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  1. So my problem is that I can't seem to find the start for the compass quest. They say it starts with Martha Kiyen the Capotia node manager, but she does not have a quest on her even the first time I've arrived there. I've finished all possible quest pre-desert including Basilisk, Bashims, Centaurs, Shutaku town, Bandits, Kutum node and those people before Martha Kiyen.
  2. Valencia / I was bored.
    I write this partially because I enjoy sharing information with other players, no matter how "common knowledge" it may seem to some or most of us, and partially because I believe Valencia has it's own merits. Even when some would discredit it as utterly pointless when compared next to Pirates or Mediah spots.
    I do welcome other's opinions though, so feel free to call me a stupid cow head if you want to. 

    I will give you a TL;DR though because I know this will be far, far too much wordage for most people. Valencia isn't a shitty and worthless region/content patch because it's grind spots are lacking when held up next to Pirates. It has a plethora of useful perks and everyday things that I am positive all of the "Valencia is pointless and crap" players still use, as well as potential grinding locations, extremely convenient rare items, and the cute little baby elephants.
    This isn't one of the shiny forum dramas like "Oh the staff are out to get us!", but it does irk me when people trash Valencia because they dislike one facet of it's content, the grinding. I was also bored and decided I wanted to write something with some actual effort put into it. 

    I suppose the best place to start would be simple quality of life benefits that the Valencia region possesses.
    Feel free to offer suggestions if I missed anything that you feel should be included. There are other factors that make the desert not so bad of a place, such as the lower population in comparison to places like Mediah or Kuit, and the options afforded to you in regards to grinding locale depending on whether you have a particular focus (EXP vs. money vs. items). I'll go into those a little later on though. 

    Now, I know that these aren't something unique to Valencia, world bosses are just about everywhere throughout the map, but both of the Valencian world bosses can be very lucrative and are pieces of Valencian content nonetheless. 


    Grinding locations. Some may say without a second thought that this is irrelevant without taking a look at what there is to be said about Valencia's diversity of locations, and that's fine. Not everyone has Master 2 trading and the desire to ward off 72 players an hour while manhandling some pirates and drinking a fine cup of tea. 

    Now that concludes just about everything I had to say regarding the Valencia region and some of the reasons it's more useful and popular than some may think. There are still a handful of little "details" that I want to point out though, I just don't have a lot to say about them, so I will simply list those below in lazy moderator format. 
    TL;DR #2, I suppose the point of this is to show that even if Valencia's grinding isn't the best all around grinding in the game, it still has it's merits and isn't a waste of space on your HDD/SSD like a lot of people seem to think it is. Just because the grinding isn't what you'd like it to be, doesn't mean that the expansion is just shit and needs to be reworked from the ground up. I'd say it has some of the most "balanced" grinding choices in the game. EXP vs. silver. vs. items. Like I said earlier. You shouldn't be able to get all 3 at one location. #reworkpirates
  3. So I've been playing this game for half a year now and have finally decided to continue questing into the Valencia region. I don't really know why but I've always had this idea of seeing players out in the desert. Crossing it to get to the shining city on the sands or being out there to fight players/monsters as the black desert (also the name of the game) would be the end game area in my mind. It saddens me to learn that Valencia, along with all of its region, are damn near empty. What I have been told  from asking around is that its just not worth it to go out there. Which is just so disappointing because here I was saving what I thought to be a whole other part of the game for when I got close to having good gear. It just baffles me that Kakao Games can leave an entire half of the map useless other than questing in a game like this. It now makes sense to me why servers have so much issues. When everyone is crammed into half of the map the other half sits empty and just uses up server resources for nothing.
  4. Post on Valencia Overhaul in General

    By Kanerex, posted
    I know in KR they reworked some Valencia areas and did some improvements on the performance side of things people dubbed the "Valencia Three" update if I'm not mistaken.

