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    We are <Black Rose>
    At Home on the Uno server, we in <Black Rose> focus on a hardcore PvX environment with a focus on endgame content. We are a tight knit group of players who enjoy our very organized PvP / Node wars / and scheduled GvGs. Despite our very serious military style approach to PvP, we still enjoy the more laid back activities that BDO has to offer such as whaling, drunken fishing, and shooting people off donkeys with matchlocks especially with our sister guilds <Legion> and <White Rose>. If you're looking for a well structured guild focused on being the best on the server, owning nodes and regions, and meet our requirements, then <Black Rose> is awaiting your application!
    Expectations for <Blackrose> members:
    Meet weekly guild requirements such as AP/DP and character level (Current: 340 AP/DP combined and level 56+)
    Always be accessible in TS3
    PvP response time. If a fight breaks out you are expected to show up within a reasonable* time to help fight.
    Members are expected to show up to ALL pvp events/scheduled and nonscheduled if you are online at the time
    Members are expected to progress at a steady rate (leveling/learning their class/getting geared).
    Proper behavior is expected of PvP members. This means no shit talking other guilds, win or lose.
    Follow guild etiquette when it comes to farm locations.
    How to Apply:
    Step 1: Register on our website -> http://phoenixlegiongaming.com/
    Step 2: Join our Ts3 channel for an interview from an officer -> phoenixlegion.typefrag.com:4365
    Want to contact someone in game?
    GM:  Murasakii and Nivhawk
    <Blackrose> Officer: Sacha, Solvictus, Wyrdmake, Chooby
  2. Skip to 6:40 to get straight to the fighting!
  3. This guild has been passed onto one of my members. I will no longer be updating this thread, the new guild leader may choose to create his own thread here. Feel free to close/delete it moderators.
    Our guild is <Forgotten Legacy> in the UNO server. A casual guild with 40+ members currently(again, not updating no longer).
    The guild is a "branching" guild of our main community website. The main community website is very small, and trying to recruit members. We want to grow into a large multi-gaming community. There are no focus' on the games we can be involved with. Any game on any console. PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, MMORPG, MOBAs, anything as long as they're games.
    Our website is www.ForgottenLegacy.ca
  4. <Asylums Edge> on the Uno server is looking for more active members for all aspects of the game. We currently have 90 members and are looking to bring in more active players. Asylums Edge focused on balanced game play - from group scroll runs and grind sessions, to guild boss scrolls and guild wars.

    As more PvP content is introduced in the game we will be participating in node wars as well. Our members enjoy working together and helping each other. If you are looking for a friendly guild that aims to be one of the top guilds on the server find us in game or visit our website at www.asylumsedge.pwfactions.com

     New players and experienced players welcome!

  5. I hit level 55 on Uno server
    Account: Keg (Longsword)
    Any other valks hit 55 yet? I believe I am the first 55 valk on Uno (please correct me if I'm wrong!) I hit level 55 around 11:30 EST 3/29/16 in a dirty old cave whilst mercing shitters.
    Also never lost 1v1 AMA (two 54's managed to kill me once, but they were the most geared people on Uno)
    Have done a lot of GvG (undefeated so far) and large scale combat, we go up against groups 4-5 times our size and decimate the scoreboards!
    Current stats: 110 AP 181 DP (118 AP with liverto) running 3 pc agerian and zereth helmet with LOTS of resist crystals and 5 casting speed. I switch on and off with my liverto/yuria right now, not sure which is better tbh (will probably use liverto/kzarka exclusively once the resist nullifier crystals come out) Health is 1817 (lvl 20 food) and I'm a dirty pay2winner with a tree suit.
    If anyone has questions about leveling/gear/combo's I'd be happy to answer, or if you are a geared level 55 player on Uno I'd love to duel you! (PLEASE, I feel like I'm getting rusty because I don't have many people to spar against fairly, I need to lose to get better!)

  6. ✟Saviors✟
    What's up people, today we're bringing you a special treat. We're going to tell you about the Saviors! And what you can do to become one. First I'm going to start by saying we're going to make this short and sweet, to-the-point. And afterwards we're going to do a little Q&A to answer all the dumb questions I've had to ask myself while thinking of making this guild.
    The Saviors are a fully structured Anti-PK|PVP guild that are looking to become THE best of the best. And in the process our goal is to create a large dysfunctional family of hardcore gamers that play Black Desert 4-16 hours per day and spend most of our time talking about how much we hate all the other guilds (Not the people though, because we love all of you). Anyway, in conclusion we plan to be around in Black Desert for a long time and enjoy all that the PVP system has to offer, including the Arena, Crimson Battleground, World PVP, Guild Wars, Sieges, Bounty Hunter System, etc...
    ⚔Do's and Do Nots of the Guild
    Do Nots
    Do not attempt to offer a website or teamspeak for the guild's use (this is always pretty annoying so please try to avoid this one)Do not remark on how sexy an officers voice is if there are more than 5 people in the channel (Although this may earn you brownie points it's pretty frowned upon as it makes all the other officers jealous, unless it's my voice then you have my full consent..)Do not ever play "Never gonna give you up or any other song full-blast through your speakers with the microphone open", (if you do, so help me god we will drop kick you out a three story building window)Do's
    Always tell people how much you love them after you've killed them. 
    Q: What does PVP in Black Desert mean to the Saviors?
    A: Well, PVP to us means that we have to grind our asses off to stay ahead in gear and skill to compete with the rest of the world, after which comes the soothing jolt of adrenaline coursing through our veins that is PVP. The meaning of killing someone that has just been nasty to everyone they've come across... Someone that has worn out that ghille suit one too many times... It's a beautiful thing, y' know?
    Q: So you've said in the beginning that you are an Anti-PK guild. What is an Anti-PK guild in Black Desert?
    A: Yes, we are indeed an anti-pk guild, this means that if we see a well-known PK guild going around and killing people, we'll be getting our lovely manslaughter aprons on and our My-Little- Pony PVP flags out. We'll also be declaring war on these PK guilds at random and hunting them down to get face to face and ask them a couple questions about their future.
    Q: But what if you see a PK guild member running around that is not flagged? What would you do in that situation?
    A: Lemme answer your question with a question... If someone were to become a famous murderer and or terrorist and decided to dress up as a regular person and visit your local Starbucks for some coffee and happens to live in America... Do you either:
    A. Say hello and get to know this person over a nice cup of Joe...
    B. Start playing "America ----- Yeah" on your IPhone and straddle-punch said person to death...
    C. Pull out your 9MM and order that person to recite the National Anthem or die trying...
    ^ In conclusion, I think we'd pick A.
    Q: So it's true that you only let people of 16 years or higher join?
    A: That's absolutely right.
    Q: Just one more question... How does one go about joining the Saviors?
    A: They just ask one of us in-game for an invite along with any other questions they might have and we'll swear them in! No bullshit required. We main out of the Mediah channels as well so be sure to switch to those channels upon joining the guild. You can also PM me on the forums and we can get you invited into the guild that way. Well what the hell are you waiting for? Join us!