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  1. I was hoping some BDO veterans could help someone considering buying the game choose a class. After watching A LOT of videos and reading a couple forums I've narrowed it down to about 3; Dark Knight, Maehwa, and Valkyrie. 
    I was hoping some people could give me some pros and cons on each one and give me some advice on them as well.
    In case people wanted to better understand why I chose these three; Valkyrie because of tankiness and surviveabillty plus seems to do well in groups, Dark Knight because it looks like she deals pretty good damage and has some flashy moves, and finally Maehwa because she seems to have a pretty fun play style.
    Also what do people think of Tamers?
  2. 3 weeks now, no Valk shield fix. It's also now been 2 months since the Valk PVE + cast speed buff in KR also, and no word on that.

    Post made 17:04, locked 17:06.
    Maybe if Kakao were as fast at fixing bugs as they are at moderating their forum, we'd have the shield fixed and our cast speed buffed by now. :thinking: 
  3. Fix Valkyrie's shield. 
  4. Well, here goes...
    I'm a lvl 51 Valkyrie and I've been soloing this game for a very long time. It'd be of great help if someone could tell me how to begin on getting better gear. I don't have any friends in game nor am I part of a guild, obviously. I have other characters I play on as well that could use the help, too: Dark Knight -50, Maewah - 41, and Kunoichi - 44. Thanks in advance.
    The requirements for said guild requires discord for the most part and I'm not too particularly a fan of one of the requirements being that I have to talk to people every day I'm in this guilld or end up being booted from the guild. So I haven't found a guild lust yet.
    Never mind, it seems that I thought the forums would be better than the people in-game. Nope, still the same ol' people.
    Thanks for nothing.
    ~ (Awakened Valkyrie Squad) Nemesis Asylum ~

    Hi there fellow Valkyrie,
    First off let me tell you a little bit about us as we begin. We are a group of like minded awakened Valkyrie's inside the Nemesis Asylum's community. We like to PvP and train hard in RBF on almost a daily basis. We like strategy and work on improving every day, but we also like to have fun and enjoy what the game has to offer. (both casual and hardcore). We are a friendly group and are always on the look out for new potential friendships inside and outside our community.  

    ~ Come join our Valkyrie Squad today ~
    We are looking to grow and continue to expand our Valkyrie Squad within Nemesis Asylum.
    Things we are looking for in new Squad Members
    1) Awakened Valkyries looking to be part of a team
    2) The desire to PvP and improve
    3) Social (willing to chat in discord)
    4) Committed to the Valkyrie Class 
    5) People looking to have fun and play some BDO

    ~ Be part of a team ~
    Why is this different then our general recruitment you say?
    You are not just looking to join our community, you are joining our Elite Valkyrie Squad within our community.
    If you are interested, please feel free to contact any of us Valkyrie's in game and ask how to join. You can also leave us a in game screen shot of your valkrie and your in game character name, so we can contact you. 
    Bryndalyn (The gold one) 
    Melpomene (The silver one)
    Judgementos (The red one)

    ~ Not a Valkyrie but still interested in the community? ~
    Feel free to use, Nemesis Asylum's General Recruitment Thread Here:

  6. Disclaimer: I am aware of the block situation, however that has not been confirmed to be a bug or a ninja nerf at this moment in time, and does not discredit the information provided below.
    This post has no connection to the Block issue, and is a general response to the valkyrie player base for its relentless attempts at getting the class unwarranted buffs.
    Since the release of valkyrie's awakening in November 2016, the class has been subject to a lot of harsh remarks from it's mostly casual player base, donning nicknames such as "Lifeskill class" or "Sheep gathering class"
    The class requires high APM and good mechanical skill to be properly executed, but instead of playing the class as it was designed, the playerbase has been kicking up a storm to have their life made easier for them, when in fact they have already had it way easier than the majority of the classes in Black Desert, aside from a few obvious exceptions which still need tweaking.
    Before we get to damage, which I will be talking about later (way too much) let's talk about utility.
    Valkyrie's intended role in BDO was as a tanky support/utility role. Which was unique and made the class stand out from the crowd.
    With abilities like Breath of Ellion allowing you to heal friends, Ellions blessing allowing you to give party mates 100% resistance from all crowd control for 6 seconds and last but not least, heaven's echo giving a party-wide accuracy buff of a staggering 12% for a whopping 60 seconds.
    However, over time, valkyrie slowly became a beast in itself, becoming known to the playerbase as one of, if not the best 1v1 class in the game pre-awakening.
    With awakening however, people who were used to this lifestyle expected the same thing, tankiness, utility, mobility and damage
    And that is exactly what they got, however many of them are too lazy to achieve the levels required that give the class all of the above and want it handed to them on a platter instead.
    Utility was provided by Wave of Light, a unique skill which pulls players and monsters together, allowing for well coordinated setups to be executed with other classes such as the sorceresses black hole ability.
    Purificatione also has hidden utility, hidden behind the veil of terrible google translated skill descriptions, when an enemy is hit by the spell, allies around you will be healed.
    footage: https://my.mixtape.moe/akphid.webm
    This came with the upgraded block, blocking about 75% more damage than shield and sword, lance and shield is an intimidating force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, which is amplified by lingering super armour, which valkyries and warriors get after using their block ability, this means that if a valkyrie blocks, then stops blocking they are IMMUNE to crowd control, this means that the valkyrie is completely safe to cast any skill it wants, many valks on the forum will pretend that this is a trait exclusive to warrior, but here is footage to debunk that.
    As you can see in the links above, the valkyrie is not bound, however in the clip below, she gets bound.
    Valkyrie's Super armour block is also 360 degrees, meaning that while a valkyrie is blocking you can go behind them and attack them as much as you want, but you cannot CC them, making them incredibly overpowered when fighting against a class without a grab, proof of this can be found here: https://my.mixtape.moe/rrkbkf.webm
    Another one of valkyries (many)  strong points, is that in the hands of a capable user, valkyrie can be as fast as the more nimble "assassin" type classes in black desert, which in reality is pretty ridiculous as mobility and damage is the selling points of these classes,why would anyone play these when valkyrie provides that with extra tankiness and utility? Proof here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoHWIjyRTp4

    This is what seemed to be most underwhelming for the casual player base, their damage.  when people play an awakened class they expect something like wizard, a class where they can press 1,2,3 and see flashy effects and BIG DAMAGE with little effort or execution required.
    With abilities like Sanctitas de Enslar amplifying your own damage while Purificatione decreases your opponent's defensive capabilities, a valkyrie with good mechanical skill can exploit her kit beyond most players expectations, allowing for incredible burst potential, more than most "DPS" classes in Black Desert's roster, as you can see in the following clips, a valkyrie with very average gear (181/183) is destroying a warrior, a class that is innately tanky and takes less damage than every other class
    Valkyrie's gear:  http://i.imgur.com/U3Dd9iS.jpg
    It's not merely coincidence that 2 of the highest leveled characters on both EU and NA are valkyries, the class is a beast at not only PVP, but PVE too, with it's excellent mobility and self buffs/utility, combined with its amazing damage the class is regarded as one of the best in high end PVE spots, her only drawback being lack of 360 aoe, meaning some mobs may get behind you and you will either have to waste time killing stragglers or move to the next pack.
    Footage of high level valkyrie PVE: https://clips.twitch.tv/CovertMushyOwlNotATK
    the only drawback is, that valkyrie shines when she hits level 60, which the majority of the playerbase has yet to reach, and may make users feel like the class is lacking in departments where she is more than adequately equipped, the Valkyrie has become a frankenstein, a jack of all trades that is not just good at everything, but excellent, with the buffs EU/Na has still not recieved from korea coming soon, the class is going to become an unstoppable juggernaut, pushing out classes who were only designed to do damage out of the picture.
    TLDR:Valkyrie is borderline OP currently and with buffs just around the corner, she may very well become OP.
  7. This is my valk and it took me 2 days to forge her cute face, If you like it please reply email I will send you the file, thx!
    And I'm open to judge and opinions, feel free to reply!

  8. Hi Black Desert Online-Gamer,

    Ich suche eine deutschsprachige Gilde die einen alten Hasen aufnimmt.
    Hab ca 10 Monate auf US Servern gespielt und es mit 2 charactern auf 57 geschafft und 4 weiteren auf 55.
    Hab vor kurzem auf EU neu angefangen und bin jetzt Stufe 58 mit einer Valkyrie und hab auch nen Warrior auf 56. Hab Gathering und Alchemy auf Artisan.
    Wer einen alten Hasen (35), Berufstätig, aufnimmt und interessiert ist aus dem Game das meiste Geld zu schöpfen  der is bei mir richtig!
    AP: 194, DP: 254

