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  1. Hello glorious BDO community!
    x-posting from reddit as I'd like to get as much feedback as possible.
    I'm currently looking for a side project to work on in my spare time to play around with some of the newer web technologies I haven't had the time to check out in the last year or so. I'd like to make something useful or fun for the BDO community, but I'd also like to be something that has longevity and will continue to be used by many people moving forward (ensures I'm motivated to keep working on it).
    So I'm making this post to gather some ideas from the community on what sort of website/app you would like to see. Keep in mind that there is no open API for BDO, so fetching any sort of data from the game directly isn't possible. There are also a handful of existing and useful sites like http://www.somethinglovely.net/ - I'm not looking to build or replace something that already exists, unless it's no longer maintained and needs a replacement.
    I've thought about something a bit more social, something that will allow people to connect and share. We have a lot of screenshots and character pics beying shared lately - maybe something to facilitate this? Just a thought!
    Please share your ideas on what you'd like to see. I will be compiling a list and posting a poll at a later date to narrow down what people want the most - assuming there is any interest.
  2. Hi,
    Since launch, I have been countless times hitting a http 500 error from your servers when I browse the forums.
    This bug seems completely random, occuring on any section with Chrome/Firefox on all OS.
    Here is a screenshot with Chrome. 

  3. Wollte nur mal anmerken, dass die Website für Neulinge abschreckend wirkt. Man sieht 3 verschiedene Modelle. Auf mich wirkte es beim flüchtigen Überblicken so, als müsste man 9,99 monatlich bezahlen. Erst als ich Google nutzte, bin ich nochmal auf Black Desert zurückgekehrt. Vor allem in Verbindung mit "7 Tage kostenlos testen", wirkt es so. 
    Man sollte vielleicht groß kennzeichnen, dass man einmal zahlt und dann unbegrenzt spielen kann. Man schaut oft nur flüchtig und so verliert man mögliche Spieler. Wollte nur mal darauf hinweisen.
  4. Dear beloved Staff of Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss or Daum Game,
    May you please put the Marine outfit for any applicable class in the Christmas Website Sale, that's the only costume I didn't get the chance to buy.
    Yours truly,
  5. We are DragonLore, a gaming community founded 10 years ago. For an overview of what we do please visit our website at dragonlore.eu or join our forum’s.
    In BDO we are an all aspect guild playing on Croxus and we offer an active community. We do weekly guild events and missions. We are looking for active players with no extra requirements. Teamspeak is recommended but not mandatory.
    If you’re interested you can find all the info you need on our website. Join our forums or join our Teamspeak now! You can also just reply on one of our frequent recruitment massages on Mediah C1 or whisper me in-game (Helyan)
  6. Guten Tag Allerseits,
    inzwischen ist es über 11 Tage her, das ich ein Ticket an den Support wegen einem Anliegen im Shop geschrieben habe. Jedoch kommt keinerlei Reaktion. in der Zwischenzeit habe ich sogar schon 2 Mal im Ticket nachgefragt was los ist. Erneut keine Reaktion darauf und meine Begeisterung darüber hält sich, wie man sicher denken kann, dezent in Grenzen. Mir ist bewusst, das es einige Tickets zum bearbeiten gibt, aber so gar keine Reaktion ist schon etwas, das ich nicht gerade als Kundenfreundlichkeit bezeichnen würde.
    Falls es einen Mitarbeiter / Mod hierhin verschlägt, wäre ich sehr froh, wenn ich zumindest eine Info bekommen kann, wie lange man für Anliegen wohl noch warten soll.
  7. Many times, my friends and I share links to important posts in these forums on Facebook and other social media, but when you click on the link, it takes you to the main forum page and not the actual post (Yes, I'm already logged in to the forums when I do this). You then have to search for the thread. It's very inconvenient to have to do this all the time. Can you please fix this and allow linked forum threads to work?
  8. Angeli Rebelli is an international guild that plays on the Alustin server. We are looking for experienced players but we are also recruiting new players with potential. We can provide you with knowledge on the beautiful world of Black Desert. Our target is to create a strong and stable community. Visit our website http://angelirebelli.enjin.com/ to find out more.
    To contact in game whisper to:
    Rivia (Rahl) - Guild Leader
    Kishii (Yamashi) - Officer
    Lisadieu (Gran) - Officer
  9. Hello everyone,
    While Bdotimers.com is already a timer for worldbosses, it can be manipulated and trolled on way too easy and who ever thinks noone will do that.. we can see on Microsofts ai how the world liked to troll..