    Did we ever receive this update? or did we skip this without a second thought to it...as I haven't noticed anything that has mentioned anything like this in the patchnotes.
  5. We are going to have a new forum, I also post a same topic there. Click Me.
    It’s the time for another maintenance. I just have nothing to do, so I post this.  Well, it’s good that a game still keep updating. But after I saw the update content preview….*sigh*
    Let’s get back to the topic. We can see lots of suggestions in the forum. But, seems many of them are hard to fulfill.
    For example, some players want Daum to rebalaance the classes.
    It sounds logical and I agree with it. But it’s really hard to fullfill.
    Because Daum has no ability, responsibility and right to do this!
    They are just publisher.
    Only Pearl Abyss, the developer,  has the power to do these core change.
    Fix bugs? Rebalance classes? Ask for new male/female classes? Change game mechanism?  Fix desync? Fix memory leaks? Fix FPS? Optimize graphic? New game content? UI change?.......
    Daum can change NONE of them!!!
    Only Pearl Abyss can do these, Daum can only “suggest” them.
    So what can Daum do?
    According to the events we had before, Daum can…
    1.Change the monster loot drop. (Dark Knight Seal event)
    2.Change the monster loot drop rate. (Black Stone event)
    3.Change the gathering loot drop. (Play Your Own Style event)
    4.Change the gathering loot drop rate. (Play Your Own Style event)
    5.Change the fishing loot drop rate.
    6.Add new NPCs. (Most of the events have)
    7.Apply all the changes that Pearl Abyss did in the Korean server.
    8.Gives global buff to all players. (Weekend Bonus Exp)
    9.Adjust the price of pearl items.
    Daum has these ABILITY and RIGHT to do these.
    I think these are really enough to make NA BDO much more better.
    To be honest, if the gaming environment doesn’t change.
    It’s no matter that you don’t update the Horse Awakening, because only 84 horse in NA can be benefit by this patch.
    It’s really no matter that you don’t release Valencia, Margoria and Kamasylvia, because they are all DISPOSABLE maps. You completed the main-story quests? You checked all the nodes? Even if you don’t do either of them, you will back to Pirate Island and Sausan. The core game is still stop at Mediah version. The rest have no better reward compare with these Mediah stuffs.
    I can get more exp at Sausan and Pirate Island, why should I go so far away to desert?
    I can get Sharp Black Stone Crystal easily from the sheep at Serendia mountain, why should I go so far away to Valencia to dig those hard-to-find desert herb?
    I can do all world boss if I stay at Sausan, why should I sail so far away to Margoria to miss those boss fight?
    Aakman Temple? Hystria Ruins? Okay, I can do those mobs if I go with 4 more guildies. But,   does the drop rate increased? Not at all, at all, at all. The correct solution is that we 5 players all ALT+C at Sausan and exclude all other players. This is the most effective way to level up and earn silvers.
    The end-game of all MMORPGs are hard to exclude PvP.
    Why you grind so hard? For higher level and better gears.
    Why you play so much life skills? For more silvers to buy better gears. And it makes you easier to grind mobs.
    What’s the next step after you conquer all mobs in a MMORPG?
    Start PvP, find stronger players and beat them down. And enjoy the progression of your character and your controlling skills.
    And currently, BDO makes the road to high level / good gears TOO boring.
    Only Sausan and Cox Pirate have the highest effeciency to get the top.
    And you start this endless loop since you are Lv52!
    Grind same mobs from Lv52 to Lv 60?
    Gathering the same spot for next billion silvers?
    WTF logic?
    Nothing changed since Mediah version? All of the later patchs are a FAKE?
    I’m also so surprise to the logic of Daum,
    You are able to give away ultimate END-GAME accessories just by logining in with one click.
    But you don’t dare to change the game environment by adjusting mobs exp/drop rate and gathering exp/drop rate from Valencia and later patch.
    Why you don’t take good use of your ABILITY and RIGHT to make different fish pools for us weekly.
    But keeps giving fish directly to us DAILY.
    That’s not even a game! A true game should let the players get what they WANT on their OWN.
    BDO is not a trash mobile game, and tons of players are supporting you by CASH.
    Can you Daum make BDO better?
    Well, you Daum can ignore this post if you CHANGE the game name from “Black Desert” to “Black Pirate” or “Black Sausan”.
    I will have no more opinion, yes I promise, no more.
    Start lazy life-skilling from now on, unless Daum makes some change to the gaming environment.
    Get back to play World of Tanks, League of Legends and some PC games on Steam.