  9. So I recently got my Valkyrie to level 56, and began the Black Spirits Awakening questline. However, when I got to the NPC in Calpheon I couldn't talk to the NPC because it said I didn't have enough knowledge. I've never had this issue Awakening any other class, and I was wondering how do I acquire the knowledge I need to proceed through the questline?
  10. Hi! I'm looking to bye some Valkyrie outfits? Mainly the Kylia outfit set with weapons, but honestly anything would work as long as it's both the outfit and weapons ....If you are selling some, please let me know and I'll buy it off you first! I tried asking in game but no luck there...IDK where else to ask? IDK if this is the right place...so sorry if it's not
    Update - I got it!
  11. Hello forum, I'm a newbie currently one month in kinda non stop and love the game. 
    At the moment I tried several classes, lvl55 wizard, lvl53 tamer, lvl51 sorcerer, lvl51 Valkyrie, and lvl50 musa. To be honest I like all of them, and I'd love to get them all to 56 and go awakened. 
    Now I realize that lvl56 is just the beginning, skill points in 56 is not enough for most classes to be close to be fully fledged, I might have to grind more in the future. And it's kind of necessary to level life skills for more sources of income. 
    My questions are:
    1. Should I level all life skills on ONE character and other characters would be more like alts, or should I divide them up to make them specialize in certain professions like tamer be the cook sorc be the sailor etc etc. ? What are the pros and cons for these two directions?
    Thank you :3
  12.  spread the word

                                     _____  _____
                                    <     `/     |
                                     >          (
                                    |   _     _  |
                                    |  |_) | |_) |
                                    |  | \ | |   |
                                    |            |
                     ______.______%_|            |__________  _____
                   _/                                       \|     |
                  |                 Valkyrie Class                 <
                  |_____.-._________              ____/|___________|
                                    | * 03/2016  |
                                    | + 06/2016  |
                                    |            |
                                    |            |
                                    |   _        <
                                    |__/         |
                                     / `--.      |
                                   %|            |%
                               |/.%%|          -< @%%%
                               `\%`@|     v      |@@%@%%    
                             .%%%@@@|%    |    % @@@%%@%%%%
  13. Post on Class Opinions in General

    By Veyana Eldunari, posted
    I'm recently returning to the game and have been playing my Valkyrie. However, I'm under the impression (due to things friends have said a well as channel chat, I know both can't really be trusted lol) that Valk is one of the / the weakest class post awakening.
    My question is: is it bad enough that I should consider going warrior instead? I like both classes so really wouldn't mind either way. I've tried looking up videos of both post awakening and it's always hard to tell if the class is viable or if it's just a large gear / level difference.
    My Valk is currently halfway to 57 and warrior would take some leveling but that takes like a day so no big deal.
    Just hoping to get some opinions on people who have either played both classes extensively or at least one of them extensively and can give some feedback. Thank you!!
  14. Illisae's Character Templates and WIPs
    Hello there! I've recently been adding more and more of my many character templates to the beauty album.  I figured I'd post the three I have up here and maybe other works in progress as I go.  I'm also more than open to requests, though I can't promise that I'll complete them.  For more pictures and creations feel free to take a peek at my BDO related tumblr http://calpheon-rebel.tumblr.com/  ♥
    Ranger:Witch:Valkyrie:Tamer:What I'm currently working on/Coming Soon:
    Warrior PresetSorcerer PresetWitch PresetAny Further Issues/Fixes:
    I've had someone on the Beauty Album comment on my original ranger skin that I stole it from someone else because my templates are listed under the name "Sicero".  
    I just want to take a second to clear that up.  From when I started the game (last spring) til about a week ago my Family name in game was Sicero.  Recently I changed it to Illisae because I have -always- hated my old family name.  Because of this, any template that I made or started in the past has the name Sicero on it, and I often mod off some of my old but original creations.
    When I do mod off someone else's creation I do make sure to state that mine is not the original, but has been intensely modified (IE: by the time I'm done with it, looks hardly anything like their upload did.)  Just like I did with my Valkyrie, which is the only character I have ever done this with.
    Bottom line, TLDR: I haven't and I don't copy people or their templates. I don't like to copy people, and when my work isn't 100% my work, I say so.  This issue is also resolved now and the aforementioned person has acknowledged their understanding that I haven't copied them.  
  15. So I'm looking for a tank class to play on BDO. I know that the current "tank" classes are warrior, valk and zerk.
    My question is: Which one is the best on what? Meaning which one is the best for pve, 1v1 pvp, small scale pvp, and siege pvp, and why they are the best. What are the main differences between them?
  16. Post on Valks Rerolling? in Valkyrie