    I think Daum should add a timer themselve that Registers once the boss dies and adds a timeframe to the next spawn and notes once the boss spawned.. that way it would be easier to track
    Also im not sure if the worldmessage ~30 minutes before Kzaka spawns exists on eu, but i have never seen it and i play a lot.. if you got rid of the Server/channelmessage this should probably be featured again
    Coming now to my 2nd request.. I think worldbosses should Count as scrollbosses, meaning that you do not loose EXP when diing.. for a meleeclass any boss is a "get 1shot, maybe with luck 2shot and loose exp -- use potion to prevent loss -- die again -- repeat".. this is incredible awful. Ì think those bosses should not make you loose exp.. im okay with loosing gems and such though.. some bosses even have rng targeting you cant or can hardly dodge which make it incredible painful.. Sincerely... a melee..  -- range classes have it way easier to survive
    The fact that you seem to get extra contribution for diing´("tanked Bonus", "death Bonus", "dmg taken Bonus" that kinda got confirmed in korea) makes not up for it.
    It kinda Forces you only to worldbosses once you freshly leveled up to not loose exp
  10. Hi,
    No matter what payment method i use on the website (Paypal, Paysafe or creditcard) I always get "internal error" at the checkout when i want to buy Daum cash, and it is the same no matter amount of daum.
    I choose my product, works fine, i then choose payment method and add all info and accept terms, then i press "checkout" and i will, always, in 100% of the cases get internal error.
    please correct this.
  11.               Wiukomme bir Vorstellig vor Schwizer Gilde <Equinox>             

