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  1. Guild Goals:
    Get to 60 members.
    Get Maxed out HP, Acc, and AP buffs.
    Get all members to level 57/58.
    Win and maintain 1-2 nodes weekly once numbers stabilize.

    Guild Requirements:
    150AP+ or 300 GS total. (Lower gear scores will be considered just not guaranteed entry)
    Level 55 or higher.
    Play at least 10 Hour a week.
    4k Contribution Per week.
    Must be at least 87% Human.

    Guild Activities:
    Group World Bosses.
    Group Gathering.
    Group Grinding/Leveling.
    Group PvP Training/Practice.
    Node Wars in the Near Future.
    Water Monsters/World Bosses.

    Guild Overview:
    We are a semi-casual PvX multi-activity guild. We do a bit of everything and have room in the guild for anyone who is willing to grow stronger with us. We are currently looking to take in new and returning players to try to teach them more about the game while building the foundation for a solid community of friends and acquaintances. We are also looking for older more experienced players to help guide newer players and share and help fellow veterans improve their overall experience in game.

    Right now we are 11 members strong out of our 40 member roster and are looking for more members so we can continue to grow. We eventually want to participate in node wars and control a few nodes, this however is a future aspiration until we increase our numbers.

    This is not a hardcore guild, however we do all of the guild quests we can daily and expect members to participate when able. Our 4k guild contribution per week is loosely enforced but not iron clad so long as we continue to improve our guild level/funds at a constant rate. Payment is based strictly on contribution and the funds available in the guild bank. So long as you are contributing and we can afford to pay you we will pay as much as we are capable.

    If you have any interest in joining or would like more information please whisper Regret, Blindness, or Caitln in game. You can also alternatively contact me via discord at Regret#9620. 
  2. Post on No Wars Channel in Suggestions

    By Webby, posted
    I suggest a channel group that never have wars (Conquest, Node, etc) or at least have channel groups on a separate schedule. When we have wars of any type, the #1 of every channel group has the war, but all the channels go to complete crap on all sub levels. It makes the game almost unplayable at times.
    BDO has a lot of positives, but one of its biggest problems is server stability and optimization. Until this gets fixed (if it ever will) please consider allowing some channels to be war free so those not participating can have a better game play experience.
  3.     Today I'm voicing my concerns on some recent occurrences on the NA server. As of late, several Region Tier guilds have taken to dropping their guilds during the week to join smaller tier nodes. While harmless on the surface as they're free to do that so long as they fall within the current guidelines/restrictions, this has become a regular occurrence where specific guilds (I won't drop names here, though will give guild names to a GM/CM if asked), have taken to exchanging these services as payment for taking up region slots, and this needs to be reevaluated.

        As it stands, no more than 10 Guilds can contest a region, and so if a guild holds a castle, they can simply ally with smaller guilds, have them build forts, and simply not have any opposition for said region war. This effectively means that there's not legitimate way to contest a castle. In exchange for this, during the week, these region holding guild members will join the guilds who dropped for the region, and give a significant boost in support to said guild for node wars.
        The big issue is the fact that there is legitimately no way most guilds can compete vs the upper echelon as they receive significant payouts for regions, and for node wars (heck, one of the region holders cuts himself up to 500 mil a week). Regardless, this is a significant issue and will likely have an adverse effect in the long run. When it happened once or twice, it wasn't nearly as much of an issue but, it's become so frequent, that I've run into these "injected" guilds several times a week for the past month, and it needs to end. If this keeps continuing, I foresee a major drop in participation for node wars among the more casual/medium player base. There's even a region guild that has a dedicated alternative guild that they join during the week to assist their allies for taking nodes as payment.

