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  1. Post on Triple float rod useless in PVE

    By Gotcha, posted
    It appears triple float rod doesn't work in the new pools of fish. So it it broke or these rods pretty much pointless now?
  2. Post on Are you serious? in General

    By Tros, posted
    I'm really not that kind of Person which complaining with spam/flame Threads but you can't be serious about these random 800MB patches yesterday & today on Weekenddays/Siegewars. without telling us. Here are some People playing with limited Internet bandwidth which are planing to participate on the Siegewar ( yesterday) etc.
    And I just got yesterday an e-mail from your Support telling me they know its unfair and they try to to the best for the community.
    Reworking the Musa with more CD's, nerfing Ghillies and just refunding for nearly noone because everyone got their Ghillie before 18 and now on Siegedays random patches which kinda su... for limited Internet/slow internet people.
    At some point you need to stop such stuff, and if you really aim for Community Opinion, get it straight and choose between good Feedback and "Whiner" threads, because of that Musas are not the same as they were ( even with buffs ) and Ghillies now are only for PlayerKill people and not anymore for fast classes to have a better impact in Node/Siegewars.
  3. Where is the patch notes for the patch we just did today?
  4. Update:
    The Black Desert Online team has posted a brief note to let players know that the Siege System is yet again delayed. It appears a pair of "problematic" bugs have cropped up that prevents deployment of the anticipated system. There is no estimated time on when these issues will be resolved or when the update will be released. 

    We'll keep you posted as the story develops.

    What will the answer be??
    The sad part is by and large the update on paper is a grand one. Lots of positive changes, even fishing received an overhaul that means actively fishing and hunting down hotspots means you’ll make more money. Though some will say this breaks AFK fishing (it kind of does) it makes one of the game’s central non-combat activities far more engaging to actively participate in. But the real focus right now, and reasonably so, is on the class changes… or really, the reported ones in the patch notes versus the broken or nonexistent ones on the live servers.

    As user DMKano pointed out, things be borked:
    Sorcs got nerfed hard, nobody knows if it's intentional or not but their accuracy is completely borked Warriors - all of those "boosts" in patch notes - none of them happened, their damage is exactly the same as before the patch Berserkers - got way lower boosts in damage than what the patch notes promised, also some skills that were supposed to heal dont' do any healing whatsoever. Tamers - the pets don't do any damage (yes seriously) and their pets are invincible. They basically got turned into pets. Wiz mana absorption is broken. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Auction House pre-bid system is broken. Guild Wars can’t be declared unless guilds are registered for node wars (not intentional). It’s left people wondering if the correct patch or complete patch was even applied correctly to the servers at all.
    We’ve reached out to Daum for comment, and will update this article as soon as we’ve heard back.
    But here’s the question. What happened to make this patch land with such a crash? The Node War patch was originally delayed a few weeks to get more work and more testing… so why wasn’t it delayed again? There must be a QA department within Daum or Pearl Abyss, so one has to wonder how this sort of thing wasn’t caught.
    Now, it’s entirely possible that Joe Average Player between level 1 and 49 won’t notice much of a problem. Except Tamers, whose pets are now docile and unkillable. I’ve not been able to log in myself since Thursday, so I’m reporting stuff that I’ve learned from my Guild so far. Have you played the new patch? How bad is it from your eyes?
  5. Typical download speed for myself. (I'm sure this has been covered already by someone else in a remote location).
    Can the developers make some way to make downloads easier for those of us not living right next to a server? lol

  6. So now that we've gotten past the Corrupt File issue, made it past the Now Processing screen, and can finally get in to check out the new content (2 hours later), the servers lag us out to death. Not a very smooth update. 
  7. I really wonder how this is going to affect the state of the game. Personally, Im considering branching out until we get the updates we need. 
    The reasons they gave don't even make sense. What more would they need to fix? Having node wars moved back could really hurt.
  8. Unable to hit complete quest button in game (black spirit)
    I started playing black desert online and i'm already experiencing bugs. When doing the first quests, I have to press the comma (,) key in order to bring out the black spirit/blob. I have to bring it out to finish my quest by hitting the "complete quest" button below it. I tried pressing r, the key to proceed, and clicking on it dozens of times and it doesn't work. Hours later, it suddenly decides to work when I click on it, but then on the next quest it happened again except it never worked. I couldn't bring up my menu or chat box, so i just force shut it down. All the other buttons on the screen worked though, like the inventory. This is really disappointing and frustrating since I just got the game.  I tried restarting the game, and changing the graphics. I have version in North America. Is that the current version or do I need updates? Thanks
  9. After applying a Cumulative Security Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 that brought it from build 10586.218 to build 10586.318, Xingcode won't finish launching the game in most cases. I can bring up the launcher, login, and after Xingcode finishes scanning, nothing happens. The game never opens, and in Taskmanager, I can watch blackdesert64.exe disappear from the list. However, sometimes the game will load, but it's random and usually takes me nearly 10-15 attempts before it MIGHT happen.
    I've repaired the game already, and it seems the only other thing I can think of doing is to uninstall the Windows 10 update, but that seems ridiculous that the game won't open simply because my operating system is current. What else can I do other than uninstall the windows update or run a second repair? Is Xingcode just broken?

