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  1. i equipped all my wagon horses with the same type of barding and champron but not all of the horses are displaying the barding and champron.

    thanks for your attention.

  2. Greetings fellow Truth Seekers it's your boi Truth Sleuther here Deocculting the occult for conscious revolt. Today I wanted to point something out on the Side of the Merchant wagon. We have what appears to be a double headed eagle within a chalice above a flat earth firmament/hyperborea, Usually depicted with the number 32. http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/double-headed-eagle.html  The double headed eagle is a symbol for the Scottish Freemason rite/ Skull and Bones society. Next we have a Gematria which is most commonly used in the Talmud and Midrash, which is also used by Thelemites, (Crowley's followers for solar adorations.)   So how do these connect? Why are they so discreetly but blatantly hiddin within the game. Let's find out!
    These are things the Goyim is not supposed to know about. 
  3. Since the last patch there has been a bug when I try to afk train my horses with a wagon. I set up my Auto Loop, watch a full cycle to make sure I am not getting stuck on anything and then go off to work. When I get back my character is just standing in the middle of the road quite a ways off from my wagon. This has happened every time I try to train with a wagon after the patch (dont know about a single horse). Here is a video from another bug report (but with bad English hardly understandable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDQkJBV32K4&feature=youtu.be
    Please fix this! I work 90 hours a week and have practically no time to actively play, so afk is the only way I can get anything done, and it is really frustrating when I make no progress for a week due to this bug. 
  4. Post on 2 Things in Suggestions

    By Rentago, posted
    For starters, I noticed the berserker has missing textures behind one of his ears, basically allowing you to see through him, and that is also a problem with a lot of his cosmetics where his neck doesn't have skin down to the clothing, but rather a void you can see through his body. Always bothered me about him.
    However the main thing was that I wish wagons allowed 1 other to ride on it with you, so that you can do trade runs with someone riding shotgun. If not simply make a wagon with the sole purpose of allowing multiple people to ride in it as a form of group transportation rather than trade.
  5. Does anything happen to your stuff when a wagon is too heavy?
    What is the penalty? Is it just the wagon moving slowly? Will my items be alright there if I am simply using my wagon for storage in a stable?
  6. It would be a nice Idea to be able to ride with someone else in a wagon, maybe this subject has been posted before, but then i'll just be refreshing it.
  7. Post on Fix Wagon Event in General

    By CarolHawke, posted
    Please do something about this weekly wagon raid event, it's so unplayable due to the massive lag since the merge, you can barely see what's going on, lagging back and forth. I know it's free money and stuff, but it's not enjoyable at all this way. At least split it to more channels, so there wouldn't be 200-300 people at the same spot. The same happens when a bigger zerg hits a boss like Karanda, fps drops to 1-5 and you are most likely going to die.
  8. Hi, I have noticed a HUGE FPS drop in the cities, and I really think one of the causes are the giant number of Horses, Wagons and Boats leave that afk waiting forever.
    My suggestion is after 10 to 15 minutes in the city without interaction, they be auto transfered for stables / wharf managers to despawn. This can help alot with FPS.
  9. Post on Help with specialities! in General

    By FranPek, posted
    Hi again
    I'm looking for a way to send my workers to do specialities for trade but It's seems way too hard for me to get a first rank house to unlock it so I was wondering about a speciealtie or something similar that don't requires so much work to unlock.
    Thank you again!
  10. I found this icon with the wagon but when I arrive to this place I didn't find anything,,,