    By Valkrys, posted
    Hey fellow Valks,
    Just kinda curious how many of us are left? My guild still has a fairly high amount of valks compared to our numbers(about 10% of the guild is Valks) but I notice a lot of guilds seem to be lacking Valks when I face them in Node wars.
    Curious how many have rerolled and if so to what class?
    I said the second I saw Darknight if the awakening looked fluid and mobile I was 100% going to reroll and after seeing the awakening video that more or less decided it for me. For me when I first chose Valk i thought it was more of a hybrid between warriors and Sorc/Witch but that was not even close to what the class was. Valk isnt bad its just average at everything.
    As such I'm spending the next two months preparing myself for DK release and awakening, gonna have to go back to Karanda and Kzarka camping to get fresh boxes and go do Kutum for another one of those again but I think it will be worth it in the long run. Valks have become increasing stale for me now and seeing how little the devs care for our class with the lack of attention we receive when we so badly receive it has more or less killed my drive to remain relevant.
  17. What i don't like so far
    valk specific - i want wave of light to hit the ground where i am pointing, I've tried auto target on and off hundreds of times, it's almost comical seeing it land behind me, a great ability thats effectiveness is drastically reduced because it rarely lands where im pointing.
    the stamina cost of lancia training left or right is the same as promptness, it is a fraction of the value and costs the same
    if i jump accidentally with lance out standing still it takes near 3 seconds to move, we use promptness constantly and this a ridiculous penalty for jumping accidentally
    i want to lock any ability i decided to hotkey, activating vow of trust with lance out on accident causes my character to stop moving until the message "sp is full" comes out and i can move again, around 2 seconds.
    game issue - the only real problem i have with game balance is the zerker perma cc. it takes the cake for the biggest balance discrepancy I've seen in my video game "career". recently a zerker with enough skill to perma cc me but low ap flagged me, after 30 seconds of perma cc i started watching tv while spamming pots until he stopped. besides being funny as hell it illustrated a horribly broken system. I've been perma ccd to death many times also. im amazed at the ability of the devs or lack thereof to find a balance here, it's pathetic. AFTER TWO CCS WITHIN LESS THAN A SECOND BETWEEN THEM PLAYERS WILL RECEIVE A TWO SECOND CC IMMUNITY. this is a proven game mechanic. that being said, other than that its pretty impressive how balanced the game is imo.
  18. Hey guys, this is my first post on this forum. If the post is in the wrong sub, I ask mods to please move it to the appropriate one (Art & Media) 

