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  1. When do you think the game will be "fixed" aka all of the bugs and minor complaints everyone generally agrees on?
    Personally I'm a developer myself and from my perspective it seems like Daum|PA is probably putting all of the fixes (I hope...) into their next Expansion "upgrade patch" with more stuff that has been already implemented in KR. So I am guessing it will be a month or more until we see any bug/glitch fixes. Just my opinion and best guess.
    Question #2, where are the GM's, are there even any on the forums?!?! If so please for the love of BDO reply to some forum topics!
    (especially this one would be nice to know lol, Bump / +1 if you agree)
  2. Thanks for the timely content update, Daum.
  3. Post on Mediah Update Tomorrow in General

    By Shoti, posted
    Just to let u know guys... TOMORROW we will get the Mediah Update
    Daum Games today announced that Black Desert Online will be expanded with the huge Mediah region, tons of new quests, fierce bosses, and more as early as tomorrow, March 30. With the Mediah Expansion, players can rise to new levels of power and achieve greatness like never before.

    From tranquil farmsteads to busy ports where tradesmen thrive, Mediah will enchant both newcomers and seasoned travelers. Take a look at the beautiful new vistas in an all-new trailer.

    Players can access the Mediah Expansion starting tomorrow at no additional cost.

    Mediah Expansion Features:

    + World size increased by 30%
    + Over 1,000 new quests
    + Kzarka - An enormous boss that can take on hundreds of players at a time
    + New guild missions, including special bosses that drop formidable weapons
    + Crimson Battlefield - Instanced 40v40 skirmishes that players can queue for in groups of five or solo
    + New weapons and more powerful armor set
    + Craftable Alchemy Stones allow players to apply Attack, Defense, or Life bonuses to their equipment
    + Equipment can be enchanted to higher levels

    Purchase Black Desert Online on the official site - www.blackdesertonline.com
  4. Post on Eight hour maintenance? in General

    By Vix, posted
    So I just opened the official website to see if the maintenance for tomorrow is announced.
    It's 8 hours long. O_O From 9am to 5pm in EU too, so if you're not working tomorrow- you're going to be really bored. I don't think anyone can sleep until 17!

    Apparently both website and forum will be offline, so we can't even whine about the timing here.
    There is no information as to why the maintenance is so long too. Just the usual "improvements to game stability".
    I assume Mediah update?
    Maybe? Yes? No?
    If it is Mediah- this is probably the first game I've played where big important updates aren't announced to keep the hype up, but instead are kept secret and sneakily put into the game!
  5. Post on Pet of choice? in General

    By Lilinith, posted
    Hey, I still have my pre-order pet of choice token because I thought I could exchange it for further pets. Now we had new pet Sheppard in shop but he isn't on my coupon exchange list. So.. should I wait untill new pets will appears on this list (if they ever will) or just take one of those we had at launch? I don't really like any of those pets.. I just want Sheppard, Husky or.. Penguin!:3
  6. Post on Fishing Update Idea in Suggestions

    By Lepercy, posted
    I am here to propose an addition to the current fishing system
    How about the option, that if you catch a fish, you can spend 5 energy to recast that quality fish for a chance to reel in another fish of either equal or greater quality!
    No matter what quality fish you catch the first reel in, if its a regular fish or a blue fish or a yellow fish then you receive a small increased chance to use that fish as bait for a greater fish. But messing up the captcha means you loose all fish.
    Hopefully with the voice of the community if you all like this idea please comment and share below and maybe the CM's will get wind of this and like the idea.
  7. Post on Blader class in Suggestions

    By Clarence, posted
    Hi players of BDO and Daum staff. I was just wondering if the blader class is to be released anytime soon? I bought the game expecially for this class but it wasn't available at launch. Is it going to be released at the same time Mediah is added to the game? To be honest, I think a lot of people are waiting for both Blader and Ninja so adding these classes now can only benefit all parties. Thank you for your time.
  8. Hey,
    gibt es schon was offizielles wann das Media Update kommen soll. Find es staut sich bisschen auf der map mit lvl 50. Soviele spots gibts ja nicht;/
  9. See title.
  10. Post on No Update? in General

