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  1. How much damage is transferred from Main Weapon to Awakened Weapon? I heard 50%, Ive heard 43%, and I really cannot tell when I kill mobs. Also want to know if bonus's like +Human Damage count. I know Attk Speed, and crit carry over. I want to get a bow for my ranger that adds +20 to my main weapon, a move from DUO Liverto to TET Liverto, Or should I buy TET KAMA Awakened for +8 Weapon Damage from a TRI KAMA .
    58 RANGER-
  2. Would anyone agree that this weapon variant would not only be fun but refreshing in this game for a new class? Ideas for awakening weapon are welcome!
  3. Hi all,
    I am a new player. I created a character when the game was released, but haven't really touched the game until now. I have come back to find about 90mil silver sitting in my mail.
    Now, I'm wondering what would be the optimal gear to spend this on? Should I go all out and buy the most powerful weapon I can afford, and how does consideration of an awakening weapon factor in? Assuming I plan to use my awakening weapon 90% of the time as soon as I reach level 56. Would I want to instead get the best awakening weapon I can afford, or would I want some kind of middle ground? (I'm not sure exactly how far my 90mil will take me here)
    Or, should I spend the money on a combination of +10/+15 armor and weapons?
    Looking for any suggestions as to what would be the best idea. Thanks!
  4. I am 52 lvl and i was wondering if it is worth getting a Kzarka weapon or better to keep my staff and get awakened orbs? I am not a member of any guild if it is matters.
    I don't find any fresh info about gear for Wizard with latest updates, Maybe it is way too late for me and going straight on awakening weapon is better? As I read it is an orb now with summoning abilities and water/fire elements.

    The problem that I cannot catch Kzarka boss, looking at this site I check the spawn time, I sit on the spot and since Kzarka boss is spawned on all channels I have to at least see him once, but nope... Looking Internet about Kzarka spawn already 1 week, sitting afk on spot in Serendia shrine and being check if I am bot by random people is sure very amusing. Support is way too busy to answer my request as well. I met a girl there who saw an announcement and came on spot but there were nobody, so is the answer from GM still actual?
    As I read people call him the boss for unemployed people cause he spawns near 4 o'clock, maybe I just need to wait more? Or night vendor is my only choice now? Or skip it and get a super ultra awakened orb that I have no idea about?
    By the way, in order to see announcement about boss spawn, how do I switch off all these annoying pop-up ads about marketing? I switched off them in chat but I cannot find the option for the screen. 
    Let's skip the part about my noob questions and noob staff  just advice me, I have returned in the game after 6 months pause.
  5. Please leave your feedback below for the developers, on how you think they can improve said features, or why you disagree with them. Please do not misunderstand this thread. Despite my low post count on the forums, I have been following this game for many years-. I have played during the betas, and for about 6 months after launch. Although I took a break, I love this game, it can just use a few really simple to fix adjustments- which I feel could make this game even better. 
    RNG Enhancing + Degrade + Gear Dependency
    Having RNG is not necessarily a bad feature. But, it's the way that the game implements the feature which ruins it. There are many ways this situation can be fixed, some better than others. Personally, I think the best way is to increase the sucess rate when enhancing gear and accesorries. As for acessories, I am sure someone has broken their keyboard over the RNG of these. If an enhancement fails, the acessory that is PRI or more should not be demolished- just the non-PRI+ acessory used for enhancing should be demolished. Another viable option for accesories can be like gear, if an enhancement fails instead of being demolished it loses a grade instead. 
    Gear dependency in this game wouldn't be as brutal and tedious as it is now, especially for PvP situations, if RNG were to be 'improved'. This is my number one dislike about the game. 
    Feeling of No Progress
    This feeling comes along with the RNG system currently in game. A player can grind for one month straight, and have X amount of millions of coins that he/she saved for enhancing or progressing. Well, because of RNG that month of work can go to absolutely no progress. As MMO players, most of us are probabaly more than a bit fine with grinding for a few hours a day to work our way towards gear and progression over time. The issue is that unlike in other MMOs, this game can give you absolutely nothing in return for the work and time you put in to try and progress forward. It's completely RNG based [Do not say a player can just save the money and buy the gear. High end enhanced gear selling on the MP is almost more rare than good RNG]. It does not matter if Player A played for 5 months, and Player B played for 1 month- if RNG is going great for one player, he/she can almost easily get ahead of the other. This leaves Player A frustrated, as they have spent 5 months trying to progress, but due to RNG they have gotten minimal or even no progress. [This game being a Korean MMO is not an excuse. We koreans do not like grinding without progress and purpose, just as similar as you guys do!!]
    Sucess rates just need to be increased for progress across multiple features in this game. There needs to be some sort of limit or boundary RNG has, so a player doesn't waste months just to potentionally get no where. RNG is fine with limitations and general progress.
    EXP & Crystal Loss
    If the servers were stable or the game was optimized, EXP and crystal loss would be fine. But, realistically that is not the state of the game. Please do not think I am bashing the game or developers, I believe they are working hard to fix and improve this game- that doesn't mean we should be further effected by these issues though. Until the servers are stable, which right now can cause players to randomly stop in motion and be slaughtered by monsters, or be one tapped by a world boss due to animation delay/lag, crystal and EXP loss should be temporarily disabaled. I do not think we should be penalized for an issue that we can not control, since it is up to the developers and company to fix. All I, and hopefully the community, ask for is a temporarily pause on crystal and EXP loss until the game is in a better state. 
    RNG World Boss Timers
    The easiest 'fix' of them all, world boss timers. I do not understand why the developers put a five hour time frame on boss spawns. The ~24 hour distance between how many times a boss can spawn is perfectly fine, but there should be a set time a boss spawns. For example, instead of Kzarka spawning between 23:20 EST - 03:50 EST it should just spawn at one specific set time- 23:20 EST. 
  6. Post on Weapon Reform in General