    Da die Gildenvorstellung ausschliesslich auf Schweizer Spieler abzielt, wird die Vorstellung standesgemäss auch auf Schweizerdeutsch abgehalten. I däm Sinn, merci viu mau fürs Ineluege und viu Spass bim läse!
    EDIT 15.03.2017; WICHTIG: Per sofort wird e Giudeleiter gsuecht, wo dGiude Equinox - wos sitem Release vo BDO git - im Name vo Equinox eSports übernimmt! Für Details bitte PN mir.
                  Was Equinox isch:              
    Equinox (Fachbegriff für dTag-und-Nacht-Gliichi) isch e neu gründete Schwizer eSports-Clan (check: https://www.equinox.gg/), wo ir Schwizerische eSports-Szene wott mitmische. Aktuell verfüegt dr Clan übernes Leauge of Legends und es CS:GO Team. Equinox wott ou im Berich MMORPG mitmische und wott deswäge di glichnamigi Giude im BDO, wos sit Release vom Spiu git, ungerem Name vom eSports-Clan witer ufboue. Dür das cha dr Clan sech ou im MMORPG-Berich etabliere. Daderfür sueche mir per sofort öpper, wo dGiude würd übernä us Giudeleiter (sött viu Zyt is Spieu chönne investiere)! DGiude verfüegt bereits über einiges und ou über etablierti Mitglieder. Mir sueche öpper, wo sech vertraglech gägenüber Equinox eSports würd binge und dFüehrig vor Giude im BDO übernimmt. Für gnaueri Details, schick doch mir bitte es PN!
    Equinox het sech mit dr glichnamige Giude zum Ziel gmacht, ufem EU-Server im Verlouf vo BDO im Burgechrieg, GVG, PVP und natürlech ou im PVE-Content mitzmische. Mir si es momentan bunt zämegwürflets Mischmasch us aune Bildigs- und Autersebene, wobi 18 als ungersti Gränze definiert isch. Was üs alli verbingt: Ändlech chöi mir im Gildechat und im TS-Server ungezwunge Dialäkt schribe / rede, ohni ufs stiife, gezwunge würkende Schriftdütsch uszwiche müesse, dermit üs üsi Gildemitglieder verstöh. Üsi Gildemitglieder stöh mit Rat und Tat zur Hilf, faus sech Frage zum Gameplay oder süsch Content ergäbe und dämentsprächend wird dr Gildechat ou rege genutzt. Gselligkeit ghört also durchus ou zu üsne Sterchine. Ou Gildemissione wärde gmacht, vorzüglech gäge speetere Namittag, resp. Abe. Di meiste vo üsne Mitglieder stöh nit nume in Balenos, Serendia und Calpheon sondern ou fest im Läbe. Ds bedütet, dass zwar zu aune Zyte Lüt da si, aber deswäge konzentriert sech di grössti Onlineaktivität täglech zwüsche 17:00-23:00 und vor allem am Wuchenend.
    Das leitet mi zum Nächste: I üsere Gilde gits kei Mindest-Aweseheitspflicht. Mir si dr Meinig, dass imne MMO dr Spass söu im Vordergrund stah und nit dür Zwang (egau welere Art) ds Spiuerläbnis söu iigschränkt wärde. Deswäge gits bi Equinox ke TS-Pflicht, Aweseheitspflicht oder Pflicht zum Mitmache bi Gildemissione. Es isch klar, dass es natürlech gärn gseh wird, wenn dLüt mithäufe und sech aktiv beteilige (und nur so chame natürlech i "Core", resp. i höcher Teil vor Gilde cho), aber es wird niemer derzue zwunge und ersch recht nit usegworfe, nur will er jitz momentan Prüefige het, wett grinde, oder es Date het am SA-Abe.
    Wini obe bereits churz erwähnt ha, lige dZiel vo Equinox vor auem im Burgechrieg im Endgame. Mir wette e durchus ernstznehmendi (so ernstzne, wis mitemne Mindestmass a elitäre, hierarchische Strukture und Füehrigsstil halt geit) Gilde wärde, wo im Kampf um Pünkt zmingst es Wörtli cha mitrede. Daderzue wird dMitgliederzahl vo momentan 40 sicher no es bitz stiige. Natürlech wöi mir ou jedwede PVE-Content nutze und ou GVG & PVP mache / Gildemissione mache. Sprich, mir wöi dr vo Pearl Abyss zur Verfüegig gstellt Content so guet wi müglech usnütze. 
    Mir verfüege über ne TS3-Server, aber entsprächend üsem Mindset ischs ke Pflicht, nonstop und unungerbroche im TS z'sy. Ou für Gildemissione isch bis anhin ke TS-Pflicht planet, solangs um (längwiligi... ;-) ) Sammelmissione geit. Sobauds aber es bitzli meh Kommunikation erfordert, z.B. bi Besatzige oder de bi GVG, wärs de sicher ou schön, weme ni aues muess i Gildechat schribe.
                  Was Du söttsch si / ha:              
    - Schwizer / Schwizerin
    - 18 + (Obergränze besteit nit, mir hei ou scho Eltere und altiigsässnigi MMO-Spieler)
    - Ufem Server Alustin
    - Fründleche Umgang mit Mitspieler, insbesondere Gildemitglieder
    - Grundsätzlechi Bereitschaft, de angere Gildemitglieder z'häufe
    - Grundsätzlechi Bereitschaft, a Gildemissione & custom Events ( so z.B. letztens Gildefoti) teilznä
    - Grundsätzlechi Bereitschaft, im speetere GVG / Guildcontent ou mal is TS z cho (isch eh viu meh fun!)
    - Verständnis, faus mau wäge RL-Abwäseheite ke Content cha stattfinde
    - Eigeninitiative im Sinn, ou Vorschleg für Events etc. z mache
                  Was Dir Equinox cha biete:              
    - E aktivi Schwizer Gmeinschaft, wo Du ungezwunge Dialäkt chasch schribe / rede
    - Fründlechi, gselligi Spiustunde
    - Müglechkeit, mit angerne PVE, PVP & GVG-Content z nutze
    - Ufstiegs- und Entfaltigsmüglechkeite gildenintern
    - Servermässigs Mitmische im Endcontent (hoffentlech zmingst)
    -  TS3-Server
    - Gildewebsite
    - Und noch viel mehr.

    Mir hoffe, Dis Inträsse für Equinox gweckt z'ha. Gern darfsch hie i däm Thread antworte, uf üsere Gildewebsite e Post hingerla oder ingame (Gildeleader Tarra Sunborn) schribe, faus sech Frage ergäbe. Natürlech würde mir üs über nes paar wort zu dir selber fröie, falls Inträsse hesch, Equinox biizträte.
    I däm Sinn, merci viu viu mau fürs Düreläse und frohs game!

