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  1. Post on Berserker roll in Off-Topic

    By AkiaSenpai, posted
    Hi there,
    Im rolling from a witch to a Berserker but im not sure what accesories to get now, should i go TRI red corals and witch earrings or take something else?
    Wondering what to get D:
    You know what to get for a bers?
  2. Hi Com,
    ich weiß so nicht ganz ob die Frage, wirklich Sinn macht oder doch? Es geht um die Liverto-Waffen. Die Frage brennt mir schon seit Stunden auf der Zunge. Angenommen man hat seine Liverto-Waffe auf +15 gezogen, alles schön und gut. Da die Liverto-Waffe den RareTyp "blau" hat, wollte ich fragen ob man die Upgraden könnte? Spricht von RareTyp "blau" auf "gelb". Geht das überhaupt oder bleibt die Waffe einfach nur auf +15 und das war's dann? Wenn die Waffe auf +15 bleiben sollte, ist sie dann doch gar nicht so besonders, oder doch? Ansonsten könnte man ja einfach eine "X" beliebige Waffe nehmen die auf +15 hochziehen und dann weiter Upgraden und dann bis MON, DI, TRI, PEN etc. weiter machen.
  3. Hello fellow warriors! 57 warrior here looking for some advice on where i should head next in terms of upgrades. I feel like i got all my basic upgrades down but i'm interested in increasing my AP so i can farm more efficiently/effectively. My main goal as of right now is PvE.

    Full Grunil ultimate DUO with TRI chest piece.
    TRI: ultimate Yuria Longsword
    TRI: Mercenary's Great Sword ( Green )
    DUO: Ultimate Vangertz Shield
    And i am using a full set of Jarette's accessories.

  4. Post on Cursed Kzarka Bow? in General

    By King Revoker, posted
    So I have this Kzarka bow, that I have thrown over 100mil into for memory fragments when trying to get it to +15. I am currently sitting at 44 failstacks and it doesn't seem like it is going to stop any time soon. Ultimate failstack item? Or bugged?
    I also spent 60mil going from +12 > +13, when it decided to go after 36 failstacks.

  5. So, I'm working my workers hard, every single day.
    They work their butts off and gain levels and abilities, as they should, hey...I give them beer....lots of beer....Massive amounts of beer.
    They hit level 30! Great!!! Promotion here I come!

    But....after 24h of testing...FAIL!
    Fine, I'll just test one more time, I've got 3 attempts.
    Another 24h of testing...FAIL!
    Ok....this one might just be Bad....bad batch or summit.
    Grab another lvl 30 worker.
    Another 24h or testing...FAIL!
    This keeps on for two months and now it's getting to a point of absurdity.

    In the past I've promoted Tons of workers, alot of tests fail, that's a part of the game, but never have it failed more than 5 times in a row.
    I'm talking about 20+ workers failing all their tests.

    Was there a change in the system I missed?
    Is there a cap on how many promotions my workers can recieve?
    Did I fail to check a box in the settings "Randomly get a promotion test to succeed"?
    Am I all alone in not getting my workers to get more useful?

    But hey! At least we've been given the opportunity to fail the promotion tests 3 times instead of 2, which is awsum...

    Also, just to throw in another thought...
    Can't we get higher than Skilled workers from the Work Supervisor anymore?
    Did they run out of Professional and Artisan workers in this world?

  6. Greetings.
    After the recent patch, i got the dim magical offhand from the mail, and as I am a wizard, it became a dagger (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10344/). I managed to upgrade it twice via the black spirit, and it became a Dagger of Sealed Magical Power (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10346/). However, there are higher levels: Freed Magical Dagger (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10347/) and Roaring Magical Dagger (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10348/). But I did not find any information on how to make these even more upgraded versions. There is a similar issue with the necklace, earrings and rings you can get by exchanging token and seal of promises.
    Could someone help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Post on Weapon Reform in General

    By Demerovic, posted
    So i have a green PRI: Scythe of Seduction it's durability is 100/100, and I am unable to upgrade it to blue quality because whenever I try and use the reform option from the black spirit, the weapon and the reform stones are greyed out in my inventory. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong

