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  1. Post on Witch Hair bug in In-Game Bugs

    By LunaLiddell, posted
    witch hair has no physics and cant even edit the shape in the beauty shop.
  2. Hey, im playing bdo since the eu release i played a tamer to lvl 51 and quit becaus i lost the interest. Two weeks ago i started playing again and played a witch and a dark knight to lvl 56 i know that i want to play one of them but i just cant decide whether i want to gear and lvl my dk or my witch becaus it would take me just too much time to take care of both. Does anyone have any tipps or good arguments for one of them? Thx for your help.
  3. Hey. 

    Just here to share a recent bug I discovered. If you're a level 60 witch with the Flow: Rage Tett that is being casted during Voltaic Pulse, you might have been wondering why your target didn't get a Bound Effect after being Stunned from Thunder Storm.

    The bug is that your summoned puppet will cancel the Bound most of the time. On the target, you see it going down for a split second and going immediately up as if something forced the target back up. But, if the Flow is not learned, it will Bound the target as it should.

    It may seem to go this way for your Gorr Launch too. I didn't test it.
    EDIT: The bug seems to be replicable when target is "Stunned from the Thunder Bolt S+F". Then, followed up mostly by "SHIFT + F Voltaic Pulse + lvl 60 Tett Flow."  If the target is placed diagonally toward you, the target will not get Bound.  The Bound effect will happen when diagonally struck by the spell if : 1) You're doing a back attack OR 2) You missed the initial hits of the Tett Flow due to lack of accuracy. But, if you are completely facing the target, it will most likely get the bound, sometimes not.

    This effect also happens for the Gorr Launch flow with the S+ LMB. But this one is way harder to comprehend. Maybe it is more prone to do back attack?


  4. when i am fully zoomed out, i get none see thru, complete blacked out sleeves, when i zoom in one time it still have super black cuffs, zoom in more and it becomes see thru as intended i believe, really annoying graphical glitch, i always have to play zoomed in when i wear this outfit,  so other ppl get this same issue also, btw playing on max settings, with a 1080ti, any way to fix this or is it a known bug that everyone else gets?

  5. Post on Witch Progession in Wizard/Witch

    By K WONG, posted
    I started this game back when it first was released and just came back to playing it from taking a couple months off. I now see that there is awakening classes and I started a new character the other day. (A Witch). I just wanted to see how my gear/skill points and everything look for the level I currently am? This character is mostly going to be PVE only. I don't like to PVP.
    Thank You

  6. ~Hello 
    I am a returning player looking for a guild in BDO. Currently working and focusing on leveling up my new Witch (Level 50). My main focus in this game is too get good gear and make money (PVE). I am looking for a guild that does group leveling, fishing, and scrolls.
    My one main question...Does every guild have a daily pay?
  7. Can u fking add hp to summoned creatures for witches, its so -----ing stupid in duels and that, im just about to kill the -----ing witch and the -----ing summoned pet last hits me, if u dont add hp to him, atleast -----ING Nerf his attaks, its so -----ing triggering and tiltering me, that witches trow shit out and hit, cuz they got -----ing unlimited stunns/knockdowns and all that shit, and the stunn last -----ing YEARS, ITS LIKE GETTING STUNNED BY THE MORGANA CHAIN FROM LEAGUE, yeah sure, git gud, but -----ing hell, where is the frigging balanced? when u get the witch low and ur low as well and need 1-2 more attacks, she teleports away to heal while u stand there blocking the damage from her summons while she is far away healing, ARE YOU -----ING RETARDED? ITS SO -----ING STUPID OMFAJSKKGSIKDFJKSDGSDGLSNKGNLDKFASGNJDNGLSJDNGSDJFNKLJSNDHAJRNGHEJGNAJ FYUCKasdfasfa
  8. So far I share my armor and accesories on all my characters, but I want to get seperate gear for my main, a witch. I've looked around and seen that evasion build (rocaba helm+glove+muskan+evasion secondary) is pretty good on a witch, but I run into a problem. The build recommends using +5 evasion crystals on helmet, but then I must sacrifice 4 casting speed. I COULD get 2 CS back trough weapon crystals, but then i would loose 10 AP. Is +10 evasion worth loosing 4 casting speed?
  9. So this is/was supposed to be a promo for my guild BUT I'm behind the camera and most of the game play is pretty much of me on my witch in some gvgs so thought I would share it here cause.
  10. Ok spent quite a time figuring out how to remove this ridiculous blurs when my witch is casting skills.. I can't manage to grind after an hour without having a sever headache, and whenever I do grind, I have to look on my upper screen so that I won't see my character casting spells and blurring the screen out , other classes (MELEE) I don't have problem, it seems only to persist on big AOE skills including awake skills....
    Already tried turning off all camera effects, setting from high to low, unchecking Anti-aliasing, and every setting that follows, still this is what I got..

