objectives ( like Fortress / siege )Ready to discuss, let me know you Guilds  
    Thanks  !
  2. Hello, I just started playing the US versions (I played the JP for a bit). I'm looking for a fun and active guild that is family friendly as I have 2 kids and a m single parent. I am on every night and sometimes during the day.
    Thank s!
  3. After a large, explaining message I created and sent to the moderators of the Black Desert Roleplayers site, (Unsure if this was the deciding factor, or not) they decided to discuss and add two new forum threads for the other servers outside of Jordine (EU) and Orwen (NA) for Roleplayers like ourselves! This is a major help to the people who either chose a server first, or bought and received all their items on another server, and are unwilling to change to the other server (besides that, it's usually full of lag). You can find them by clicking FORUMS, and going down past the two main servers. Now, you can look in more places than one for roleplay on your server, and channel! I hope this keeps everyone informed, and together! A big thanks for Sorora for answering my application within a timely manner, and with a respectful tone!
    For the Delphe Knights!
    Elion Bless.

    Founded in 2015 – The Phoenix Legion Gaming Community is a group of gamers who enjoy playing cooperatively in a variety of games, with a primary focus on the MMORPG market.
    The Problem :
    We recognized that the life cycle of gaming goes something like this: You find a new game that you want to play, you see if any of your friends want to play, you start playing and make new friends in this new game and form a new guild. You play together as a guild until it stops being fun and another new game comes out, you leave the majority of your old guild behind … rinse and repeat
    Our Solution:
    Phoenix Legion Gaming Community believes that a community that strengthens it’s core membership and plays together for years yields far better results than starting over in each new game. Instead, our community will enter a new game with dozens of people who already play well together, have a pre-planned set of objectives in place, and are ready to recruit new players with similar goals and playstyles to strengthen the guild as well as the gaming community itself.
    <Blackrose> in BDO
    In BDO on the Uno server we are under the tag <Blackrose> and are a hardcore PvX guild that focuses on PvP/End game content. We are a tight knit group of players who not only enjoy all that this wonderful game has to offer but enjoy making our own content too such as in game races, pvp tournaments, drunken fishing nights, and karaoke. TS3 is used for our voice communication and our very international guild members covers all timezones.
    Expectations for <Blackrose> members:
    Meet weekly guild requirments such as AP/DP and character level
    Always be accessible in TS3
    PvP response time. If a fight breaks out you are expected to show up within a reasonable* time to help fight.
    Members are expected to show up to ALL pvp events/scheduled and nonscheduled if you are online at the time
    Members are expected to progress at a steady rate (leveling/learning their class/getting geared) progress will be monitored by leadership.
    Proper behavior is expected of PvP members. This means no shit talking other guilds, win or lose.
    Follow guild etiquette when it comes to farm locations.
    Be willing to defend members of <Legion> if requested.If you can fulfill these expectations and are looking for a fun group of people to PvP with we encourage you to apply.

    <Legion> in BDO
    Due to the need of original <Legion> players, we've decided to merge with <Blackrose>. Both guilds had aspects that the other one needed so to balance out and provide an active community for both playstyles we shared our members and united under one gaming community.  <Legion> is now for those with a more casual schedule. If you aren't rushing to the soft cap for levels or focused on gearing yourself out this is the place for you. If you would like to focus on horse breeding, fishing, farming, grinding or leveling with out the interruption of being called to PvP, this is the place for you.
    Expectations for <Legion> members:
    Help with guild quests
    Participate in guild events (scheduled) : Drunken karaoke/fishing night/PvP practice
    Crafting siege equipment : cannons, etc
    Being patient with newer members and willing to teach people the basics
    Foster growth and help prep people to transfer into <Blackrose> when they are ready.

