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  1. Hello all,
    So, there have been some discussion regarding AP, staff and Orbs after awakening.
    A lot of Wizards, in PvE, end up using, exclusively, awakened skills, so, without entering on a discussion regarding if that is a good idea or not, I would like to know if the base AP of the staff would matter in terms of damage output.
    I know the hidden stats of the staff would matter, but what about the base AP?
    It's been said that the hidden stats increase with the level of the weapon, and I also would like to know if this is confirmed.
    Because, if the base AP wouldn't matter, then the need to upgrade the staff would almost stop after lvl 56...
  2. Post on WIZARD SKILLS in Wizard/Witch

    By RedGandalf, posted
    Hey guys, I'm almost 56 on my Wizard and I wanted to ask some "popes" in that field if it's possible:
    -Should I reset all my SkillPoints NOW, that I can do it for free (before 56), and max out all AWAKENING SKILLS, instead of start building new SP for the AW Skills??
    -Will the gameplay turn into 100% Awakening Mode since this moment (56 in advance)??
    Bring some light to my darkness please. 
    Thanks in advance for your answer.
  3. Hi all!
    Yesterdaty, I finnaly got the lvl 56 and I've done the awakening quests. I'm still a bit clueless as to what the rotation is for this class. 
    Anyone can help me please?
  4. So what's the dealio with the hat covering the player's face with this outfit? The brim comes down from the top of the head down to the chin. What in the what? Is this a glitch??
    If this is somehow deliberate, it's a real head scratcher. Apart from the roleplay aspect of this where you wonder how-in-the-fark your player can see anything, there's an equal what-the-fark OOC aspect which is that it hides your characters face. Character creation/customization is something that BDO does really well. It's what makes characters unique. So why undermine it? We want to be able to see those faces!
    Can this be fixed (if broken) or changed, especially considering they are pearl items and cost real money? A hat sits on a head, not on a face.  At least in America.
  5. Hello to everyone .
    My name is Peter and i am playing BDO since 3 days . I am playing with my Wizard and i hit 50 today . Also i would like to suggest me what gear to buy like staff and armor and jlws too . I have read some guides and says that Liverto Staff anf Kzarka are the best in game but i see low AP-DP compared to mine which is Ultimate Styid staff . Since i am newbie i would like to suggest me what to do . Thanks in advance .
  6. Post on Witch Progession in Wizard/Witch

    By K WONG, posted
    I started this game back when it first was released and just came back to playing it from taking a couple months off. I now see that there is awakening classes and I started a new character the other day. (A Witch). I just wanted to see how my gear/skill points and everything look for the level I currently am? This character is mostly going to be PVE only. I don't like to PVP.
    Thank You

  7. Can someone explain this to me? I know that Kzarka has a slight accuracy (?) advantage vs Liverto Staff, but the crystal distribution seems to be awkward.
    Wizard NON-EVASION Build:
    ***+1 Cast speed from Boss Set*** for both Kzarka and Liverto.