  8. Origin of wind and cannonballs are not being produced at the qty stated in tooltip , pls see this thread http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/130211-origin-of-wind-bug/
  9. If my gear is green atm. Can I just buy an ultimate reform stone and turn it into yellow or do I have to do blue first?
    Another question: Can I upgrade my green awakening weapon to yellow with an ultimate weapon reform stone?
  10. Hi all!!
    I was looking for this question at google, but all info that I find its old.
    Some sites say: white > green > blue > yellow and other sites add "orange".
    My question is: What is the max color quality at armor / weapons? yellow or orange?
  11. I have upgraded my professional musket twice now from +7 to +8 in the upgrade window, it has reset my failstacks from +18 the first time and +22 the second time back to 0, but when the musket is clicked back to my inventory it has gone back to the +7 status; so I have wasted the failstacks, blackstones, and the muskets needed to repair my durability twice now.  I have put in support tickets both times but as I have not received a response yet assume that they have been busy preparing for this major maintenance; in fact the only reason I am currently here is because I cannot log into the game so in browsing the forums found this section where I can post about this bug/issue with trying to upgrade my musket to make other players aware of the potential issue and maybe a gm reading this and receiving some support once the maintenance is completed.
  12. Hello all,
    Does anyone know if the upgrade chance from 16 to 20 is lower when doing it with an golden ultimate item than with a normal green item?
    I noticed that I can repair the durability of my ultimate item with normal green now without the need of additional money.
    Thanks a lot for any suggestion
  13. Hallo,
    Ich bin relativ neu bei BD, und frage mich wie ich mein Liverto upgraden soll. Ich bin lvl 53 und hab ca. 35 Millionen Silber auf der Bank, mein Liverto Kurzschwert ist +10 und hat leider nurnoch 20 Haltbarkeit da ich es verbessert habe ohne auf Failstacks zu achten. Das Problem ist nun, allein um es wieder auf 100 zu bekommen bräuchte ich 40 Memory Fragments welche pro Stück 750.000 Silber kosten, also ca. 30 Millionen was fast meinem gesamten Vermögen entspricht. Aber damit bin ich dann erst bei +10 und die Frage ist wie kann ich es am besten auf +15 Upgraden? Der Marktplatzwert ist bei ca. 36 Millionen für ein +15, jedoch ist dort keines vorhanden. Sollte ich nun einfach warten und hoffen das ich irgendwie eins über den Marktplatz ergattern kann oder es selbst versuchen? Ich versteh jedoch nicht genau wie ich soviel Silber auftreiben soll um letzteres zu tun.
  14. Hello folks,
    because of the foreced low prices nobody puts in a liverto 15 in ah I decided to make my own.
    So I bought a liverto short sword and put it fast to +12. 
    From now on I build 20 stacks, which should be a fair amount to get to 13.
    But I have now on one char 37 failstacks, so I switched to another char because the 37 should be saved for later i think and on that other char I have not 27 failstacks.
    And still my liverto is at 12 :-(
    So my question:
    Do you force from 13 to 15 or is there a change getting this done with RNG?
    I hope that game designers have bad dreams of a big amount of failstacks hunting them :-)
    Thanx a lot for all your help.
  15. Hello all,
    I am on doing my first liverto to 15. Normally I would upgrade now to ultimate (golden).
    But I read that the chance of getting a golden weapon to a higher level, for example 20 is less than doing it with a green or blue weapon.
    So it would be stupid to grade it up before 20 - if that will ever happen before i die .....
    So is that true?
    Many thanx for all your help.
  16. Hello.
    Like many I am using reblath for building my fail stacks. Now my armor is 15. I want to bring it back to 14. So I made a new char with negative karma. When I die then my armor should go back to 14 and I can use again for fail stacks.  That's the theory.
     But for upgrading my armor again I need to give it my good char. For this I need to enter an area with a residence and a container or i need access to warehouse. 
    I read that the guards will attach me and I could even lose my armor on dying . How do you handle this?
    Thanks a lot for any help.
  17. Hello all.
    I read that some people have problems to upgrade their weapon or armor when they reach a level higher than 15. Is this true that I can not upgrade an item to ultimate once it reaches LVL 16 or higher? So that I have to convert it to ultimate before it reaches 16?
    Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    Have fun
  18. Hallo an alle,
    Ich kenne mich eigentlich in BDO sehr gut aus. Was ich noch immer nicht geschafft habe ist hohe Failstacks aufzubauen. Mit Schmuck komme ich maximal auf 5. Dann gelingt es und der Zähler ist wieder auf null. 
    Ich habe auch gelesen dass negatives Karma hilft.
    Womit baut ihr die Stacks auf?
    Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe
  19. We no longer rent cable boxes we bought our own so cable now charges for band uses   which includes watching shows like HBO SUBSCRIPTION, (notice subscription have paid for it), but now one pays again for the band usage including paying for commercials for they use band width as well, run you pc 24/7 with a series on and OMG.
    You are turning this game into that. I mean rent any color for  month, paint for a month?##@@?? Not to mention other things you need like inv,storage space. Weight so you can carry money to repair????
    Why be so greedy? Charge $15 a month and lets us have this other crap after a little work. We have all left games after we no longer thought buying the stuff was worth it and some new game has came out.
    But there are those that do not get out in time like a friend who had his own company so spent $300 a week in game for better and better gear. 'Why not, he could afford it?'  Well, he got cancer, lost his company and moved to live with his son as he no longer could afford a home.
    He did not have to worry long about wasted money in games for he died but we are not all as lucky as he.
  20. Post on Can't promote a worker. in General

    By Lievet, posted
    Hi there.
    The last week I promoted my first worker, and it failed the test. This week I'm trying to promote my second worker, but I'm not allowed to do that, idk why. I can't press the promote button: https://gyazo.com/6e1555342854bdb7aba54d8f976ac968
    My workers aren't doing any task so why can't I try to promote them? Thanks in advance.
    BR, Lievet.
  21. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16KEr7N5nIml_K_XnfrzATcHqqSrh9mpsBN_vhnYE-YM/edit?usp=sharing
  22. I think we can all agree on two things; gathering is the absolute worst, and Hard / Sharp Blackstones are in very short supply.
    Why not implement one, or both, of the following:
    1. Allow Sharp / Hard Blackstones to be created via heating standard Blackstones in the processing window
    2. Allow our workers to have a chance at gathering them from nodes
    In a PvP game, gear should be easy to get so that people can crack on with having fun. 99% of the population are too busy grinding / gathering / afk skilling to actually 'play' the game.
  23. Anyone knows the rate success for grade 2 and 3 reform stones with this new system??
    I fail 23 grade 2 on gloves and nothing, and 36 grade 3 on weapon and nothing. Is this a bug??
    When I use it, a message indicating the successful appears, but nothing, no upgrade.
    grade 2 , it was not 100% rate with the old system?
    which are the new rates of success?
  24. I'm interested in a +10 balneos rod, and wondering what the rates are on rod upgrades. Was googling, found nothing.
    Some concrete data would be awesome c:
    Thanks in advanced. 
  25. Hi I wanted to know what was everyone upgrading their grunil chest piece too? Agility, Iron Wall, Intimidation??