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  1. Post on Value Pack in General

    By BDOFAN, posted
    I have been trying to buy value packs and I have tried over 100-150 units in 2 days but I couldn't buy any of them. It is obvious that buying a value pack from the market place is nearly impossible. I am not crying or criticizing but it is not fair for the players who don't want to spend money for it every month. I could buy only a a few value packs since the EU started and I spent money for the rest nearly every month. It is very annoying. Please do something with it. Thank you!
  2. So I have a value pack active with just over 6 more days left on it. When I logged in today, I got a client update and then once I opened the game, my dyes weren't active. This goes across all my characters. If I try to open merv's palette in the dye menu it says that I need to activate merv's palette first. I'm not sure if this is purely a client side issue or if it's something else. I have restarted the game and tried removing all of my dyed gear to no avail.

  3. The paragraph below is what I sent in a support ticket. Has anyone else had a similar problem.
    >So when you sell an item w/o a Value Pack you are suppose to get 65 percent pack, when selling w/  a Value Pack you are suppose to get 85 percent back. I sold my "Necklace of the Shultz Gladiator" for 9,700,000 million and received 65 percent back which is 6,305,000. Now 15 percent of 9,700,000 is 1,455,000, which would result in me getting 8,245,000 back. I feel there is an issue with your Value Pack system. I had a Value Pack for 4 days and 13 hours and this keeps happening whenever I sell items. I had a Value Pack when I sold the Shultz necklace and I feel that there is a major error in your system. Many people have had the same issue, please work with me on this it is very annoying. Thanks.
    This is the response I received.

    Thank you for contacting the Black Desert Online Customer Support.

    There is some confusion regarding the tax system from the new Value Package buff. I can assure you that you are receiving the correct benefit. With the new system it is intended that you receive 84.5% of the sale price.

    The amount in red after selling an item, still shows the price with the full tax deducted. However, when you actually collect the silver, it will display the higher and correct amount. This is the amount you receive.

    I hope this clarifies it for you.
    (Will be posting more soon)

  4. Post on Value pack price in Suggestions

    By Wanderlore, posted
    I want to start off with saying, I'd happily pay to support your company in further developing/bringing updates and making it grow even bigger. As your company's succes is our succes as players in keeping the game we love alive.
    What I and many other people noticed is that, bringing a valuepack into the game is probably one of the best marketing tricks I've seen so far. The benefits of a valuepack almost feel like a requirement to have in order to play the game, otherwise you're missing out on exp boosts, LOADS of inventory slots and storage slots (16), a weight limit of 100LT, exp boosts (+10%), unlimited use of beauty salon, dyes and an almost insane boost to marketplace sale collection (+30%). What's not to like !?
    There are many games with a subscription plan and BDO wasn't meant to have one, but the valuepack almost makes it feel like we have one too.
    Now say, I'm absolutely fine with the valuepack almost being a subscription to me; but the valuepack price is way too high for people with a middleclass income in europe, let alone people with low incomes to afford such a thing when valuepacks cost 1.5k pearls. Yes there's a few people who can easily buy 5 valuepacks weekly to put on the marketplace, but the majority of the players can't afford it.
    1.5k pearls = 15 euros, while most subscription games/items in other games cost 5-8 euros
    My idea is to lower the price of the valuepacks, comparing it to other subscription games/items, to make such a "subscription" accessible for a way bigger audience, which could result in way more people wanting to buy it and being able to support the game by doing so. I would happily pay around 5 euro's each month to support this. 15 euro's is too much to take in, sadly.
    TL;DR, Please consider making valuepacks cost less, so almost everyone can support the game monthly, hopefully resulting in more sales for you and an "okay subscription plan" for us. Paying 60 euros per year to support the game seems fine to me, 180 euros is a tadd shuriken too much. hehe.
  5. So today, I noticed that the 7 day EVENT VP says 30% Combat/Life/Horse/Skill. Yet when I opened it, it had the regular (10% Combat/Life/Horse/Skill)  Value Pack stats. I did not have a Value Pack on before this, in fact I didn't have one for a couple of days. Have pictures as proof. Just want to know what happened to the other 20% promised?

