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  1. I would suggest that if youre waiting to respawn after dying in nodewars, you should be able to use the guild menu to check stats, or use the map to check locations and pings.
    As of now, you can do nothing but watch the timer go down, or the action around you in observermode.

    I know these changes are new, but in order for such a punishing respawn timer to be in effect, it would be very nice to be able to do something while youre dead.

    I would like to check the nodewar stats, check the map, check my inventory for durability on gear, check my supplies of whatever food or buffs I dont have room for on my hotbar and so on and so on.

    Please take this into consideration, as I see no reason for any of this to be deactivated while youre dead
  2. Hi guys!
    About 10 days ago i made a purchase to get some pearls, the thing was that i actually bought the wrong amount.. 
    So i used BD's own support system to try and find how to get a refund and i found this site: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207266989-Daum-cash-Pearls-refund-requests
    As i understand it, as long as i don't buy pearls for the cash coins that i've got to my account, i should be able to get a refund? 
    So when i go to this page of the site: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206159411-Refund-Policy  - And then click on the  "contacting customer support"
    I get back to the beginning of everything, so i later found how to submit a ticket by clicking that i want to report a bug and then changing the "topic" of the request... Now that's bad site building for a support system. 
    Anyways, the MAIN ISSUE why i'm writing here is because i still have NOT gotten any answer from the support team and it's been over 10 days, and i wanted to check with other people if they are having the same problems with getting in contact with the support-team? I also twittered them and wroten a message to their facebook page, but have not gotten any response.. 
    I have made several updates on the actual ticket on their support page.. 
    Damn... This is annoying, specially when it's a bit of money, in my case it 60€. 
    // TheLaStrife
  3. Its a subject that has been around for many Black Desert players since the games launch.
    I myself only bought the game specifically to get to play a badass samurai dude.
    So just to get a Count. 
    How many of you are waiting for the release of the blader or other missing classes?
  4. Post on i dont know just readme in General

    By XzloRe, posted
    Ah hello there i was wondering since the closed beta is now over will they have  an open beta because when i got into the closed beta i only had 12hrs to try the game. I don't really care about an open beta since open beta is just used to stress test the servers . i just really want to get an  exact release date ... tho during the beta i noticed the voice acting of the NPCs was lacking and the starting quest was horrible :l and yeah cooldowns on abilities there was no cooldown on them strange but yeah have nice day