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  1. Hey Leute,
    hab ein kleines Video gemacht von unserem Guildwar am 16.05 (FOXHOUND/Ferrox/NolbyPride) gegen Fanatics/ Tenacity Red and Black. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch
  2. Trying to make a constructive topic here and take suggestions on if there is anything I can do to prevent no-lifers (guys with insane AP 150+) from 1-shotting me in Red Battlefield as a Wizard.  This is the one thing in Red Battlefield that is preventing me from participating in it more than the absolute minimum required to do the daily quest for the energy. At first I thought it was gearing but I fully +15'ed my armor/weapons and my DP is up 160 and I can barely tell a difference from 100. I'm level 52.
    Yeah I know 160 isn't that great but it's "OK" and far higher than the "Average" player I'm sure. I'm working on converting all of my armor to ultimate. I have a Topaz Necklace of Regeneration for the added knockdown resistance but I still consistently get a Sorc that ports into me and rips into my back killing me in less than 2 seconds while I can't move and even using pots don't help. I had a guy camping my spawn last night and as soon as I dropped down he'd practically instagib me before I could get off a single ability or dodge/teleport.  
    I signed up for this game for PvP, not CoD and 1-shots.  If gearing is designed so that players will continually 1-shot other players I'll just move on because that's a zero skill boring game and boar-hunting in the woods for the next 3 months before I can play what I signed up for isn't an option for me.  I'm pretty good at being aware of positioning and keeping distance when possible but you can only keep distance/LoS on people for so long and putting my back to a wall doesn't help (Had a tamer 1-shot me from the front twice last night before dropping the battlefield).
    Not whining or complaining here, just looking for positive constructive feedback players who have solutions.
    Once my armor is Ultimate I'll be a 180 DP. Will that make an appreciable difference? It doesn't seem to make that switching from offensive accessories to defensive ones is a viable strategy for a wizard.  Should I be eating a specific food? Using some Elixir? Or is there any other trick that players (Wizards/Witches) use to stay alive to actually be able to fight other players?