  6. Post on *deleted* in In-Game Bugs

    By Maelnor, posted
    I dont know how to delete posts, im a newbie 
  7. Hey guys,
    So as you all may know, the Value Packs given to us at the 1 year anniversary are different in the stat buffs they give us than your normal pearl shop value pack. (e.g. +30% combat/horse/life exp, no mervs palette and the fact that it's in your normal inventory and not pearl inventory).
    So my previous Value Pack wore out and I wanted to use the Anniversary value pack, only to be denied and presented with a message along the lines of "You are trying to extend past maximum slot capacity". This never happened to me before, as I usually just use another one and it's all good. During the time, I had 30 locked slots in my inventory and 20 locked slots in my local storage (I dont use my storage in other cities) and I had 2 free slots in my inventory. This was weird since I definitely wasn't in the "maximum capacity"  zone and other value packs work just fine. I was wondering how do you get this to work? For now I used a 7day loyalty value pack I had lying around so now I don't really have an issue until it runs out.
    After this, I kinda have to ask - How can you use the Anniversary Value packs then if there's this message popping up. If normal value packs works fine how can we get the anniversary value pack to work?
    I was thinking maybe I can use it ontop of my current value pack buff as I know normal value pack buffs do stack, but obviously this value pack isn't working like other packs. Also, since the buffs are different between this value pack and others (e.g. no mervs palette and different exp % buff) will this value pack's effect override the current value pack buff I have on and not stack? Will I have two value pack buffs running simultaneously (not time stacked) so I'm burning two VPs at once? Or will it stack perfectly fine?
    I'd like to experiment but I'm not really keen on risking a value pack. So are there anyone here who've tried stacking the Anniversary VP with normal VPs, been able to use the Anniversary VP or any GMs who can answer this issue?
    TLDR: Anniversary Value Pack is giving a "you are extending past max capacity slot" error. Normal VP worked fine afterwards. How do you use Anniversary VP? Does it stack normally, override current VP buff or run simultaneously along current VP buff? (Anniversary VP has different perks to normal VP)
  8. So I got the edition of Black Desert Online that gives me 2 Value packs. They were stored in my Pearl Inventory. Then I looked in the mail and saw 2 for the 1 year anniversary. I redeemed those. I got to check in my Pearl Inventory and they didn't appear. I am fairly new and haven't worked out all the kinks yet. Maybe I overlooked something. Or did the value packs disappear? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  9. Update: You should have a 7 days Merv's Palette in your mail already to make up for this issue. All other functions of the Value Pack are working correctly.
    I recently got a 7 day value pack from my awakening commemoration Mail  Today 3/3/2017
    After equipping it i wanted to dye my armor! , so i soon realised that the tooltip on the value pack says Unlimited use of Merv's Palette although it's there for some reason it has not registered !
    Could you please help  !

  10. As the title states, the value pack(7days) I got in game for the anniversary does not allow me to use the merv's pallet. Everything else about a normal value pack is working, including the beauty changer so no idea why this is having issues. Anyone else having issues with this?
  11. Due to the severe demand for these items I would like to start a petition to increase the silver prices for these items. Value Packs-> 18,000,000 silver and Pets to 12,000,000 silver.
    We need more incentive for cash players to choose to sell these items. The demand is never ending. Thank you!
  12. If I open 7 days of Merv's Palette and 30 Days of Value Pack, will I get 7 days more of Merv's Palette?
    Or does the Merv's Palette expire on the 7th day and the included Merv's Palette kick in? So I would lose access to Merv's Palette after the 30th day.
    I've just spent 3 days (about 4 hours total) hanging around the Market Place trying to snag another Value Pack. If we could have an NPC that sells Value Packs (30 Day) or even 5-10 days for a set price I think it would be really nice and not at all frustrating.
    The downside of this is that fewer people might list the VP pearl item on the market so the NPC buy it now option may become the regular price (and of course BDO would lose money from lower sales, maybe). So it might be better that the NPC Value Pack only runs for 10 days so it wouldn't interfere with sales and BDO's profit. Also the price of this item would have to deter people from buying so the price would have to higher. 
    If the NPC 10 day VP runs for the same price as the MP 30 Day (max: 9,828,000) 
    VP 30day = 9,828,000 = 32,760,000 in MP sales to break even (within the 30 days).
    NPC  VP 10day would have to be able to earn that 32,760,000 within 10 days to break even making less people willing to buy it.  (98,280,000 In sales per 30 days)
    This would still have everyone fighting over the 30 day VP, but allow us to still rotate our items on the MP.
    (I think an NPC 15 day for 9,828,000 would be perfect.)
  14. Post on Beauty Salon in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    Beauty Salon changes are permanent or only while the value pack lasts then revert similar to dyes?
  15. The value pack adds a bunch of extra storage slots. What happens to items occupying those slots when the pack expires? You don't lose them, right?
  16. Why did they turn off the Value pack sales on the Marketplace?  IS this temporary?  I'm not going to buy them off the Marketplace every month.  I don't see how selling them on the Marketplace hurts anything.  What difference does it make who pays for it?
  17. Post on Value pack in General