    LIVERTO: +3 Crit, +2 Crit from BMC-Valor, 2x BMC - Memory: +4 Cast speed ==> a spare glove slot, currently using BMC-Precision (gloves) for +2 accuracy
    Result: 5 Cast speed / 5 Crit / +2 extra accuracy
    KZARKA: +3 Cast Speed, 2x BMC-Valor for + 4 Crit ===> 2 Spare Helmet slots for +HP or +Evasion 
    Result: 4 Cast speed / 4 Crit
    -I know I can use crafted costumes to get the last Cast Speed for Kzarka build, but I will still be at +4 crit. 
    -I know I can use Food to make up for other inadequacies, but I prefer to use knights/Valencia/Hamburg etc food 
    -And is +Evasion that helpful on a non-evasion Wiz build?
    Someone please enlighten me on why Kzarka staff over Liverto Staff. Thanks!
  8. Hello fellow Wizards! I ve been watching a few wizard PvP videos and I just found out that this guy is able to reposition the bolide of destruction skill. Is there any way to do that into our version? I have tried to move the cursor and such but with no success:(   I ll put the video link here to undesrtand better of what I m talking about.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEBlZl1yriQ   at 1:11 to be more precise.
    Thanks in advance!:)
  9. I am having a problem on my character select screen.  My Wizard is the third character in my list and the game won't let me change its position.  I have two characters above my Wizard and they can switch places,  I have two characters below my Wizard and they can switch places.  No matter what I try I can't get the Wizard to change its position in my list and I can't get my other characters to move passed the Wizard either.  The end result is a list of characters that I cannot adjust the way I want.  Please fix this issue or tell me how I can fix it from my end.  Thanks everyone!
  10. Hey guys im a fresh 56 wizard and here is my current gear build, im not sure if its good or bad so i thought i would run it by the ol forum for some feedback
    Full DUO Grunil Set (Helmet is ultimate)
    PRI Tati Godr Sphera = 71-80 AP
    +12 Liverto (still enhancing) = 63-67 AP
    +15 Steel Dagger = 21 AP
    2 PRI Marks of Shadows = 14 AP
    2 PRI Witches Earrings = 14 AP
    1 PRI Schultz Belt = 5 AP
    1 PRI Schultz Necklace = 10 AP
    No Alchemy Stone
  11. Hey guys im a fresh 56 wizard, and after fooling around in PVP with my friend, i realized i dont really know what im supposed to do.
    (I know it sounds kind of weird but thats the best way if stating it)
    im not sure how to go about fighting. Am i supposed to try to out DPS them? Am i to wait till they come to me and spam cc's and aoe's.
    also, any combo guides or suggestions would be awesome, 
    thanks guys
  12. Right so, i stopped playing a few months after launch. Now i resubbed and wanted to get my Level 57 Wizard back on track - for some solo PvE grinding etc.
    I want to ask for some help concerning my items, if i should change it for someting better, another set or other weapon/accessories. Because i dont know. Right now i got 178ap - 165awakening ap - 220dp
    My items atm :
    Duo : Ultimate Agerian set - 4 items.
    Weapons = TRI Liverto Staff and Tri awakening weapon (green quality) and a TRI Ultimate Steel Dagger.
    Accessories = 2x PRI Witch earrings. 1x PRI Mark of Shadow. 1x PRI Blue Coral ring. 1x PRI Shultz Belt.
    I have around 5-600 million silver to spend, even more if i sell my equipment.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how i get back on track, would really appreciate it.
  13. Post on Farming post awakening in PVE

    By Raykonx, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I have come back from a 6th month slumber with a friend, we did the awakening quest etc. and tried our new gear upgrade at basilisks and we did pretty good. However, we feel that even if the belt can drop it is not quite the "best spot". We would like to lvl up while getting som loot, no need to be ultra end top tier but just to see that we get some rewards.
    Right now I am a wizard with 142/137/196 and my friend is a musa with 128/118/196
    I know we have shitty equipment but we should start somewhere so, where do you guys recommend to farm with these stats / party?
    Thank you for your attention
  14. Hello forum, I'm a newbie currently one month in kinda non stop and love the game. 
    At the moment I tried several classes, lvl55 wizard, lvl53 tamer, lvl51 sorcerer, lvl51 Valkyrie, and lvl50 musa. To be honest I like all of them, and I'd love to get them all to 56 and go awakened. 
    Now I realize that lvl56 is just the beginning, skill points in 56 is not enough for most classes to be close to be fully fledged, I might have to grind more in the future. And it's kind of necessary to level life skills for more sources of income. 
    My questions are:
    1. Should I level all life skills on ONE character and other characters would be more like alts, or should I divide them up to make them specialize in certain professions like tamer be the cook sorc be the sailor etc etc. ? What are the pros and cons for these two directions?
    Thank you :3
  15. Ok spent quite a time figuring out how to remove this ridiculous blurs when my witch is casting skills.. I can't manage to grind after an hour without having a sever headache, and whenever I do grind, I have to look on my upper screen so that I won't see my character casting spells and blurring the screen out , other classes (MELEE) I don't have problem, it seems only to persist on big AOE skills including awake skills....
    Already tried turning off all camera effects, setting from high to low, unchecking Anti-aliasing, and every setting that follows, still this is what I got..