    I do however think that this is the sub to post this, even though this isn't directly about the discussion of the class.
    Specifically, I wanted to ask the Valkyrie playerbase in this game to collaborate with me on five or six songs to record and put out there together, just for fun. Having been inspired by the story of Enslar and my love for this class, I want to make a few symphonic/folk metal songs about the class, its position in the world and Calpheon, Elion and Elionism, and of course the story of Enslar the Valkyrie herself.
    I have some specific ideas and song names written down or in Guitar Pro, and I'd love some external input too!
    Myself, I'm a guitarist, been playing for almost 6 years now. Looking to save up for a good half-stack amp and join a band. This is no professional project at all, because I use a Yamaha THR10X as my audio interface and Reaper as my DAW. The guitar I'd like to use for this is an Ibanez ARZIR27. My musical inspirations draws from Tyr, Skyclad, Dragonforce, and Rammstein among others. By far and wide do I not claim to be a great or even good guitarist.
    As to the project itself, I reckon I'm going to need a Mezzo - Soprano voice (found), a Bass voice, a bassist, flute, violin and lead guitar (I don't like/can't be bothered learning to play or compose proper metal solos). My time frame for this is fairly extended as we all would like to play the game among other things  and I live in Australia, so my availability hours would be very different to EU and NA players. I would say we should be done with everything and ready to release it, if all goes smoothly, after about 7 or 8 months of starting work on it. Once again, the pressure is not on at all as this is a a just for fun project.
    Thank you very much for spending time to read this OP, if mods deem this sub to be inappropriate please move this thread
    P.S. I'm a d00d
  19. Hello,
    My Valkyrie is now level 56. And now it's time to continue gearing up. In case you haven't seen it yet, @Azveki made a great post about gearing to 200 ap. Link: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/127071-detailed-0-to-200-ap-gearing-guide/. This alone solved a lot of my questions.
    Now: atm I'm grinding Sausans for about 6 to 10 million silver an hour. Solo. I'm not planning on swapping to Pirates any time soon. Why you might ask? Well, I don't have a ship, I don't have the CP to rent a house and container, I got less then 600 LT... But the main reason, I can do Sausans without competition from others. In other words: I'm not planning on switching from Sausans any time soon. So I'd like to optimize my gear to kill them even faster. And there I got a few questions about.
    Currently I have 120/131/206. As i said I play Valkyrie. And one of my questions is which shield should I use farming Sausans. Currently I'm using a Ultimate Vangertz +15. Should I buy an Ultimate Axion (+15, PRI, DUO?). Ultimate Axion +15 gives atleast 5 AP more then my current Vangertz at the cost of 7 accuracy. Since Sausans is around a level 54-56 area I thought I wouldn't miss a lot of attacks and therefore lose most of the accuracy bonus and bonus AP might be more useful. I will lose 15 DP if I swap them but survivability ain't a problem.
    I know.. Get Nouver nub, get Kutum nub.. Those things cost around 90-100 million silver non enchanted...
    Next question. Earrings. A lot of guides are the same, Blue Whale Moral Earring is the way to go. Should I get these in the long run? I could keep my earrings and when I'm ready to go to pirates or Valencia I could make the change. What should I do?  
    2 general question though. Axion shield (+15) has an AP ratio of 8~21. What's up with the 13 AP gap between them? Why not a set value like 15~17? Is there anything useful or good about such big gap?
    And I currently have an Ultimate Yuria +15 Longsword. I wanted to get it to Duo to like my Awakened weapon. But when I got 17 fs I was lucky enough to get a +14 Grunil piece. No big deal. It's just I wanted to get 20 fs on Ultimate Grunil +14 and at 8 fs boom, +15.. So now I don't have anything to get fs on. What do you guys use to get failstacks on? And for ultimate weapon, at how many fs would I start trying to get PRI and DUO? I thought 18 and 22 would be a good start..
    Thanks in advance!    
  20. Hello everyone,
    Today I finally got my Valkyrie to level 56. And now I'm a bit stuck on what I should upgrade/change next. I included a picture with my current gear. Atm I'm saving for Ultimate Grunil Armor +15 or PRI. But those are either 22 or 33 million on average. So I thought maybe it would be best to start for some more AP instead of DP. By tomorrow I'll have +- 25 million silver thanks to log-in bonus. If I sell my current chest I can afford a PRI one. But something tells me that's not the best thing I could do atm..
    My current stats are: 109/104/189. And I have no idea where to start grinding... I got 2 pets: a level 7 Hawk and a level 6 penguin. I tried farming sausans (even in group) but hardly 1.5 million silver tops. That includes legit 1 grunil piece with 5 luck... I really hope there are better places to farm for my stats. It's just I got no clue where to begin. 
    Any help/advice is appreciated. 