    By Veyana Eldunari, posted
    I played CBT2 (the only CBT I was in, so CBT1 client doesn't exist on my computer) yet the launcher still hasn't started any form of patch or update. Just checking to make sure everyone's in the same boat here or if I should be looking into possible solutions if an update was released and I'm just not receiving it. Thanks!
  11. Tout est dans le titre, voici l'actu en provenance de Twitter 

  12. Will it have mediah, or at what update will we start? 
    Please give quote from them if you can.

  13. Before I say anything, this is obviously my opinion. With that being said, I feel like there's a few things that could be tweaked to enhance the gameplay.
    I feel like the clothing/armor doesn't mean anything in the game.When I was starting off I thought, well I can't wait to get some new clothes/armor. Then I soon realized that I would never see new armor or clothes (unless I dyed them.) What is the point in giving me a new shirt if nothing looks different?
    I'm all for sexy women in games, but can we have a choice? It's not very realistic to be fighting goblins in high heels.I don't mind if people want to create women that are sexy, and whatnot. But that's not a lot of people's play style. Why can't I wear pants? I feel like a helpless girl wondering around, instead of a warrior. I like to role play as a normal person, and it's kind of hard when they are wearing stockings, heels, and short dresses in battle.
    Translation needs to be improved.Quests that are bugged/can't find the person to turn a quest in.I don't know about anyone else, but it was very hard to find where exactly I was suppose to go. And sometimes, I couldn't even find where to turn in my quest. I got a quest from a guy wondering the road. I completed it, but I couldn't find him to turn it in. The marker just takes you back to where you had to kill enemies. Maybe they need to show every quest giver on the map and track them; (although that might be a lot on the map.)
    Making the mini map smaller. (I tried and you can't make it smaller to a certain point.) I feel like it takes up too much of my screen. And there is seriously just a lot going on.When I'm trying to read the bottom part of conversations, but at the same time, they're talking; but it's not what's written down at the bottom. (It's distracting because I want to hear and read what's going on.)Separate classes for sex.I understand that they have 2 classes for different sex, but I want to play as a warrior as a female. I feel like that should be an option. I feel kind of limited. Can a play a male? Yes, do I want to? Not really. And I'm sure at some point or another, guys are going to get tired of playing the Ranger as a female. Give us the option to choose what sex we want.
    These are really the only problems I have with this game. It's a great game and I know on March 3rd, I will be selling my life away to this game. I just feel like these are the things kind of missing from the game, and would enhance the gameplay a lot. Again this is my opinion, and if you think I'm wrong tell me why, or add what you think could be improved.
  14. Nachdem der Launcher Heute (20.02.16) ein Update durchführte, kam die Fehlermeldung, dass eine Datei fehlerhaft ist und ich den Launcher neu starten muss, um das Problem zu beheben (Reparatur). Das passierte in Mitten des Downloads. Wenn ich jetzt das Spiel starten möchte kommt die Meldung, dass Black Desert Online.exe keine zulässige Win32 Anwendung ist (Bild). Somit hat das Update bei mir einen Fehler verursacht, den ich wahrscheinlich nur durch eine komplette Neuinstallation beheben kann.

  15. Hi! 
    I don't know if anyone has noticed, and if @CM_Jouska can point it out to whoever deals with the website; 
    We have Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, Berserker, Valkyrie, Wizard/Witch however we are missing the Tamer class on the website and it is being released in NA/EU.
  16. In most MMORPG game there are two ways to level up ,grinding mobs for XP , or doing quests for XP. But having only one way to gain XP could get a little boring after sometime . 
    As this title stated , In my honest opinion I think the quests should reward us with more XP (not just inventory space and contribution points) because grinders will level up faster and just do the quests that grant  inventory space -/+ leaving the players who enjoy doing quests way behind and way under leveled .
    Don't get me wrong ,I like grinding , but I also like doing quests and have a meaning to why I am doing this or that.
    please vote to whichever you think is better ,then kindly state why.
  17. Es gibt ein kleines Update zum nächsten PM Diary. Dieser wird wohl anfang nächster Woche erscheinen. Aufgrund des immensen Umfangs dauert es wohl länger als erwartet. Allerdings wird dort ins Detail gegangen was den Cash-Shop betrifft.
  18. Updated and some abo deleted my original thread.
  19. Bonjour à toute la communauté FR de Black Desert Online,

    A travers ce post, je vais vous communiquer au fur et à mesure les mises à jour (parfois en retard :p), les nouveaux contenus du serveur Coréen en ce qui concerne le skinning (armes, montures, pets, etc.)
    Enjoy les ami(e)s !

