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  1. So I decided to come back to Black Desert Online, and in the span of time I started upgrading my Liverto Staff and finally got it to +15 then to PRI! "Wait, Did I say PRI." *RIP* In hopes that I could just use the Ultimate Grade Reform Stone On my PRI: Liverto and Ultimate it and make it GOLDEN BABY! I was stuck with just BABY. Well not even a OH BABY! UGH, OKay Well, enlight of so many people actually forgetting to upgrade to ultimate before heading over the the PRI donut section. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! ~Adriendes  ~Sadface~ ~The frustration is real~
  2. Hi folks,
    hope you are all doing well.
    So after losing all my brain cells and money trying to upgrade a Red Nose's chest to TRI, which finally succeeded leaving me with 30 memory fragments and only 100 mil in bank (but also a nice 42 fs to use), I got to a point where I don't know what to do next, rather than leveling to 59 asap.
    I know that my jewelry isn't exactly the best, but also that we get our awakening in 3 weeks and it would be smart to save some cash for that (although i gather a lot and having enough sharps shouldnt be an issue).
    What would you do in my shoes, fellah valks? Please, advice
    P.s. No Dandelion boxes in my storage

  3. It makes absolutely zero sense to me as to why players should be penalized for attempting to upgrade their equipment via the weapon/armor workshops. If dyes weren't random, then yes MAYBE I'd understand the reasoning behind something like this, but that is not currently the case.
    For those of you perhaps unaware of what I am talking about, I am not referring to blackstone upgrading. I am talking about the tier upgrading done through craftshop 'houses' in the towns.
    If, for example, you wish to upgrade your Zereth Armor to a random rare (blue) tiered variant, then you will be forced to decide between losing your dyes on that equip or not ever upgrading that piece of armor. Keep in mind that if you do choose to upgrade it, it's not guaranteed that you will ever get the same colour of dyes back even after purchasing more.
    Unless there's some game breaking mechanic that I'm not aware of, this should not be in place. If the intention was to remove dyes so that the armor in question could be put on AH, this is not the right way to go around it.
  4. Post on Prepared for +18 in General

    By reffor, posted
    Title says it all This is me trying to get +15 Yuria. When i reached this number, i decided to force enchant it on an alt and save these stacks for the future when +20 is out
  5. Hello Everybody! 
    I have a question, as the title says, will RNG be a problem as it was for Archeage and other mmorpgs? I know upgrading requires the work of the RNGesus himself to complete an upgrade, hense this very stressful video by stepharu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLaEDUn91-c
    But will we see any fixes for RNG? I mean this IS a buy-to-play game and we shouldn't have to face such RNG madness, I know that the RNGesus doesn't spare anybody but can't he spare us :D? 
    I feel like this will be a big problem for the game once it is released and I do not want this game to end up like Archeage was. Ty for your feedback guys. If there already is a thread like this then please let me know, I spent a couple of minutes searching for threads related to this issue but I haven't found any so I decided it was OK to post.
  6. Post on Do you need to upgrade gear? in PVE

    By Lyfe, posted
    I'm curious if you need to upgrade your equipment (weapon/armor) to be effective when killing high level mobs.
    I heard that getting armor+5  weapon+7 and its color upgraded to blue is guaranteed, would that be good enough to kill things at let's say level 50+?
    Or are upgrades aren't required, but rather a way to help you kill things faster. (EG.  You can still kill things with no upgrade at high level but would slightly take longer then equipment that is).