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  1. Trent worker Bravant has the inherent skill Repeat Ore Box which gives him Additional Processing (+2) when making an ore crate. If he learns Ore Packing Skill which gives Additional Processing (+1) when making an ore crate, it will not stack and he will only make 3 ore crates instead of 4 each time at the mineral workshop.
  2. Post on Worker speed formula in Guides

    By Luminosity, posted
    So as I wanted to optimise my workers(especially which kind of worker for which workload - speed vs amount of tasks if afk for longer) I was searching for  a way to calculate the time it takes the worker to finish a task. After looking into it for a little bit, it was clear it's working with some kind of breakpoints as sometimes 40 workspeed don't do any difference and sometimes 2 or 3 workspeed change it by roughly 10min. So in the end I figured out how it works and I guess you might be interested. Hopefully there are no similar topics, at least I couldnt find one telling how it works exactly.
    So basically the total worktime is the sum of work and travel time.
    The travel time is simple. Its the distance times 2(to and from the node) divided by the speed(which is distance per 1 sec).
    The work time is split into "tiers". The Tier is determined in a weird way.
    If your workspeed is higher or equal 1/1(100%) of the workload, worktime is 10 min. (Tier 1)
    If your workspeed is higher or equal 1/2(50%) of the workload, worktime is 20 min. (Tier 2) (and obviously lower than what's required for 10min)
    If your workspeed is higher or equal 1/3(33%) of the workload, worktime is 30 min. (Tier 3)
    ...and so on.
    I forgot to check crates. But it seems they work the same way. The only difference here is that each workspeed Tier adds 5 min instead of 10min.
    With that in mind the best worker for 150 workload nodes is the goblin since he is the only one able to reach those 150. Essentially making him 10min faster even if you had a human with  the same movement speed.
    For 200 workload nodes the time between human (about 100workspeed) and goblin (about 150) are almost equal ,as they are both still in Tier 2. Difference gets less, the closer the node is. Human however can work for more tasks if you are longer afk.
    Nodes with workload below 90 are great for giants as they are only a bit slower due to the travelspeed, but that doesnt matter as much for close nodes. They make up the little time they lose there in long afk sessions with the vast amount of tasks they have.
    And so on....

    So I went ahead and improved my sheet a bit.
    This is how it looks now:

    Suprisingly, if you are working and sleeping a lot. In several cases the time difference in the end is almost zero. I didn't take into account weekends where you might be able to feed the little bee-like goblins more often giving them more of an edge over the other workers. Also to note, goblins that don't reach the 150+ workspeed will fall behind by about 10 tasks per day additionally on 150 nodes.
  3. I have a lot of workers leveling up to 10/20/30 faster than I can promote so I am wondering if the tests stack so I can let them keep working without worrying about overwriting available promotions. For instance if a level 19 worker with a promotion available levels up to 20, does he now have two tries available (and if he fails he'll be able to retake the test right after but if he passes he is reset to level 1 of the next tier and that pending promotion disappears)?
    I've found multiple posts saying yes and no. 
    Posts that say no:

    Posts that say yes:

    I wonder if this was changed or something in a later patch. Does anyone know?
  4. Post on Question about Worker in General

    By Cygan, posted
    I've got an Artisan Human Worker in Altinova from my "returner reward" . I never used Worker but now Im interested!
    What should I do to get the most profit out of my worker? He got refinery work speed +5.
  5. Hello,
    positives first, so: Overall the UI is quite well customizable and can be made to look quite slick.
    Except for one point, which has constantly annoyed me: I don't need to know nor to be shown the information of what any of my 66 workers has gathered at any point in time. In a similar sense, I also don't need to be constantly shown, what loot my pets gathered.
    To further reduce the information overload, which this game's user interface tends to bombard us with, I hereby politely ask for an option in the settings menu to disable the display of the aforementioned information.
    Best regards,
  6. The tier 2 house in Tarif only gives 1 extra lodging instead of 2, I bought a mediah worker expansion slot and had 2 worker slots in tarif, then i bought the lodging house up to tier 2, now i have only 4 instead of 5. PLEASE FIX
    in altinova i have a similar problem. im missing 1 worker slot 

