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  1. I'd like to see options in video setting to limit framerate (30-60 fps) for these reasons:
    - prevent overheating
    - save power
    - lower fan noise
    - get a stable framerate
    Many MMO's have this option standard becuz in MMO's like this u don't fight enemy's all the time. There's a lot other things to do that don't require high framerate.
    Especially during character creation, afking, long horse travel, bulk lifeskill processing there is no need for max framerate and we should not have to minimize the game to get a quiet/cooler pc.
    A lot of people already requested a vsync option to turn off/on. Some games have double vsync or half vsync options that lowers the framerate to 30 fps. If the vsync option is added then i'd like to see the double/half setting in there too.
  2. Hi guys

    At first i made this video for myself and my Twitch channel, but friends liked it so i finished it up and posted it on my YT.

    Im a huge lore lover, so i gathered all i could find and made it in to a story telling video.

    Its mostly from the Korean translations so i can’t take credit for the translations. (links in description)

    Hope you like it..... Part II is in the works

    Kind regards
  3. Hope you enjoy.
  4. Greetings, all. I posted this thread in "General", but I feel this may be a better place for it.
    I've begun to create a series of videos to show off the dye channels of items I have bought in the cash shop. I know that it's fairly annoying not being really sure what an item you are interested in buying's dye channels look like, especially when some costumes cost nearly $30. I've just begun putting these videos together today, but so far I've made 4 videos covering the Karlstein Sword & Shield, Bern Shield, & Commander's Barding for horses, as well as a video for the Cavaro Armor, Boots, Sword, & Helmet, which may interest you if you're looking at one of the new costumes in the Pearl Shop.
    Check out my channel here: youtube.com/zerodenhunter
    It may not appear right away as I literally just started doing this today, so just look under "uploads" and it should be there. Any feedback would be appreciated. I'll add more videos as I buy more goodies.
  5. This is my contest entry for Black Desert Video contest, but I've been so busy and messed up on the timezone and what not...welp, didn't get to submit before due date. ;<  Well regardless, I still had fun making this video~ Just a bit sad that I didn't get to submit it in time. ;A;
    With a sample size of 100 ogres with no knowledge and the only buff being serendia special, kill average time was 15 seconds.
    Today one kill took me 37.
  7. Post on Daily Quests Calpheon in Anleitungen

    By Naeko, posted
  8. Post on Geld Guide - Teil 4/4 in Anleitungen

    By Naeko, posted
  9. Hi guys,
    This is a video I used quite a bit of time on. Like 3-4 hours (it's pretty hard when you suck). 
    I see all these reasons for playing BDO videos, but I thought it'd be fun to make a parody of it in a 1960s voice and video effect because why not. Please check it out and leave some feedback. I'd appreciate it immensely.
  10. Post on Geld Guide - Teil 3/4 in Anleitungen

    By Naeko, posted
  11. Post on Geld Guide - Teil 2/4 in Anleitungen

    By Naeko, posted

    The game also creates auto paths through this area while using a farm wagon!
  13. Post on Sharp Feather Basics in Ranger

    By Naeko, posted
    Even tho it is in german you can take a look at the slow motion to get a better look at how the skill works
  14. Den Skill sollte man auf jeden Fall können, pro tip #27589252
  15. We posted this to the BDO subreddit yesterday, but I figured we'd post it here as well. Hope you all enjoy! New episode every week.
    Sick of plain old text advertising for your guild that been treated worse than gold seller spams?
    Every second, most guilds uses the same ads over and over for their own guilds. These sounds familiar?
    Best growing epic guild server wide, Growing members daily .We have awesome guild tabard & +4892380 weapons . Constant 24/7 raids, PvP, PvE till our eyes pop off.Hard working, tight knit community, communitive but no one bother speaks to you till you earn an epic title.You have to figure out something unique that stands out. If you're happy with your current ad of squiggly lines in this fast digitalised world... Then good luck recruiting, but you won't have much attention.
    Therefore, in my spare time AFKing in the lush, beautiful world of Black desert. 
    I can offer my character, camera, aegyoness (cuteness) & skill to produce, direct, edit & publish a guild video at a
    price deemed affordable. *wink* *wink*.
    Attached is a sample video to get your imagination going. Offers only available on Edan, coz im only there.
  17. Post on Geld Guide - Teil 1/4 in Anleitungen

    By Naeko, posted
  18. Post on Energiemanagement in Anleitungen

    By Naeko, posted
  19. Dear BDO Community,
    I'm having trouble starting the client on my PC.
    It doesn't happen all the times but when it does, my videodrivers crash or the PC restarts after having a Bluescreen "Video internal scheduler"
    If this does not happen my PC slows down extreml (even sound laging continously)
    I don't know what to do to solve this issue. Anyone here having the same experience ?
    Intel Core i5 4460 So.1150
    ASRock H97M Pro4 Intel H97
    MSI GTX 980 4GD5
    16GB (2x 8192MB) HyperX FURY black DDR3-1600 DIMM CL10 
    Samsung 128GB SSD 840 pro
    OS: Windows 10 PRO 64bit
    I installed the newest videodrivers from Nvidia and flashed the Bios to the newest available version.
    All other drivers like INF, opboardVGA, Audio, Ethernet were installed properly.
  20. Bonjour à tous,
    Je vous partage ma petite contribution à la communauté de Black Desert avec une série de vidéo courtes pour comprendre ou faire découvrir des éléments du gameplay de ce magnifique jeu. Si vous avez des questions ou des idées de guides à faire, partagez vos idées ici ou en commentaire ^^.
  21. Post on People... in Off-Topic

    By Michał, posted

    I have no idea how to describe it. Perseverance, a lot of perseverancee
  22. Hey guys! Just wanted to stop by and share my Ranger timelapse video! Took about 2+ hours overall (about an hour of it I forgot to record >.<)
    Anyway, check it out and hope you like it!