        Additionally, the idea that "allies" are even a thing directly contradicts the spirit of this game. If the game was intended to force long term alliances, the systems would be in place with it. Instead, workarounds for said alliances are paid through abusing in game mechanics (ie; Handing off nodes, Final Wars, etc).
    Some Suggestions I would make would be the following:
    Initiate a seven day cooldown for new recruits. This would work in the sense that guilds would NOT be able to assist guilds during the week, and would effectively deter these actions. However, I don't think a seven day cooldown on joining a guild is necessarily healthy. Just simply disallow participating in any Region/Node wars for one week.
     Make dropping for regions more expensive. While I don't like the idea of an expensive drop as it significantly drops the number of eligible guilds for a region war, this will definitely FORCE guilds who do consider allying to determine whether a significant price (say 1 billion) is worth it. Not many guilds are willing to pay 1 billion out of pocket for some alliance/ally, as it ultimately is detrimental, AND it forces a guild to seriously consider their resources and whether or not they're ready for region wars.    Again, this has become a consistent issue on the NA server, and is growing by the week. More and more Region Tier guilds are abusing this system, and will only serve to hurt the game in the long run. Please reach out through the appropriate channels and see that this issue is resolved, as I do enjoy the game, and I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say their gaming experience is being ruined by this issue.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

    If you'd like to join a fun, friendly/family, guild then we have an entire guild waiting for you.

    Download Discord- https://discordapp.com/download

    Druden Application- http://tinyurl.com/Druden-Application 
    Whisper- AphyBerrie, HanabeChan or Naturnaya in game. (to private message- click on Red Names)

    Leave a Message- on our Guild Guestbook or Post in this thread (with both your family & char names).

  5. I don't know if this has been brought up here before, may well have been, but it bears repeating:
    The outgoing war dec limit of 6 was solid with 12 channels but with up to 3 times the population on one mega-server across 36 channels, 6 outgoing war decs is going to be incredibly restricting for a great many guilds.
    Ideally I'd like there to be no limit, but I can understand the concerns of it negating the karma system (though on an opt-in basis, by being within a dec-ready guild).
    I don't think it's unreasonable to extend the limit to 10, and it'd help greatly with the situation we're going to see unfold (rampant griefing at spawns).
  6. SkyStrike is now open for Recruitment
    Server: Edan
    GM: Nope [StarrStryke]
    Guild Rank #26 and growing again!
    Completely new leadership and focus - Rebuilding from the bottom up with a strong core group of members.  Recruitment now open for 20 more members to allow us to stay small and strong.  Staying out of the politics of larger scale PvP/siege.  We want to make sure that our time is well spent in game.  So we are now focusing on T2/T3 nodes that brings great fights and competition. 
    Building for competetive small Scale PvP and Node Wars
    Staying small to build lasting relationships within guild and building off each others successes
    Hosting node wars 2 to 3 times a week and wont shy away from a fight
    All important guild skills with a focus on PvP (160 guild points)
    Scroll groups weekly and Grind groups daily
    We dont have an elitist attitude - so if thats you no need to apply
    lvl 57+ 420+ in order to apply - some exceptions may be made, but we expect you to be on par with us as far as gear goes
    All classes currently welcome
    Accepting mergers from smaller guilds if we feel you are the right fit
    Come and join a community of long lasting players that have been together since the start!
    Discord and mic required for PvP/nodes 
    SkyStrike Recruitment Discord - feel free to enter and leave a message in the lobby if no offers are available and we'll get back to you ASAP
    Leave a message here or shoot me a PM to further discuss this opportunity

    Or if you wish to speak direct in game you can whisper any of the following officers:
    StarrStryke - Threenil
  7. Our Guild
    Hello and welcome to our forum post! My name is JJ and I am an officer in the new guild "Haaku". Our leaders and Officers have had plenty of experience with leadership and Black Desert PVP. We believe in creating a friendly, non-toxic atmosphere for dedicated PVP players who enjoy Node Wars and Guild Quests. We are not a hardcore PVP guild. Our main aim is to rise in ranks and start fighting actively in Node Wars every week. We don't encourage toxic behaviour. Our leader is looking to create a family related guild where players can interact and have fun with one another.
    We are recruiting English speaking, social and active members who are looking to have a good time and enjoy some PVP. We'd like to offer a chance to everyone and help each other as much as we can in order to progress personally and within our guild. 
    We believe that with the right amount of dedication from all of us, we can create a family based guild with a good atmosphere for active members.
    We don't enforce many rules other than be friendly, appropriate, active and kind.
    If you want to join and give the guild a go, whisper me in game!
    Family Name: Leifoh 
    Character Name: JJ173
    Our Leader: Ouia (Touri)
    We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Hunting!
  8. Post on What is the Endgame? in General

    By Medma, posted
    Okay.. I thought about this for a while (while still playing) and i still can't figure out what BDO's endgame is.
    1) Scroll bosses?
    2) World bosses?
    3) Node wars?
    4) GvG?
    Lets summarize this a bit, shall we?