  7. I have all 3 lodging houses in velia, together they shouls give 7 worker slots, with the free worker slot every city has there should be 8 worker slots in velia, instead i only have 6. THIS is only possible if the TIER 2 lodging houses in velia give only 1 worker slot instead of 2. I tested that by getting a tier 2 lodging in Toscani farm. And i found out that the tier 2 lodging houses in Balenos give only 1 extra worker slot instead of 2. PLeASE FIX THAT

  8. For node work, I'm not finding much of a difference between professional and artisan workers. Is the +2-5 points in stamina and ability to get adv. city-based skills their main feature? ( http://bddatabase.net/us/sskills/expert/ )
    Working times ~ the same as my prof. workers of the same type.
  9. So, I'm working my workers hard, every single day.
    They work their butts off and gain levels and abilities, as they should, hey...I give them beer....lots of beer....Massive amounts of beer.
    They hit level 30! Great!!! Promotion here I come!

    But....after 24h of testing...FAIL!
    Fine, I'll just test one more time, I've got 3 attempts.
    Another 24h of testing...FAIL!
    Ok....this one might just be Bad....bad batch or summit.
    Grab another lvl 30 worker.
    Another 24h or testing...FAIL!
    This keeps on for two months and now it's getting to a point of absurdity.

    In the past I've promoted Tons of workers, alot of tests fail, that's a part of the game, but never have it failed more than 5 times in a row.
    I'm talking about 20+ workers failing all their tests.

    Was there a change in the system I missed?
    Is there a cap on how many promotions my workers can recieve?
    Did I fail to check a box in the settings "Randomly get a promotion test to succeed"?
    Am I all alone in not getting my workers to get more useful?

    But hey! At least we've been given the opportunity to fail the promotion tests 3 times instead of 2, which is awsum...

    Also, just to throw in another thought...
    Can't we get higher than Skilled workers from the Work Supervisor anymore?
    Did they run out of Professional and Artisan workers in this world?

  10. Ok so recently took up farming and have been assigning workers to tend my farms. Something strange that im curious if anyone else has had exp with is after replenishing the energy of your workers with beer 2-3 minutes later they are completely empty again. Its almost like they show up to work then decide they are to tired to work... I have 2 workers who I dont have to replenish energy for hours. the other 3 workers ill feed them beer and 2-3 min later im feeding them beer again. Anyone else getting instant depletion of worker energy or know what causes it?
  11. Hey community!
    Could need some help. I was so foolish to believe to get extra lodgings in port epheria if I bought the calpheon extra lodging(Could you please add all "Worker Towns" for the extra lodging. Even if its an extra item.). Instead I have some at Trent, Calpheon and Keplan. However Keplan is a problem kinda as there are almost no farm nodes. Except the coal one any other node with resources is at least 3 nodes away. Am i missing something. It seems some nodes dont have resources even though bdofoundry says there are. (Maybe missing here maybe its for kr only?Or maybe its like the glish one where u have to invest energy+amity?). So i got 3 artisan workers there by sheer luck and dunno what to do with em.. Dont wanna waste so many CP now just to get to the nodes.
    Any ideas. Anything i am missing?
    How to get more workers for Port Epheria?
  12. Hey Leute,
    da die ersten Leute ihr "Epheria-Segelboot" fertig haben, hätte ich den Vorschlag, dass man in der Kostümschneiderei auch eine Navigationskleidung herstellen kann.
    Werte, die ich mir vorstellen kann:
    +0: Bewegungstempo +1; Segeln-Xp +5%
    +1: Bewegungstempo +1; Segeln-Xp +10%
    +2: Bewegungstempo +2; Segeln-Xp +15%
    +3: Bewegungstempo +2; Segeln-Xp +20%
    +4: Bewegungstempo +3; Segeln-Xp +25%
    +5: Bewegungstempo +3; Segeln-Xp +30%
    Hoffe, dass man das umsetzen könnte. (:
    Liebe Grüße
  13. Greetings.
    I'm having an issue with my shipyard workers. They just stop working despite having materials and stamina. I'll explain it with an example.
    I have a goblin worker with 10 max and 10 current stamina. I set it up to work in epheria shipyard on an epheria ship job. There is 800 pine plywood in the warehouse. I set the worker up for max (10) cycles. After 3 cycles, the system says the worker stopped working. There are still enough (more than 700) materials in the storage, and the worker still has 7 stamina left. Of course, I did not log out or changed channel/character (this should not be an issue though). I hit Repeat all in the worker UI with NO refill, and the worker goes back to work all right.
    So, I do not know what may be the problem here, but only my shipyard workers do it. The miners, farmers, loggers go till 0 stamina with no issue.
    Oh, I just realised what is the problem. The shipyard workers cannot be set to 50,000 work cycles (only to a number equalling their max stamina), as all of the rest, so they just run out of cycles even with continous refill. Fix this, please.
  14. I woke up this morning to realise that most of my workers are stuck at 0 second and wont finish their job cycle... help?