    How to Apply:
    Step 1: Register on our website -> http://phoenixlegiongaming.com/
    Step 2: Join our Ts3 channel for an interview from an officer -> phoenixlegion.typefrag.com:4365
    Step 3: Schedule time for PvP Trial ****Only applies to <Legion> applicants
    Want to contact someone in game?
    GM:  Murasakii and Nivhawk
    <Blackrose> Officer: Abused_Animal, Skadi, OnO
    <Legion> Officer: Gabreyella, Crono, Suisin
  5. disillusion is recruiting active friendly players,  everyone is welcome to  join us
    we offer fun times,  no drama, play at your own pace, we have a discord channel,   all our members are very helpful
    if your interested send me a pm in game    ( name is Aesma - family name Jeeeong )   if you want more information. 
    currently our focus is more profession building, but we are open to anything
  6. Hi all,
    I was just wondering what my options for RP on Uno are? I made a character, and don't want to jump ship to Orwen to make a brand new character to level. What channel also, I find some people forget to mention the channel information.
    Thanks a whole bunch!

    Co Guild Masters: Kiye (Family)/Dracharis (Family)
    Officers: Kamada,Maryellen,Liere,Kones
    Website: http://www.solarisgaming.net
     Server: Uno
          Focus: PvX 
                                                 VoIP: Teamspeak3 - ts3.solarisgaming.net
       Timezone: All
                   Members Count: 50
    Requirement - 18+ Be active! BDO & TS3 (mic not required)!
    Recruitment status - OPEN
    A little more information!
    Solaris is recruiting players of all levels/experiences to join its ranks. We have been on various games, as we are a multi-gaming community. We're not only a guild, we're a family. We treat each and every member the same and not like a number. Stupid/witty banter from our members is highly encouraged!! 
    Our goal
    To become the best guild we can be. Simply, A guild of the best all-round; a force to be reckoned with while keeping a strong, very tight-knit community. 
     If you have any questions feel free to message any of our leadership.
    or if you are brave enough you can join our TS3 and come chat with us to see if we are a good fit, We don't bite hard....
  8. Aussie guild FIGJAM is looking to recruit members.
    We're a brand new guild looking to recruit mature and sociable players on the Uno server. Experience everything that Black Desert has to offer such as guild missions, wars, and learn about this incredibly complex game. Share secret fishing spots, enjoy new content together (such as naval warfare!) and keep up to date!
    Discord is being used for voice communications and while I am Australian I welcome all players from all regions to join me.

    Casuals welcome, don't let the game become your second job!
    Still looking for people!
  9. Edit : Found a guild!
  10. <Bloodletters> is recruiting all class of 'all level'. We are now  27 of all level (including 7 level 50+) and are looking for more. If you would like to participate in to the creation/building of a guild and a new community this could be your chance. We reward activity and revise/raise your pay/contract often. We also vote guild skills.
    **So by being bigger and stronger by the days, we make friends but also enemies. And im looking now for some more man power !! **
    - We also have one of the best cook and one of the best alchemist, Both on leaderbord  ! And guess what we can trade in this game ? ... Food and Potion ! Charue and Celisma are   always happy to distribute some, almost every day , to help everyone in the guild. We also have a Trader on leaderbord ! 3:D
    - We are not grinders and Super power player who need to go fat fast fast, and must have everything wow now now ... But don't think we don't aim to be strong and fierce ! 3:D
    - We really like betting and investing on people instead of just on high level characters.
    - We have a professional quality TeamSpeak server.
    - We are on server NA/ Uno, Chanel Balenos U2.
    SO, seriously, if you want to create a all new gaming community and make new Friends we invite you warmly !!
    You can talk in game to Khorne, Celisma, Poklonskaya, Paulyne or Charue
    *Don't be insulted if we ask some question, it is normal after a certain number of members
    Some lore about who we are (optional) :
    Khorne, also called the Blood God and the Lord of Skulls, is the Chaos God of Blood, War and Murder. His domain covers the most basic and brutal of sentient emotions and actions, such as hate, anger, rage, war and killing. Every act of killing or murder in the material universe gives Khorne power; the more senseless and destructive, the better. However, though Khorne is the God of bloody slaughter, he is also the God of martial pride and honour, of those who set themselves against the most dangerous foes and earn victory against the odds. A devotee of Khorne is as likely to be an honourable champion in combat as a blood-crazed slaughterer.
    Quotes and calls :
    - Blood for the Blood God !
    - Skulls for the Skull Throne !
    - "Prepare the Dreadclaws and unchain the Mad Ones! Glorious battle awaits us today, for the world below has refused to surrender! Let us descend upon them with fury and rage, giving no quarter and sparing only those warriors who fight well enough to earn a place among us. As to the rest, their lives and possessions are ours, but their skulls are for Khorne!"
    - "Though the gates that stand between the mortal world and the immortal Realm of Chaos are now closed to me, still I would rather die having glimpsed eternity than never to have stirred from the cold furrow of mortal life. I embrace death without regret as I have embraced life without fear."
    ** Chaos 'rules' philosophy ** :
    1. Discipline leads to Victory
    2. It is Victory in War that brings Immortality
    3. Immortality is the Gift of Chaos
    4. In exchange, Chaos demands Blood
    5. Thus, Blood must be ever spilt
    6. Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War
    7. Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline
    8. Chaos will always have Blood: Yours or Theirs
    Bloodletters :
    Bloodletters, also known as the Chosen of Khorne, the Warmongers of Khorne, Slaughter-kin and the Crimson Death, are Daemons that serve as the eager daemonic soldiers of the Blood God Khorne. As a host, they march as one, in formations with supernatural precision, but in battle, they try to outdo each other in ruthless acts of cruelty and savagery.