    Here is the info regarding the update: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3156421
  10. Post on where did everyone go? in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I'm on Edan Calp e2 and it's seems pretty quiet these days. I see way less boats. I get fishing hot spots all to myself. Where did everyone jet ta?
  11. This is only a small request, and is really moreso a question. When Valencia drops, we're expecting to see awakening weapons come relatively soon after. Can we expect most/all of the already developed cash shop costumes/weapons that have been implemented in Korea (such as the new Garvey Warrior set) to be available upon release of these weapons in the US? I feel that this would offer a lot of "day 1" diversity that could minimize potential complaints regarding uniformity that were especially common when the game originally released in the US. Obviously this isn't a huge deal but I just wanted to have an idea as what to expect while also voicing what I believe would work well for the community.
  12. Let's be real here.  I'm pretty sure Daum had no intentions of releasing the awakening weapons during the Valencia 1 update.  A lot of us are probably correct in assuming they would try and release it as late as possible, and milk whatever small content updates they could. i.e mediah 1 with no +16-20 or boss armor. no pirate island or hasla. no whale hunting. no night vendor.
    There are a ton of people out there that are playing classes like Warrior and Berserker right now.  Some people can argue that Warriors and Berserkers are balanced, but those people are more than likely misinformed and have never played the classes pre awakening nerf.  Warriors in particular are in a very bad spot right now.  Every other class has kill potential.  As warriors, if your opponent is using pots, there is no chance you can kill them unless they're severely undergeared.
    Playing on Awakening nerf patch with no awakening weapon is hurting classes like warriors and giants REALLY bad.  Having to grind in Valencia without awakening weapons would be really, really painful.  Here's to my faith that Daum will listen to the majority of their players when we all tell them we want awakening weapons with the Valencia 1 update. It won't hurt the game, and it will even the playing field for a LOT of classes.
  13. So I was looking over the update for the game that we will be getting on June 1st and I could not help but wonder where are our updates for the horses? I can understand that the new area pretty much requires the add of the camels and such, BUT where are the other T7 horses and the T8?? As it stands right now it is almost completely pointless to even try to get a T7 horse because there are only the three pure breads that have special rules to even giving a player a 5% chance or lower to even have a CHANCE to get one. With the added T7 horses at least we would have a slightly better chance. Most of the time people who take weeks to level up a perspective T6 couple have the horrible disappointment of getting a new T6 foal or worse and more often than not....a T5 Foal.
    Before people instant comment saying that I am just crying because it is to hard and I want it to be easier, take into consideration the amount of time it takes to even level a T5 or T6 horse. You spend 1-4 weeks getting the horses to level 29, which is the optimal level for a chance at the next tier of horse, only to have all of your hopes completely dashed. Two T5's give you a T4 or another T5 or the T6 gives you a T5 or another T6. The amount of RNG to horses is a little crazy to begin with. Personally my RNG hates me because I have NO luck at all getting female horses to begin with. No joke if I have a 20% chance for a male and a 35% chance for a female 9 times out of 10 I will get the male. So yeah..... I think that if anything more of the T7 horses should be added to give people a better chance at a T7, we do not have to rush right into the T8.
  14. For those that haven't seen them, one of the fixes in todays patch is an updated to the rewards system (cool, more is always better)
    @‌CMs Will those people who have already completed those achieves/rewards be getting the revised rewards or do we miss out as we cant go back and undo things we have already achieved ?
     ? ?
  15. Hello BDO Community!
    I am fairly new to the game (2 and 1/2 weeks of playing). I have been struggling with settling on a class up to this point. I have a 36 Valkyrie, 23 Wizard, 20 Tamer, and level 10 Berserker. I've been reading a lot about awakening. I seem to be confused on the topic. It seems from the way people talk about awakening balance, that awakened weapons (such as the greatsword for warrior) are already in the game here on NA. Is this the case? If so how do we get awakened weapons for the classes that have it? I have a few more follow up questions, ill put them as bullet points.
    At what level can a class obtain an awakened/awakening weapon?Do we NEED awakened weapons to compete? I notice the Ranger awakened weapon is an elemental sword. But, if you prefer the bow play style, would you fall behind in power by sticking with the bow?When/if awakening does come to NA, will every class having a weapon? Or will some classes have it, and others have to wait for a future patch?Is there a separate skill tree for awakened/awakening? If so, what happens to all of our other skills that we've put points into?When is awakening expected to come out on NA if it isn't already out?Then, I have just a generic question. For those of you who have been playing for a long time. Which awakened weapon are you most excited about? Are you changing classes to play something that seems more appealing? Or, do you like the new style being brought with the awakened weapon of the class you've invested the most time into?
  16. Post on Hidden Stats in Suggestions