    Voici le dernier article en question : 
    -- MAJ DU 17/02/2017 -- 
    Voir tous les articles sur Black Desert Online :

    -- IMAGE DU JOUR -- 

    D'autres articles seront à venir dans les prochains jours alors restez connectés !
  20. Intro:
    So while i was listing off a couple of features that could be expanded on, tweaked, adjusted, or just plain added to the game post or pre-release (post release is totally viable, understandable, and probably a better option given the current work Daum has to put into localization, but even if it's for post release expansion updates, we should talk about it now) I realize that i had a lot to say, so I've broken it down into Combat/Quests, Housing/Shops, and Aquatic exploration/Boats. You can see which it is in the title (no duh). With that said I'd also like to state that I understand this is Pearl's work of art an they have every right to do with it as they please, that said they have shown aren't totally against listening to the suggestions of their player base in different regions and would even very much like to hear this kind of feedback. So if at some point i sound like im making entitled claims as to what this game should have, remember im just making a suggestion and defending the reasoning behind it. that is all. 
    And with That out of the way, lets move one to the topic at hand:
    I'll start with Basic Combat. As it stands, still a little too easy, yes the grind is there, and thats good, its not like level 20 before hidel, unless you're super try hard. but at the same time, enemy attack patterns and their AI is to simplistic and easy to maneuver around, and kill them. Frankly only things with purple names, or huge groups have ever posed a threat. I'm not saying a one on one fight with a grunt should be challenging enough to make groups fights something you don't ever want, but the mobs should add a little more challenge in take downs. Change the way certain mob types of a certain mob group aggro for example. have ranged mobs be more mobile and efficient in avoiding incoming attacks, their job is to provide support and damage a distance while the melee mobs go in and take the brunt of the damage from the player. but mobs use simple tank and spank strategy when facing a player. players are smart, they know its harder to dodge incoming projectiles while your focused on something else, so obviously the player will take out the ranged attacker to make dealing with the melee a lot easier. As a Sorc it was a simple mater of claws of darkness to ranged fighters and then skirt around melee with ranged attacks going in for heavy melee when they're far below half. or using shard explosion, or that chain skill. it was sad how easy they were. I had to face things at a much greater level than me to really enjoy combat. The human enemies are interesting though. they have this weird difficulty to them despite using the same strategy i mentioned above.

    That said, make bosses more difficult by increasing complexity. This could be with added moves, different AI, or states similar to single player games and secret world raid bosses, where you can't attack the boss traditionally, or must rework your plan because part of him is invulnerable, or he's in a move state that last 90 seconds so you have to spend that dodging. Something along those lines. apply this complexity to mini bosses because if world bosses are implemented their re spawn rate will not be high enough to satisfy, mini bosses necessary for this. or at least it feels that way with how world bosses are currently done.