    In to our Role play of 'Warhammer vs BDO', the story is simple. In warhammer 40k all other system or games or worlds are just a planet in WH40k universe ...
    So the Blood God make us reborn, as humans, in the BDO planet to prepare the 'incoming' invasion and rules these lands ! And i don't pretend to be the Blood God itself but just his Avatar.
    *Note that RP in the guild is optional

    In this picture you can see the real blood god in he's plane, with he's Bloodlettres Troops
  11. Post on [Uno] LF Guild in US Guild

    By Vyndetta, posted
    Hello and thanks for reading!
    Looking for a laid back guild of adults. I finally hit 30 tonight after starting over on Uno.  I had originally started on Edan with my husband, but the chat was so toxic, it was a complete turn-off from the game.
    I would like a guild of "normal" players.  Face it, we're all a little off being gamers, but in all reality, I'm here to have fun.  I have thick skin but would rather not have my game time filled with idiotic chat, politics or any other real world crap. I play this game to get away from all of that.
    So, I work full time during the week and being a wife and mother, that has me needing to afk a bit at times.  Here's the list!
    *M-F Play evenings after work
    *Weekends Play pretty much the entire weekend minus a little sleep time
    *Have all voip type programs available on my system, but only get on if I'm doing something that it's needed for
    *I deal with idiots at work and have kids, I don't want that in my game too
    *Enjoy taking my time in this game
    *Not a PvPer, but will participate for fun here and there or to help others out
    Anyway, it's late, stayed up way beyond usual tonight! I'm sure I rambled here, so may edit after some sleep.  If you don't think I'm nuts and you have a good fit guild, please let me know either here or in game (IGN: Syralin).
  12.  OutCastPH is Active, Competitive and Conducive to Aspiring and Veteran Team Players.
    ♦ PvE/PvP
    ♦ Passive Guild Buff: Accuracy+5 / AP+2 / HP+5 / DR+2 / Fishing+1 / Gathering+1
    ♦ Recruiting Competitive Players for Guild Siege Node War and End Game Content.
    ♦ Daily Guild Mission, PvP focus and Guild Boss.
    ♦ New, Active and Veteran Players are Welcome!
    ♦ Discord Available: OutCastPH
    PM for more info:
    The OutCastPH ♦Guild Master and ♦Officers:
    ♦ Kizer23 (StellaKizer)(XareaKizer)
    ♦ CayToN (Riessfeld)
    ♦ Jayar (Angelofdeathx)(Untochable)
    ♦ Guilmeister (Adlard)(Aikatarine)
    ♦ Dota (BowandArrow)
    ♦ Miil (Skullion)
    ♦ Sideshow (Vallii)
    ♦ Floats (Mango_Float)
    And the rest of our Well-informed Members to Assist you.
    ♦ Riaxas                  ♦ PoTx                 
    ♦ Jeroethiel             ♦ SucckMyGlock
    ♦ HouseHoleItems  ♦ Hot_Wings        ♦ Cyphered
    ♦ Tensho                 ♦ Creaks              ♦ FilipinoPride
    ♦ BDO_DV              ♦ Ezra_Yukki       ♦ Acidicreign
    ♦ Zadrochkin           ♦ Los7                 ♦ Tribu
    ♦ Lynn05                 ♦ RayatAIUqab   ♦ MadAlise
    ♦ Marcosoccia        ♦ Kahrmah            ♦ ChildofRa
    ♦ AianCam             ♦ Tubelleza          ♦ Leroto
    ♦ Gengod               ♦ Bunyan_Clan    ♦ Majoras_Chest
    ♦ Limitless000        ♦ FireMonster       ♦ Deatheater
    ♦ MostlyError          ♦ Drunkthunder    ♦ Tensho
    ♦ Lunatix                 ♦ SilverBear13     ♦ WatashiFukimashu
    ♦ Thrells                  ♦ Apotheosis        ♦ HEROLEGEND
    ♦ VonChop              ♦ BlackDow          ♦ Falconsnare
    ♦ Trucker                ♦ Orbits                 ♦ BlackAsians
    ♦ Vendaai                ♦ Fernz                 ♦ Rivvet
    ♦ Prince_Ge            ♦ Diedrek              ♦ Hernand
    ♦ Kono_Subarashii   ♦ Kobski              
    ♦ Torogi