  6. Post on Valencia needs tweaks in General

    By Lapo, posted
    Goodmorning you all!
    I'm a  casual player since first month of BDO EU
    I have a sorc that i exped in Valencia from 56 to 58 (for me it was an huge work)
    Since i pass a lot of time in valencia territory, i noticed a lot of problems that make Valencia a missed opportunity for all the BDO world
    I want to share my little opinions, even if you dont care
    The meaning is : probably Valencia has been designed more than one year ago with specific goals.. but , now, game has changed and community too... So necessities are changed:
    why not make Valecia better fitting with actual game situation?
    1) Valencia in  not connecting with trasporting: WHY?! I can understand not to make a route to calph BUT at least to anc port (and from there to altinova)
    It is insame and i cannto understand a good and deep reason for not having something like this
    2) Valencia is not connected with autoroute. OK ,... i can undestand ..but this little fact makes valencia dead
    3) Node are too expensive in generale in valencia territory
    4) using a cammel in south mountainous areas is a pain in the ass
    5) Xp is good but money from mobs doesnt suite with the level of the mobs themselves
    6) the portal system to the dungeons is stupid
    7) some xping zone (sulphur zone) should be reworked to fit with the actual necessities
    8) in general , Valencia Zonez has not taming horses zone... i think i should fine a f*****ing horse or cammels to tame ... but no... why ?!
    9) valencia city is an hell if you want cook, processing etc
    10) valencia castle is an empty (beautiful) site.. why ? 2 f****ing mobs like cron castle should be better IMHO OR at least some NPC (mediah castle too)
    If you have more arguments, please share with me
  7. Post on Valencia. in Suggestions

    By AzureWind, posted
    I'm a big fan of the Valencia region and was underwhelmed by how it compares to every other region ingame so i came up with this rather than nerfing pirates.

    Part 1 : The problem.

    Kuit islands aka Pirate island is very populated by players because of how rewarding it is , neglecting the majority of the other regions in game.
    This is very toxic to the game's environment as players coming in to the game cannot progress as fast as older players EXCEPT if they farm there and by how contested it is it is not as efficient in the log run . It can net up to 15-25 million per hour compared other regions in game including deep down in Valencia . As the player base increases there will be not enough channels for players to contest which leads to a very slow progress for new players.

    Part 2: Theory-crafting solutions.

    Nerfing pirates by itself is not the right move in my opinion. On the other hand bringing other higher up regions (Valencia) on par with it will distribute  players in a healthy way to keep the game world alive and not trapped in one place for maximum profit.

    Option #1: Increasing silver per mob in all the Valencia regions.
    For Basilisk and Centaurs to having more increased silver and trash loot per mob compared to other Valencia part 1 regions due to their difficulty in killing.
    Increasing weapon and armor stones from the Valencia region or be on par with pirates.
     After a 144+ hours data sheet there is a significant number increase from pirates to Valencia regions , even with the event on.
    Below is a template for the trash loot of Valencia should be like. 
    (The numbers are not final in any sort of means just shows the approximate increase to the areas , take it with a grain of salt)

    Option #2: (Recommended): Just like the candy and dark knight event make an event item that drops exclusively from all Valencia regions. To be exchanged for gold bars from an npc ( Node NPC)
    The exchange rate is as follows 
    (The numbers below is a representation of the event item exchange rates. These are examples to show if a higher number of exchanged items equals higher rewards to reward long grinding sessions)
    10 - 100k50 - 1 mil100 - 3 mil200 - 6 mil500 - 13 mil
    The top 100 contributers that exchanged the highest amount will  be rewarded with a title + a reward worthy of their efforts.

    This will reward people farming longer period of times to be rewarded with higher amounts of silver in return rather than abusing minimum amount of farm to get the same amount as someone who sat there for 4 hours.Option #3: Night-time in Valencia should spawn a "bandit" type monsters in the area that flee when attacked has a semi-high HP pool and should be defeated in 30-45 second timer. If not defeated the "bandit" type monster will escape. The monster loot table should be exclusive the the place you are farming in. Example Crescent's will have the crescent ring in the loot table. 
    The monster cannot be slowed only CC'd. The monster can slow you down with an attack if not blocked or dodged while fleeing. 
    (Monster is not supposed to be 3-4 shot. HP pool should range be less than Gahaz's elites but not too squishy to be 3 shot even by a 250+ AP.)

    I think this will really spread out the player base amongst the world to create a lively world in BDO.

    Part 3: Increase exp in the desert and desert exploration.

    An event for a certain duration of time for anyone leveling in the desert area will automatically receive a +20% exp and 20% skill exp bonus.

    Spread out random even gathering spots that are located in the desert that have a chance to obtain one of the following items.

    These gathering spots spawn randomly similar to the Aakman temple entrance locations. This will prevent people pin pointing locations and abusing channel swap. 

    Weapon stone
    Armor stone
    Black crystal shard
    Concentrated weapon stone
    Concentrated armor stone
    15x Weapon stone (Rare)
    15x Armor stone (Rare)
    3x Concentrated weapon stone (Very rare)
    3x Concentrated armor stone (Very rare)
    3x Black crystal shard (Very rare)

    This will encourage people to explore the desert and form parties on the hunt of such treasures in the desert.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Much love.