    First we have the 1) *Scroll bosses* -> what are they for? -> upgrading gear (necessery for getting better gear but can't consider it endgame-content.
    Then we have 2) *World bosses* -> around 24-72 hours -> better gear (boss gear) -> So u just log in every 24 hours just to kill a world boss? No endgame-content.

    We have our 3th most LOVED part *NODE WARS* -> yeah everyone loves node wars -> So you just log-in every 24 hours to play 1-2 hours of node war? No endgame.

    Last of all... *GvG* -> yes it is fun! -> but not endgame.
    Lets compare BDO with some other games:

    Tera: Everyone knows Tera, and its endgame. Raids and dungeons that makes you keep playing the game because of better gear, socializing and lots more..

    WoW: The same goes for WoW but this game has alot more to offer.

    BUT WHAT IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAVE BDO TO OFFER WESTERN GAMERS? Just let it sink in for a while.. what makes you keep playing?
    Tbh im only playing this game because of my large-scaled guild. Otherwise i would quit after the first month. 
    Sometimes when im away from the PC and thinking about playing BDO, some thoughts comes in my mind like "Hmm.. not sure if i wanna do that.. kinda tired of grinding 1000 hours for some witch earrings/MoS/Ogre ring etc....Maybe some life skills? Nah i did alot of them too.. kinda bored now...World boss? It last 20min with alot of players and then i need to wait 24 hours for it to spawn..okay..im gonna watch some TV"
    EDIT: Dont come with the "stop QQ, just quit BDO if u dont like it" arguments.. here i am showing you ignorant fanboys some facts about the game so act like some adults and show me wrong instead.
  9. Ordo Teutonicus

    Wer sind wir?
    Wir vom „Ordo Teutonicus“ (Deutschritterorden) sind ein ehrlicher Verbund aus Söldnern und Söldnerinnen. Unsere Ziele sind genauso simpel wie unser Konzept. Wir wollen Geld, Macht und Ruhm und um dies zu erreichen wird jedes Mitglied fair und mit Respekt behandelt. So hat jedes Mitglied einen Anreiz mit uns im Kollektiv Großes zu erreichen. 
    Wir spielen auf dem Server Croxus und dem Kanal Balenos C2.
    Was unterscheidet uns von anderen Gilden?
    Anders als bei anderen Gilden, wo es zumeist einen festgeschriebenen Sold gibt, wird dieser bei uns individuell festgelegt. Unser Fokus liegt ganz klar auf dem PvP Element von Black Desert Online. Deshalb zwingen wir unseren Mitgliedern keine Gildenquests auf und sammeln Geld durch Gildenquests ausschließlich zu Eroberungs-/Verteidigungszwecken und zur Aufrechterhaltung der Gilde. Wir bieten eine vertraglich festgelegte Gewinnbeteiligung, die eine faire Behandlung garantiert.
    Wenn ihr z.B. aktiv an den Gildenquests teilnehmt und der Gilde eure volle Unterstützung bietet erwartet euch durch eine prozentuale Beteiligung an eurem Dienst eine deutlich bessere Bezahlung als bei unserer Konkurrenz. Solltet ihr aber keine Lust auf GQs haben, zwingen wir euch die Teilnahme an diesen nicht auf. Ihr erhaltet in diesem Fall einen festen Betrag, der euch für die Bereitschaft zur Verteidigung unserer Interessen entschädigt (z.B. Verteidigung von Mitgliedern, die während einer GQ angegriffen werden).
    Nichtsdestotrotz erwarten wir von jedem Mitglied die Bereitschaft am neuen Siege System teilzunehmen. Die Erlöse dieser Landgewinnung werden fair auf alle Mitglieder aufgeteilt.
    Was bieten wir?
    Wir erwirken Solidarität durch einen gemeinsamen Nutzen und gründen uns nicht auf Ausbeutung. Neben Discord bieten wir durch unsere erfahrene Führung Stabilität und klare Strukturen. Wir wollen gar nicht erst den Anschein einer „familiären Atmosphäre“ erzeugen. So etwas wird es bei uns nicht geben. Der Umgang innerhalb der Gilde ist freundschaftlich und respektvoll und auf diesem Weg versuchen wir, „familiäre Streitigkeiten“ bewusst zu verhindern. Ein fairer Sold und ein Selektionsverfahren sichern uns diese Qualitäten.
    Wir wachsen gemeinsam, wir stehen gemeinsam und wir fallen gemeinsam, falls nötig. Jedoch niemals unnötig oder aus Willkür. Der Zusammenhalt ist uns enorm wichtig, da wir nur so Größeres erreichen. 
    Um unserer Gilde beitreten zu können müsst ihr mindestens 16 Jahre alt sein.
    Bei Interesse bitte hier in den Thread schreiben oder mir eine E-Mail an Shooter0175[at]gmx.de schicken. Alternativ tut es auch eine PN hier im Forum.
    Ansonsten könnt ihr uns auch ingame whispern:

  10. With the addition of Node and Siege wars, it has come to our guilds' attention the severe need for the Vice Master rank. Leaving ALL of the responsibility down to one leader is kinda ridiculous, and having a Vice Master would allow a Master to go AFK for a few days and still allow the guild to participate in wars. The rank is even mentioned in the guild shop items for Node and Siege Wars, but still not implemented.
    Daum pls?
  11. Hi,
    Some statement about the game : Atm, likeskills are not so usefull or not so profitable (except fishing but it takes a lot of time - and alchemy for the stones). Same for the workers management. It takes time and effort to gain more contribution points, for limited benefits. In comparaison, grinding is the most profitable in term of money and power gains. So it's the best choice for fort sieges and node wars. And here is the problem : the game offers a lot of deep activities to do, but the most usefull to do is the most boring part of the game : grind. Even more, people are complaining that the game does not have much group content.
    So, I thought about something that could bring more content and interest for many people.
    In all wars (even guild wars) the game will take into account the lifeskills lvl of the members. It will give points in each category of lifeskill, according to the addition of all lifeskill lvl of the members. It will be exponential to reward those who worked a lot on their lifeskills and there would be a boost of points between each notch. So a lvl 1 professionnal will give much more than a lvl 10 skilled.
    What's the use of those points ?
    Let's say that each guild start with the same number of points for each lifeskill category. They can spend those points to buy different items and bonuses. And with time, they gain more points : the supplies.
    For the duration of the war, members will be able to buy different boosts in relation with the lifeskill. The quality and the number of boosts will depend of the total of skill points. Some items or boosts will be only available if the lifeskill score of at least 1 (or numerous members) reach a certain level. Exemple : the best cook item could only be purchased if there is at least 5 members with the artisan lvl in the guild.
    Some exemple of boosts :
    - Gathering : Create different siege weapons. Items to unlock or reinforce some others in differents categories.
    - Processing : Special items that could reinforce players, like metal for melee classes to be more tanky. Or give piercing arrows to rangers.
    - Cook : Food that give different stats bonus or effets (classic buff effect in fact).
    - Alchemy : Special potions (Classic HP & Mana pots) + reduce/boost damages. Or bombs and flares. Poisons to apply.
    - Training : Special mounts for the war, faster and giving bonuses. Or mounts stats bonuses. Or faster supplies regen.
    - Fishing : Like farming but different boosts. Can give faster supplies to cook. Unique buff effect for only fishing skill. It may be a special summon ability of catfishes to help players.
    - Hunting : Create traps, webs and other usable items that can help in wars. Unique bows with special effects.
    - Trade : Give a boost of skill points in different category. Give a bonus of starting points. Or faster supplies regen that the guild can spend in the category of it's choice.
    - Farming : Like fishing but different boosts. Unique buff effect for only farming skill. It may be a swarm of insects to slow or blind ennemies.
    There should be a lot more bonuses that would give each lifeskill it's own special features.
    For the workers. Gathered items could be used to buy some boosts and items, instead of selling them at a ridiculous price at the market. The chicken could be, for exemple, used to give more supply points in cook. Same for wax, woods and ores in processing.
    Some items could be only bought with supply points + a certain amount of some ressources.
    In addition, each lifeskill could have a specific boost for the user. It could be a daily craftable item, not tradable, that could give a xp or skill bonus for 1h, or maybe a certain amount of xp. It could be a unique feature like a unique skill of horse for trainers. Or a xp bonus during daytime for farmer.
    If a player reach a certain lvl in a lifeskill, he will be able to rent gear for the war only. It will help them if they didn't spend time to lvling and gearing.
    This system could give a lot more interest for all types of players in the game :
    - Grinders will continue to be the strongest fighters, but could be supported by "weakers" members of the guild.
    - Lifeskillers will at last see an objective to spend energy and time in lifeskill. And they will be more rewarded for doing what they like to do.
    - Lifeskill boosts for users will help to reduce the gap of power between them and grinders. If it's a daily xp or skill boost.
    - It will create a group's utility.
    - It will reduce the syndrome of guilds only recruiting 55+ players with 300 AP/DP minimum. So all players will be usefull for the group.
    - It will fully exploit the deep system of BDO about the lifeskills. And at last, it will make the game more specific in comparaison with the others mmorpg who focus most on lvl+gear.
  12. Can you give us this sytem please?
    Simple ideas could be a menu that allows you to manage up to 4 parties (20 people) i'd prever one that goes up to 60 people - but thats alot to handle.
     What would this do? Enable all units in this 'alliance' or 'raid' menu to get loot from kills. Aka boss scrolls. Although only the summoning party can injure their summon - the others can summon at the same time, and it would allow all people in this raid menu to get the loot drops or atleast 1 seal together. 
    What would this restrict? Exp gain.  Simple rule, if you don't do 1% dmg to it - you don't get exp. Even in this group. 
    What would this benefit? Healing spells and buffs for one, could apply up to a larger number. Bosses and field/world bosses - A guild could make a very detailed plan and analysis setting for this format. Easily. 
    Many mmos have a format or setting like this, could we please have it as well? 
  13. Hello