    Solved... close the game and re open it...
  15. Hey,
    Ich bin spiele schon lange in BDO, nur habe ich mich bisher noch nie richtig mit den Lifeskills beschäftig, weil das manchmal wirklich komplex sein kann.
    Wenn ich hier und da lese, wie manche einfach nur mit den Arbeitern 30~ Mio am Tag machen, motiviert mich das auch mal anzufangen. So unerfahren bin ich dabei eigentlich nicht. Ich hatte mal zum Beispiel eine zeitlang bei Calpheon Holz, mit den Arbeitern gesammelt. Mehr auch nicht. Ich weiß nicht, welche Arbeiter ich wo einstellen soll, um auf das beste ergebnis zu kommen. Was ich mit dem erarbeiteten stuff anstellen soll, und, ob ich jeden Arbeiter "garantiert" auf Orange bzw Lila(?) bekomme?
    Mit welchen von diesen Sachen :
    kann ich am meisten Geld machen? Eventuell alles zsm?
    Worker habe ich leider nicht mehr und zu meinem pech, findet man gute Worker nur noch selten im Arbeitermarkt. Meine Lifeskills sind dazu alle, bis auf Angeln, auf Anfänger. Beitragspunkte habe ich nur 115, Energy 180+.
  16. Bonjour,

    Quand j'essaie d'échanger un worker/travailleur/esclave sur le marché,j'ai un message bizarre avec une image de cheval et un prix fou.

    Ça me dérange pas de recevoir 100M (bien au contraire !!!) et qu'on qualifie mon worker "professionnel" d'étalon mais malheureusement ça ne marche pas  ! 

    Du coup je report ce bug.

    EDIT: Le problème lié au screenshot se trouve a TARIF sur un worker GIANT lvl max et PRO.

  17. I've tried workers out multiple times over the past 8 months or so and each time I didn't do anything with them. I figured I needed to get the ball rolling finally and set up something that that I could make a few mil on a day. I've got 200 contribution and spread it out the best I could so that I'm able to make costumes, steel daggers, and high quality sunflower crates.
    Now I've heard all these claims of people making 20m/day on workers passively doing stuff alone, figure if I can do half that I'd be really happy. Although the more I'm doing it I feel like it's a lie. So many things require either a ton of Trace of X that are abysmal to gather and the nodes that give them give something like 2/2hrs or something silly like that. Same with crystals (Mud, etc) when I look into doing other things similar.
    Am I doing something wrong here? I feel extremely bottlenecked by pretty much only Traces but don't see a lot of ways to actually get them. Any general tips on workers that people have I'd love input.
  18. Game should have 2 Repeal all button for workers:
    1) for all nodes
    2) for all crafting
    Reason: Workers are stupid. They will craft 5k tools to just fill the bank.
    In addition, worker should repeat their work if the work is canceled earlier.
  19. Hey.
    I have an idea. This idea is taken from other games, and theese games are well known. implementing this things on blackdesertonline.com/ would be awesome.
    1 - Character:
    Would be nice to see our character. We can change character and post on the foum as that one if we like (we know what game this is taken from).
    2 - Workers:
    To send out workers again (not change node, but send them back out from the node they was working on) and refull them with beer from out warehouse, or a "offline" tab. something, something darkside. We also know that this is taken from.
    3 - Auction house:
    Bid on items, or just browse the auction house while offline.
  20. Since Oct 26 Patch my workers that have the advanced processing skill +1, +2, +3 (i.e. craft mutliple items at a time) are broken and are only crafting one item at a time at present. 
    Please fix ty:)