    By Superman, posted
    I have tried to look for a certain thread and maybe i have missed it on this topic because most people seem to be hitting on this point but have not really had a thread dedicated to this.  This game needs an extra tab to show our hidden stats and i know the devs/daum/cm can get this simple request done. Almost every game has stats and generally most show all of them to help players calculate dps and builds and so on.  I am almost certain the game devs can see this information and write a script to apply to a tab for us to see.  I do not only ask this for people that want to be the "best dpser" people enjoy the fact they can make different builds and our toons are not linear.  I am happy with our passionate community members that diligently take the time out of their playing time and normal lives to sit in game and try to calculate ap/dp damage,accuracy etc, but it is still hearsay because we can not factor someones particular damage to others because all of our stats are different as CMs have just found out. KR knew for a long time.  I am not here to blame or discredit anyone nor am i here to say this game is crap because I have played this game since it started in KR i really like this game,  I just want to be able to say "oh thats why this build is not beneficial" and "oh this skill is better because of this gear", you get what i mean.  Please I sincerely implore you to talk this over with the developers to get this in the game. Im sure others that read this topic will have many things to say but the one thing is certain we want this game to flourish into a better game. I know there is going to be new and better updates and i am eagerly waiting for them but at least can a CM comment on this topic?
    Comment if you have an opinion
  17. Well i had thousands of problems installing the game but i did it.
    after playing two days a wild patch appeared with a new error.
    does exist any other way to patch the game without using the client?
    sry my bad english
    can someone help me? it´s really frustrating
  18. Just take a look at the new Mediah trailer... (soooo hyped)
    Holy cr*p... I thought the first Mediah trailer was good... now I'm just drooling ! ! !

  19. Post on am Thema vorbei in Vorschläge

    By Bekko, posted
    Aus irgendwelchen Gründen wird der sonst wirklich gute Patch des heutigen Tages von einem absolut unsinnigen Nebeneffekt begleitet...
    Blaues Gear wird zum Trashdrop
    Bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt, also etwa 3 Stunden nach Öffnung der Server haben wir nen Drop von 27 Witch Earrings, 21 Shadow Marks und 2 Tree Spirit Belts allein auf Valencia A2.
    Ich wage nur zu vermuten, wie der nächste Kzarka oder Fieldbossdrop aussehen wird...
    Es wäre mir ein außerordentliches Bedürfnis, wenn das aufhören würde.   Daum, ihr könnt doch nich im Ernst die einzigen Farmitems, die es derzeit gibt zu derartigem Freedrop degradieren!!! Ich kenne niemanden, der mit dieser Politik zufrieden ist, so wird jeder progressorientierte Spieler nachträglich in den Rücken getreten und das Spiel verkommt zum inflationären "all you can eat"
    Mein Vorschlag aus dem bereits bestehenden Post mag ich hiermit bekräftigen, bitte verzichtet auf jede Vereinfachung des Spielinhaltes! Es gibt sicher genug Ecken, die sich abschleifen lassen und die Mitarbeiter da dran zu setzen ist für alle zuträglich. Laßt die Itemtemplates und die Lootlisten bitte in einem Zustand, der einem nich in 4 Tagen zu max-Gear verhilft. Dieses Spiel lebt von dem, was ihr ihm gerade nehmt.
    mit Sorgenfalten auf der Stirn...
  20. In the Daum Press Conference on the 30th of March the following was stated: 
    Does this mean we will be receiving a Weather System Update?
    If so, here's a few suggestions I'd like to see! 
    Piling SnowAt the moment it just seems (from KR's gameplay) that snow is little more than a ground tint to white and dots shuttling down. I'd love to see this expanded, with the surface of the ground slowly being covered as the snow continues, heck, maybe even elevate to show the depth of the snow if it really comes down. (Probably around the Christmas season)
    FloodingNow I don't mean all areas when I suggest this because quests couldn't be handed in, horses couldnt be captured and other game breaking stuff. But I definately would like to see water being used a lot more in the world other than the sea.
    Frosty MorningsInstead of getting rid of the current "Snow" Weather if there was plans for an update, why not use the current settings for Frosty mornings. Think about it, you get out of your house and the in game time is 5AM, it's frosty, frosted air is billowing out your characters nostrils because it's so cold. I mean, if you really wanted to go far, you could incorporate a temperature system. Speaking of which!
    Temperature SystemI know I know, we already have combat debuffs when it rains and such but I'd love to see a system like this in game. Although some would probably hate it, would be nice to see a lower WP recovery if your grinding out in the snow. (Cause it makes sense), or lower stamina recovery for fighting in the blazing heat fully equipped in snow gear. Plus you could make cash shop things for this. Money right?

