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  1. my group of 5 members are looking for a high end guild to join for end game PvP and crafting. Looking to join a guild with a lot of members currently and own a keep/fortress when they come out. Currently lowest level we have is 42 and highest is 50 we have 2 warriors, 1 valk, and 2 wizards. We all use TS3 atm. Also we are in our own guild we created atm so would take us 24hrs to join the guild we'd be invited to.
  2. <Shokyo> is a relatively new guild for BDO. We're a casual group looking for any players of any level to join our ranks and have a good time with us. The only requirements are that you're active, and respectful of our members and officers. You can log into our guild and do whatever it is you want, or whatever it is that you find fun - as long as you're logging in.
    Guilds in BDO are different than other games in the fact that we need player "activity" in order to pay our member's contracts, pay our guild taxes, and ultimately to level up our guild passives. That's why being active is one of our only requirements. I give out max contracts (yes, you get PAID!) to our members that really shine in terms of guild activity. Join us today, and that can be you too!
    Because we're casual doesn't mean we don't care about endgame content. More and more of our players are approaching the soft cap of 50, and we're aiming to put together boss scroll groups to get geared up efficiently. We also do guild quests to get everyone playing together. We look forward to enjoying all the PvX content BDO can offer us in the future - including PvP battlegrounds, node wars, and even WHALING! We may not be able to compete with large scale hardcore guilds in the bigger capital city sieges, but we'll definitely show face for some of the smaller nodes. If this casual, but immersive style of game play sounds like something you would be interested in, please leave a comment below for an invite or send me a PM! 
    See you all in game,

    We just hit 30 members! Join us today!
  3. Hi all
    Our Aussie guild <Stoked> is now recruiting all *active* Aussie's keen for a good time and a pretty rowdy guild chat. We do big guild missions around 10pm AEST, but do smaller missions all throughout the day! We are friendly and have a dedicated TS server.
    Our missions run on Mediah U2 channel on the Uno server, which is nice and empty during Australia peak times! Come join us if you play a fair amount and want to enjoy the game as much as possible with a bunch of mates.
    Whisper me (Yurika) in game or Veliavous with an expression of interest and let us know where you are from, we'll almost certainly have you on board!
  4. FAW
    It stands for Forces At Work
    or F'ing AWesome.
    You pick.
    We are a fairly fresh guild founded on March 8th and currently at 30 members. We plan to focus on Sieges and Node Wars with GvG and World Bosses in between to keep limber. We're looking for more members that would like to grow with us while learning and enjoying the game. We do not want to grief or ruin the game for other players and the wars we start will be over good grinding spots, for fun or because we just really don't like another guild. We are a guild that will make sure our members are promoted and paid based on their contribution to the guild AND their skill in PvP.
    Please be over 18 years old and confident in your maturity.
    Level 25+ / We are willing to make exceptions, but 25+ usually shows that you're putting time into the game and plan to be active.
    Be active. We completely understand that real life comes first, we just ask that you don't disappear for a week without notice.
    We use discord for voice communication. You do not need to talk if you don't want to but you must be able to listen when we're PvPing as a guild.
    Level up steadily towards 50. This is more of a request than a requirement. You can enjoy the game and fish and craft and quest, but please try not to sit at level 30 for an entire week. The update that includes Sieges/Node Wars could be a month away (most likely more) and we don't want low levels getting caught up in wars that ruin their experience.
    Have fun!
    We're all here on Black Desert to have fun. We may be a PvP focused guild but we're not strict or hardcore in the sense that we force you to play the way we want you to play. You won't be kicked from the guild if you don't talk in discord. You won't be kicked if you don't contribute in guild missions. You won't be kicked if we're all dying to an enemy guild and you're out harpooning whales.
    We want you to enjoy the game, and if you feel like you'd enjoy the PvP side of Black Desert with a friendly guild then come join FAW! 
    If you have any questions or you're interested in joining then feel free to send me a message on here, reply to this post, or find "Kodo" in-game. 
    Thanks for reading!
  5. Hello! Frostless is recruiting! We are a new guild with only 4 members so far but, we want new members so that we can participate in activities and talk with other people along our adventures. We mainly focus on playing this game by doing whatever you think is fun because we don't have any particular end-game activities in mind (we want to try it all). We are currently just grinding to level 50. If you like to join, please message me or add me ingame! Family: Zombhe Name: Zomboy
    Please feel free to ask any questions.
  6. <Cats_Meow> is looking for players who are willing to promote friendly, helpful, and positive interaction between guild members. We are new player friendly, and willing to answer questions as well provide quest assistance! Our interests are diverse, but our unifying theme is, shockingly, a guild for cat lovers. You are not required to love cats to join the guild, though!
    If you have any questions or are interested in joining, leave a reply below or message the leader and/or officers in game.
    Basic Info:
    Server/Main Channel: Uno/Serendia U2
    Focus: Casual/Social/Balanced PvE-PvP
    Social Media Required?: No
    Primary Language: English
    Leader: Alysse (Artisio)
    Officer(s): Frieyr (Valkyriah)
    Do not harass/troll/discriminate against other guild membersDo not use the guild chat to spamBe willing to help with guild quests/missions if ableBe active at least once a monthHave fun~!
  7. The Glass Knights are looking for new members. 