  21. Moin Leute Meteorlogikus hier,
    ich spiele hauptsächlich die Klasse "Magier" auf dem Server Alustin. Habe das Spiel seit Release und habe vor knapp zwei Monaten wieder mit dem Spiel angefangen.
    Viele nehmen sich vor in diesem Spiel eine Menge an Silber zu horten, finden jedoch nie die richtigen Methoden dafür. In diesem kleinen Überblick möchte ich euch meine Methoden vorstellen.
    Als erstes möchte ich mich den Waffenverbesserungssteinen widmen. Um diese zu craften, müssen einige Materialien von Arbeitern abgebaut werden. Ebenfalls können die Materialien auch im Auktionshaus gekauft werden, jedoch verringert sich der Gewinn dadurch erheblich. Wichtig ist es hier eine Raffinierie Stufe 3 zu besitzen. Ich habe meine in Heidel Nr.9-4 gefunden.
    Stahl wird hergestellt indem man 5 geschmolzene Eisenplitter (Eisenerz erhitzen) und 5 mal Kohle mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) erhitzt
    Posten für Eisenerz: Verlassene Eisenmine (Südwestlich von Altinova), Pilgerheiligtum (Nordöstlich von Sandkornbasar), Halbmondgebirge (Südöstlich von Sandkornbasar)
    Posten für Kohle: Keplansteinbruch(nördlich von Keplan), Omar Lavahöhle [danke an Ashysha]
    Geschmolzener Platinsplitter(3x)
    Geschmolzene Platinsplitter werden hergestellt indem man 5 Platinerze mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) erhitzt
    Posten für Platinerz: Verlassene Eisemine (Südwestlich von Altinova) als Nebenprodukt vom Zinkerz;
    Omar-Lavahöhle (Nordwestlich von Altinova) ebenfalls als Nebenprodukt vom Zinkerz
    Schwarzkristalle werden hergestellt indem man 5 schwarze Rohkristalle mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) erhitzt
    Posten für schwarze Rohkristalle: Verlassene Eisemine (Südwestlich von Altinova) als Nebenprodukt vom Eisenerz;
    Halbmondgebirge (Südöstlich von Sandkornbasar) als Nebenprodukt vom Eisenerz;
    Pilgerheiligtum (Nordöstlich von Sandkornbasar) als Nebenprodukt vom Eisenerz
    kann durch Holzfällen gewonnen werden (Birkenholz)
    Posten für Rotbaumbeulen: Nördliche Ebene von Serendia (Westlich von Heidel) als Nebenprodukt vom Ahornholz;
    Alt-Löwenzahn (Nordöstlich von Calpheon) als Nebenprodukt vom Birkenholz
    "wenn man zu wenig Rotbaumbeulen bekommt die Noode Quintenhügel/Birkenholz bei Calpheon besetzen" (Danke an MAMAZONE)
    ANMERKUNG: das ist das einzige Item, das ich mir ab und an im Auktionshaus kaufe
    Blut des Clowns(2x)
    kann durch Alchemie hergestellt werden, dafür benötigt werden:
    1 mal Geisterblatt
    1 mal Pulver der Dunkelheit
    1 mal Klarflüssiges Reagenz(Aurorakraut, Unkraut,Gesäubertes Wasser, Salz)
    2 mal Wolfsblut (oder Flamingoblut, Nashornblut oder Gepardenblut)
    Posten für Geisterblatt: Gobinhöhle (Südöstlich von Velia) als Nebenprodukt vom Eschenholz ;
    Balenoswald (Südöstlich von Velia) als Nebenprodukt vom Eschenholz
    Posten für Pulver der Dunkelheit: Verlassene Eisemine (Südwestlich von Altinova) als Nebenprodukt vom Eisenerz;
    Halbmondgebirge (Südöstlich von Sandkornbasar) als Nebenprodukt vom Eisenerz;