  11. Magical Evasion V is much slower than I-IV, is this a bug or intended?
    The distance traveled is the same in one cast, but it takes much longer to chain dodges together at level V.
    I did a basic stopwatch test for 3 dodges and it takes 2 seconds at V while only 1.5 for I-IV.
    Well I doubt many people have it at V post-awakening anyway.
    edit: I should specify that this is only for WW (forward dodge), every other direction is the same speed regardless of level at 3 dodges every 2 seconds.
  12. Post on Questions about GEAR in General

    By Vic Silver, posted
    Hey so Im currently maining witch, im about a month in (just got kicked out of olvia). i spent my time in Olvia trying all the classes, and this is what I seemed to enjoy the most, as it has decent damage, range, mobility (more like a really good escape), and good defence in the form of heals and frontal block/super armor in almost every ability once awakened. That being said, I have seen the Dark knight, and since it seems to be jack-of-all-tradesish (something i really respect) i may be switching over when it comes out, depending on it's ability effects (so far looks good, fingers crossed)
    ANYWAYS, I am now going down the rabbit hole that is gear progression, and i've seem to hit a wall where every new upgrade is getting super expensive just for an incremental gain (at least thats what it seems like at this point, with how much money im making) I currently am sitting on 135m, and am trying to figure out where to go from here. My best guess would be going for bhegs gloves, then switching out the belt and necklace, but honestly its all pretty crazy so i was hoping for some experienced opinions! 
    Assuming i didn't mess up royally, there should be a screenshot of my gear attatched, maybe you guys can give me some pointers? (im not looking to upgrade my weapons just yet untill i confirm which class will be my main tho)

  13. Hello,I just cant decide between these 2.Atm im playing sorc and I see lots of people that play tamer and it looks pretty cool actually.But there's also the witcher/wiz that i heard that are pretty op and easy to play.
    What is the best as of right now/in the following patches? I like both ,i dont like the melee thing on the wiz tho,but the spells and all of the rest are good.Tamer is also pretty good,has very nice splash and hit effects,the beast is pretty useful.I'd like to know also which is more strong.
    Thanks <3
  14. Hey BDO friends!
    Anyone have a VR headset here as well? 
    I’ve been a big fan of magic and spellcasting ever since child (in BDO i'm a witch ^^). So I was really excited when I found out there is a spellcasting game in virtual reality. Just wanted to share it with you guys if you’re curious, because it’s so amazing to do it in VR!
    I made a video of the gameplay: https://youtu.be/2Ee5LBI6ElY
    Also a little introduction: We are two girls who loves VR gaming. Here to share the love! Our goal is to help push VR forward and give it the support it deserves. 
    If you want to explore the world of Virtual Reality with us, be sure to subscribe @ https://www.youtube.com/c/caschary  
    New video every week.
    x Cas & Chary
  15. Post on Valks Rerolling? in Valkyrie

    By Valkrys, posted
    Hey fellow Valks,
    Just kinda curious how many of us are left? My guild still has a fairly high amount of valks compared to our numbers(about 10% of the guild is Valks) but I notice a lot of guilds seem to be lacking Valks when I face them in Node wars.
    Curious how many have rerolled and if so to what class?
    I said the second I saw Darknight if the awakening looked fluid and mobile I was 100% going to reroll and after seeing the awakening video that more or less decided it for me. For me when I first chose Valk i thought it was more of a hybrid between warriors and Sorc/Witch but that was not even close to what the class was. Valk isnt bad its just average at everything.
    As such I'm spending the next two months preparing myself for DK release and awakening, gonna have to go back to Karanda and Kzarka camping to get fresh boxes and go do Kutum for another one of those again but I think it will be worth it in the long run. Valks have become increasing stale for me now and seeing how little the devs care for our class with the lack of attention we receive when we so badly receive it has more or less killed my drive to remain relevant.
  16. How is witch different from the wizard? Which one is better wizard or witch, or are they equal? I'm very confused because i thought they where the same but i've seen people on the forum say that they are not the same.
  17. Hi everyone,
    I just started a wizard alt, and while I find it really fun to play this class. Something catched my eye and I find it strange that the game lack this feature.
    I am talking about elemental weakness, I found that monsters don't have weakness against elements. So casting a lightning against water monster, or fire against wooden monster is not more effective. Which in my opinion reduce a lot the fun of playing a wizard.
    So I suggest that we implement this feature in future updates, based on other existing RPGs with classic weakness system : lighting -> water, fire -> wood/herb...etc.
    Thank you
  18. With the Witch and Wizard awakenings they have access to Guardians. The Wizard has a ice and fire Guardians. And the witch has a lightning and Ground Guardians. i was thinking that these Guardians would be perfect for adding bonuses (or negatives) to processing and gathering skills.
    here are some ideas, you might agree with one or none of these. Obviously they would only work while the Guardian is summoned. i have suggested negatives as well.
    Fire (Wizard)
    Buff to Heating processing.Allows drying during night time.Negative buff to cooking processing. (it burns your food!)Ice (Wizard)
    Negative buff to heating processing.No fish decay while summoned (remember these guardians do not stay summoned, they leave after 20-30min)Buff to fishing.Lightning (Witch)
    Buff to Alchemy processingNegative buff to hunting (due to thunder)Buff to Farming (Rain is good)
     Earth (Witch)
    Buff to Mining gathering.Buff to grinding processing.Negative buff to fishing (muddies the water)Feel free to comment.
  19. Post on Witch vs Warrior in Wizard/Witch

