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  1. Voice chat though the characters
    - Need stay close or in pt.
    - Auto ajust the volume of received messages based on sender distance.
    - Allow to mute others players, in this case, a ballon message appears on its head "i can't ear you"
    To dream doesn't hurt
  2. Hello, I am casting the two lead roles for episode 2 of my BDO machinima series. I need two female voice actresses for the leads, and both have some requirements. If this is something you think you'd be interested in please follow the link below to the Casting Call Club posting. Good luck, and thank you for taking an interest~!
    EPISODE 1 LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOrMZ6CwpAg&list=PL1sFc3mXLe7sde22Cwfo5zehYVMVLvDyx
  3. Post on Guild (ended) in Guild Recruitment

    By Kurumi, posted
    ty ppl for the support i found my guild hope fully i will be there for a long time
    Gr Kurumi
  4. I'm having trouble connecting to BDO or staying connected in BDO when im in discord voice chat. I dont know if its on my side or server side.
    Please help.
    When im connected to voice discord, I sign in and try to connect to BDO it fails.When im already connected to BDO and voice in discord I have problems changing characters and gets disconnected.
  5. Really enjoying the new voices, but what I noticed is that the voices are only heard on the person who chose them. That means that the voice pack you chose will only be heard by you and your friend will still hear the default voice pack. I sent in a ticket thinking this was not working correctly; however, I received a response stating that is not the case (screencap below).
    Therefore, I would like to suggest a change to make the new voice packs hearable by other players. You can already hear adjusted tones for the default voices that are player made changes, I personally feel that this would be similar to applying dyes and not being able to show them off to other players.
    TL; DR
    Other players cant hear your new voice pack, and this should be changed.

  6. There is currently a bug with both Korean and Japanese voice-over languages. If they are selected, voices will not play and each option will not be checked. For example, if I select Korean, it will play no voices and in the options it will say that the Japanese voices have been selected. There is no issue with English however.
  7. hey all,
    looking for a new and talkative guild that actually does things together\grind or maybe even PvP (more into PvE though).
    Char name: Amirg
    Family name: Gelman
  8. Its far more complicated than it should be but here are the steps
    Part 1)))
    1) Browse to
    C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Discord\ ---- replace <user> with your windows user name

    2) Look for Update.exe
    3) Right click and select properties.
    4) Click on the Compatibility tab
    5) Near the bottom check the option under Privlege Level to "Run this program as an administrator"
    6) Click OK and go to part 2

    Part 2 )))
    1) Browse to this folder (or wherever you installed Discord):
    C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0.xxx ---- replace <user> with your windows user name

