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  1. Post on of Boats and Wagons in General

    By Meune, posted
    Wagons can be upgraded and customized.  Players take pride in their 'ride' and dedicate resources to upgrades and the commerce of making upgrades available to others.  I'd love to see boats more customized with added sails for speed upgrades, hold expansions for added inventory, and some light armament such as mortars (anti-personnel) and cannon (ship to ship combat).
    Guild insignia on sails and/or mast flags when players are flagged for PVP would make sea battles more common and easier to initiate; not to mention a guild insignia on your main sail in an armada of guild-mates would look really cool...
    Boats can carry more than one rider for hunting and transportation.  Why can't this ability be added to wagons so that you can offer people a ride?  One caveat, make riding on someone's wagon by invitation or through request access.  The ability to jump aboard a passing wagon would undoubtedly irritate some wagon pilots.
    Further customization of these in game components would make for happy, obsessed, and addicted players; and what MMO needs a commercially motivated player base?  If Kakao doesn't chase an expansion of these game components down, I think their 'missing the boat'.
  2. There are several passageways in Calpheon that stop wagons, even though the wagons have TONS of space around them to drive through. All the big archway tunnels around the castle area are this way. It makes it a big pain when autopathing sends you along pathways when trading that wagons SHOULD be able to go through but get stuck by. Please fix this...
  3. Post on Chariots in Suggestions

