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  1. Yo!
    Hey guys, figured this would be the best spot to start posting and getting familiar with since I'm a ranger myself! Just started on NA launch and I'm pretty excited to dive deep into the Ranger class. I personally make YouTube videos, mostly on class guides/tips/tricks once I fully understand obviously. I plan on doing this with the Ranger class eventually, as I'm so deeply in love with the class so far. I typically like to do commentaries overlaying the video, so if that's your thing then you'll love it.
    Anyhow, I wanted to post a sample video that I just uploaded, one that consists of my first time in PvP as a Ranger, so let me know what you guys think!
    YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/rythmngaming   
  2. Well as the title suggests, in the opening cinematic movie all I get is sound. The screen is black, but I can hear the voices and effects. And while ingame, the video tutorials and skill tooltips are just blank. I just see the tooltip background texture. Same for the Notification windows that pop up or help windows. Sometimes I can hear a woman's voice talking for some guides, but that's it.
    Searched for quite some time for any information and a fix, but have found nothing. Anyone have any ideas or know whats wrong?
  3. Where are all the PvP video's from you guys that I can watch while at work? get buseh slackers!
    seriously though, anyone got some fun pvp for me to watch?
  4. Hey guys, I am sure these videos are a dime a dozen. at this point, but if this video helps even one of you, mission accomplished! This is also my first tutorial video, ever. If you are new and wanna chat about the game, I can be found on Edan server (USA).
  5. Event : Et l'oscar revient à....
    Période de l'évent : 3 Mars - 31 Mars (Fin de la journée UTC)
    Description de l'event : 
    Créer une vidéo avec musique sur le thème de BDOVous devez utiliser la musique originale du jeu (Elle peut être trouvé avec les vidéos d'introduction via ce >lien< )Hébergez la vidéo sur Youtube et postez le lien dans votre réponse.Durée minimale/maximale : 30 secondes - 4 minutes.L'édition sous toutes ses formes est autorisée  (Vidéo et musique)Uniquement des enregistrements pris sur les serveurs EU/NA seront acceptés.L'interface (UI) doit être désactivé tout le long.La vidéo doit avoir été créé par vous même, le posteur.La vidéo ne doit pas contenir de voix/vocals.Ignorer ou contourner une des règles précédentes peut vous exclure de la compétition.Postez votre nom de serveur ainsi que votre nom de famille avec la vidéo : [NomdeServer;NomdeFamille] -> [Jordine;Hercules]Gagnants et récompenses :
    Top 5 : Figurine BDO et Tee-shirtTop 6-20 : Tee-shirtTous : 300 points de loyauté + titre "And the oscar goes to"Les gagnants seront choisis par vote par l'équipe BDO.
    Distribution des récompenses :
    Les gagnants seront annoncés le 04 Avril.Les gagnants seront contactés en privé afin de fournir leurs adresses postales, vous aurez un délai de 7 jours pour revenir vers nous une fois que le premier message vous aurez été envoyé.Tous les prix seront envoyés le 18 Avril au plus tard. 
    Bonne chance à tous les Spielberg en herbe !
  6. Post on Audio bug in In-Game Bugs

    By GrimCamel, posted
    So I reported this bug for CBT2 and it is still in game. Maybe you overlooked my wall of text last time which probably is the case.
    Anyway this is a bug I experience that affects the cinematic cutscene in the beginning of the game and every tutorial video in game. The sound is still there but extremely laggy and robotic making it very annoying and I would probably walk away with a headache if all the game audio was like this. I would like to take help from the information the tutorial videos provide in game but I just cant stand the audio as it is now.
    This seems like a rather uncommon bug but it exists.
    If the problem is somewhere on my end I would like to know too so I could try to fix it
  7. Hey, I'm Stella and I make Youtube videos. ^^ I mostly did GW2 videos, but I pretty much stopped playing that less and less until HoT came out then I completely stopped. It's been awhile since I was excited about making a video. At least half year I'd say. I've been wanting to make videos for Black Desert since I started playing Kr obt, but I could never find music that I liked(I'm picky... VERY picky). Well, here's my first video of my new video series for Valkyrie called 'Codex Regius'. This is more of an announcement to current subscribers or future subs that I am beginning a new series of videos so don't expect too much. lol The pvp clips were taken about a month ago aside from the very first few clips.
    Hope you enjoy the video(s)!
  9. Hey guys, this is just a little video I put together to join all the hype for the NA launch of Black Desert Online! Hope you guys like it!
  10. Hey all, post videos you've found/liked about BDO here for everyone to binge watch.
    I won't post any Hakurai even though his guides are amazing, I think they're well known by now, but here's some I found recently that made me laugh and look forward to launch even more:
    Gapa Game, At 16:23 humor insues...this guy has a handful of videos I liked a lot, including the one about cannons even though out come gave me a frowny face. Deserves way more subs I think.
    Also there's the famous Steparu and a video about a Tax Event where u could earn 5,000,000 by attacking a tax wagon...makes me wonder if this event will take place in the NA/EU:
  11. Post on In Search of Avalon in General

    By Neoyoshi, posted
                                          This was really fun to work on. 