    We are the Glass Knights who at the moment are in our beginning phases, and what we need more than anything else is people, also we are only on server Uno. Anyone of any class of any profession at any level is welcomed with open arms, all we ask is you to put effort towards the guild it is simple as that. Our home is Epheria, if you don't know the location we can help you find it. The reason why we chose a port town is one of our major guild goals is to engage in a lot of naval content from sea-trading to waling, for these desires Epheria is the perfect location to base ourselves out of. In terms of what our guild typically engages in varies as it depends on what our members are willing or capable of doing. Be it trading, girding, fishing,Pvp or anything else there is room for everyone to contribute. We are also more than willing to teach new players game mechanics or simply help them figure out what sort of professions they may want to invest in, so if you're looking for somewhere to learn the game then our guild is an excellent choice.
    *  No level requirement.
    *  Have a residence in Epheria.
    *  Be cooperative.
    *  Please be mature, kind and respectful.
    *  Try to remain active.
    *  Optional Teamspeak.
    *  Be on server Uno.

    Guild Master: Lulanari, Baptism.
    Officer: Kathila, Falkren.
    Officer: Foxy_Sorro. Sorro
    Officer:Cynessa, Frigost
    If you do happen to have some interest in joining then please whisper one of these names as chances are someone will be online to talk with you.
  8. Hi! We are the Drunken Monks. We are currently looking for players to join our ranks in this brand new game. The founder and I are PVP players and plan on making our guild a pvp based guild. Every class and profession is welcome! We are very active and mostly communicate on Team Speak. That does not mean that if you don't have or want to use TS that you can't join. It just means communications will be a bit slower.

    We will accept bambies as well as veteran players just wanting to kill with out restrains. Since we do love war and helping others grow lol. 

    If you are interested let us know! We will reach out to you in a private mail and get you on your way to been not just a great monk fighter...but a drunk one at that too!  
  9. Post on NA <Perfect> Uno Server in US Guild

    By Tots, posted
    Guild of friends looking to grow in the game.  I'll keep this very brief. 
    1. Don't be a jerk.
    2. Be active.
    3. Be excited about BDO.
    4. Please represent our guild with dignity, your voice impacts us.
    5. Don't be a jerk.
    Family Name- Illuminare
    Toon Name- Voyager
    Please message me if you are interested!  We area new guild but looking to get solid members and start up some quests so we can all make some silver!
  10. My friend and I are looking for a guild to do things with. Summoning scrolls, pvp, etc. We are on the Uno server, and are dying to start doing scrolls with other people.

    I'm a 50 tamer, he is a 50 berserker, and we are both veterans of multiple MMOs. FFXI, FFXIV, WoW, Tera, and a few others. 