    Giant sea that is larger in scale than the Valencia desert and cannot be located on the map.Trade and commerce is available in this area but docking is not. New play pattern expansions with contents independent and different from the original contents.Restructuring of the fishing points. 
    Sea floor treasures and underwater gathering will be available. New lifestyle contents designed around the sea.
    SEAMANSHIP - Sea traveling, sea battles, etc will allow you to accumulate specific experiences.BATTLESHIPS - Able to be crafted from the guild houses. Can be loaded with cannons and excels in sea battles. MERCHANT VESSELS - Specialized in trading, has fast sailing speed and the stats can be supplemented by having workers on-board.  

    Ninja Awakening - Can yield and freely use many swords at the same time.

    Kunoichi Awakening - With a large Chakram uses a dancer-like movements in battles. 

    Wizard Awakening - Uses Water and Fire elemental orbs.

    Witch Awakening - Uses Earth and Lightning elemental orbs.

    New class DARK ELF - Agile and aggressive race that uses a large curved sword as the main weapon and dark energy as the secondary.

    Tier 9 horses will not gain any speed buffs but will gain special skills to help in different scenarios.

    Pegasus - Easily climb up high terrain places and safely descend by gliding through the air.

    Unicorn - Provides helpful buffs to the rider and the allies around and pierce through the enemies with the horn that glows gold.

    Hellrider - A combat oriented mount that has powerful attack skills. Leaves trails of fire behind and in specific scenarios causes fire explosions that brings destruction to the enemies. 

    Other future updates:
    Ingame voice chat systemRestructuring of skill awakening systemWanted Criminal systemAddition of diverse co-op contentsBaby elephant 
  22. http://2p.com/41823917_1/Black-Desert-Online-Future-Update-Includes-New-Playable-Race-Character-and-More-by-Aaron.htm
    The article says "new character" so not really sure if that means a new class or not...o.o but yaaay rest of awakening weps 
  23. Post on To delete in General

    By Delweyn, posted
    To delete sorry
  24. So since the start of this game I already fell in love with the Pearl Shop system, I'd buy a few pearls and Gift a few things to someone special.
    Now that we got this Kibelius Weapon and Outfit set added I was already trying to gift these to someone, but it turns out they were going to gift me it instead as  surprise ♥
    But WHAT IS THIS? 
    For real? why ruin this feature from the Pearl Shop, it totally makes things odd and boring now, the main reason why I loved Pearl Shop was 
    Yeah I was thinking in future, every new update possibly.
    So according to GM Praballo
    "Due to abuse and credit card fraud by third parties (gold sellers and others) we have shut down the gifting feature in our cash shop."
    K. completely understandable, system is being abused by players, but why is this affecting me as well? or my friends?
    Other MMO's I have been at got their system abused too sometimes, but the answer isn't to DISABLE GIFTING.
    I really hope this gets solved on a different way or I'll just stop spending maybe 50% or more on Pearls in a future.
    Seriously, no gifts = no point on having cash Shop events at all, think of x-mas, or valentine's, even Halloween etc, etc.
  25. Post on Two costume chest slots in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    So my character has two chest piece costume slots does that mean I can wear two and switch between the two keeping the 3 set bonus on one of them?