    I've been playing for 3 weeks now and i have a berserker level 50 and a wizard at 34. I love this game so much that i think this COULD be the new WoW (popular as WoW).
    First of all there are so many things to do like crafting, trading, fishing, processing etc. but the problem is.. do you ever feel lonely playing this game? When you are grinding, arent u normally alone? You have a guild but you almost never party with them? You are searching for social groups, partys etc. but its not something easy to find? My problem in this game is that there are almost nothing social about this game. It really makes me sad. This game lacks the dungeon and raid part. Why you ask? Because dungeon is not all about killing mobs and bosses and getting good gears but ALSO partying with friends, guild members and random people and that leads to socializing. THEN you are not alone! You are not BORING your self to death doing all kind of crafting, grinding etc all alone. 
    I HIGHLY suggest the developers CONSIDER to put some instance-making dungeons and raids so people can feel that they are not alone. I really love this game but it breaks my heart when im considering quitting it. I see no endgame in this game. I see not socializing beside guild-/channel chat.
    C'mon.. You developers must thought of this. WE are EU/NA gamers and not KOREAN. We want some dungeons and raids. We want some socializing.
    - A frustrated player..
  14.                                                                                                                         DESERTCROW
                                      "We few, we few bastions of hope, we will be the resistance, the resistance to call upon a new dawn"
    Server: Orwen
    Voip: Ts3
    age req: 18+
    Gear or lvl req: none
    Timezones: Est and Pst
    Playstyle: Casual progression
    About us:
    Desertcrow is founded by 4 old friends who have been playing and leading games for a very long time. We made Desertcrow for BDO for the purpose of being a well known force in the game when it comes to upcoming Node and Siege wars, while our focus will be pvp, we will do everything that BDO has to offer, with many scheduled events throughout the day and week. Desertcrow is a casual guild with a hardcore progression mindset, even casual players want to be able to log on and by the time they log off have completed some sort of progression, in Desertcrow thats what we do, while maintaining a fun, active, and silly atmosphere. Life and the real world is serious enough, don't make games your job. In Desertcrow we get shit done, and we do it with laughs. Are you looking for active, helpful members, who have a sense of humor, not full of themselves and enjoy playing BDO as much as you? Then join us!
    Can either leave your family name here, or message me ingame.    Family name: SilentDevotion
  15. Post on About the gankers in General