      this gold ingots

  11. I've before that dyed gear on a horse goes back to default colors when the horse is attached to a wagon, particularly with Merv's Palette.  It's a bummer, since it would be nice to have my wagon and team match.  Haha
    Are there any plans to fix this in the near future?
  12. Not quite sure where to put this but a bit back ago I could level 6's horses lvl 1-28 on one wagon, with durability to spare.. However now, from 15-28 Its taken more durability from the wagon.. 20% on first and I'd say 70% on my new wagon and they're still not leveled where they should be.  I cant pinpoint exactly but I know something has changed. Has horse leveling been lowered xp wise on wagons? has wagon durability been changed? I'm not the only one it seems who has noticed this. Any info from you guys would be helpful. I've only recently started back up so Im not sure if this is old news either ^.^
    Also note I am using my trainers pearl costume, and craftable trainers clothes.
  13. Hello BDO Team and forum people,
    Maybe there is alrdy a post about it?
    But what if you use a Dual seat horse on a wagon.
    Would it be more fun if you have the possibility to sit with 2 people on a wagon 
    example-1: ~50% of your horses connected to your wagon must have Dual seat
    example-2: only 1 horse with Dual seat must be connected to your wagon but it will cost some weight when somebody will sit on your wagon (like 80 weight?)
    of course this might be hard changing the animation, adding animations, create new animations, changing sitting postions, etc............
  14. I would like to be able to access my wagon and ship cargo holds from the warehouse menu when they are docked or in the stable.  When trading from Valencia to Calphuon  you have to switch between wagon and ship twice, would be nice to be able to do it from the warehouse screen.
  15. After applying dyes from Merv's Palette to horse armor (both crafted and pearl shop armors) the changes are applied properly and can be observed outside of the dye window. 
    However, after attaching the horses (with armor displayed) to a wagon, the dyes are not displayed. They are shown with the default armor colors/undyed. This applies to the full set of light horse armor, combat horse armor, as well as the Cavaro, Trina, and Commander armor sets. I think it's safe to presume that it applies to every set of horse armor. Once attached to the wagon, any changes applied using Merv's Palette (to the horse armors) are not displayed/Overridden. The wagon itself, however, displays dyes from Merv's Palette fine. 
    When tested with armor that is dyed with cash shop dyes (individual dyes applied to the account), the changes are reflected properly when attached to a wagon. To be clear, I've tested this with horse armor that has been fully stripped of player-owned dye, that has been dyed with Merv's Palette, and the changes have properly been applied when outside of the dye screen. 
    This issue makes using Merv's palette on horse armor kind of pointless, at least if a player intends on using a wagon, as the default color scheme for the crafted armor is unappealing to say the least. Part of the appeal of buying access to Merv's Palette is being able to apply a color scheme without having to deal with the RNG of trying to get multiple dyes in the same shade/hue. 
    The issue is present in all of the following scenarios: 
    - Connecting horses w/ dyed armor to Wagon with dyed parts (Merchant wagon, with pearl shop skin and crafted skins equipped, with Merv's Palette dyed applied). 
    - Connecting horses w/ dyed armor to wagon with no additional parts equipped, with no dyes on the wagon itself. 
    The only dyes that show up on horse armor, when attached to a wagon, are those purchased/acquired individually and applied to the player account. 
  16. There are several passageways in Calpheon that stop wagons, even though the wagons have TONS of space around them to drive through. All the big archway tunnels around the castle area are this way. It makes it a big pain when autopathing sends you along pathways when trading that wagons SHOULD be able to go through but get stuck by. Please fix this...
  17. Hi there, so as you can see in the images merv's palette works fine and dandy standalone but when the same geared horse is attached to the wagon it takes on the basic appearance even though it's dyed. I really hope this is a bug and will be fixed...