    ▀▄▀▄▀▄ eхpecт ѕpelυncean ғorυм-lυrĸer & ιnтerѕтellar eхplorer. ▄▀▄▀▄▀
    ıllıllı neoyoѕнι'ѕ arт ιмagιnarιυм ıllıllı
    ☕ My STEAM profile  |  GSCH  |  Balloons
  12.  I posted this via reddit,  but I honestly wanted to share it here,  to share thoughts,  hear thoughts,  and get ideas on what is going on.    I already seem some feedback,  but its unpleasant to think that players are only trying to force one play style onto others.   Shameless self advertisement confirmed.
  13. Post on Arbeiter in Anleitungen

    By Naeko, posted
    Nun endlich auch mal ein Video zu den Arbeitern.
    Nun auch mit richtiger Syncro

    Post any others you find in this thread as well. I'd love to see my work against others. All feedback is appreciated, all trolling is loved.
  15. I tried the closed beta 2 game for a brief moment, and so far. Kind of enjoyed the game. I have yet to encounter the large features like merchants, or taming a horse.
    Don't feel like owning a house, doge. Just let me sleep on a rock or something.
    Unfortunately, I couldn't get the time to play more. I suppose I'll just need to wait a bit.
    I can't stand idly by and allow this game's reputation to be destroyed by misinformation. If this video opens up even one eye then I have done my job. If not, at least I can say I tried.
    My first video and it was unscripted, please be gentle
  17. Post on CBT2 impressions in Suggestions

    By Dzierzba, posted
    I know you are busy guys so I will keep it brief. Game is awesome, looks, plays feels and smells amazing. No doubt about that. So you set the bar high and I am willing to help you keep it even higher.
    1) UI clutter. it is just an overload. Try to remove all possible elements which are just an ornament. Maybe introduce setups for light, full and advanced UI layouts. First thing I've done with UI is to switch off trail to destination and stick with a pointer only.
    2) "You have entered danger zone!" x 1000000. Yea, I know that. I've got the picture. Please introduce some diminishing returns or whatever as this message is displayed or some timeout.
    3) OMG my quest log is empty! Yea, it took me a while to figure out that I need to level to get another round of quests. There was no message or anything saying - this buddy will have a quest for you in couple of levels.
    4) I want that video off my screen - Am I so retarded that I need to watch all tutorials? Probably I am, as it took me a while to dismiss the ever reopening window. To be honest it is just another clutter. Open them in a browser on youtube and everyone is happy.
    5) If I want to watch video it is actually to small - maximise button doesn't work so I have to watch that tiny thumb and forget about noticing what icons on the UI were clicked. Again, do the link open Youtube.
    6) Subs on the video obscure UI in the video - Remove subs and hmmmm ... maybe do link to Youtube maybe?
    That's all.
    Now stuff I love:
    + Farm is fun and looks amazing! - I haven't seen that one in a while. Actually I think never! Keep it and you good for life!
    + Graphics - Only Witcher 3 is better but we are talking MMO with no loading screens
    + Mounts that ride like real animals and get tired
    + Gaining influence on NPCs
    + Always a place to explore and learn new things
    + Housing which is not grab and now farm to keep it.
    + Multiple ways of progression
    + Armours and Weapons design in Dragon Age style (Not a comic book like WoW)
    + Climbing - omg I can jump over that wall like a real person. Have laugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jBKKV2V8eU that what we've had before.
    Can't wait for the release.
  18. Dieses Video zeigt euch die Basics der Klasse Ranger/Waldläuferin, theoretisch alles was Ihr für den Anfang in der Welt von Black Desert Online braucht und wissen solltet.
    Klick hier fürs Video
    ps. Danke an denjenigen der sich die Mühe macht alle meine Videos zu disliken 
  19. Post on Farben - Teil 2 in Anleitungen

    By Naeko, posted
    In diesem Video behandeln wir noch einmal die Farben die wir in EU/NA erwerben können und zeige ich den Farbvorgang sowie das erwerben dieser Farben.
    Hier gehts zum Video :)
  20. Hey folks. Late last night I pushed out another video. A few of you asked me to explain a bit more about nodes, workers, and trading.
    Here's the end result.
  21. Hey folks. So over the course of this last closed beta I plan on putting out video guides on various subjects. Yesterday (Feb 18) I did one on the cash shop, in particular showing HOW to redeem your Daum cash, for those of you who were getting "Internal Server Error". I also went through the rest of the procedure.
    I will edit this post as I put up videos over the course of the CBT, and you can also find them on my youtube channel- BelGeode.
    So we'll be playing dress up with Ghita, here:
    For my video today on Feb 19, I am discussing HOUSING, furniture, and interior decor, since I had a number of questions about that yesterday. So be prepared to see some better hovels and gardens with Ghita, here:
    All about Nodes, Workers, and Trading...
    Today I have two videos coming. The first one is on the dye system.
    Second video for Sunday, about Amity. This one was suggested by viewers. Here is everything I know about the system thus far.
    I will update this post when I post more videos this weekend.
  22. Ok folks, today I decided to do a short video on Housing, furniture, and interior decoration. I noticed a few questions about housing, and I have had multiple people ask me how housing works in BDO. Well I HOPE I got all the answers in this video. Anything else you can comment on and I will answer, or better yet, we can get a CM or dev to comment on.
    Yesterday I also made a video about the Cash Shop (and how to redeem your daum cash)... It's also on my channel.
  23. Hallo,
    ich habe das Problem, dass Videos total ruckeln. Es hört sich an, als würden Videos nur mit halber Geschwindigkeit laufen!
    Ansonsten läuft das Spiel auf höchsten Einstellungen flüssig. Nur die Videos kann ich mir nicht ansehen.
    Meine Hardware:
    CPU: Intel i7-6700k
    GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 Ti
    Mainboard: ASUS Maximus Ranger VIII
    RAM: 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4
    Soundkarte: ASUS Xonar DX
    Ich hoffe dass das irgendwie gefixed werden kann. Direkt das Intro Video nach der Charaktererstellung hat schon geruckelt.