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


  8. Post on Farming post awakening in PVE

    By Raykonx, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I have come back from a 6th month slumber with a friend, we did the awakening quest etc. and tried our new gear upgrade at basilisks and we did pretty good. However, we feel that even if the belt can drop it is not quite the "best spot". We would like to lvl up while getting som loot, no need to be ultra end top tier but just to see that we get some rewards.
    Right now I am a wizard with 142/137/196 and my friend is a musa with 128/118/196
    I know we have shitty equipment but we should start somewhere so, where do you guys recommend to farm with these stats / party?
    Thank you for your attention
  9. Yo, I unlocked Fazmin (The node manager) but can not get the knowledge for the topography/Eastern Valencia/Dona Rocky Mountain. My theroy is that it I unlucked it before that part of Valencia was released. Then eventually when it was released the knowledge got "unlearned" and is now stuck in some kind of state inbetween unlocked and locked.


    Attention Adventurers!  Gondor is actively seeking new members.  We welcome players with a non-competitive mindset, those who want to engage in all aspects of BDO.
    I have been playing BDO since CBT1 and instantly fell in love with this game.    Gondor is under new management!  We had a splitting of directions - some members found that they wanted to be more actively involved in the upcoming seiges and node wares. Being a PvX guild, we did not have the numbers nor the interest, so they chose to part ways.  Right now the guild consists of a small handful of players who are still interested in all aspects of BDO, and we are looking to recruit other players with similar interests.
    Focus:   Balanced PvE/PvP, Economy & Crafting
    Maintaining the core idea that this is a GAME - we want it to be fun!We primarily enjoy PvE content such as group monster grinding, life skills/professions, boss scrolls, knowledge seeking, and exploration. PvP obviously happens in this game, but we are a guild of honor.  We fight to defend ourselves, defend our grind spots, and defend our fellow guild members. We do not go around picking fights for the sake of fighting, and we especially do not attack those who are unable to defend themselves, such a horse trainers who are AFK.We are on Discord, actively working together to grow as both individual players and as a guild.  It is by no means a requirement, but we find a useful for coordinating and communicating in bigger groups, such as boss scrolls or large guild quests.  As long as you keep in communication one way or another, that's what matters. 
    Think you have what it takes to join the Ithilien and serve the great kingdom of Gondor?  PM me through these forums or whisper me in game.  We'll have a quick chat and see if this guild is a good fit for what you are looking for.  Feel free to also reach out to any of our officers you run into while playing the game.

  11. Hello Community,
    i hope some of you can help me with a quest. A few days ago i got a bottle trough harpune fishing with an quest inside.
    It's called Gardaka's Treasure Map.
    The Quest itself is an mystery with the following text:
    ”Woke up to find myself lying at the bottom of a valley. Sharp needles facing each other, fall of the burning flower. From there, at the end of the ordeal, I saw the light.”
    i traveled through the desert many hours and thinking of where this location could be but every spot that looks like something that has to do with this quest was not correct.
    Maybe some of you already did that quest or have some information where i can find the hidden treasure. The Internet and BD Database could not provide any useful information.
    Thanks a lot for your help
  12. Valencia 

    Valencia, the guild, once held a many of explorers.  It was a place called home to a league of veterans.  With sails set in the direction of prosperity, they set forth on the journey of remembering.  Adventuring out into the surrounding world, they cast out their ambitions; cultivating their skills, dealing in the arts of trade, and vanquishing those who proclaim enemy.  Valencia shaped into many forms of identity, to eventually become a ruin.  
    A light in the dark, shone through, igniting into what is known as-  

    Birthing into its second life, 'Valencia's four' is now gathering to rebuild a guild where many can call to home and expedition.  We are looking for those with a thirst for exploration, a niche for crafting, and hunger to destroy enemies.  We offer a guild to grow with fellow adventurers, building amongst one another in all respects.  We are here to seek entirely out into the open world and build a guild of many strengths. 
    Valencia is a casual and progressive open world guild. 
    We are rebuilding a Large 60 - scale guild shell We looking to go in any direction with our game play with the main focus on a foundation of friendly players who enjoy doing whatever it is they like in-game Valencia offers a Discord server that is optional.
    Current Member Scale: Medium (41/60)
    Accuracy +1 All AP +5 Max HP +60 Damage Reduction +5 Gathering +1 Fishing +1 