    I. Suggestions to make game More User Friendly & Fun
    Never call something a reward that you would not want yourself for it does not sell or just takes up Inv space,(Stack ALL item drops).
    'Reason for need' example: A game should make you feel good not one letdown after the other. I have bought in real cash all the weight things but still find myself changing to weight adding armor in the middle of doing quest as well as running back and forth to town and/or wagon. THIS CAN BE DEPRESING when trying to see how fast one can level or win tokens for an event. Too much time juggling weight and space wasting items. Do not get me wrong I love the money for selling drops but then I spent hours running around to the correct NPCs to sell them all only to discover I have to figure out a way to handle the weight gain for them to trade it. Changing EVERYTHING to sell to any general store would be an AWESOME help.
    Add and/or remove code so RNG is more player friendly. Tip the scales to the player. Shorten the window for cool drops. Exp: A Witch earring is cool and the value would still be there with more drops as we would just combined them more; trying to upgrade rather than adding so many to the Auction House.
    Please add the choice to ride a horse off your wagon so one does not have to cross country to change from wagon to horse, for even after buying stable room, few have more than one stable with enough room to put the wagon in and heaven forbid if you can not but the wagon in for a colt was born and named before putting away the wagon.. This can be programmed by copying then changing the code from your stable. It would be so cool to ride wagon for the inv/weight space, then ride a horse back and forth to the wagon.
    Please move all NPCs that are next to major NPCs so one does not keep clicking the wrong NPC so easily. It is so bad around some NPCs I had to get more coffee to try to wake up and wear my glasses, lol. Not a biggie but helps if like me you have bad eyes, clumsy, or just a bad typist, to be honest I hate moving my character so much just to talk, I like running in and running out.
    Add EVENT things to (ALL peoples favorite thing to do) next time, like cooking;; just a little program change adding chance to get a reward instead of one of the odd dish rewards. And every so many miles a chance for a bag if all you do is level and breed horses. Horse breeders are already left out of so many things like a loosing gambler rolling that dice one more time we have trouble stopping to do something else; for we want to level and see what we get next expecting a winning colt this time.
    Stop the wall that kicks one off wagon and or horse or give us a reward each time to replace time lost and at times horse lost. I sent you photos of where it happens already but can resend if you need.
    REDUCE lag by moving all horse levelers to a separate sever the way GW2 does parts of their game then : Add an inside mini game where your horses just race around a track and each mini game starts at certain times like the GW2 bird races and we can level and watch our horses race each other. That would be more fun than the other race you have for we do it as we level the horses and watch our own horses race each other not other people. Horse and wagons on the same track as we level our wagons and horse shoes to go faster that means money for you.
    Add experience and other important stats in the chat so we see how much experience and what not we get for each monster kill as we test out different equipment. When games give players some programming control there is a reason behind it being the first thing we get/ask for . When I program I add it as a UI window option.
    Give us a separate equipment inventory so we have room to change equipment for what we are doing. FFXI had that to protection and you changed equipment even during a battle using macros for some equipment needed to be changed out as you switched staffs etc. Fun things like that had me playing that game for years until I caught a FFXI employee stealing characters to rob their bank and inventory.
    II. Explanation of reasoning behind suggestions.
    Job Change: Program Monti Carlo slot machines To Programming Games
    Black Desert Ringer Gremlin
    I had had a few depressing weeks when the Black Desert Ringer Gremlin, (GM Dave come to mind? http://bannable-offenses.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_archive.html) seemed to play games with me but today I was protected for I had a special day planned.
    It was not going to be a reg day for today when I jumped from bed to desk, I knew when I started Black desert Online I would rush to the barn and see a new colt! A colt that would be special for I had spent months catching and training horses. I still had some T4s level 25 to 30 to decide how to combine but I at last I had a barn of T5s level 25 – 30 another barn of T6.
    I had gone to bed the night before almost ready to turn into the German boy slamming his key board around as his game went nuclear, http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/angry-german-kid-keyboard-crasher. I will not go into all that had gone wrong that day ..........
    .....I clicked the receive colt button and …...How the hell-o did I get that from.....
    Ok I knew T5 J (http://imgur.com/a/DaeiQ) did not look special but she was a purebred black and bred to muscle man T5N both at level 25 I was hoping for T6 A...... at the least T6 G-U minus the T6 L&M. ….. I got the T6 L?
    Does T6L have duplicates in the random spin? I now have 3 of these guys! Ok, one of them I think my mare was deleveled in points after that hog took off one of her legs and this T5 Solid Black mare does not look as good as the T5L solid black mare but ….. Perhaps two of them combined will give me the cute white cat.
    After some leveling of my Tamer I jumped on my wagon to top all my horses to level 30. I use the
    Offspring Table (http://www.blackd.de/horse/) but so many hidden factors maybe topping these babies up will ….. Man what I would pay for the real breeding equation...(Caught rambling I AM NOT a second voice in the head of Rand al'Thor 'of The Wheel Of Time but if I keep leveling horses I may end up with my own second voice as my head already hurts and spins.)
    I am beginning to think I need a bigger barn to put more quarters in this Casino Slot machine programming. (By the way did you know you have better chances to win with a Las Vegas slot machine than a slot machine in Monti Carlo? I kid you not I tested them myself. I am beginning to think the guys that programmed in Monti Carlo now program games.)
    Ok, on the wagon, AFK, I came back after a few hours and no leveling for the loop I had watched before I left now had changed at one end and my wagon was on a fence. No experience from the horses running but I did notice the life on the wagon was spinning faster than ever.
    I was not going to let this get me down …....I restarted the loop....came back had not leveled much for my wagon hit the Black Desert Ringer Gremlin Wall. I was no longer on the wagon but nothing had attacked the wagon like killing my poor horse last week so I leaped onto the wagon and rushed back to the barn.
    I decided I should change from wagon to horse before bed for it has less chance of hanging up at the end of the loop. Plenty of carrots, auto eat carrots checked, what could go wrong..............
    A few hours latter I woke up, looked at the PC screen, Little Zip, (from Texas King Ranch!!) did not level much she hit the wall and I was no longer on her. I reset everything too sleepy to remember that wall resets auto eat carrots.... SEVERAL hours latter I awoke; Little Zip still moving BUT not much leveling for she is walking slower than a foundered horse in 2 foot of mud. OMG I need to level how many horses!!??##@@##
    How to make sure your contribution will be taken into account:
    Be precise and constructive. Check
    Take the time to explain your reasoning behind a feeling or a suggestion. Check
    Check if the suggestion you have in mind has already been shared. If it's the case, you can reply to it. Check
    Ask other players or friends you know what they think of your post before you click the "Submit" button. Check , well I asked the little guy who was trying to kill me as I killed quest mobs
    Be realistic. To add content requires a long time, but don't feel discouraged if it takes time to see changes. Check
  19. Post on Chariots in Suggestions