  12. The maintenance times are showing inaccurate times. Have you all considered daylight savings time?
  13. i checked my paypal i still have enough money to use to buy Daum Cash, i keep getting internet error every time i try to purchase at night. I live in the EU

  14. I think it's ridiculous the amount of energy people have to spend to "Request Chat Ban".
    I asked in global for people to request to ban several people spamming their websites for pear discounts etc and people refuse because of the amount of energy it costs to do it.

    Unless you want global chat to be full of spammers and "gold sellers" then stop penalizing people for reporting them!
  15. I love this game, and I have an unfortunate record on games I truly love going away on me.  As a retired VP of Marketing (among many other things) who's worked in the game industry, I'd like to suggest that you fix the News section of the front page immediately.
    Three stories that say maintenance with UNDER CONSTRUCTION banners make this launch, which has been very smooth, look like a disaster.  You need more information from marketing on that front page guys, to draw new players in, and less of this awful stuff, please.  We don't need announcements about maintenance ending on the front page for weeks at a time and you should be creating more content or posting links to other folks' (reviews on Kotaku whatever) to push that stuff off the page as soon as possible.
    Assuming, you know, you want a playerbase, sales, and all that ...:)
    Love ya!  My consulting rates are low now that I'm retired, heh...
  16. Welcome and prepare to be

    About us
    We are a new formed clan on Edan and are looking to expand to a guild and so much more. We Branch off from another clan that has been around for over 8 years with a website and teamspeak 3 server. We are very laid back and active players who stick together and help each-other out. We focus on building trust and friendship that will carry over to other games, but at the same time strive to be on top of the game we are playing. 
    What we mostly focus on in the guild is
    PVP: We love to pvp and as we expand we will aim for a guild castle from attacking them to defending them.PKing: player killing is something that we will do but will not be outright jerks about it. just because you rob a player in no way should it mean you disrespect them. We will uphold to this at all time, and if you cant then you are not a good fit.PVE: As we are still learning about the PVE side i can not put much on this besides we will do guild/clan parties as much as we can to help lvl and gear everyone up. No one will ever be overlooked and everyone will get the gear they need. Just remember it may take time to gear up people. Forming alliances: we believe that in order to be a great guild you must also have great allies and will be working on building trust with allies. From doing trade runs and guarding each-other to pvp wars and so on. When allies need our help we will come.Crafting/Trading: this is another big thing we will focus on. we will do trade runs allot, and will also focus on crafting and farming/breeding. So if you are a new player or a veteran or someone who just wants to pve/pvp we have a spot for you. any and all are welcome as long as you can be mature and respectful to other members and players. 
    Remember we play on Edan.
    post on here or shoot my char a msg: Firelord.
  17. Just a minor blunder with the website, as you seem to have forgotten to actually put the favicon.ico into your websites root folder, even though you are linking to it there. I assume you want to have the same icon as your Korean sister-site; http://i1.gamecdn.net/pub/blackobt/p/blackOBT.ico, right?

  18. Internal Server Error on website trying to buy Daum Cash.  I tried several times, it never gets to enter my payment info, but happens instantly after i click checkout.  I made several attempts.
  19. Black Desert Planet.
    Well here it is. After 4 days thinking about what I wanted this to be about I present to you:  Black Desert Planet A web site made by me meant to be a hobby and Entertainment for the BDO community.
    Some of you might have seen my web comic that I posted yesterday. That was the first part of this project. For now, I will include 3 sections:
    • RP Corner: A journal written by my characters in game. This will be personal journals from the point of view of my characters. A little roleplay never hurts!
    • The War Front: One of my character took on a job at the Black Desert Planet to report on the different wars happening between guilds and about the world. She will report on her daily adventures. She’s a tamer so you never know what’s going to happen!
    • The web comic: A web comic featuring a mix of Real life character like me (Alex) and in game characters. I’m still new at making them but the goal here is to have a humoristic point of view from inside and outside the game.
    Let’s hope this is the start of a nice project you’ll enjoy as much as I do building it!
  20. DAUM EU - Black Desert NA/EU Website Suggestions
    This post contains some suggestions about possible improvements and additional content for the NA/EU Black Desert website, based mostly on features of the Korean website of the game, surely older at this time, but including definitely more content that would be great to have also in our version of the web page.
    1) Game Information / Lore
    The Korean website at http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/introduce/index.daum has lots more information regarding the game, its history and main regional aspects. It would be nice to have this knowledge included in the website of our version as well, and it would surely help promoting and introducing the game to potential new players, as well as providing a beautiful lore reference for the game for everyone.