    2) In this folder look for Discord.exe
    3) Right click and select properties.
    4) Click on the Compatibility tab
    5) Near the bottom check the option under Privlege Level to "Run this program as an administrator"
    6) Click OK and relaunch discord
  9. I have a suggestion for a balanced voip system. My idea consists of a few key points to make it work in a game like this, and then ill list the reasons why this may be a good idea.
    Like many games ive played, this game only supports text chat, ive never played a decent mmo before, that had a properly implimented voice communication system, much less an mmo that supported voice at all.  The first point that removes most problems from this would be to have voice chat be optional, and off by default, so noone can complain about voice chat, since they would have to know if it in order to set it up. and secondarily, it should only be proximity voice chat with volume range, and over peoples heads there should be a new option present for those with this option toggled, mute voice. The reason behind that being, adding a clan voice and party voice may help, but it only complicates things and many seem to argue against it. There should be many settings available with a system such as this, but im not covering that, if there is any interest in this the general concept, than key factors should be enough detail.
    The reason this would be a good implimentation of voice would be due to immersion, many may argue against that, as people shouting random things can be immersion breaking to some or many, as this would be off by default, i cant imagine any complaints myself though. The reason i feel as if it would be a more immersive experience for players is due to the idea that immersion is more about how "alive" an mmo world feels, and this game does that marvelously. But i find npcs repeating lines constantly, and players standing around silently VERY immersion breaking. There is also hardly any communication in local channels on mmos inworld, this feels dead and sort of,(atleast in my eyes) defeats the purpose of an mmo experience. if players have the option of voice, perhaps youll hear people talking in open world, as traversing with friends, on horse, or war elephant can be quiet, voice only being public and optional forces players who wish to use this feature to speak in open world, and opens the game up to (perhaps lazier people) but thats never bad for pvp, or buisiness, as squishies tend to make good fodder. To cover why its good to force people to speak in open world, it forces people to interact, as you cant exactly ignore someone you walk up to having a conversation as well as you can with chat, unless you dont wish to hear others of course. those who do, may find more life, and become more attatched to this game. who can argue that voice communication can bring people together better than any amount of text possibly could. i can see this bringing a new type of life to a game such as this, adding better social communication in with all the amazing features this game already offers.
  10. Hi, so there are some audiences that as you may know cannot read, there are many forms of dyslexia and those people just cant read words in a sequence or at all, depends on the situation, some games work for that beforehand and do voice reading depending on the NPCs and add font size scaling to help out these people, its the same as other forms of issues where the developer should add settings for many issues like color blind and similar problems. Please consider.
  11. Hi, so I have noticed that some NPCs have a repetitive and very short animation cycle/rotation as well as voice dialogue when they speak by themselves, there is no variation and it sounds spam-like in many ways.
    On a node there is an Npc that always moves his hand in a certain way and repeats it again after 3 seconds.
    I suggest for some variation if you could suggest it to the developers, thanks.
  12. Hey Guys my guild Work In Progress <WIP> is Recruiting! We are a Casual MultiGame Group of pretty friendly people focusing in BDO currently and looking to build up and expand within the game. We Are on NA/Edan & mainly hang out on Mediah E2 but move around occasionally.  We welcome any and all players that are interested in joining to talk to us, our main goal here is to have fun and do everything the game has to offer. We have Organized Boss/Scroll farms and Guild missions. We are also  getting some Guild Events and Meetings Going again like we have done in our other games, as well as do ALL Things PVE/PVP/Crafting (really excited for node wars here on NA). We are all happy to help out with anything IG you need and pay you guys pretty well ;D. We have a nice TS and a site (that’s currently being renovated) and are just eager to have some more fun active players.
    ALSO ! 
    Its almost Node War time so if there are any small or medium guilds looking to merge we have the points and the slots if need be to accommodate them!  Just shoot me a message &  I'll be happy to talk it out ! 
    So!  If you have any questions, need info or if you are interested in joining feel free to comment here, shoot me a message or find me in game. My name is Kasara_CH of the Orndeir Family and I am the guild leader. Happy To answer anything !  
  13. Hi all,
    I have repetitive stress injury (RSI), and I'm interested in using Voice Attack to type for me in guildchat in BDO.  Will xigncode flag such a use as illegal macros?
    Also, can I say a command like "fire" to press and hold my fire button?  Would that be an illegal macro?  I would think not.
    I realize that I can't use voice attack to chain up several keystrokes at once: e.g., fire, step left, step back, jump, all in one command, would be illegal.  But how about (1) dictation and (2) saying "fire" to "hold down" my left mouse button?
    Hmm, no replies.  I've tried sending a private message to Gemu; no reply to that either.  Should I submit a ticket?  I just don't want to be suspended or banned for using a voice program that helps me play without injury.  If anything Voice Attack disadvantages me, since voice tends to do things slower than with keyboard/mouse/gamepad.
  14. Is Voice Attack permitted in BDO?  I'm a casual middle-aged gamer with recurring repetitive-stress injury, and after a week of too much BDO, my hands hurt.  I'm going to try switching to a gamepad, which may help some.  But something like Voice Attack would be even better.
    The BDO Terms of Service say: 
    Voice Attack does use macros, I guess.  But I wouldn't be using them to "allow the automated operation of controls."  I'd say each command every time.  On the other hand, I imagine VA could give one an advantage in doing combos without using the hotkey bar?  That strikes me as the most likely problem with VA.  Perhaps VA is okay if I refrain from doing this?  Maybe BDO's botware-policing software would catch unfair use of macro-combos?  
    So, does anyone know whether VA is legal in BDO?  Is there a way to ask a GM or someone official?  Thanks in advance.
  15. Greetings.
    Should any1 feel the same as me (and others) about the horrid English VA's, be happy, a mod has arrived.
    This glorious person has made a simple batch patch to install and uninstall which ever voice pack you prefer, and it works
  16. Hello,
    There are no voice communication in the game so we have to use some other software like TS3 or Discord.
    Team speak overlay and overwolf are blocked by xigncode. I am unable to see who is speaking on the channel (yeah I should tell that by the voice but in a 100members guild that's pretty hard). It works sometimes but when it does it also cause the game to crash when changing channels or switching characters.
    This is very annoying as I am used to have this overlay in every mmo I ever played.
    Thank you
  17.  Hi to the Sound Designers,
    i'm using a home cinema 5.1 speaker setup, streaming the Audio via HDMI into my AV reciever (denon x2200).
    I'm getting sound out of every speaker, but the rear speakers are way to loud, nearly every sound (ignoring the 3D position) comes from the rear speakers. Even the voice actors are balanced to the rear not the center, which is pretty disturbing.
    Please check if the routing of your audio software is setup correctly for hdmi output, i know there are issues with unity and fmod for example.
  18. // i think this thread should be moved to bugs or technical issues
    Hi to the Sound Designers,
    i'm using a home cinema 5.1 speaker setup, streaming the Audio via HDMI into my AV reciever (denon x2200).
    I'm getting sound out of every speaker, but the rear speakers are way to loud, nearly every sound (ignoring the 3D position) comes from the rear speakers. Even the voice actors are balanced to the rear, which is pretty disturbing.
    Please check if the routing of your audio software is setup correctly for hdmi output, i know there are issues with unity and fmod for example.
  19. Just started playing the game and everything sounds like it is sped up/ high pitch voice, cutscnes, voice acting, music... how do I solve this because I do not see anyone else having the issue.
  20. Hey!
    So whenever you talk to someone, beside the actual text you need to read/skip to progress, the NPC keeps telling his lines whenever you press 'Next'. I found it annoying and made it harder to actually immerse myself into the reads, because NPCs keep interrupting the way of thoughts.
    I suggest that they should either tell the very same thing you can read in the text, or just turn their voice off altogether at times like this.
    Another option would be to have a toggle button in settings for this.
  21. Post on Just as I suspected... in General

