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  1. almost every Fir tree east of Western Guard Camp cannot be chopped, and this is one of the highest concentrations of fir trees in game.  Please fix them!

  2. Post on New Rednose location in PVE

    By Meteorlogikus, posted
    Hey guys Meteorlogikus here
    The location of rednose changed. Now he is north of "Western Guard Camp" (:

  3. Little Feedback on the first Nodewar:
    The nodewars on Alustin seemed to have started pretty well and bugfree. Taking the T3-Node "Western Guard Camp" we encountered Kampfkekse and Eternity. Thanks to both Guilds for the fights and a first pretty cool Nodewar! Greetings from VII.
    Overall, we did not encounter any difficulties and I am really impressed by the complexity of the system. It feels like a really awesome big-scale pvp. In comparison to other games the 3-hour-games are pretty nice, since there is no "afk-capping" castles, simple karmatrains or anything like that. It has the big scale feeling, but also sets a pretty good timelimit. 3 hours are pretty intense to fight, but they don't feel like too long or too short.
    The castlebuilding, the separation of the map for the different pvp-parts and everything is really cool and works nicely it seems. Even though it is a bit early to really give solid feedback due to the limited amount of matches, there are two things I personally think should be adjusted:
    1. The spawn-timer after death is too short I think, a guild that is not much weaker than the attacking guild might outlast 2 or 3 hours due to the defensive siegeweapons and a spawn that is almost instant. Maybe give it a little bit more time like 10 seconds? Otherwise people can keep throwing bodies at you for 3 hours.
    2. The kill-counter with all the seperate statistics for each player in the guild menu is really nice! But it should not disappear 2 hours after the nodewar? Those statistics are nice to have and maybe there should be an "Overall" statistic that keeps on counting and one like "Actual Nodewar". Would be nice!
    Overall: Was much fun and the first war in the testphase went extremely fine for us, hopefully all the other problems with early starts or dcs will get fixed within the two testweeks! This feature has a great future in my opinion : )
  4. In the Western Guard Camp, the NPC, located next to the Oger, that you can normally gain knowledge of and get a quest from, does not work. No knowledge is gained and there is no quest button in his menu. This is really taking a tole on my OCD. Would be really nice to see this fixed, as I like to collect all knowledge and question marks I see.