    By Violent, posted
    Would be cool to see two horse chariots in play, akin to the two horse wagons, but faster and without any carry capacity.
  4. I believe we could have multiple players riding on wagons, having it so party members could all be in the back of a cart so they can travel together from A-B.
    Travelling would be more efficient and overall it would be fun to have a group of friends in a cart, I know it would add to the Role playing element for the players in that area.
  5. As we are unable to dye the actual wagon (and it would be pointless since they are disposable mounts), please change wagons so that the actual wagon is colored to match whatever dyes you have on the wagon top.
  6. been playing for a while and have been getting more and more frustrated at wagons...so i have auto drive running while i get up and get a smoke or when im looking in another window to find some information only to tab back and find that my wagon has auto piloted itself nose to brick with a wall...oh...lovely now i get to play maze runner trying to maneuver the ferking cart in the direction i want it to go while smashing against the wall and wahtever non phantom prop happens to be in the way resulting in frustration not only because of that but ALL OF THE OTHER STUPID CARTS BLOCKING VIEW! PLEASE for the love of all things wonderful and amazing give us a damned reverse function..PLEASE.
    another note is that i got onto a player boat for the first time yesterday. we were derping about and testing it out having played archeage so were trying to compare....sadly archeage has the BEST boat mechanics and functions of any game i have ever played...AMAZING....much as i would like that kind of functionality in BDO i have a more pressing problem...swimming...again derping about and i accidentally dumb myself into the drink and we have a good laugh about my stupidity ...then it try to get back on the boat...what the hell? i have to swim forward and slowly turn towards where i want to go like i myself am i ferking boat what the hell...what the hell is this? why cant i strafe in water like any other game EVER...why do i have to sail and turn slower than a goddamn raft >8C. no...no this wont do at all...that is unplayable and makes water no fun at all..ever...why are my swimming controls and maneuverability the same as a damn raft -.- it makes no sense...
    small side note...fix fishing...have been everywhere and all i see is  no resourses, so no point in fishing really unless i wanna afk and watch a tv series or three while i wait.
    okay my rant is done and will probably get flamed....but yeah in short...give wagons reverse...even if it is slow, and make swimming actually nice because right now...swimming is shite.
    also, what is with the tunnel zooming effect when moving fast...its disorienting and in boating cases nauseating almost ~.~ please add a toggle for that x.x
    EXAMPLE OF AUTO PILOT DUMBBUTT WHILE I GOT A SMOKE: http://puu.sh/oX740/a11b3bcf41.jpg
    had to dismount to take pic or it would have sprinted the wagon forward x.X
  7. Trading, the sole purpose is to make money. Or so I hope.
    And in this trading fails.
    Its not like I come complaining with a apprentice 1 skill either. At the time of this writing I'm pro 9.
    Here are some numbers. Lets assume that I make a CRAZY profit of 2500 silver per item sold. And that I can make this off every item in my wagon. And that I have a noble wagon, 20 slots.
    That gives me 50,000 silver in profit per stop.
    If I take a cluster nodes and visit each with this profit at each stop I came up with 550,000 silver in a half hour. (on one of my routes I made 11 stops in a half hour)
    For a grand total of 1,100,000 silver / hour.
    This is the perfect situation.  Usually profits are MUCH less. And even at a high skill its impossible to fill to 20 and sell everything at every stop. 
    So I can say with certainty that trading nets less than 1 mil per hour.
    Fishing is WAY more profitable. Grinding is INSANELY more profitable. And the other side benifits of each are much larger as well, relics, stones, gear, exp, etc.
    I ask that trading at least be made competitive.
    Ideas to help with this:
    Make skill level have a multiplier. IE at apprentice 1 you get a 1.05 multiplier. at apprentice 10 you get 1.1
    Increase the CP gained from trade quests. As it sits the 10 you get now is a joke for anyone above 100 cp. I spend hours doing trades and my bar hardly moves at all at 120. Trading should allow you to expand your trade empire in my opinion.
    Please share thoughts on this.
  8. I have seen a lot of online comparison of the various wagons but few to none of them discuss relative capacity. Which of the current wagons available holds the most weight? In my experience, weight is more important then the number of slots. But LT numbers are almost always left out of comparisons and they're not even in the tooltips.
    Also, the metric for speed is confusing. I have heard people go both ways on the meaning of "95%". Some people say that that is faster than 100% and some people say it is slower. Is there a definitive answer?
  9. Hi everyone!
    Hello @CM_Jouska !
    I really like the option to trade in BDO.
    But there are some minor points, that lack logic and profitability.
    What are the problems with the current system?
    At the moment wagons are fair for every playerkiller out there. We're unable to defend ourselves, while driving slower than any horse.
    Intercept us at a nice spot and we're done for it. Some of us even use the trainer costume (myself included), so once the wagon is done we're just 1 DP targets.
    What could easily be changed?
    => You can fight from a horse, why not from a wagon?
    => We should be able to change our defence gear while driving.
    What could be enhanced?
    Well... has anyone ever seen a wholesaler driving all the routes himself? No!
    They drive from the sellers to their depots and this is where their staff takes over.
    I'm thinking about a new kind of building for towns, the "trade depot". With each level of the trade depot you should be able to invest contribution to add a close trading node to your trade network.
    For example:
    You build a trade depot in Velia. At first you're able to add 2 traders to your network, so you decide on "Marino Farm" and "Loggia Farm" and invest the contribution.
    Once everything is establisched you can trade with those farms just by trading with Bahar in Velia.
    You see... it's not about "extra money", but about "saving distance" and by that "saving time". It doesn't interfere with emperial trading or smuggling.
    So... what do you think? Any suggestions?
    Kind regards,
  10. So, apparently, when you and another guild are at war, they can destroy wagons driven by toons under level 45.  Do boats work this way too?  
    I thought if you were under 45, your stuff was also safe.  Just looking for confirmation of the rules... and whether this just started or has been like this all along.
  11. If there would be an option that would allow you to hide all wagons and/or horses that are unmounted/parked (maybe only in cities), gameplay would be smoother and better in many ways.
    1) Hot spots, like the haven in Velia and others wont be overwhelmed with wagong and horses, making you unable to see anything at all

    2) There are some people that got performance problems. This option would allow them to increase their gameplay experience by a lot just like the disabling of others effects or lanterns.
    3) Currenctly the shadow effects of moving object aren't sharp even with every graphic options on the highest settings. Disabling the horses and wagons would reduce the amount of those effects of course, since there are less objects.
    Alternatively, just disable the wagong and mounts in cities/safe zones since the information of enemy players in battle zones are very useful.
  12. Wagon Stats & Images
    1087 (+2)
    870720630540450360270LIFESPAN???990,001990,001495,001247,501990,001495,001247,501148,501IMPACT ABS.???8080808080808070SPEED97%95%100%100%100%110%110%110%100%ACCEL.97%95%100%100%100%110%110%110%100%TURN97%95%100%100%100%120%120%120%100%BRAKE97%95%100%100%100%120%120%120%100%HORSES???44221111COST*???~3,000,000~1,200,000???180000??????10000035000
    ??? Values unknown; please post-reply or below with your wagon's stat-summary for the table above and/or image/s to have info updated.
    * COST of wagons that is approximate is based off the lowest average market price as seen on Orwen/Balenos 2, and should be used as a guide only.
    º Not yet released (Valencia Update?)
    Credits To: CashForCookies (Noble Wagon Stats), Alleyn (Noble Wagon Image), Jazzycat (Merchant Wagon Stats & Image), StevenIsBallin (Trade Wagon Image), Daarsh (Flimsy Wagon Stats & Image), Garkin (White Wagon Stats & Image). Big thank you to all contributors! Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated by everyone.