    By Ikcen, posted
    Till yesterday I did no believe in existence of the gankers, but that changes suddenly. I was on world boss, and some player, I do not remember the name, PK me. The difference in levels was obvious, and I had no chance. He prevented me to take the drop, which is not a big deal, because before that I made another two world bosses on different channels. And I just took a level, so I lost almost nothing in fact, no matter he successfully tried to immobilize me, close to the boss, and that as you know is a deadly thing
    There are few important things in this story. His guild claimed unaccepted war on mine, so why I call him ganker? When we fight ogres or some other mobs in competition for the drop, PK is not ganking, it is a rational act of competition. On the world boss he lost its own chance for good drop, and even let his character to be killed multiple times, just to PK me. Probably he was frustrated from the instant kills of the boss. But he did not care about the prize, he PK for the PK.
    That makes me think about the so called guild wars. In other games we fought for castles, fortresses, farming spots with good drop, raid bosses. Here the wars are absolutely pointless for the individual member of the guild. Players fight for nothing at friendly way, as they lose nothing too. Sometimes some of them in bad mood start to PK, like it happened in this case, but still it is absolutely pointless.
    Even the fact we can fight on world bosses changes nothing, as the harsh damage and big health bar of the boss, in addition to the random drop, make the meaningful PvP impossible. Daum really should think about this story, and hopefully they would not act like usually - free PvP in world bosses is a good thing, it should not be forbidden, but to be made more competitive, with changes of the boss spawn time, stats and AI.
  16. We're a good few days into release now and wars are starting left and right between the guilds. As member of a guild I've had the joys of experiencing this war between guilds as well. Admittedly, I was a bit disappointed. The wars themselves do not feel like much more than high level players slapping swords against eachother, forcing the lower levels that want to participate to observe, unable to do anything. 

    I do not know the exact mechanics behind what validates and invalidates a wartarget. But the current system feels incredibly limiting, especially with Conquest still disabled. It's all great there's NPCs that can locate others, but that is absolutely pointless if 9/10 targets are immune towards the conditions of the wars.

    Currently we see wars being declared in waves, angry guild leaders standing on either side of the roads waving fists at eachother menacingly and the lower levels(45-) just going about their business, because nobody is really allowed to cross the road and start something. From what I understood, Black Desert Online is heavily a PvP game, with the 'end game', from a guild perspective, being to lay claim to territory, thereby putting their mark on the world.

    If the war declaration system is more involving, meaning that a wider range of players can join in the fun, it would add a lot more 'weight'  to wars themselves as well, giving them meaningful activities besides the coming Conquest. I'd like to shamelessly shine a small light on EVE Online's warfare system. Due to it's simple approach of "Pay the fee, and the cops don't care what you do to them. Also we don't mind if you frame them, grief them and keep their loot.", it's generated tremendous amounts of meaningful content within the game world. Mercenary groups got offered jobs, pacts were made between parties, people were more careful in their approach to wars, they weren't just daily nuances in player's activity ingame. Personally I think adjusting the rules of engagement for Black Desert Online's war system will do the game much good. Ofcourse not as severe as EVE does it, that simply does not befit this game, but certainly a higher level of danger with these wars would do the game good.

    So, in wake of this text, here's a small list of changes, that I, would deem interesting to implement/alter with the current war system:

    - Adjust the level limit of participating members, after lv20 a member of a warring guild is open to attack and be attacked by the opposing guilds, regardless of level difference.
    - Reward contribution points to members that fight hard in the guild wars. It does not have to be much, but one more incentive to fight will be most welcome, perhaps even a title for most kills during a war?
    - Increase the initiating cost per CURRENT ACTIVE war for additional war declarations, 1/2/3/4   300k/450k/600k/750k. This is put some more thought in the decision to wage war at random.
    - Keep the rest as is, this game is awesome <3

    Immediate possible concerns:

    Won't this welcome a lot of griefing from larger, rich guilds? what about PvP centric smaller guilds?

    The possibility is always there, however it welcomes a lot of content for players as well. Are you a small group in a pinch? approach other guilds, set up deals, call for aid, be creative. As for the smaller guilds, pick your targets carefully. There's plenty other things like the arena's as well where you can simply jump in without any prior thinking or planning to have a great time cracking skulls.