  21. Post on Valk Guide in Valkyrie

    By AnimalWalker, posted
    Everyone plays Valkyrie different. I am lv 57 so this works for me. Lower lv and higher lv this all can and will chance.
    This is my talent build. http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/24563
    Celestial Spear is the most important skill to have. I stance switch a lot right now. I have both a kzarka and ultimate piece of purification lancia at plus 18. and I still do more damage in long sword mode. I learned to use Celestial Spear as my pillar for going between modes. I try to be about 7-8 sec in long sword and 7-8 in lance mode. this seems to be the best dps for me. 
    This is bascially my pve rotation.
    Celestial Spear (S+E) (Ultimate) >Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB) . Will one shot almost anything. Best combo we have.
    Rigtheous Charge (W+F) > Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB)
    Sharp Light (Shift+LMB) > Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB) *Note that Sharp Light (Shift+LMB)  needs to be off cd for this to work.
    If Celestial Spear (S+E)  is still on cd, just spam 3 Sword Of Judgment as a filler or If you have Shield throw (S+Q)  use as filler.
    If not, Celestial Spear (S+E) then Sanctitas de Enslar (F)  Or Promptness (Space)  if Sanctitas de Enslar (F)  is on cd.
    Wave of Light (S+F)  then Purificatione (Shift+LMB) or Hastiludium(W+F)  or Sanctitas de Enslar (F)  to skill cancel because Wave of Light (S+F) will just have you a sitting duck for 3 sec.
    Once Sanctitas de Enslar (F) , Hastiludium(W+F) , Wave of Light (S+F)  is on cd.
    Blitz Stab (W+RMB)
    Then I spam Sacrum Ferit (RMB) four times as filler. I do four because I have .
    By time Celestial Spear (S+E) (Ultimate) is off cd, repeat, however, use Celestial Spear (S+E) as a hotbar button so you can switch to long sword mode faster.
    Your 2 best combos are
    Celestial Spear (S+E) (Ultimate) >Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB)
    Celestial Spear (S+E) then Sanctitas de Enslar (F) 
    I can one shot almost anything with one of theses combos.
    I used to use Shield throw (S+Q) but i just have no many spells to manager now. It is still a good spell to have, but it is still low priority to other big hitting spells.
    I know use Purificatione (Shift+LMB) only to skill cancel Wave of Light (S+F)  or try to heal a party member, the damage is shit on it. 
     Castigatio and  Verdict: Lancia Lustitiae just suck on damage for me right now. When I am 58-60 things could change.
    I don't know if other valkyries have to stance change as much as me. but my goal is to kill faster and this is how I kill the fastest. Note This is all for pve mob grinding. Pvp is a different ball park.
    A lot of guides say
    Shield throw (S+Q) > Celestial Spear (S+E) > Shield throw (S+Q) is a great combo, but I know for a fact that it is not working the way most people think. You are able to cast Celestial Spear (S+E) right after Shield throw (S+Q) with no delay, but doing this, you cancel the Shield throw (S+Q) all together, it will do no damage and not stun. But put the spell on cd. Celestial Spear (S+E) > Shield throw (S+Q) is the same damage as Shield throw (S+Q) > Celestial Spear (S+E) > Shield throw (S+Q) .
    Lucky, the skill cancel for Wave of Light (S+F)  works the way people think skill cancelling works.
    Another trick a lot of valk dont know is when you use Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB) final attack ultimate you get 2 hits with it so you have to hold S+RMB or just RMB for a half sec longer and with these two attacks, you can use one on a mob in front of you and if it dies and there is a mob behind you, you can quickly 180 and hit the other guy with the 2nd hit.
    Celestial Spear (S+E) (Ultimate)
    Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB)
    Rigtheous Charge (W+F)
    Sanctitas de Enslar (F) 
    For 57, I say these are the best skills for the skill addons.
    At 58 I will do my next skillon with Hastiludium(W+F) 
  22. Noticing after fighting classes with multiple hits (in this case was a musa using spin 2 win), when I try to use skills that swap me over from lancia to sword and shield the swap goes through but then I get stuck in sword and shield without being able to use any skills. 
  23. Post on Stop valkyrie in Valkyrie

    By ClassForPvP, posted
    Forgive me, my bad English
    I'm lvl 58 with boss + kzarka and dandelion full tri equipment and all skills are too slow for pvp.
    If you are fighting against: wizard, sorcerer, ninja, giant, archer with all these classes the valkyrie is crap.
    Kakao delete this class as it is useless
  24. UPDATE: The bug has been fixed with the December 28th patch and now it applies floating on the third hit. Yay.
    Valkyrie's awakening skill, Sacrum Ferit's last hit does not apply Floating effect as shown in the small video and in the description. The only time floating works is when the skill Flow: Lucem Fluxem is used. I've reset the skills so Flow:LF isn't leveled to make sure it wasn't the cause of the bug and sure enough, still no floating effect.

    Anyone with a Valkyrie can reproduce the bug by holding RMB with awakening weapon wielded and see that mobs aren't launched into the air after last hit.
  25. After messing with my movement speed to get it to a point i'm comfortable with on my sorceress i'm a bit upset by the idea of warriors with giant greatswords and shields, valkyries with huge lances and shields, and humongous zerkers who appear to weigh upwards of 300-400 lbs with two axes and a cannon equipped all being able to outrun me as a sorc with an amulet that appears to basically weigh nothing and a scythe that looks about as heavy as the musas polearm.
    I would like to see either a way to string teleports together more quickly after your flip, or a significant increase in the distance you're teleporting. The fact that my sorc is apparently fast enough to blink through space without being seen but can't outrun a warrior with his dash spam is just a bit unbalanced, at least in my opinion.
    Tell me what you guys think.