    By nonless, posted
    I feel like without having value pack make me play less or even quit because its huge advantage and not every ppl have 20e spend every month.
    Impossible get from marketplace, There should be way to get value pack by playing. even it takes days to farm it..quest?daily, weekly  or smt.
  18. Dear DAUM/KAKAO,
    Been having hard time trying to get one. So I thought we should put a cap on how many each player can buy per week or per day. Perhaps twice a week? Hopefully everyone would be able to enjoy the game better instead of just pro snipers out there. I think this can be extend to pets as well.
  19. People including me are trying to buy from market place value pack for months. . 
    the new biding system is ok but to get value pack with all those people trying same time to get it makes it like 0.5% chance. 
    some lucky guys get more than one . they are waiting to end the 30 day duration so they can use the next one. 
    this is destroying the other players whitch dont have any!
    my suggestion is remove the posibility to get extra value pack from somone who has allready "active 30days one" .
    that will help the chances to get those who dont have by alot.
    I dont think that will reduse the demand of value packs for those who paying to sell in silver.
    with trading closed and even with that change i puprose the values packs will not stay more than 1 min in market place still.
    this change will only help and not harm anybody.
  20. Hello. For some time now, i've been trying to buy a value pack from market with ingame currency. I have not succeeded so far to buy one even tho i did my best.
    My suggestion would be to implement a system, that after a player succeeds to buy a value pack from market, he has a cooldown period (1 week) before he can buy another one. 
    This is happening due to the high demand of value packs. I saw on forums, one player bought value packs for a whole year (12 - had them in storage) and other players can't buy a single one. I know it's RNG, but still... Make it just a bit fair for all... 
    Well, 2 weeks later, same as before. Trying to get one, failed to purchase/item allready sold messages. Please take in consideration. Kind regards.
  21. Post on Value pack! (poll) in General

    By nonless, posted
    Yo, i think value pack is way too expensive, 10€ should be max price.
    Without it its not worth selling anything at marketplace because very high tax & inventry weigh limit also goes -100lt.
    Most ppl dont catch it from marketplace and they have to buy it every month so game cost many player 20€ month.
    Plx consider reduce it price atleast to 1000 pearl so 10€ euro month fee to play this game even its high because this aint free to play a game.
    Another way would be increase it price in silver like 20milij or more so not every greedy player save them to inventory.
  22. Post on Membership in Suggestions

    By Riverzz, posted
    I think you would get more actively players if you made a "members club" that u can register for at account webpage offering membership for:
    1 month xx euro
    3 month xx euro
    6 month xx euro
    12 month xx euro
    and every month "from membership regged" u get a Value pack sent to the mailbox of youre choise
    and to get more ppl to buy them u might give some discount for longer time period.
    both you and the players would benefit from something like this.
    IF you like this plz leave a smily "goes for CM or GM too plz
  23. Hi guys. I was looking for a post about the same issue but i go to start it. How many people could buy a value pack? Im always spamming the refresh button and when the value pack appear and hit the buy button and write the code, i always get the same message (Item already sold).
    I know that was to mean the item is sold but in few seconds? I think they could change that to a bid roll like the rest of items and set a time to hit the button to get chance to get the item.
  24. Post on Value Pack bugged again? in General

    By Renu, posted
    I get no benefits from the Value Pack even though it's on. I can't use merv's palette and i lost all invetory slots and weight increase. 
    Anyone else with the same issue?
    Server: Jordine
    Channel: Velia 1
  25. I have a Value Pack active but my dyes have expired and in the dye menu it says I need to activate a Merv Palette despite the fact that the Value Pack gives unlimited use of Merv's Palette.