    By Kalyps, posted
    The English voice overs sound like shit. I had to turn them off after speaking to the OLD Chief in the first city, who mind you sounds like a 20 year old doing a horrible impersonation. This thread will probably be deleted. Oh well. At least one of the CMs or Mods will see this and know the voices are garbage. Just please give us a Korean or Japanese option. Even if its just as bad its more tolerable since you can't understand what they are saying anyways. Whatever... Salt.
  22. This should be pretty simple If you dislike the English voice work I don't see why we couldn't "mod" in the KR or JP voice.
    TOS or not it cant be detected or stopped unless they purposely put a block in the files like Tera did for JP/KR voice last year.

    It was a simple find the voice folder and swap files out. If not that simple Im sure a fan base will craft a mod tool for it.
  23. Post on Pack Voice in Suggestions

    By Justisword, posted
    When I played in other mmorpg, I always change the voice pack to Japanese voice! being a manga and animated lover, I like to listen to japanese voice actor.
    this changement is possible in BDO ??
  24. Post on Voice packs? in General

    By Frostwolf, posted
    I've been thinking about, could it be possible to make voice packs? I might sound like a damn weeb now, because I probably am, but I kind of enjoyed the Japanese voice overs (That's the only one I played on though) So could it be somehow possible to add the possibility of something like voice packs?
  25. It would be nice if we could hear the Korean voice acting but still read everything in English text. I'm not sure if this is already a feature, but it'd be amazing if it was?