    FLIMSY WAGON IMAGE (the rickety crate with wheels in the foreground, not the shiny white one in the back)

    18.06.2016 - Updated missing fields for durability and lifespan on Shabby, Strong, White and Farm Wagons. Offline review of data for upgrades to wagon accessories.
    22.04.2016 - Updated Flimsy Wagon and White Wagon data, calculated remaining wagon weights based off Garkin's info, added pricing info.
    14.04.2016 - Uploaded CashForCookies' Noble Wagon base stat image; reorganised images; really wishing there was a way to click/drag/arrange image order...
    13.04.2016 - First Forum Post! And... there's no way to preview before posting? Gah...
  13. Post on Hiding Wagons in Suggestions

    By Darkseid, posted
    What an eyesore. Can we collectively come up with a way to hide wagons and mounts that are parked as an option. Personally, I never intend to attack someone's wagon of mats. I just do not care to. I will attack them, but just not the wagon. Its not even really out in the world that it is a problem, but mainly in the city safe zones.
  14. Post on @Horse Trainers in General

    By TrullsRohk, posted
    So im curious if anyone has compared the drop in lifespan on a wagon to the amount of exp gained by the horse. By that I mean they are both tied into distance travelled.

    Rough idea being that you can test how the lifespan:exp gained on an alt with 0 training skill to see if its 1:1 and then use that to calculate just how much bonus exp your horses get from the trainer level. 

    The trainer level bonus is something I've wondered about since it doesnt seem to affect breeding at all. Sitting here at work and this idea popped into my head. Anyone who has tested this out or interested in testing?

    Unless there is a source for the effects of trainer level that I just havent been able to find yet. That would work just as well I guess. 
  15. Post on Wagon Passengers in Suggestions

    By Sirabell, posted
      I did a quick scan to see if anything about this had been posted before, but if it has then I apologize. That being said, here's my suggestion:

     One of my favorite things to do in this game is take my guild mates and friends on boating adventures, so I was sad to this isn't also possible with wagons. Not only is it impossible to climb into or stand on a wagon, they also don't seem to have any sort of collision physics (For obvious traffic-related scenarios, I suppose). My suggestion is make this possible. At the very least, having the ability to have one companion in the seat next to you would be lovely, even if it was only on the most expensive wagons. At most, being able to gather up all your friends for a "hay ride" in the wagon bed would be AMAZING. Imagine the fun of bouncing through the world, waving flags, making jokes and enjoying the scenery. This would also be a wonderful way to introduce your friends to the game.

     The only Con I can think of is this devaluing the Tier 6 (I think it's 6?) horse skill that makes horses two seaters, so making this wagon seating difficult to obtain or expensive would be reasonable.
    Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about this suggestion. I've included a poll as an alternative. Thank you for reading! \o/
  16. Post on Traders unite! in General

    By Ironweaver, posted
    Greetings fellow Traders!

    I gotta say Trading is the most fun aspect of this game to me. I'm currently at Prof10 and keep running my wagon as much as I can! My typical route is around Calpheon but it's not perfect as the trade managers aren't always replenished when I'm through.

    What level Trading are you and what routes do you guys use?

  17. What happens when you break a wagon with multiple horses attached, and well over 1 billion silver/gold bricks? Also, why is that said wagons durability never moved from 0% even after repairing - it would jump back to 0 once conversation with stable manager ended?
  18. So I just spent a week getting together all of the materials to craft a ship and literally after half a day of using it I'm already down to 85% of it's entire lifespan.   This I feel is a bit wrong. 