    Level 50+  
    active play (few days a week minimum)

    Alexina (Low) - whisperCute (Sky) - whisper Philosopher (Light) - forum message, whisperGarbage (Idiot) - whisper  

  13. As the title says, are GK's bugged or something? I've been to 4 different channels so far, none are spawned on any. I've even checked multiple spots on each channel too, cadry, frogans, nagas, crescents, none are spawned. I also had guildies check on their channels if they were near the spots, and again, nothing. Saw some people asking in channel chat about them also.
  14. Hello
    Please increase XP rates in Valencia. Pirates is still the most optimal XP spot from 56-60. This is the equivalent of catfish being a better xp spot than anything in Mediah. There are end-game spots in Valencia that are better xp than pirates but they are for 60+.
    Please boost xp for all of the Valencia mobs so that they are better than pirates. This will help to spread people around in the game. If you want pirates to continue being better than Valencia then please double the size of the island and available mobs.
    If you knockdown an enemy in Valencia for some reason the location of the enemy does not correlate to its hitbox meaning, as you can see in the gfycat above, no damage is done to a KD'd enemy until it suddenly warps to its "real" position.
    It has been like this forever and is a reail PITA espcially when knocking down is a crucial part of getting good damage for me It can be alleviated by amending the direction of attack which suggests to be the issue is where the terrain has a level change - around the location in the gfycat it is really problematic wherever there are steps.
  16. I think one of the largest issues that I've noticed with Valencia is that people rarely go there.  When you compare to cities such as Altinova, Heidel, Calpheon, and Velia—Valencia is barren by comparison with only a few players here-and-there.  I think the largest reason for this is the active time investment it takes to reach Valencia city.  You can't simply autopath there, thus many people don't bother.  A lot of people I've met in-game haven't actually even ever been to Valencia yet!  Even if they're level 57+.
    I do, however, think this can be corrected—and there's lore precedent!  Within the lore we learn that a road is about to be built from Valencia City to Mediah, and that merchant guilds are arguing over the rights for it.  This is a perfect opportunity to expand on the lore, and add a great way to spread players to Valencia better.

    The path could take many directions, so long as it avoids the Gahaz bandits and the desert hypothermia/heat stroke elements!  Just something that's been on my mind, food for thought I guess.

    Attention Adventurers!  Gondor is actively seeking new members.  We welcome players with a non-competitive mindset, those who want to engage in all aspects of BDO.
    I have been playing BDO since CBT1 and instantly fell in love with this game.    Gondor is under new management!  We had a splitting of directions - some members found that they wanted to be more actively involved in the upcoming seiges and node wares. Being a PvX guild, we did not have the numbers nor the interest, so they chose to part ways.  Right now the guild consists of a small handful of players who are still interested in all aspects of BDO, and we are looking to recruit other players with similar interests.
    Focus:   Balanced PvE/PvP, Economy & Crafting
    Maintaining the core idea that this is a GAME - we want it to be fun!We primarily enjoy PvE content such as group monster grinding, life skills/professions, boss scrolls, knowledge seeking, and exploration. PvP obviously happens in this game, but we are a guild of honor.  We fight to defend ourselves, defend our grind spots, and defend our fellow guild members. We do not go around picking fights for the sake of fighting, and we especially do not attack those who are unable to defend themselves, such a horse trainers who are AFK.We are on Discord, actively working together to grow as both individual players and as a guild.  It is by no means a requirement, but we find a useful for coordinating and communicating in bigger groups, such as boss scrolls or large guild quests.  As long as you keep in communication one way or another, that's what matters. 
    Think you have what it takes to join the Ithilien and serve the great kingdom of Gondor?  PM me through these forums or whisper me in game.  We'll have a quick chat and see if this guild is a good fit for what you are looking for.  Feel free to also reach out to any of our officers you run into while playing the game.