    Contact: Coeurl (family name: Cactuar).
  11. I'm a very new low leveled player, I am not fortunate to have active friends to play the game with so no bonus xp for me, trying to figure everything out, looking for a dedicated guild to own the land with, later on I want to be the guy who gathers the wood and ores and what not! I prefer to use teamspeak, and am playing on Uno Server, Explorers package bought.
    Character Name: Katatrina, Family Name: Foreststrider
  12. Hi, my name is Reyen!
    Like many others, I'm new to BDO. I play a sorc and I'm only level 20, but if that's a downside to you, I might not be what you're looking for.
    I'm looking for an ACTIVE CLAN. Why a clan you ask? well, I'm looking for something to be a part of that's SMALL. I don't want 50 people constantly shouting in guild chat. I'm looking for a group of people who I can eventually become friends with. For instance, as soon as I join, I might want help with X quest, or X level grind. But I'm more than happy to do the same for someone else (but given my low level, I probably won't be in a position to do so :P) A group of NICE people who don't shout vulgarities in chat just because it's fun. (though please don't get the idea I'm opposed to cussing, I'm most certainly not!) I just don't want that kind of immaturity here. 
    Why something small?
    In other MMO's I've run guilds with many hundreds of people. I know the kind of chaos it brings, and with this kind of game, I'm looking to become immersed with a small group who I can consider friends by the end of it.
    I hope to hear from someone soon!
    PS If I think your group isn't working out for me after I've joined. I will just leave. I'm not very good at goodbyes.
    Hopefully I'll see you future clan mates soon!
  13. So about that PvP Event……..

    First up Guild ONLY

    Spartans TRAINING the way only Spartans have done it for years and many more to COME! We will be hosting a level 45+ PvP event. Teams will be 3 v 3 in the arena north of Hidel. Potions will be allowed, food, buffs, anything you can use normally in open field PvP, the idea is train as if this were combating with another guild internally and work out our characters.

    HOWEVER, I feel the team that brings it the hardest deserves a reward, all three players will be gifted their choice of items in the Pearl shop up to 1000 Pearls a piece and a totally of 3000 Pearls!

    Teams will need to be registered prior in the forums by the time the guild meeting begins on 3/5@9PM EST. Now go make Sparta proud.


    Same Rules: Potions are allowed, LVL 45+ inviting all guilds. Please don’t flame here, this is for fun and to get some PvP going regularly, do so and your guilds out of the prize pot.

    Additional Rules: Must be all same guild for your five. Interfering in a battle will exile your guild from these events.

    Prize: 1k Pearls per player (totaling 5k Pearls gifted to the winning group).