    2) Interactive Map / Guild Occupation Status
    The Korean website at http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/world/map.daum hosts a beautiful artistic map of the game, reporting many of the main in-game locations together with some beautiful screenshots, which surely give a wonderful idea of the beauty and variety of the different landscapes that one can expect to find in game. 

    Another version of this map also shows the current status of guild occupations on the server. It would be great to have that. Daum has shown great interest in guild sieges content in Korea, also periodically featuring short footage of in-game sieges on their official YouTube channel/website (see http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/video/index.daum#1).
    I hope this will be possible for EU/NA as well, and that Daum EU will follow the occupation status of the main in-game regions with the same interest!

    3) The Wiki
    The Korean website at http://blackwiki.daum.net/ hosts a wonderful and comprehensive wiki of the game, containing a massive amount of information regarding the many many different aspects of this really big game.

    It would be awesome if we could get an English translation of this wiki, and have it included in our EU/NA website for the game.
    4) The Fankit
    Daum KR recently released a downloadable Fankit for Black Desert. This includes logos, images, icons, screenshots, and part of the Soundtrack for the game. It would be great to have that or an expanded version of that for the NA/EU community as well in the future. It can currently be found at http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/fansitekit/index.daum on the KR website. So please keep this possibility in mind Daum!

    Really hope @CM_Jouska can have a look at this, and let us know if these extensions will be possible in the future. I'm sure they would be happily welcomed by the whole Black Desert community. Feel free to add your voice to this thread, especially if you want to support these changes or even propose possible additional improvements!

  21. Geschichten, Sagen, Legenden ... sie sind alle wahr …
    Woraus werden diese gemacht fragst du dich? Komm einen Schritt näher, ich erzähle dir die Geschichte.
    Sei gegrüßt Abenteurer!
    Bist du bereit dich auf den Pfad des Heldentums zu begeben?
    Epische Abenteuer zu bestreiten, gemeinsam mit deinen Waffenbrüdern die Schlachten dieser Welt auszutragen und 
    dich tapfer gegen schreckliche Kreaturen zu stellen sowie Jungfrauen in Nöten es ordentlich zu besorgen eine helfende Hand zu reichen?
    Dann solltest du jetzt unbedingt weiterlesen!

    Ursprünglich in der CBT1 gegründet um Mechaniken/Funktionen zu testen,
    haben wir schnell gemerkt dass Black Desert Online weitaus mehr als nur den üblichen Einheitsbrei für Gilden bietet.
    Für andere als "merkwürdiges" System deklariert, haben wir schnell das Potential erkannt welches in diesem Spiel in Bezug auf Gilden steckt.
    Andere Gilden haben nicht so ganz unseren Vorstellungen entsprochen, deshalb haben wir uns entschlossen unsere eigene Geschichte zu schreiben.
    Wir kümmern uns nicht ob du PvP/PvE oder doch lieber RP betreibst. Bei Legends findet jedes Mitglied seine passende Rolle um Teil der Legende zu werden!

    Wir verstehen uns als ambitionierte Gilde, die ihre Ziele verfolgt - allerdings privates Leben in den Vordergrund stellt.
    Endcontent ist nichts wovon wir nur träumen wollen, allerdings wissen wir dass der Weg dorthin das Ziel und die eigentliche tolle Erfahrung ist.

    - PvP/PvE/RP? Wir schreiben dir nicht vor was du zu tun hast, bieten dir aber alles an.
    - Wir stellen privates Leben in den Vordergrund, allerdings ist endcontent nichts wovon wir nur träumen wollen.
    - Aufstiegschancen für ambitionierte Mitglieder. (Offiziere gesucht!)
    - Photoshop, After Effects, Coding ist dein Ding? Auch Talente werden bei uns gesucht. (Weitere Infos)
    - Leidenschaft fürs sammeln, Handwerksexperte, der Entdecker oder doch die Kriegsmaschine? Wir finden für jedes Mitglied die passende Rolle!
    - Allerhand an Ressourcen in Form von - Website, Forum, Teamspeak.
    - Kommunikation wird bei uns groß geschrieben, allerdings haben auch wir Tage an denen wir lieber durch die Welt streifen.
    - Keine Multigaming-Gilde / Nur Black Desert Online.