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  18. Bonjour,
    pour pouvoir accepter une quêtes proposée dans la fenêtre "o" onglet Daily ([Daily] Karashu's Message), j'ai acheté le pass à 50g pour avoir accès au donneur de quête "Liam" dans une des maisons de "Tranan Underfaoe", celle qui est en-dessous de l'"Avant-poste du Rocher".
    Mais je ne comprends pas l'intérêt de ce système, tu paie 50g pour gagner seulement 5g et 200xp de contrib par jour pendant 7 jours.
    En gros tu dépense 50g et tu en récupère 35 pour seulement 200xp de contrib par jour pendant 7 jours?? wtf??
    Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'éclairer svp?
  19. Greeting,
    As the title said. I'm a kunoichi with 146ap and 202 dp. Can I solo pirates & valencia suggestion quests? easy? hard? very hard? impossible?
    Notice that I only want to do suggested quests. I know there are some harder quests which ask you to kill hunderd of mobs.They may not be suggested quests.
    So why do I want to do suggestion quests first? Because they are important for understan ding the main story. When I play a game, personally I always find the story is quite ineresting. This is my way to play BDO.
  20. I recon that you added the elites in Cadry/Gahaz/etc to spice things up, however the only possible outcome I see of them is non tanky players avoiding Valencia even more than before.
    With the part valencia re-work last patch I was looking forward to finaly stepping out of Sausans, but getting hit for 2k damage each hit from an elite that takes minutes to kill is retarded.
    Back to sausans it is for me.
  21. Good Afternoon everyone.
    Over the course of weeks I have spent allot of time in Valencia, doing quests, grinding, exploring, node management.... you know... the usual, and something has occurred to me, Where is everyone? I know there are not that many people above level 56 - 57 in contrast to the overall player base but the mobs in Valencia give far more EXP than Suasans and Pirates?
    I have therefore come to this conclusion.... The desert annoys and discourages people. 
    The constant annoyance going slow, map not working, mini-map not working, constantly having dehydration and hypothermia I THINK puts people off being there and one of the only things that alleviates some of this is a compass that is very hard to grind since the drop rate is very low and cost millions to buy and to pour salt into the wound the blasted thing only last a measly 3 days!
    Now I understand the slowness, sand and all that, I understand the dehydration, Desert, hot, you burn up without water.... The Hypothermia I don't really understand since you don't get Hypothermia in any other area and in RL you don't get Hypothermia in the desert... but that's a different discussion..
    The compass on the other hand I just don't get how it lasting 3 days attracts people to the area. It forces you to stay in this area for a full 3 days to get the maximum out of your find or buy and emotionally forces you to do nothing else out of fear of wasting the time and is very expensive to buy and very hard to grind.
    I therefore propose that the compass time usage be extended to 30 days instead of a mere 3 days. This will (hopefully) encourage people to the area. 
    Thoughts anyone?
    Constructive comments only please. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. What I do expect is no insults, Trolling, Flaming and abusive comments. If you wanna do the latter then please don't post.
  22. Post on Fixing Valencia. in Suggestions

    By Inochii, posted
    It's simple. Valencia have a serious design problem. o_o It's beautiful desert, but I think was to be a desert only in the artistic style and not in amount of players. =D

    Fact: Everything that you need to do just to be farming in valencia don't worth compare with Pirates or Sausans. 

    OBS: Valencia XP is good, but this game is based on MONEY/GEAR not just level. After spending some time in valencia, I made this guide: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112635-updated2109-valencia-spots-guide/

    - And I tell you, some modifications was made in valencia in recent patches on the KR, Basilisks and Gahaz spots got more density of mobs. BUT. It's not the only thing that Valencia need to have to be worth, and the Sausans and Pirates get less crowed, and the levels 53+ can grind in sausans and 55+ can grind in pirates whiteout some level 59+ killing then.

    Here goes the changes.

    Valencia Part 1

    Fogans, Crescent and Nagas need to increase the trash value. Fogans to 2k (too far from the city and no rare drop but week), Nagas to 1,800k (close to the city and no rare drop, have a sightly higher damage than fogans) and Crescent to 1,800k (far from the city but with a jackpoint drop, crescent ring, they're have a decent damage.),

    Basiliks (i belive they're fixed with the density change, they have a good jackpoint rare item and trash item and are decent strong.), Gahaz, Increase drop to 1,9k and desinty, Cadrys and Bashins increase trash to 1,500k.

    Valencia Part 2

    Prision and Sulfur are good, BUT they're require a high DP and AP. Prision has too much Damage and Sulfur have too much Defense. But is the part 2, it's good. And they're itens can be 2,5~3k to move the strong players from the part 1 to part 2. o__O

    And the dungeons.. The dungeons are good. 

    They just need to make a logical and reasonable progression from Sausans -> Pirates -> Valencia part 1 -> Valencia part 2 -> Aakma -> Hystria. 

    But.. Peral Abyss failed to make the progression. o__o

  23. Just having trouble with doing it solo figured there has to be someone out there on UNO server suffering the same problem, huge cont. point bonus. Free loot. very quick and easy