    An elven based guild dealing with mystery, wind, and magic. 
     We have a website: http://whisperia.uno/ <------ SIGN UP HERE
    Where Whisperia originated?
        Whisperia originated on several different games, but going by several different names. Whisperia is our Black desert online based guild for this game and the community in it. Several of the members inside have been gaming together for some time now. Even more better we play several different games with our small group together. New and old members alike inside one community. We strive to have a fun and helpful environment and community to our members. Our way of making our community has never changed as we strive to make everyone feel at home and welcome.
    What we expect?
       1.) The game is never our top priority when it comes to this community. We strive to make everyone seem welcomed and not tied down to being around. Real life and your own health is our top concern. People come and go and yes we get upset about people leaving, but you come first when it comes to making yourself better.
       2.) Our community is always looked after first by our guild master with her years of experience in MMO's and the leading of other guilds in games or being an officer. She strives to make everyone feel welcomed and goes out of her way to help others with most of her free time as much as possible.
       3.) Respect is a must when it comes to our guild. Being rude to other people in the game makes our community look bad and will be punishable. Making fun of people is never a good idea when it comes to new or old players. We strive for professionalism and a all around good community.
       4.) Drama is never wanted in a guild however it does happen. However picking it up further then necessary will be labeled as drama by people. Making any kind of ruccus inside the guild or in public is not wanted or acceptable in this community. If anything please contact one of the guild officers or the leader for help or go solve your own conflict in a private chat setting. If the problem persist action will be taken part to try and help resolve any issues.
       5.) Guild and the community comes before selfishness. If something we strive for, if an item is a small upgrade for yourself but a great upgrade for some one else. Consider giving them the item in order to where we can all do further end game contents and bosses. We will never charge guild members for items or help in game. That is what part of the community should do regardless is help each other out. In return when they ask for some help be accepting to give them a hand also.
      6.) Any kind of slander is not acceptable. Discrimination, toxicity, slur, disrespect, taking a joke way to far, and just plan not listening to when people tell you to stop even from a higher up is always a great way for you to be kicked in the butt first, then out you go from the community.
      7.) We want people to be active in our guild and take part in thing's we do as a whole! if you do not take part that means you might be kicked from the guild for not participating.
    What are we striving for?
        We are striving just to make a amazing community of players in order to play a game together and enjoy the content that is provided to us. We want to do end game progression when it comes around however everyone has to start some where. We are in no rush for anyone to make it to end game! However we have many people at end game already. We will be doing boss scrolls, pvp, and many other thing's heading our way. take your time and enjoy what you can do in the game. Anyone is welcomed into our community as long as you don't make to much trouble. You can do and be whatever you wanna be in the community. we would expecting nothing more then just the joy of having everyone's company and make our community a better place for all. We will be declared on by other guilds it has happened before we do not expect that to be our strive at the moment.
    What kind of community are we?
         We are a community of different kinds, ages, and backgrounds of people from all around. We have anything you could imagine as part of our community as we are really accepting. We are a mature guild so do expect to have content turn into rated R content out of know where. We are accepting to jokes and laughs and good times. Maybe a lot of teasing going around but all friendly. We accept that people have different interests in game and out of game and we respect that. We just want everyone to feel welcomed and greeted and able to come around often in order to join in the great fun. The guild master always picks on her officers or has funny comments to say when the time is right. All members need to try and be accepting even if they are against something they feel strongly about. We only as that if something upsets or offends you say something and we will try to not make people feel uncomfortable.
    How do I take part?
       Their is no forum you need to fill out no requirements as of now. Contact Arinity or Laviden in game that is the guild master.  Make it easier by leaving a post in here, and we will get you in as soon as possible. Once you have contact us one of the officers will send you an invite. All we want is to make sure we get the right amount of people to join our guild with an amazing mindset to join us on adventure with no expectations! Please just leave your character name/Family name with your post please.
    Guild Master: Arinity (Leviden)
    Officers: Tuiat
  15. Anyone whos recruiting or knows guilds leave links below. Uno guilds only. PVX or PVP  
  16. My friend selected the server Orwen. When she logged into the game, she found herself in Uno. 
    Why is this happening?
    Is there a fix for it?
    Her character deletion is 24 hours.
    I thought this was temporarily reduced due to issues like this?
  17. Hi there,
    I'm looking for a guild on the Uno server that is fun, friendly, and understands that real life jobs and families take priority over the game, no matter how awesome it is. That being said, I am an MMO vet that has played WoW, SWtOR, ESO, and others, and I'm looking for a group of people I can befriend and enjoy this game with for years to come.
  18. Post on On que? in General