    By Demerovic, posted
    So i have a green PRI: Scythe of Seduction it's durability is 100/100, and I am unable to upgrade it to blue quality because whenever I try and use the reform option from the black spirit, the weapon and the reform stones are greyed out in my inventory. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong

  7. ich bin mittlerweile level 30 hab keine neue waffe bekommen und möchte mir eine waffe für level 30 auf dem markt anschaffen kann mir einer helfen?
    vlt eine liste mit waffen name und level wäre sehr hilfreich
  8. Hi first to all.
    So if posible some on to put on market for RANGER ! Cavaro WEAPON & OUTFIT PREMIUM box i will be greatful !!!
    Becous to weit 7 Days is so Enoing , I steel weiting in  (EU) Surver so if some on make thise  dream come true i will like to give my silvers tnx . Till now i see so many people who post they Outfit's but aways for different classes ...
    So if some on read thise massage and  is ready to help and don't be a hater ore troller i wish to do it now tnx for the time !

  9. The goal of the awakenings was to make classes more complete and to allow to make up for flaws that came with the original class design. But as of now, the whole 'completion' story feels like a goner, because all you use is the awakening. It's not an addition at all, it's just a complete overhaul. This makes it so that the original flaws are taken care of, but only to end up with a new set of flaws.
    Once you reach lvl 56, you'll go for the awakening weapons/skills, which do 1000% in some cases. This is way more then your original skills. The consequence of this, is that you barely look at your regular skills, and turn to awakening completely. The only time i can imagine using the regular skills, is when you want to make it part of your cc chain, but for dmg output you'll go to the awakening skills.
    Wouldn't it be possible to raise the dmg % on the main skills, so that they are on par with the awakening skills? This will allow for a better mix between regular and awakening playstyle, thus completing the class ( as was  intended in the first place).
    This gives the player alot of possibilities towards mixing certain combo's, playstyles,... It would make the class more complete, because you'll use both your regular and awakening weapon;
  10. Hello!
    I was wondering if it's possible to add an extra dye slot for the Warrior's Carvaro Longsword. The blade itself cannot be colored like other weapons. Currently, the only possible  part  of the weapon that can be dyed is handle grip (black in the picture) and part  of the hilt (in red).
    I would like to be able to color the itself. Other swords, including in-game swords have three dye slots. Attached is picture showcasing a liverto's blade dyed pink.

    Thank you!
    Of course, it  would be nice to increase allowable parts to color for more items besides the cavaro longsword if they're limited as shown.
  11. Hi all!!
    I was looking for this question at google, but all info that I find its old.
    Some sites say: white > green > blue > yellow and other sites add "orange".
    My question is: What is the max color quality at armor / weapons? yellow or orange?
  12. So again with the same old question ... When will weapon change coupon be added into cash shop? 
    (Can't remember last time i have to bed someone to take my money)
    For people that do not know what i am asking about:
    Weapon change coupon is an item you can buy from cash-shop with pearls. Its a one time deal account wide and you can swap current weapon of choice for another one.
    Example: I have a ninja Dandelion -> I can swap it for any other dandelion weapon and you can do it only once per family/account (no multiple rerolls).
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo@PM_Jouska
  13. Hey Leute,
    ich Glückspilz habe durch den Kampf gegen kzarka den kzarka fokusreif bekommen. Der ist ca. 100 Millionen Wert
    Jetzt ist es so das ich dennoch neu in dem Spiel bin und noch nicht genau weiß wie das System läuft mit gelben Waffen. Ich hatte nur Standart Waffen und kriege jetzt so einen seltenen Drop.. Ich habe meine Waffen davor normal mit den Waffen-Schwarzsteinen hochgelevelt auf +7. Ab da wird es ja schwerer. Ist es bei gelben Waffen ebenfalls so das ich bis ich +7 bin, für jedes "level" der Waffe nur 1 Schwarzstein brauche?  Oder ist es schwerer? Und gibt es irgendwo eine Tabelle in der Steht wie viele Schwarzsteine ich aufeinmal brauche um garantiert ein weiteres "waffen-level" ab +7 zu bekommen?
    Danke für eure hilfe!

  14. Greets!  Here is a screenshot of the Nouver Kunai in the Black Market, but for over 25% increased cost rather than half the cost and what the market value is.
    I wanted to buy this but couldn't because of the overlooked pricing I believe.

