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  1. Hello, I am casting the two lead roles for episode 2 of my BDO machinima series. I need two female voice actresses for the leads, and both have some requirements. If this is something you think you'd be interested in please follow the link below to the Casting Call Club posting. Good luck, and thank you for taking an interest~!
    EPISODE 1 LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOrMZ6CwpAg&list=PL1sFc3mXLe7sde22Cwfo5zehYVMVLvDyx
  2. Let me just preface this by saying, I'll be the first to admit "I make no claims of being the best/most educated person in the room"... also, I have been blown away with the content and combat system in BDO (The fact that it's, what almost two years old. and in my opinion leaps and bounds ahead of it's competition, is impressive)
    With that said, even I'm *Shaking my Head, Face Palming* through my gameplay at how nonsensical and poorly written the story/dialogue, tool-tips, and pretty much most of the written word is in BDO. Since I don't speak Korean, and haven't played the "Original" version of the game I have no idea if it's just because the writing was/is bad, or if all the blame lies with the translation, But wow is it bad.
    I can understand that companies want to get their products out so they can start recouping their investments and turning a profit. I mean that's the point Duh <.< (Of course this seems less likely to me within the context of BDO as the cause of bad writing/translation, since it's just one of a few localizations. and by now I would have thought they recouped their investment ages ago. and now it's almost all profit... well not counting server upkeep/maintenance and any of the team they keep on to continue developing new content, and of course the people they hire for localization... which is kind of self defeating my point... but w/e you know what I mean... Right? lol)
    on another note, even the voice-over for conversations is atrocious... setting aside any opinions about the "Quality" of the voice actors "Acting Ability" they can't be responsible for the script they are given and told to read/act-out aloud. I mean going up to an NPC in game and initiating a conversation and then having a voiced line of diagonal playing that doesn't match what the written dialogue options are is so jarring/confusing. I mean it might/could be cool in a different game setting (like if you were trying to portray an NPC who was concerned about audio surveillance so they are giving you "flash cards" of the conversation while spouting off nonsensical verbal "Fluff") but in this context it's just bad.
    So, let's wrap this up, I don't need to ramble on any more then I already have about this...
    What the heck! who is responsible for sighing off on the final product? You really dropped the ball on this one...
    Thanks for the read   I hope your enjoying the game, I am.
  3. I've heard the english voice acting for awhile and tbh I kinda cringe.. Sorry. It would be great if they could make the Korean voice acting available in options. Can't be to hard to implement since all the voice acting are already done for the korean version? And I'm fairly confident many would prefer the korean over the english.
  4. This might be a little bit too picky, but its on of my only complaints about the game. Watching the opening cinematic for this game was super under-whelming. Primarily because the voice-acting was a bit on the cheesy side. I created about 4 characters in the CBT2 and skipped the cinematic every time but the first because I just couldn't stand the voice. Any one else feel this way?
  5. I bet i'm not the only one who shares this opinion.
    But I am not a great fan of the english voice over in this game ( or any Eastern mmo ) 
    I realise that it might be too late to ask this but could we please have the choice between the Korean voice acting and the English?
  6. I am referring to this one: 
    Tay Zonday was a terrible choice. All the characteristics of his voice (timbre, cadence, ect...), his entire vocal registration feels completely out of place. It also sounds like he is reading from a fairy tale book to children. Most of your audience is not children. I have to convince my guilds to leave Guild Wars 2 for this game and I'm going to have to ask them to dismiss this terrible cinematic so that it does not drive them away. I hate being so critical. Tay has a unique voice and his voice has its place but this was not it. Not by a long shot. People are already talking about redoing the voice track for the community in order to salvage this mess. I really liked the original Korean version a whole lot more. Ugh! See you in CBT2.