    With that said Environmental usage in combat, like kicking someone into a wall or dodging so a charging enemy slams into a wall and is stunned or receives damage. Apply this to both mobs and player. This also goes hand in hand with the mob and boss complexity as bosses and mobs can also use this to their advantage in taking down the player, or in PvP where this becomes useful for bonus damage. sharp rocks on the ground boom bleeding status. this would make combat more dynamic and fun.
    Fury should be lowered in level requirement, especially fury share. currently there is little to no incentive to form parties, not only that fury share gated behind lvl 35 doesn't help this case, since by then player would probably not care to party with how little partying is encourage, Lower Fury share to about 20. This i assume was what was part of the party link system that had seemingly disappeared. with Fury share at a lower level and players partying up and using it at a lower level the game will encourage more party play, in order to tackle larger more difficult challenges at  lower levels. With that said if party link is currently not a thing, please bring it back. Healing, buffing, and protecting with fury share and party link can lead to some very interesting formations on both the PvE and PvP battle field. 
    More encouragement to party up in general, either more difficult complex dungeons, mobs, and fights requiring team work and planned out tactics to encourage this, or some sort of bonus for partying up. This is an MMO all form of player interaction both killing and assisting should be encouraged in some way shape or form. increase chance to get better loot is also a viable option. Make players want to party, not just to complete tasks but to have some serious fun as well. maybe adding some co-op parkour moves, to allow for more interesting traversal. There alot that cna be added to encourage party play, this things just have to be targeted towards a small group rather than a large guild (sieges) or the individual player (everything else). throw in things that are party focused, or party exclusive. encourage grouping up in some way. through combat and quests. I've mentioned non combat oriented stuff that would encourage parties in the other post so i wont mention them here. but seriously throw in some co-op gameplay features.
    Quest Complexity, First let me just Say that the knowledge system is awesome and well implemented, but the quest still bog down to the usual MMO quests. Take a tip from the secret world and everquest and add in more dynamic, organic quests, that require more thinking than simply killing and delivery. add in mysteries or something. create quests with multiple solution. Honestly speaking your quests are already set, but for like and expansion. try something different from take this to this person, kill this many of X, gather this many of Y, and so on and so on. Those are getting old.
    add in BAMs, mini bosses, and world bosses. I don't think i need to explain this, but we want more difficult mobs, things that can over power us, we want to fight and conquer these things. These Behemoths of beasts and monsters
    Sneaking should also have an effect against mobs, sneaking shouldn't be only PvP but also allow you to get closer to a mob without being noticed. for got to add that
    See other parts here:
    Aquatic exploration/Boats: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/6344-features-that-may-need-tweaking-or-adjustments-aquatic-explorationboats/ 
    Housing/Shops: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/6317-features-that-may-need-tweaking-or-adjustments-housingplayer-business/ 
  21. I've only covered character balancing updates of classes that's been out in NA. I have not played all the characters in NA so let me know for skill name corrections!
    BDO 12/10/2015 Update Note
    Adjusted lowest damage that can be inflicted with low attack statFixed issue of hair showing when desert camouflage armor’s helmet is visible. 
    Fixed graphic error of body structure when wearing Cantusa helmet 
    Flow:Crow Strike: fixed error where the crows did not show up during skill usageSuccubus: smoother movement while using succubus. When inflicted by succubus, bound status changed to knock back.Cry of Darkness: Increased speed of blade of darknessBlade of Darkness: Explosion of blade of darkness’s bound effect changed from knock down to knock back.Shadow Capture: Decreased damage while waiting for cooldownTenebris Explosion: increased speed of projectiles.Hellfire of Darkness: If the skill is used during cool down, cool down will not resume. 100% critical applied when inflicted (does not apply during cool downs). Damage will not be decreased during PVP.Tamer
    Heilang: Upward Claw: 100% Black Spirit, super armor will be applied during this skill.Heilang: Surging Tide, Heilang: Fearful Trembling, Void Lightning can be used instantly after Whipslash.Increased damage of Flash.Flash cannot be used without stamina.Flash skill will have effect of stun when inflicted out of cooldown.Pole Thrust: removed down smash status, added deduction of target’s magic defense by level.Flow:Water Slice: fixed the error where early stun was not applied.Removed damage deduction of Flash during cooldown.Bolt Wave: damage increased in PvP.Poke Thrust: damage increased.Increased stun possibility during Heilang: Fearful Trembling.Flash will be activated toward direction of camera.Increased range of Flash. 
    Cold Mist: applied invulnerability during usageMultiple Magic Arrow: Increased cast speed and projectile speedFireball: Changed status effect to players from Knock Down to Stun. Fireball Explosion - status effect changed to knock down from boundThunder: early attacks will apply bound effectMeteor Fall: changed status effect to players stun when inflicted gravity force. Changed status effect to knock down when inflicted knock down.
  22. Hey BDO team, just wanted to point out the website needs a serious Update! You need to had the Tamer class in the Game Classes info and Pre-order packages;   also I think it's only fair for Valkyrie to be avaiable at least at CBT2.
    One more problem is the lack of lore about the BDO world! I already mentioned this but please work in the LORE! We really want this! Most players who actually care about ambience want to know a minimum of info about the world their gonna be surrounded by.
    I don't want to tell you how to do your work I just think you're taking a lot of time updating some info that's crucial for interested people who don't even look at the forums or news and just go directly to pre-order tab. Also mentioning some points that I think of as very important in terms of Site given information.
  23. Just wanna let the big guys now you can edit your old posts now with new updates. Appreciate the great guides and info and would only be better with the edits now.
    The dislikes are also gone and now you can make polls with more vote options!