  16. Heyy all, i recently started playing BDO and i'm loving it. Playing with a couple of friends and it's really fun be we are starting to get to some harder parts of the game ( i guess). 
    Currently lvl 52 and bought my armor couple of days ago, i followed a guide for this but this was posted a long time ago and i'm wondering if this is still the way to go. I bought a liverto staff with full Grunil gear. 
    Is there a written guide somwhere on the forums that is up to date on how to gear up and play? I'm not really into PvP and just looking for whats best for PvE so if you guys could give me some tips that would be amazing

  17. This bug is insanely OP in sieges and mass PVP, since due to this bug almost every relevant skill that wizards have works like a black hole and moves enemy players to the center, even if they are behind the wizard.
    Please fix this, since wizard and witch are already godmode enough.
  18. I'm having an issue with the neck length slider in the Beauty Shop not applying and I'm not sure if it's server side or just me when I try to edit my Wizard. Whenever I try to make my neck go any shorter than the default, it gives me an error message telling me that there was no changes found to my character and it will reset back to the default neck length. I have attempted to make a new wizard to see if it still happened and the neck still resets to default even on a new wizard. I can make the neck longer and it applies correctly when I do that, but when I try to go any shorter it will not apply no matter what I do. I have tried to relog and scanned for files to repair, but nothing and no issues come up yet it still doesn't solve the issue. I even cleared out the game cache as recommended and still it is messed up. I posted a screenshot of the error I get when I try to save the new shorter neck length. Is there any way to fix this? 

  19. Hey, So I just got 56 with my Wizard, Im a new Player and dont know much about gear. I started the game and went HAM on Lifeskills so I would have a good passive income and I dont like the Rng game really so I was planning on buying my mid-game Gear. That worked well and now I have quite a bit to spend so I was wondering what pieces should I go for first taking in consideration my current gear (see on Image)
    If possible I would Love a list like 1. 2. .3 .4 .5 + By priority. <3     

  20. Hello,I just cant decide between these 2.Atm im playing sorc and I see lots of people that play tamer and it looks pretty cool actually.But there's also the witcher/wiz that i heard that are pretty op and easy to play.
    What is the best as of right now/in the following patches? I like both ,i dont like the melee thing on the wiz tho,but the spells and all of the rest are good.Tamer is also pretty good,has very nice splash and hit effects,the beast is pretty useful.I'd like to know also which is more strong.
    Thanks <3
  21. Anyone have any tips for Wizard pvp awakening?
    Currently 125/135/195
    I feel like I can't do shit in battlegrounds.
    I'm very sufficient with the class in pve but I get knocked down and 1 shotted or it's impossible to land a CC on manic fkin enemies teleporting everywhere.
    Stack knockdown resist? Accuracy?
    Or my stats just too low to hit red battlefield?
  22. Hi everyone !
    As a wizard, I wonder if I should use Black Magic Crystal (Precision) or Red Battlefield Crystal (Power). What is the best for PvP ?
    Right now I'm using AP crystals. I don't really feel a necessity to switch and use precision crystal right now, except when I try the grap. It often fails. 
    Maybe precision crystals would help me with the graps, but I don't know if it worth the lost AP.
    Character lvl : 60
    Off-Hand : I got Kutum and Nouver, I'm testing both but don't really know which is better in which situation x)
    Thanks for your help !
    (And sry for my approximate English)
  23. Will the terrible long neck of the wizard be shorten? I find that it ruins my character creation
    It honestly look likes a bug, so anytime soon that it get fixed? Hopefully it can be hotfixed.
    or am I the only one who are bothered about this  
  24. Hey BDO friends!
    Anyone have a VR headset here as well? 
    I’ve been a big fan of magic and spellcasting ever since child (in BDO i'm a witch ^^). So I was really excited when I found out there is a spellcasting game in virtual reality. Just wanted to share it with you guys if you’re curious, because it’s so amazing to do it in VR!
    I made a video of the gameplay: https://youtu.be/2Ee5LBI6ElY
    Also a little introduction: We are two girls who loves VR gaming. Here to share the love! Our goal is to help push VR forward and give it the support it deserves. 
    If you want to explore the world of Virtual Reality with us, be sure to subscribe @ https://www.youtube.com/c/caschary  
    New video every week.
    x Cas & Chary
  25. Hi fellow adventurers, I'm a returning player in need of infos, first I saw 3 awakened weapon exist, one you get from quest, one you can buy, and the third one, the dandelion... I'm not sure how to get it, I think with an harpy boss but I don't know where it is or if it's a world boss or a boss you have to summon.
    Then I don't understand why the green awekened weapon even exist, since the blue you get from the quest is better, why would someone use it?
    And last but not least, I don't know what gear to take for my mage, I know there is already some guide on the internet for it, but I couldn't find any recent one, and since a lot (I guess) has change, I don't know if I should trust them.
    Sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'm french, and thanks already for your answers!