    We are Looking Forward to Play with you!
    1st Guild boss.

  13. We are currently recruiting new members who are active. We only have four main requirements of our members.
    1. Help each other and the guild out (missions) if you are able to at the time.
    2. Do not attack anyone from another Brotherhood guild, or start wars(that is a leadership decision).
    3. Use Mediah U1 as your channel unless its for grinding/hunting and you need to switch temporarily for that(Mediah U2 is The Brotherhood's secondary channel).
    4. TeamSpeak - Having it and using it is very important for us  to help you as a player and so that you know what is going on.
    Now that all the formal stuff is out of the way, we are a group of active players who lean on the casual side of things. We do have some very active hardcore players, and that playing style is more than welcome. <Clockwork> is a great guild to help get your foot in the door of the Brotherhood, especially if you are still lower level and learning the game. We try to do all five or our guild missions every day, and we stick to ones that even a level one player can help out on--- the vast majority of the time. Though it is not a requirement to take part in the missions due to you might be in the middle of already doing something else, or have just popped a exp scroll for example, we do expect contribution from our members. Helping out with guild missions helps everyone out due to the guild while buffs we are able to unlock.
    There is no level requirement and we do help new members learn the game.
    The Brotherhood does use Teamspeak and it is a requirement for new members
    If you would like to join please reply here and/or message Aurri or Shyblade in game.  If you can not get a hold of one of us, try contacting a members and asking them to give you the name of an officer that is on.
    If you have any questions about joining please feel free to ask.
    Also, if you are interested in joining another guild in The Brotherhood, feel free to contact Aurri and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
    - Matthew

  14. Append
    Server: Uno
    Channel: Balenos U1
    Focus: Mix
    Level Req: None
    We are a LGBTQ+ and Allies Guild that is here to provide a safe space for those wanting
    to get away from the homophobia in BDO. Append is fresh out of the box so we don't have many
    members, but with your help we can make this guild great. Come join us and kick start this community!
    -Must participate in guild activities.
    -Must be mature and friendly.
    If you would like to Join Append please contact Otria in-game!
    Hey guys. Just wanted to let everyone know that today is Trans Day of Visibility so make sure to let your trans friend know how much you love them!
  15. I am looking for a pretty balanced guild. I am hoping to find one who wants to do it all, including PVP and Guild Wars, while understanding that I may not. Who won't mind me being at level 25 or so and poking around every nook and cranny and being easily distracted. That expects people to invest in the guild but understands real life is important too. That appreciates progression and won't laugh at my tier 2 horse as they ride by in their tier 10.  Where voice is available to those who want it but not required by those who don't.  I am not a min-maxer and am ok with that but don't mind those who are as long as they don't mind me
    Send me a PM on the forums if you think you might be a good fit for me.
    I am (well) over 18 in age, my main character is around 25. I have a friend more interested in the PVP/guild war stuff then I am that may come along later. 
    The Knight's of Delphe require your services for the good of Calpheon and Her people. The royal Senate has decreed that the Knight's of Delphe must hold steadfast against any that would threaten the Republic and her people, as well as Elion. The call falls upon you, citizens and denizen's of Calpheon, to keep faith, tradition, and honor alive by serving the Republic. The brave Knight's of Delphe require your immediate assistance in any that may attempt to plight our prowess and might. Seek recruitment immediately by letter, or by Outpost.
    For Elion, the Republic, and Her People,
    Jayvrekk Condar,
    Noble and Soldier of Calpheon, Knight-Lieutenant of Delphe.