    Pilgerheiligtum (Nordöstlich von Sandkornbasar) als Nebenprodukt vom Eisenerz
    Posten für Aurorakraut: Balenoswald (Südöstlich von Velia);
    Cron-Burganlage (Nordöstlich von Velia)
    ANMERKUNG: Für das Wolfsblut könnt ihr keinen Arbeiter einstellen, jedoch könnt ihr Wolfsblut sehr gut südlich von Olvia farmen (Posten Wolfshügel)
    Das Unkraut könnt ihr Überall in der Welt von Büschen oder Sträuchern bekommen. (ein kleiner Tipp: kein Sammelwerkzeug ausrüsten)
    Das Gesäuberte Wasser kann hergestellt werden, indem Leere Flaschen (können beim Materialienhändler gekauft werden) mit Wasser gefüllt werden, z.B. am Fluss in Heidel.
    Diese Flaschen "Flusswasser" müssen dann mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) gesiebt werden.
    kann hergestellt werden, indem man Magiekristalle mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) mahlt
    "Schwarzsteinpulver kann man natürlich auch aus 2 groben Steinen herstellen" (Danke an MAMAZONE)
    ANMERKUNG: Magiekristalle(blau) können erfarmt, oder im Auktionshaus gekauft werden
    Das Captcha kann hierbei in der Sektion Besondere Angebote umgangen werden.
    Gewinn: ~300.000 Silber pro Stein (falls Sparpaket aktiv; andersfalls circa 220000)
    Letzte Anmerkung: Diese 300k Silber scheinen auf den ersten Blick nicht viel, wird dieses Item jedoch ununterbrochen hergestellt, erweitert sich der Silberbetrag enorm. So konnte ich ohne weitere Mühe in unter einer Woche 35 Millionen Silber generieren. (: Dieses ist der erste Thread von vielen, wie ich passiv eine anständige Summe an Silber verdiene. 
    Liebe Grüße
    P.S. Für konstruktive Kritik bin ich immer offen.
  22. I witnessed alot of players having issue with understanding the game's mechanic: The worker system. So here I am. I'm about to try to dumb down the entire explanation by just showing off the screenshots with some hint of summary.

    More in-depth description.
    Onto the next screenshot.

    More in-depth description.
    Onto next screenshot.

    More in-depth description
    And final screenshot.

    Probably frequently asked question soon. >_>
    Any questions?

  23. I understand, or think I do, the reason a worker promotion test takes 24 hours, but really only one worker at a time?  Why not one worker per city?  I have over 45 workers and they seem to level up so quick that it is impossible to promote them all. 
  24. I would like to suggest the possibility of making a app for android/ios to manage your worker's and guild chat, the game has already good mechanism for "afk" but, nowadays being able to do little changes by phone, would be very handy like managing your work orders.

  25. Hello,
    it baffles me that there is no report on the problem that the worker skill change has no effect
    A level30 50%+ worker gains the option to change one of their skills. The skill in the list gets changed properly but the gain/loss of stats is not shown on the worker. The only working change I can confirm is the +x packaging skill.
    Please, this needs a fix.
    Here are many example http://imgur.com/a/qKtb5 (few of them below)