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  1. I'm here to bring to your attention to a new multigaming(also BDO) website that talks about pvp.
    Here you can upload videos, create guides, follow, share or discuss about all pvp contents.
    If you have already a PvP video added on youtube, or a PvP Guide added somewhere, you can try to add it also at aboutpvp.com for increasing its visibility and for contribute to the growth of the community.
    The goal is to make it a great community, and a large pvp contents archive, at the service of the pvp lovers.
    If you want contribute with your creations, you are welcome.
    Check them out and let me know what you think.
    Thanks you for your time and good luck for your pvp battles.
  2. Hey guys,
    I put a video together on my thoughts on how to optimise our grinding session for exp.
  3. One of my good friends is a very talented warrior, but is very modest. I thought I would share some footage of him with the Warrior community.
  4. Post on Musa Node Wars (Video) in Musa

    By Legendaire, posted
    Hello, just wanted to show everyone that musa can be viable in nodewars...Heres a small clip of it...
    My Gearscore is @ 0:12-0:13 ...Enjoy!...

    PS: First time doing video's...so take it easy...
  5. DrunkenBDO Recruiting those who don't care about level 50+ We drink, we Discord and we play to have fun. We're global, friendly and we don't give a F**K about your AP/DP (we'll help you improve it though). We care more about having fun being active and... erm. having a drink. Msg SpaceKrackler today! Alienware (Dell) PC not required. Noobs
    The forums are not all toxic. some of us like the game
    Everyday I come to the forums and try to help, or answer questions with a positive mindset.
    The forums sadly are toxic and even this post I suspect trolls will come lol
    Many people love the game like us, I wanted to share this boss we did last night, no one got anything awesome but a good time was Had.
    May your guild or grinding mates have a great time as well.
    May the RNG be with you and if your a troll may he go on vacation.
    And to the staff, know some of us actually thanks you and appreciate your work.
    Thanks from Uno
  6. Post on Berserker at the Gate in Berserker

    By Drekt, posted
    During the node war on 8/19/2016, I was tasked with discovering some enemy bases. I decided to stick around with one of the bases I found for a little while. My gear: 169 AP 248 DP.
    The intent of this video is to show some fun fights (start at 1:15 for the fight) during a node war with a little added humor. Hope you all enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed.
  7. Post on What to do now? in General

    By Taboo, posted
    Hey guys,
    I put a little video together of things to do before awakening and the next part of Valencia come out
    Would love to hear what you guys are doing atm.
  8. Post on P2W arrive in General

    By batsaxsa, posted
  9. I'm starting a series of guides about everything BDO. I'm trying to make it to the point without a lot of unnecessary information.
    Things that seem simple and obvious to some are counter-intuitive and obscure to others.
    The goal is to help people with those things so they can have a more enjoyable BDO experience.
    Please check it out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOOZskEyN8LYWwad2HXfVDA
    Any constructive criticism or further questions are more then welcome! 
  10. As the title says, I didn't know where to put this but wanted to share it.
    Cheers Taboo
  11. Just posted today.  It's uncut, so it's not just flashy kills and it's actually node war PvP instead of just 1v1 videos.  It's not my video, but I've watched some videos from this guy and he seems to post them fairly regularly which is nice.  Just wanted to share.  Feel free to add more videos you find into the thread and we can just watch them until they finally decide to release Awakened Weapons in the EU/NA version.
  12. Post on Kunoichi awakening video ! in General

    By ArkQ, posted
  13. Hiho, i made a Video about the new Lifeleech at the Crescent Shrine in Valencia Desert. 
    I think the slightly nerfed Lifeleech is kinda "ok" but defenitely worse than the old one. 
    Since three weeks, i play the PvE Content with my ps4 Gamepad (because of a slightly Injury in my right Hand), so dont judge too hard about the movement.
  14. We had fun guild war a couple of days ago and I wanted to share some of the highlights with the Berserker community. I had 149AP/240DP at the time. Hope you enjoy!
  15. So i love art and the care put in them so i made a small video showing it and what it looks like on the gtx 1080.
  16. Ninja Awakening Skills 
  17. Hi, as title says, valkyrie shield is bugged. The skill guard says resist to all controls even from back attack. But when you move and are hit by a back attack approximatively 45° from the back, you can be knockdown. Here is the video to show it.
  18. Really loving the Maehwa for small scale PvP! Kinda miss my Valkyrie though.
  19. Had a great time with the node wars over the past couple of days. Thought I would post some footage for the community. Hope you enjoy it; the bonus ending is my favorite part.
    So MMOHuts uploaded a short interview from E3, on youtube today.
    Among other things, they mention the, (now released), Siege update, Valencia, and the awakening system.
    While these aren't stone cold facts, it's still nice to get an idea of when they wishes to release stuff.