    What if I just want to afk trade or grind?

    Either you don't affiliate with a guild, or you accept that grouping with a larger entity brings benefits, but is counterweighted by potential dangers.

    Now the only thing that puzzles me is that there's nowhere to see what the NA/EU's guild war rules are(the Tomewiki etc. seem to have the korean ruleset on there, not ours.) So if anyone could shine light on the exact war mechanics as well that'd be great! 

    Furthur suggestions/concerns/additions are naturally welcome! Give it a thumbs up if you agree that bloodshed between guilds should be a bit more thrilling!
  17. Hey there, I run the Skyfell Rogues guild and I'm hoping to recruit YOU today to our lovely guild. We are coming over from gw2 and I am a longtime supporter of black desert (played on the korean version for a decent sum of time). We are roughly the size of 15 people once official launch day comes, but we are looking to recruit many more to that to ensure we are competitive in sieges and guild wars! We have a discord server for voice communications but it is not a requirement. We are located on the Edan server (usually calph 1) so shoot me a whisper there! Character name is Reyyn Family name is Forever. See you Rogues later!
  18. REIGN has been the preeminent community in SWTOR  for the past 4 years  and SWG for its duration, among other games as well.
    We strive to build not a guild but a community of like-minded players. We currently are looking to add more folks to our 500+ community in BDO... Requisites below..
    Players we look for are ones that are laid back, friendly, and want to be an active participant in REIGN and its activities. We strive to pursue PVP endeavors along with PVE options as well. We focus on one core guideline, empire building. REIGN prides itself on being first on multiple pursuits in SWTOR  and other games such as Wow, SWG, AOC, Ark, EQ2, and UO... we intend to do the same in BDO  but with a laid back attitude.
    For more information on REIGN please see the site below.
    REIGN Homepage
  19. Incoming from Australia, Paul is the name!
    Good day to you all!
    Any Aussies here who'd like to share deets with me so we can play at non-abnormal times?
    Also interested in forming an Australian guild because of time zones as well. If you're interested please hit me up or leave a comment below!
    Anyway, hope this game is absolutely legendary and we can all have a rad time together.
    See you guys in-game! 
  20. So how to make this game multiplayer? That is how:
    First, the trade. Now it is exclusively singleplayer, and that makes a large part of the game solo. To change this the developer could remove the auction house. Then could limit the amount of goods every NPC can buy per day. All the goods shall be player related – so to give some bonuses or buffs. Now there are many goods that are practically useless.
    The penalty for the unlinked nodes will stay, but it will affect the player’s shops. The change of prices from the players still will be in some limited range, but the middle price will be different from node to node depend on the demand and the supply of goods. The players will travel and talk to each other to get the information for the markets. The localization of the resources will stay.
    The bargain game will become automated deal. So if a buyer wants to bargain he plays against the NPC, or the offline player’s shop. But if the owner of the shop is online and he is in the town area, the game may become player to player if both agree, in 5 instead 3 rounds. The deal will be automated, so the buyer must have 50% more silver than the current price to start the game, and he can win up to 50% discount or to pay up to 50% more, it depends on the game’s result.
    It will be possible for every player to buy a shop with contribution points – one shop per node. The shops will start with two slots, and will have up to 9 slots. Every new slot will cost more contribution points.
    So when some player goes in the town area, he can check the houses. Every one of them will have shops menu, where the player can see what shops sell and the prices of the goods.
    But the trade is pointless if everyone can make everything. So the crafting system could be changed too. Every player shall choose only one profession. The specialization will make people to play with each other. If someone wants to change the profession, that will be possible with a certain certificate.
    The housing system could be changed too. It will not be possible players to use solo manufactures. The mass production will be possible only for guilds. And only the guilds will hire more than one NPC workers. So if a guild wants to produce some kind of goods – only one kind per guild – it shall buy a manufacture with contribution points. Half of the contribution points of the members will be managed by the guild. If someone leaves the guild he will get all of his contribution points back.
    Still the players will buy houses and storehouses in the towns. In addition more houses shall be used in open world as guild halls.
    Now back to the nodes. Control over a node will give additional bonuses. The guild will get silver by tax over the goods produced from the node or a road tax. Management of the taxes will make difference among the trading routes. The castle owner will get silver from the tax over every trade deal in the controlled town.
