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  1. Bonjour, attendant désespérément que le support me réponde, j'aimerai savoir si quelqu'un a déjà eu mon problème afin de le régler efficacement !
    En effet, j'essaie de jouer depuis la Suisse, Lausanne pour être exacte, mais il est impossible de passer l'étape de connexion dans le menu du jeu.
    J'ai joué jusque là avec un VPN (passant par le Luxembourg XD) et ça marchait plutôt bien mais...
    - Premièrement je vois pas pourquoi je devrai me plier à un VPN, alors que la suisse fait partie des pays pour la connexion au serveur EU
    - Deuxièmement la limite de la version gratuite du VPN que j'utilisais a expiré, donc je ne peux plus jouer...
    A savoir aussi que je viens de France et que je traverse souvent la frontière avec mon PC, et que jouer en France ne pose pas de problème.
    Ma conclusion est donc que l'ip que j'utilise en temps normal (en suisse) est blacklist pour une raison ou pour une autre, ou alors...
    que les réglages de mon réseau ne me permette pas l'accès non plus.
    En espérant résoudre mon problème et et peut être le vôtre...
    (Ci-joint mes logs, l'image du problème, et le mtr si certains maîtrisent...)

  2. Hello, I am just wondering if I am allowed to use a VPN to connect to the game while I live in the US (Meaning I am in an area that is not blocked from the game initially)
    The reason for my use of the VPN is because my internet is provided from my phone's hotspot from Verizon, and using a VPN is how I get around their WiFi Tethering Limit past 10GB of data used. This means that I will be connecting from a different IP almost every day; now, I live in central US so I will almost always use a Chicago server, but sometimes those servers are bogged down and I have to use a Kansas server.
    I just don't want Daum to think that I have other people logging into my account to grind/boost me. I am the only person that has and ever will log in, but they have no way to tell that for sure. So what are the rules on VPN's? Anything I should be worried about in the first place?
  3. Hello, I just had a little question, I'm currently switching to a new place with a new wifi, but this wifi has restrictions including playing games like BDO.
    So I did a little research and apparently I can get around that restriction using a proxy and stuff.
    I knew that doing this was legal, but I was wondering if it was allowed or not in the legal terms of use of BDO.
    I read it and found this : 
    12.1.3. Use of unauthorized programs
    The User shall not attempt to modify the gameplay of the Game by using:
    - Software or sets of instructions (including macros) allowing the automated operation of controls in the Game;
    - Software or code allowing the User to play the Game in ways which would not have been otherwise possible.
    So does this line include proxys/vpn?
    Thank you  
  4. Hi. I don't know if this is the right place to post this...
    I bought the game while I was in the UK thinking that I will play it as soon as I get back home to my gaming PC (one of my friends there hyped me up to play with him) to my surprise my country is blocked from accessing the game.
    anyway from snooping around the forum and the internet I noticed that my issue isn't going to be solved anytime soon, so seeing that I already bought it without research because I thought in 2016 and for a 29 pounds video game why bother, I didn't even think this was an issue.. but it was my fault none the less.
    but I digress, what I'm asking is if there are any VPN software to get around that? I would also be thankful if it has a guide to activate it with the game. I use Battleping quite regularly but don't know how to activate it for the game, I also tried WTFast but both couldn't pass the IP block as it comes up in the launcher and both those app's detect games after they launch.
    please note that I don't care about the possibility of being blocked for using a VPN, at this point I just want to at least try the game that I bought.. 
    one last thing... please please please only comment if you have something useful to say. thank you
  5. Hi everyone,
    Here is my problem. I'm currently in a student residence plugged into a common network and so everything beyond the Ethernet port in the wall is beyond my control. The network is overloaded everyday causing a lot of instability and packet loss. The problem is whenever I try to log in, my character can't move and I cannot do anything, and after a moment I get disconnected. After some researches, I end up trying proxy, VPN, tunneling services such as Battleping or Pingzapper. Surprisingly, the problem disappeared and I've been able to play normally. My question is : is there any way to remedy my problem without having to use such tools ?
    Thank you in advance
  6. If you're having issues related to,
    Auto path doesn't functionCan't sell to NPC vendorsyou need to force the patch.
    A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network, and thus benefit from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network.[1] A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual tunnelling protocols, or traffic encryption.
    In order to force the patch, you may use a free VPN service within Europe to connect to game server.

