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  1. Hello,
    so i downloaded 3/4 of black desert online and because its still alout to download for me, i tried some connection settings. (Combine 2 internet connections to 1 fast)
    and after i realized this connection wont connect to games, i changed everything back and each game is working without black desert..
    so now i got this typical failed to read launcher version bug and no solution is helping me.
    I also cant really cant reinstall this game, if i do so, i wont go on downloading again and just play something other.
    Okay i tried reinstall now and it happens nothing.
    There must be an setting which is -----ing up the game.
    Also cleared Regedit now
    Okay so i found the problem already and only want to give advice for ppl who dont get an connection with launcher and the server is NOT on maintenance.
    Its most of the time and proxy or internet settings, so check every proxy settings, internet option etc. and restart router.
    My problem was that i had an winhttp proxy set on cmd (netsh winhttp reset proxy)
    other solutions from the support were: refresh dns and internet settings with cmd (google that, cant remember)
    Oh and 
  2. I originally installed BDO on my Old pc which was i3 and it ran fine, great happy face all that crap
    But i put a new install on my i5 game loads fine then it says  file corrupt and closes the game down *insert Grr face lol*. If i delete/rename version dat and restart the game it works fine but i cant do this every time i wana play BDO can i, so i was hoping  a GM or anyone can tell me how to solve this problem. I have reinstalled the game incase it was a bad d/load so to speak turned off all firewall antivirus etc when redownloaded and then made the exceptions etc. Any help with this would be appreciated
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
    (not sure if the above is of any help)
    Problem solved ( it was caused by windows 10 fast boot)
  3. So I just bought the travelers pack, I've been waiting for this game for well over a year now. I've downloaded it, but when it tries to start the launcher it just says "Failed to Read Launcher Version." and I've been looking around everywhere for a solution but I can't seem to really find one that works? I've restarted, redownloaded, and I can't update my windows currently so I'm not quite sure what exactly to do. Any suggestions would help, here's the launcher log:

    [03/06/2016::00:57:11] [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is started. (7C800C1E0D4A488E961841A625BE0C48)
    [03/06/2016::00:57:16] [MSG] Launcher config file error.
    [03/06/2016::00:57:16] [MSG] bReturn is 1
    [03/06/2016::00:57:16] [MSG] s key : 15960
    [03/06/2016::00:57:17] [MSG] Action manager ACT_WAIT flow start.
    [03/06/2016::00:57:18] [MSG] Get required data is start.
    [03/06/2016::00:57:22] [MSG] Get required data is failed.
    [03/06/2016::00:57:24] [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is ended.

  4. Guten Morgen zusammen,
    die Launcher-Version trägt die Nummer ver
    Die Größe des Patches beträgt ca. 660 MB (deutscher Client).
    Einfach alle bei Ihrer Serverwahl bleiben und alles wird gut.
    Alustine, Jordine und Croxus sind seit gestern die 3 EU-Server zum Start mit jeweils 9 Channeln (6-7 werden zum Start geöffnet sein).
    Euch allen einen guten Start.
  5. Post on Error Code: 0xE019101A in Off-Topic

    By Briory, posted
    I have no idea what's going on with this. One minute I was playing the game, and the very next second the game just up and crashed and this happened. It seems to be different with the most common error code people have been getting; the error code: 0xE019100B which I have been seeing all over the internet whenever I type this (0xE019101A) error code. I tried doing all of the troubleshooting these people did for that particular error with no luck whatsoever. I play the JP version of the game and this happened when I was running back to Keplan to turn in a quest; when all of a sudden the game up and kicked me out. I tried re-logging back in and then I encountered this error (attached a screenshot).

    So afterwards I tried logging in the Black Desert Character Creator which also has Xigncode3 and lo and behold, guess what error code I got again? I tried ending processes from all sorts of media, software, plugins, etc to no avail. I ran my anti virus -bitdefender- (both a quick and deep scan) to see if I have any malware, spyware, trojan or the like, it did find 16 issues that i was able to resolve. But when I tried running Black Desert, same error code, over and over and over and over again.
    I could care-less about my JP version characters. That's fine, take that away. But when Xigncode shows potential of -----ing up my actual NA preorder (based on what I am experiencing from BDO Character Creator) then that's when we'll have major problems. I plan to invest a lot of time and already have spent a lot of money on the preorder and if this is going to be a regular thing for Xigncode, then I am not so sure about things anymore.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IWHXNULpA8