    Gildenname: <Legends>
    Region: EU
    Server: Jordine
    Ausrichtung: PvE/PvP/RP
    Webseite: 《www.Legends-Guild.com》 
    Sprache(n): deutsch
    Kommunikation: Teamspeak, Forum
    Ansprechpartner:  Artus (Gildenmeister)
    Durchschnittliches Alter: 25+

    >> Klicke hier, um in den Bereich für Vorstellungen & Infos über die Gilde zu gelangen <<

  22. <TGB>
    The Genocidal Brotherhood
    We are a large community that love to pvp and have a good time.
    We run a well organized guild.
    If you fit in and pull your weight you will be accepted into the group.
    We come from a game called Rust where we dominated the largest server on the game.
    Video of a large scale raid on Rust (4 clans vs us): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzmqvygue1M
    We are currently playing on
    Server: Orwen
    Main Channel: Balenos #1
    Guild Leaders
    *Feel free to contact us*
    Brannigan - Zapp
    DemonChild - Maniac
    Warlord - General
    Divinus - XD4

    Must be 18+
    Teamspeak and Mic
    Willing to take orders
    Need to be mature
    Need to be an active player
    Respectful in chat
    Minimum gear 240 AP/DP
    Helping regularly with guild quests
    Apply on our website or message us in game
  23. When viewing the support site (https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us), the font for all the support sections is really thin and barely readable.  Changed font-weight to 400 on all <a> tags and things got much better.  
    Reproductibility: All recent Chrome, Firefox & Safari versions on Windows 10.  Internet Explorer/Edge handles the fonts better but they're still a bit hard to read.  Looks fine on Firefox 43 on Ubuntu 15.04 though.  Would test on a Mac if I had one.  
    Steps to Reproduce: Visit the support site through the URL above or click on the "Support" near the top of the BDO home page. 
    Before Screeshot:

    After Screenshot:

  24. The Chaos Vanguard is Currently recruiting members for our Black Desert Division!

    Who are we?
    The Chaos Vanguard is a massive multi-gaming community that's been around for about 2 years. We strive to keep a nice and peaceful environment between the members. We currently have around 500+ people online everyday with a total of over 3000 Active Members. Expect a mature, relaxed and fun environment when you join us and meet our members. As we support many games, the games are divided into sections, Black Desert being one of them.

    We want to create a fun, close knit group for our Black Desert division/guild and are looking for more people who are passionate about Black Desert to join us.

    What Other Games Do We Play?
    We support many other games. The sections we have as of now are:
    Heroes of The Storm
    Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    League of Legends
    Albion Online
    Ark Survival Evolved
    Blade and Soul
    DoTA 2
    And many more...
    Also, once you join the Chaos Vanguard, you're more than welcome to play with any other section within CV regardless of the initial section you've applied for. There are some requirements though to join us though!

    What are the requirements?
    1. Must meet/surpass our age requirement (16+)
    2. Must have a working microphone (as we are a TeamSpeak-based community).
    3. Must be fluent in writing and spoken English.

    I'm interested! How do I join?
    If you're interested in joining and meet all the requirements, you're more than welcome to make an account on our forums at forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/, then you can go ahead and make a Black Desert Online Applications. From there, a mod/recruiter will direct you to our Teamspeak (ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk), and we can set you up with CV from there. Also, you can check out our Website at http://www.thechaosvanguard.co.uk.

    Thank you for reading, and hopefully we'll see you all with the Chaos Vanguard soon!
    Kind Regards,
    - Gasper.
  25. Topic.
    I usually surf game forums more than general stuff in the internet. And I'm not sure if this is already planned or not, but would it be possible. I have this feeling it's gonna be hard (I can't remember what it was that I thought won't be mobile compatible. It'll come back to me... maybe). It's accessible through phone, but still pretty hard navigate. So, again, will this be possible?
     (Concise and clearer version) I know this has nothing to do with the actual game, but considering many other games have forums that are mobile compatible, I don't think it's hard to ask to make the forum mobile friendly as well.
    (Also, I'm not sure if I'm in the right section for this but I'm putting it here in Suggestions anyway.)