    This is one VPN i can recommend Golden Frog VyprVPN
    Disclaimer: I use their premium service for few years and link contained my Refer-a-friend link which is. Give a free month of VyprVPN service to anyone and get a free month of VyprVPN in return.
  7. Hello, I just got the game, and I really haven't been able to play it at all. Whenever I connect to a world, I immediately get bumped out and it says "Connection to the server has been lost". Then I get barred from all the other worlds from the server. After a few tries, it will either tell me that my login is no longer valid, or it will just not let me load the world list at all. Occasionally it will actually load in but my character will just stand there in a default pose and then I will lose connection after 10 seconds. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? It's very frustrating to pay full price for a game and not get to play it at all.
    Best, Scuttles
  8. Hello,
    I from germany and today BD started lagging horrible, like 10sek of nothing happing and then all going super quick.
    I kinda sure its not the Servers and not "my Internet", i encounter this problem in other MMOs too its the typcal "rooting" laggs.
    The laggs seem like typical rooting laggs than you can fix via VPN, can we use a VPN to get around this, or dos they just ban all VPN users ?
  9. Hey , as you see i cant play BDO cuz of the block so i was planning to use VPN but can i buy it ? i mean if i change my IP to EU country but my card still the same i will still be able to purchase the game without problem and can i safely playing it without getting banned 
  10. it feels like racism tbh.
    i have 2 turkish friends, im from germany, and my brother is german too, we all play mmorpg's and other games together, we speak english and we are good friends, we were really hyped about black desert online.
    but then i saw that turkey is excluded from europe like wth? we have many turks in europe/germany plus we consider them europeans kind of.
    my friend thought he could play on eu/na version of this game, but he cant, it feels racist to him, and i kind of think the same. why the hell should turks play on asian or oceanic servers?
    please lift that ipblock from eu , at least for turks.
    i really dont like this.
    turks and europeans have more in common than turks and australians, if u know what i mean...
    my suggestion is lifting the ipblock from turkey for the eu service.
  11. Post on VPN is it allowed ? in General

    By Henz, posted
    Just because there have never been a publisher for an MMO in my region I don't expect someone other than Daum would get the rights to publish the game here,or at least I hope they do.
    anyway , I'd really love to play the game with my friends from the EU region and wanted to ask if using the VPN is tolerated ? and what's the risk that comes with it ?
     I want to buy the Conquers Package because I believe that no one other than Daum would come forward to publish the game here and didn't want to miss this chance of getting some unique armor and other things that comes with the launch of the game .
  12. Cornflakes and yogurt. i like cornfakes and yogurt.
    If you're wondering, PLAIN cornflakes and PLAIN yogurt.

    Man ...feels good getting that off my chest~
  13. Hello to the forum members!
    So, to start out, I recently wanted to pre-order my copy of Black desert, to show my dedication to a game I've followed for a long time now. Followed updates, Overseas betas, etc. But I realized the restriction of the IP service areas would not apply to me due to my job overseas as a USAF Airman, stationed within Japan. 
    Now, on our base I use a U.S. router that I purchased with a modem given to me by the local internet supplier, unfortunately it does still read us as located in Japan. I was curious if there were any options for us servicemen and women that show interest in this game but are stuck unfortunately overseas. I would obviously rather avoid playing on the Japanese servers, as my friends and family will be on the U.S. version.
    I'm going to assume the best option would be to use VPNs, if anyone has a certain recommendation, please let me know on that subject.
    But again, I ask if Daum has any plans to assist with the military members and their station, along with the inability to even purchase the pre-order due to our location. Would appreciate any thoughts or assistance on the topic!
    Thank you!