  17. I hit level 55 on Uno server
    Account: Keg (Longsword)
    Any other valks hit 55 yet? I believe I am the first 55 valk on Uno (please correct me if I'm wrong!) I hit level 55 around 11:30 EST 3/29/16 in a dirty old cave whilst mercing shitters.
    Also never lost 1v1 AMA (two 54's managed to kill me once, but they were the most geared people on Uno)
    Have done a lot of GvG (undefeated so far) and large scale combat, we go up against groups 4-5 times our size and decimate the scoreboards!
    Current stats: 110 AP 181 DP (118 AP with liverto) running 3 pc agerian and zereth helmet with LOTS of resist crystals and 5 casting speed. I switch on and off with my liverto/yuria right now, not sure which is better tbh (will probably use liverto/kzarka exclusively once the resist nullifier crystals come out) Health is 1817 (lvl 20 food) and I'm a dirty pay2winner with a tree suit.
    If anyone has questions about leveling/gear/combo's I'd be happy to answer, or if you are a geared level 55 player on Uno I'd love to duel you! (PLEASE, I feel like I'm getting rusty because I don't have many people to spar against fairly, I need to lose to get better!)
  18. Post on [UNO]<Oblivion> in US Guild

    By Gregorovich, posted
    Server: Uno
    Channel: Mediah U1
    Nothing is impossible.
    Very Competitive End game PvP Looking for extremely active 55+ members 53+(wiz/ranger). Whisper: Mykew or Yerp for more information or an interview.  
    Under 50 and still want a spot? Inquire about our sister guild Obliviously.
  19. Looking for a fishing guild or a guild with fishing buff on UNO in NA.
    Family name is Bevelle, IGN Main is Rayet_Areash. Current level is 36 but I've been mainly doing sidequests and stuff for money and fishing since 28-ish. Add me at anytime, I'm on for most of the day
  20. Hello! My name is Cass(IGN: Eagoath)!
    I'm currently a low-ish level (Mid twenties) player and I have a sparked interest in trade. And oh how I've tried to find a guild that specializes in trading and/or gathering, but to no avail.
    So if anyone is willing to take a apprentice into their trading guild I'd be oh so thankful!
    My class is tamer and my AP-DP at the moment is 20-23

    Thank you for reading, please do reply if you are recruiting!!
  21. Recruitment is closed as we have merged with another guild as of yesterday.
  22. Post on oops in US Guild

    By Run, posted
  23. Post on Looking for Guild in US Guild

    By Corvikk, posted
    I am looking for a Guild on Uno for myself and a friend to join. Must be friendly and mature. I don't have much interest in PvP at the moment so PvE focus would be good. Mostly looking for a good community that helps each other. There is so much in this game and info can often be difficult to find, especially for NA version. I am currently level 46 and ranked #3 in Alchemy. Any guilds that feel suitable and are looking for a few new members please let me know. 
    Family name: XWarbringerX

    Hi potential DC members! Here's some background on our guild!
                                                                                          Guild Leader: Michealsaurus                                                                                         
    English Speaking Clan
    Server: Uno
    Voice Chat: Team-speak Server 
    - Level 45+ (willing to level) 
    - Teamspeak 3
    - Active Player/Contribution Towards Guild events
    - Age 21+
    Mission: Our aim for Denuo Convena is to create a great friendly, active and dedicated playing enviroment. We are aiming to become one of the best guilds on the Uno server. We want everyone to be able to work together on Guild quests, Guild bosses and in pvp.
    Our Goal:
    To create a community of dedicated players, sharing one goal of being one of the top guilds/players within the game! 
    Guild Website:
    How to Apply: (List the Following)
    Character Name:
    Why do you think you would be a good fit within Denuo Convena?:
    Tell us about yourself:
    You may also message "Yutiang" IGN for more details!
    Thank you guys so much for taking the time to stop by! <3
  25. Just thought I'd share my point of view