    Carrying of cargo outside of the roads will not be safe. It will be possible for everyone to loot it, of course with karma penalty but only if he PK the owner. The roads will not be safe too if the nodes are not linked.
    Even if the nodes are linked the roads will not be 100% safe. There will be random event, in which the cargo will become lootable, so the owner has to protect it to the next safe zone. That event will affect by chance of 10% the cargoes and the travelers.
    Now about the karma penalty. It could be reduced and changed to make possible the loot and fight for farming spot for mobs. The changes are simple. The karma for the first hit will be removed. The player will get only about 2-5 minutes karma after the PK, it will be random. But he will get about 30 minutes karma per PK on the next login. To clean the karma he shall kill mobs for a certain amount of experience, but will not get any experience and drop from them. Pickpocketing of players will be possible, with small karma penalty if it fails and for small sums of silver.
    To make the gameplay competitive it will not be possible to change the channel 12 hours after the login.
    In addition player to player exchange of goods or silver will be possible only between the members of a guild.
    All the mobs will be faster, with slightly bigger HP, and a little bit stronger than now. The drop of silver from the mobs will be reduced, as the trade will not print so much money, and the earnings from farming of mobs shall be comparable. The damage from all player’s skills will be reduced. And the cool down time for HP pots could be longer.
    Maybe it will be a good idea to put back the formation system, but without the annoying visual effects, and with additional bonuses related to the different classes, like shield wall, mages circle, line of archers, and etc.
    The amount of silver needed for the guild wars/sieges will be reduced, as also the guilds funds. The wars will have minimum duration, maybe a week.
    The red battleground could be removed, also the instanced arenas. Instead in every town could be made a local tournament for teams and solo players. At the end of every month all of the local winners /the first 3 in every discipline - 1vs1 for every different class, 3vs3, 5vs5/ will go in one of the towns and will distinguish the best players, which will take a title for a month, unique buff, and significant reward, as also a place on every leader board.
    The terms of the competition – every player over 50 will get 10 badges per month if he subscribes to the local tournament. Every battle will last 5 minutes, without potions and additional buffs. The opponent or the opponent team will be chosen randomly. The winner/winners will take 1 badge from the loser/losers. Players with most badges at the end of the month win the tournament. With the badges will be possible to buy a certain items from certain NPCs. There will be quests for winning of additional badges with wins in the tournament battles. For example if you win 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 battle. Or if you win 1vs1 battles vs 3 opponents from different classes, and etc.
    It will be great if the developer implements player to player quests. Some standardized quests for delivery of goods, PvP, killing of mobs, crafting of items, but instead of NPCs, players will give them.
    For example. You need to deliver a cargo from town A to town B. Now you can hire a player too, but there are no guaranties for the cargo and for his reward. So you give him a quest, by choosing the node, and the reward. At the moment he delivers the cargo, he gets the reward. And you automatically get the money. Player who takes the quest has time limit, after which you automatically get the cargo back, he cannot sell or transfer the cargo to the other character. But there shall be a risk, so the cargo can be looted, while smaller objects will be placed in inventory, and the chance of drop on dead for them will be random. Now if you say there may be a fraud, you choose the player, the cargo and the reward. Why you will need such a quest? There are reasons like GvG and insufficient time.
    Same with raid bosses. You know alive boss, so you can hire other players to kill it, and you automatically will get the loot. You choose the boss name and the reward. Once they take the quest, there will be a time penalty. If any of them kills the boss before the time penalty expires, you will get the loot, they will get the reward.
    To hire players for PvP, you choose the reward and the enemy /guild or player/. To fulfill the quest they shall kill the player, or certain number of guild members for limited time.
    In fact quests for crafting are good idea too, so you can hire other people to craft for you.
    You can put your quests announcement in the taverns or leader boards, to ask in the local chat, to hire certain players with PM.
    The idea is money to circulate into the game, instead to put them with drop from mobs/trade/funds and then to remove them with some sink, a process that always leads to hyperinflation.
    I think all these simple changes will make the game much better.