    By Violent, posted
    Would be cool to see two horse chariots in play, akin to the two horse wagons, but faster and without any carry capacity.
  20. Post on White Wagon in PVE

    By Lulilummu, posted
    I really like the look of a white wagon and kinda wanna replace my normal commute with that instead of just riding. On paper the white wagon has 110% movements speed, but does it actually go faster than a merchant wagon?
    Shameful Bump
  21. Please add swap for when stable is full one can still swap horses.
    This would also be great to put horse in and take wagon out as one could drop off 2 to 4 horses(depending on number of horses attached) at another stable.
  22. Hi guys ! 
    Im thinking of a way to have a noble wagon 
    its about crafting its parts in calpheon and then intall it on the 180k wagon at the stable NBCs
    but im confused about when i install the noble parts, will the 180k wagon get convorted completly into a noble wagon ? ( i mean the number of slots and the horses number )
  23. Hello all,
    since patch yesterday, I'm experiencing a weird issue. I have bought a wagon to level my horses so I am autolooping overnight, last night I put them to autoloop, watched it do a full loop back and forth to make sure it doesn't get stuck and I know this route I use this since forever, I never have any issues like getting stuck or whatever and the only mobs I go through are weasels so there are no aggressive mobs or no water anywhere near it... Anyways, last night I put it to do its overnight running and this morning I saw that my character was knocked off the wagon, she was somewhere and the wagon was a little bit further away elsewhere. I wasn't really bothered by it, but I just check up on it and the same thing happened again so now it's starting to get annoying, unfortunately I did not see either times how it happened so I don't know if it's caused by a douchebag player or if it is a game bug. Does anyone have any ideas?
    My character is Lv41, the wagon is brand new, full HP, stamina is now around 75%, so what could possibly be the reason?
  24. As we are unable to dye the actual wagon (and it would be pointless since they are disposable mounts), please change wagons so that the actual wagon is colored to match whatever dyes you have on the wagon top.