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    So, imagine this, you are walking through the forest and decide to stomp on a nearby critter, you miss and the little jerk runs up your leg, into your armor and begins to gnaw on your soft bits.
    Do you A: Calmly remove your armor and release the thing
    If you chose "B" then Avaricious might just be the place for you

    Avaricious Guild limited guild recruitment
    Who are we?
    Avaricious is a guild made out of hardcore mmorpg players with years of experience being in the top pvp guilds of whatever game we play and even as of recently leading them ourselves, we are a guild focused on individual skill over being a simple zerg, we try to accomplish as much as possible with the smallest amount of people that we possibly can, we are a tightly knit group with a strong but small core, we originate from games such as Tera and AA as a guild
    What kind of players are we looking for?
    - Like minded players with similar mindsets about the game
    - someone willing to actively use Discord and communicate with the guild, even during the games downtimes 
    - Someone who stays calm during raids and has good awareness 
    - someone willing to work with the guild for common goals as well as continuously work on improving themselves as a player
    - someone mature enough to respect their guildies and the rules of their guild
    - someone willing to join us for headstart
    What can we offer?
    - a coordinated guild focused on PvP and gearing
    - room for self improvement and guildies willing to help 
    - great leadership, no biased assholes and no favoritism 
    - Friends that will last for the entirety of  your time in Black Desert and possibly even continuing into other games in the future
    - Guildies with experience and knowledge about the game and whom are willing to help
    If you would like to apply to the guild you can do so by either PM`ing me here on the forums or by visiting our site 
    The answer has never been more obvious
  2. Hello,
    The only MMO I can admit I have never played is WoW. Ironic, right?
    Anyways, I am looking for an experienced guild that will be active and established during the 96 hour headstart phase. I can admit that I am searching for a guild that is experienced because my only experience with the game thus far has been youtube videos and some questing during CBT2. I am a dedicated player, and under the right guidance can and will be an asset to anyone looking to educate. Thanks for your time.
  3.     That sound that only warriors can produce, the absolute terror in the eyes of the enemy who is now unexplainably wet. There has never been a battle a group of Spartans could not change its direction or end it all together by simply appearing in our gaming history, come strike fear in those ZERG TYRANTS!
    Veteran guild for 15+ Years since Ultima Online, DAOCS, Shadowbane, Darkfall, Mortal, Darkfall Unholy Wars, World First Archeage and Tera competitors and many more. 250 member + Guild, succeeded in Alpha and Beta, TeamSpeak is REQUIRED! Leader Unbeaten Spartan and his family of officers returns since Tera and Archage to lead another chapter in Spartan history.

    Who are we?

    Our guild has and always will be driven by Pride of Family. What does Pride of Family mean? In many guilds before this one we had never felt the name or emblem above our heads meant anything. Some guilds even set out to make a mockery of it, with stupid silly names like pink fluffy tails. We set out to change that, and over the years we have built a community that would not have it any other way. They take pride in their name, their guild but most of all their family. We treat each member in our guild as a brother in arms, meaning you will not PvP alone or find yourself stuck on a quest within the world. We quite simply never leave a guild mate behind…. However, here’s the catch written in black in white, we will also not baby you or hold your hand, if you are simply inept to wear our tags then it’s simply that. But we will put hours and days into training anyone with the heart for it.

    Our Purpose?

    Spartan Legion is recruiting serious players who wish to experience the best of end game in Black Desert. We are PvP and group oriented; however, we still have plenty of players interested in clearing PvE instances and gearing up for PvP. To put our guild in a nutshell we will PvE to PvP, so yes we will clear PvE content on occasion, but our weekends and the majority of our playtime will be soaked in the blood of enemies.

    Here is a basic breakdown of our ranks.

    Spartan Hoplite- Trial member will receive basic access to chats and guild functions.

    Spartan Spartiate - Will get invite privileges and more depending on the updates to guild management. The game only allows three ranks to include the Leader. So the next rank Hand of the King our PvP rank will be added if it gets updated, these are usually our PvP Commanders if guild ranking is not expanded we will find a way to work with the ranking system in game, but on guild forums and websites your expanded ranks will apply.

    Hand of the King – (TO BE ADDED) if and when guild ranking is expanded, usually a very respected rank with only a few slows offered for our PvP Commanders, as additional Spartan Kings.

    Leader - Does it all.

    I could not find a way to add additional ranks so as of now we only have three to work with.

    How do you obtain these ranks?

    Spartan Hoplite - is a new member looking to earn full membership.

    Spartan Spartiate - you have played with the guild and have had an elder vouch for your play-ability. You have showed interest in running events, PvP, or Recruiting. This is what it means to be a full member if you are not interested in the wellbeing of your family you cannot deserve the honor of this rank.  

    Hand of the King – (When Added) You have recruited a team to become a PvP Commander and are a steady target caller and Ventrilo users OR You have an appreciation for recruitment and politics and have recruited a series of member and alliances into our ranks.

    (When our PvP Commander rank or workaround is found). Our PvP Commanders will only be five people. You will have all week to challenge these 5 people for their position once you have reached Spartiate rank. This will take place at the weekly PvP events. You will wear a specific guild emblem or color to show this hard earned rank on the field of battle and your dedication to the guild at all times. If you are challenged and you lose, you lose your rank and your right to lead until you earn it back. You can only be challenged by one person via the forums challenge a Spartan section per week.

    How do I join?

    Simply apply on website or post on this forum, and use TeamSpeak when you play.

    Website: www.thespartanlegion.net
    or due to new domain change http://spartan-legion.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=151064
    TeamSpeak Required, send PM for TS information and easy access to join.

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spart...93174154078543 received updates daily, Meetings and Events!
  4. Post on OCE Servers? in General

    By Graveyards, posted
    Has anyone heard anything about Oceanic servers or are we being left out again? 
  5. Post on US Male Archer? in Ranger

    By foamrule, posted
    So, I normally like to be ranged (aka archer) in MMO's, but i noticed that theres only a girl version of this available for at least the US servers that are opening soon...Will this be updated? Im a guy, and I dont really like playing as a girl, i feel like people will think im a perv.
  6. Hello!  My name is Dracallis and I am representing Heroes of Heidel.  We'll be playing on the NA Megaserver.  Core officers are all Central Timezone with a wide range of hours from morning to late evening.  We are experienced with the Korean version of the game, having played for several months now.  We have a dedicated 64-man teamspeak and a website as well.
       Heroes of Heidel will be focused around all of the mechanics in the game, not just one in particular.  Everything ranging from boss fights to Guild vs. Guild events interest us.  We've got some people with a very good knowledge base of leveling/grinding, how horse taming/breeding works, several of the crafting systems, gathering, worker systems, nodes and trading, armor upgrading, money farming strategies and more.  We've spent a majority of our time in the Korean version learning all of the different mechanics in the game, as there IS a lot to learn.  We also have some minor experience with the changes from Korean to NA with the first CBT, soon to be added together with the 2nd CBT.  We will not be participating in negative karma/tendency events.
       We are looking for players that are over 18, want to have fun in a non-constrictive environment, have the ability to use teamspeak for PvP(sorry it's necessary for quick PvP battles), can perhaps glance at the website to check guild events, are not squeamish or offended by occasional bad language, with or without game experience.  All new members will receive a one week paid trial contract before receiving their one month pay(increases exponentially based on in game contribution).
    If you are interested check out our new website http://heroesofheidel.enjin.com
    Thanks! ~Drac