  15. Greetings!
    Recently i had time to level my Valk to 56, and not quite sure if i should invest in it (since ill play Dark knight anyway), trough a decent alt never hurts. 
    I got an +10 yuria on her and with all the armor and accesory she has like 93 ap, and since she hit 56 not quite sure if i should bother to buy her a duo liverto at all, or just go a tri Lancia. 
    On my Musha i had a tri liverto and a duo Spear and didnt really feel like its cutting trough mobs, like my sorc did with a simple +15 yuria and +7 scythe, so i figured i did something wrong, so i was like : wtf , how does this work?
    Can anyone tell me if its worth to skip the sword and buy a good awa weapon, or get a good normal weapon and get what ever i can get my hands on as awa. What gives more dmg and farm speed?
  16. So,i've read a lot of witch/wizard guides and still dunno what weapon(mh/of) i should use(except liverta or zaka)?
    Is it better to use yuria for pve?or maybe rosar/krea or something else?
    what offhand should i pick?  steel(will be there enough accuracy for pve?)? bronze(will be there enough damage?)? or maybe rosar/krea if u'll recommend them as mh weapon?
    so,help me and argue pls,mates=)
  17. Hi there, with new awakening for my class I started to wonder how awakening damage is calculated? for Awakening skills Is it Main Weapon + Awakening Weapon AP ? or it's pure  Awakening Weapon AP considered for % dmg calculations?
    And how it's work for basic skills? it's combined AP from both weapons or only from main ? 
    My Main weapon is curently PRI should I upgrade main weapon or focus to upgrade Awakening now in that case ?
  18. I love this game.
    In particular. I love the trade skills. Cooking, Fishing, Farming, Alchemy, etc.
    However, it seems that this game's focus is not life skills. Life skills are not the end game. The end game of BDO seems to be getting the best gear, doing PVP, or similar.
    While you are not forced to do that, there are no real goals to work towards for life skill players asides from a higher lifeskill rank. Asides from a small amount of knowledge, there is no reason to learn every single recipe as a chef. You get no special reward.
    In addition, asides from the cook's clothes, there are no gear for me to upgrade. It would be nice if cooking had a life skill tool like Fishing does. A tool that you could upgrade.

    I am sitting here with more money than I know what to do with, because I have already reached the end game of cooking, after just 20 days. 
  19. Please change LANCIA to LANCE. It's a damn lance, not a car...
  20. Hello Ladies and Gents,
    I'm sure there are many of you guys out there that main a later released class but still pre-ordered the game to play these classes mainly. It also came to my understanding that the pre-order skins that were available only for released classes at the time.

    Please can we put forward this idea to give us a chance to maybe exchange these skins for our Kunoichis/Ninjas/Musas/Maehwas?
  21. Was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this since the patch?
    I'll be in the middle of combat and  get hit or knocked down then when I get back up my character is just running around around like my weapon was never out on the first place. It's nearly got me killed a few times and was most noticable at Crescent Shrine.
    Highly doubt it was intended that people get removed out of combat stance when they are being hit.
  22. Title
    i would like to have weapons with poison, fire dmg, ice effect for slowing down some double procs on single attacks or shots, mana regen active health regen, hp drain etc... Something special for the weapons,  who else thinks bdos weaponry is boring 
    The effects could be higher than any crystals effect 
  23. Hi, my third suggestion for bdo is/are artifact/relic weapons. 
    These should be obtainable after lvl 56, the first step should be to accept a quest. The quests first part could be "defeat 10000x of xxx monster", second part could be "reach 300-400 titles", after showing your might to the artifact quest guy with killing tons of mobs and showing him your fame with your titles, he should give you the last part of the quest.
    The last part is another mob killing grinding thing, we would need new items for this,
    Fragments of wrath, fragments of greed. They should be buyable via marketplace or trading,  or through a special vendot who sells one for 1mil)14 bil if u want to buy it...etc. Let say the quest npc need seven different versions (7 deadly sins) and from each one 2000 pieces. Drops could be rare, maybe similar to blackstones, that would be similar to farming 14000 blackstones. These should be also rare drops on lifeskills and grinding.
    After giving him all the items, he should give you an artifact weapon,  20 ap above every other weapon, 3 ap speed 3 crit chance and 10 accuracy. The items should be non enchantable to not add rng into an item whivh was earned with a lot of effort. It should at max from the beginning. Each weapon cohld have an special skill which only that one weapon has.
    The artifact relic weapons could be a full set of main offhand and awakened or each one by himself.
    Some would complain about he quest beeing to hard but this one would reward the ones grand who put a lot of effort into it.
  24. Post on Night vendor awakening in General

    By Perro, posted
    Please make it possible for all classes to roll on their awakening weapon by adding the weapon bundle to the night vendor!
  25. Post on PLS Help me in Guides

    By Pedrotacoslayer, posted
    'I would recommend not upgrading your gear before it is +15, because each time you repair it’s maximum durability, you will either need to use the same grade, or pay an extra 30,000 silver each repair. Instead you want to get your gear to +15 then make it ultimate grade. It’s also important to make sure your gear’s max durability is fully repaired.'
    why do people recommend its in max durability ?