    By No Pantsu, posted
    Anyone have any tips for fighting a warrior as a witch? I find that I can always land the first knockdown, deal like 90% of a warriors HP bar and then immediately get grabbed ----- slapped, then I mysteriously die as my block meter vaporizes. Send help. 
  20. What would be your top addons for AW witch?
    I just hit 58 and as the first one on 56 I have used Equilibrium break for +20AP.
    Not sure what to choose now though - top picks seems to be:
    - Thunder Storm for another +20AP .... probably best dmg boost, but TS is on rather long cooldown
    - Fissure Wave +10% crit .... best spammable skill, but not sure if +10% crit is that great with quite high base crit chance we already have...
    What are your picks?
  21. I kinda get a bit mad with the skill (key F) to call my Pets or even switch between the Pets. i also get the same problem if i put the pet calls directly on my quickbar.
    If i try to summon my Pet it just wont let me, the animation starts for a millisecond and aborts again like the game wants to tell me that there is not enough room to summon the pet. i have to run around till i find a place where the pet summon works and thats pretty annoying during nodewars or while grinding mobs cause the pet disappears after i died or the 30 minute timer runs off.
    anyone else notices it? a guildie tried with his Wizard and he can use the skill just everywhere and it works just fine but for me it takes sometimes 5-10 minutes till i get my pet to spawn esp if there is alot of stuff around like mobs, trees, rocks and what not. =(
  22. Greetings!
    Recently i been switching classes to much (like i generally do in other games), i guess its still my own personality problem, I somehow know exacly how i am,(the tipical Ranger-Mage type of player-Nuke and support, at best utility)  but still wont admit it to myself. So we had a talk with a guildmate, and made me realize, i should be playing the class that is actually ment to be for me, a Wizard, or a Witch, and not go waste my time on my lv 56 Sorc-Ninja lv 50 Warrior, lv 56 Valk, and lv 52 Ranger.
    So i decided to roll one, but just not sure Witch or Wizard?
    1, Personally, i would maybe prefer to have a Male character (trough i gotta retailer it to be jung), 2, And alo i think i like the fire effects more.
    Then again i hear Witch has better range, and is better generally, i dont mind playing female dont get me wrong, i am more hung op on the Earth skills. They looks  sooo wierd to me. Atleast what i seen in vids...its basically a big black puddle.
    I see tonns of Witch es and barely any Wizard....so whats the deal? Do most ppl like playing Witch or female or is it just flavor of the month (because ppl say its better?) . Or is it realy that much better? Could anyone tell me his personaly first hand experiance? I still got like a day left till my unused tamer gets deleted.
  23. Hi guys, 
    Im about to get Kakao a lot of salt.
    I asked the guys on Facebook to see if the ap from the main hand was applied to the awakening skills, was only for the witch and wizard, or for all classes.
    This is their reply,
    Have fun

  24. Post on Need some help! in Art & Media

    By Amsel, posted
    I need some help! I had this for my plum when she was around and i loved it. Im trying to get it for my witch now. But i am terrible with these, and i cant find a good base to work with. Is anyone able to help me out? thanks so much.

    I think this was the one i started with originally, http://www.bdotemplates.com/plum/anika/ maybe.....

  25. So after week or so my general feeling about witch aw is disappointment.
    Do not get me wrong - at the start I was thrilled. But then my feelings started to shift opposite way. Why?
    1) Witch lost her range in AW - out of 3 ranged skills :
    -- Detonative flow is is spammable with bad dmg and animation which moves you front - terrible at bosses
    -- Thunder Storm has terrible after-dmg-animation and long recast. Especially animation after the dmg is caused is terrible
    -- Fissure Wave is Ok-ish and probably best  out of the 3 - not great though and dmg is mediocre
    2) This forces witch to use 3 short/medium range skills:
    -- Equilibrium Break is great dmg, but short range with medium recast - probably best dmg skill we got. hate how badly visible the actual range of this spell is though
    -- Voltaic Pulse is very nice but even shorter range then EB, range is same around though, recast bit longer
    -- Yoke of Ordeal - low dmg, line attack with short/medium range and long recats, invisible effect in zerg makes it hard to target as it is quite narrow
    3) There is no possibility to cancel animations I am aware off
    When you put this together you will get squishy class forced to go static/frozen to spot at almost-melee range to do some damage without possibility to cancel its ridiculously long animations....
    All this is making my experience with Aw Witch more and more unpleasant borderline annoying.