    By arcticlion, posted
    Anyone else see this on que thing for the UNO server
  19. ax-i-om
    1.A self-evident truth that requires no proof.
    2.A universally accepted principle or rule.  
    Origin   Greek:  something worthy.    
    History of AXIOM
    AXIOM is the evolution of a group of players that have been playing games together for nearly a decade.  This group of players has changed as the years have gone by, and the name of the organization has changed to suite the desires and needs of those under its banner, but the core ideals and principles of these players has not changed, and remains the driving and defining force for all involved. In its current incarnation AXIOM was founded in RIFT in 2013 to create a new home for those seeking a friendly and welcoming guild that still strives to overcome challenges and progress together through content in MMO games.    
    Core Principles and Laws of AXIOM
    1.  Family, real life and the world as a whole should always come first.  Games are a form of entertainment and it should never be demanded of a person that they value the game over their health, family, job or daylight.    
    2.  Community comes first, and no member shall ever be shunned or tossed aside because something better comes along.  We are here to play and enjoy the game together, as such there is nothing more valuable to us than our members and their continued participation.  
    3.  Drama is not an acceptable method for conflict resolution.  Communities will always have bumps and hiccups, but there is a time and a place to settle things or work out issues. Making a scene in guild or in public is not acceptable.  We expect our members to be adults and work out any differences in a calm and mature manner.  
    4.  Be respectful of persons outside of the guild – We do not talk trash about people publicly or make fun of new or inexperienced players.  Some people may deserve your derision but we should always strive to maintain a professional and friendly standard of conduct towards the community.   
    5.  Guild Before Greed – We have no problems with members making money, but if that drop or item can help a guild member, give it to them.  If that drop is a small upgrade for you, but a huge upgrade for someone else who put the time in, consider giving it to them.  We do NOT ever charge guild members for items or services beyond asking for materials or base costs to craft something if they are capable of providing it.  
    6.  Help of the Helpless – If you see someone struggling with something, jump in and give them a hand.  Supporting people in the community and especially within the guild will go a long ways towards bringing us new recruits and helping us achieve our goals as a guild.  
    7.  No form of discrimination or slur is ever allowed and is one of the fastest ways to find yourself removed from the guild.      
    What are the goals of AXIOM
    At the end of the day, we enjoy playing games together and experiences the challenges put forward by those games.  Endgame progression whether it is raiding or PVP will always be a primary goal for the guild, and as such we expect those who wish to join us in that goal to always strive to be the best they can be.   We welcome all types of players including Casual and Hardcore, and we encourage every person to do whatever makes them happy in the game.  Those who do not wish to raid are welcome, and may always change their mind.  There is no requirement to be a member of AXIOM other than being a good person and participating in the community in whatever way works for you.    
    What is AXIOM Like?
    Our membership spans many different age groups, religious backgrounds and countries. We are mothers, brothers, fathers, daughters, sons, uncles, priests, artists, cops and soldiers.  We are a true sampling of the world.   We are a Mature community (Often R rated) and as such expect anyone joining us to be able to laugh at a good (crude) joke and take a little friendly ribbing from other guild members.  If you have children (Which several members do) be sure to wear your headphones or let us know if they are around so we can watch out language.  We do not censor those within the guild (Unless they are violating any of our core rules) so would prefer that you take action on your end to protect young impressionable minds from us.
    How To Join?
    Please visit us at http://www.axiomguild.net and submit an application on our forums there. 
  20. I'm looking for players who are interested in joining a 1-50 grind party on UNO server, starting after Explorer launch tomorrow.  If you're interested, please post a reply here.
  21. Post on LF Pinoy Guild in US Guild

    By Hotbox, posted
    Naghahanap ng malaking grupo ng mga pinoy sa NA server, kaya ko makarecuit maybe up to 3-4 kasama ko. maybe more.

  22. Proxima is a community that has developed from our previous iteration "Eleven Gaming."
    We are now a full fledged community uniting like-minded gamers, tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, and streamers under one roof. We are a community of gritty, mature individuals whom have played games and entertained one another for as long as 10 years. We invite you to join us for our first official foray into the conundrum that is "Black Desert Online."
    With this being our first engagement as a guild many opportunities are available to committed and goal oriented individuals. Those opportunities being Officer's, Moderator's and various title's yet to be determined. If you want in on the ground floor of what we will be 1-3 months from now you've come to the right place.
    Our playstyles differ internally but we cover almost all realms of gameplay. Those being PvP, PvE, and Roleplaying. As such our tag is listed "PvX." Whatever your desire I am certain you will be entertained. 
    Why should you join Proxima?
    We (Proxima) aren't your ordinary guild, nor do we strive to be. We have many in game goals for ourselves but our goals extend past the virtual and into the real world. If you're looking for not just a guild but a community of people whom you may develop friendships, strong bonds, lasting relationships, plentiful laughter, a sense of achievement, and still be able to play other games... you've come to the right place. Many of us have families, children, jobs, and existing commitments. We won't ask you to break those vow's. We understand priority. Our accomplishment's will be just that - accomplished through our teamwork and through our community.
    We are all this and more.
    ~The specifics~
    Server: Uno
    Requirements: (Subject to Change)
    18+ | MaturePlay on the North American Server UnoGritDiscordProxima.GG Forum Account & Introduction Post (No Guild Invite w/o Introducing Yourself)Guild Meet & Greet will occur prior to launch at approximately 2:00AM EST
    I want to thank you for your time, and to all potential interestees.. Salute!

    - Leu
    Discord: https://discord.gg/0ZFXsXs2A6BZSY9h
    Home: http://www.proxima.gg
    Forums: http://forums.proxima.gg