    The amount of work I put into making this thing is ridiculous to the short lifespan that it has.  I didn't pay 1.5 million in materials and 2 days of my workers time building it to have it die so quickly.   To me the lifespan mechanic just doesn't make sense.  I Like the idea of vehicles being worn down and damaged over time but I feel that we should be able to repair those vehicles so we don't have to rebuild them again.   it just makes me want to say "Screw Fishing" and do something else in the game.  I mean at least with Wagons I can buy a new one cheap for 180k and keep making money but fishing doesn't have that option. I have to either blow 1.5 million silver to buy another one on the marketplace or go through another 3-5 days of grinding to make one which to me is NOT very fun and will make me quit fishing real quick. 

    My Suggestion is this:
    Make Wagon and Vehicle repair kits that both heal health and lifespan of the vehicles similar to carrots.  Make them both craftable and buyable via warf NPCs (stable managers already sell wagon repair kits so they would just also extend lifespan)   Each tier of ship would take more repair kits to heal the lifespan of the boat than the one below it.  This would balance out the value of these boats as well as create another money sink in the game. 
    If you guys are unwilling to do that then AT LEAST extend the lifespan of fishing ships to quadruple  what it is now.   Because I literally only used my ship for half a day and it's already down to 85% lifespan.   By the end of the day it'll easily be below 80%. 
    If you agree with this please show your support int he comments for this thread. 
  19. Post on Wagon Horses in General

    By Beaue, posted
    Are Wagon Horses in the game yet? It says it is a crafting material but I have not found where or how to get them. 

  20. What is the difference between the level 2 workshop Trade Wagon (made in Calpheon) and the level 2 workshop Farm Wagon (made in Heidel)? Are both their accessories interchangeable (ex: farm wagon covers and trade wagon covers)?
  21. *Note what I'm suggesting only applies to towns and cities* 
    One of my friends doesn't want to play this game due to the claustrophobia of mounts and wagons in towns it totally ruins the game and I agree.
    Mount (Horses, Camels, Elephants) can only be dismounted on highlighted areas on the ground depending on the terrain (grass/sand) in the town/city.Wagons must be parked in stables and only visible for players via stables once dismounted.Calling your mount will automatically summon it without talking the stablemaster.          OR
    Mount/wagon is only displayed only if your mounted while in town/city.Once you dismount, you have to check in via stables. (A far more realistic approach.Once the mount is in stables have it visible for the player.So you can still have your mount/wagon visible in town but you must be mounted on it.
    Screenshot Examples of How Mounts/Wagons Clutter The City Below
    These screenshots are taken at off-peak hours, at times it is far worse on peak hour times cluttering the entire town/city.

  22. Post on Reversing wagons in General

    By Tazmin, posted
    I have started a poll to see how popular it would be to allow horses to reverse when hitched to a wagon, as I find this quite annoying not being able to reverse a few steps to turn, rather than ram my horse into a wall, so if you guys would like to see this feature added please be kind enough to visit and take the poll, you never know, Devs may listen and add this feature.

  23. Yesterday I decided to purchase a farm wagon on whim. I was incredibly disappointed when my friends phased right through the wagon, effectively making them follow me with their own wagons or mounts.
    I'm not here to complain though. I'm here to ask if other modes of transportation are also "personalized", or if other people can join in. I would very much hope that boats at the very least can hold multiple people, but are there transport wagons that do something similar for ground?
  24. Now I know this may call on for some debate, such as, if the boats and wagons weren't repairable, then there is always an incentive for supply and demand of materials and whatnot. Although for the amount of materials needed to craft another one, it may seem daunting to some, or others may argue it's good for the fact there is effort involved into making one, which can be fun.

    Although because it takes a lot of materials and patience to make one, would it be possible to use fewer number of the same materials just to repair the boat/wagon? Such as, the more that it's damaged (Lower the stamina) the more materials needed to repair it completely. However this is just my opinion.

    What are your thoughts?
  25. Couldn't find a thread already on this topic after searching the forums.
    The idea is simple. If we kill a player's wagon, let us loot the contents. It will add a little risk of bringing your wagon to your favorite grinding spot. This will make players think "should I bring my wagon so I can grind for longer, or should I just go by myself so my wagon doesn't get destroyed and looted?" It would cause players to find more unique and creative hiding places for their wagons rather than just leaving them out in the open. This will also, of course, add much needed risk to the otherwise boring manual trade runs.
    Let me know what you think.