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  1. As shown in the image below, Work Supervisor A and Work Supervisor B seem to be swapped around. Work Supervisor C has the appropriate Work Speed +1.
    Consistent wording across the 3 skills would also be appreciated.

  2. Post on Worker speed formula in Guides

    By Luminosity, posted
    So as I wanted to optimise my workers(especially which kind of worker for which workload - speed vs amount of tasks if afk for longer) I was searching for  a way to calculate the time it takes the worker to finish a task. After looking into it for a little bit, it was clear it's working with some kind of breakpoints as sometimes 40 workspeed don't do any difference and sometimes 2 or 3 workspeed change it by roughly 10min. So in the end I figured out how it works and I guess you might be interested. Hopefully there are no similar topics, at least I couldnt find one telling how it works exactly.
    So basically the total worktime is the sum of work and travel time.
    The travel time is simple. Its the distance times 2(to and from the node) divided by the speed(which is distance per 1 sec).
    The work time is split into "tiers". The Tier is determined in a weird way.
    If your workspeed is higher or equal 1/1(100%) of the workload, worktime is 10 min. (Tier 1)
    If your workspeed is higher or equal 1/2(50%) of the workload, worktime is 20 min. (Tier 2) (and obviously lower than what's required for 10min)
    If your workspeed is higher or equal 1/3(33%) of the workload, worktime is 30 min. (Tier 3)
    ...and so on.
    I forgot to check crates. But it seems they work the same way. The only difference here is that each workspeed Tier adds 5 min instead of 10min.
    With that in mind the best worker for 150 workload nodes is the goblin since he is the only one able to reach those 150. Essentially making him 10min faster even if you had a human with  the same movement speed.
    For 200 workload nodes the time between human (about 100workspeed) and goblin (about 150) are almost equal ,as they are both still in Tier 2. Difference gets less, the closer the node is. Human however can work for more tasks if you are longer afk.
    Nodes with workload below 90 are great for giants as they are only a bit slower due to the travelspeed, but that doesnt matter as much for close nodes. They make up the little time they lose there in long afk sessions with the vast amount of tasks they have.
    And so on....

    So I went ahead and improved my sheet a bit.
    This is how it looks now:

    Suprisingly, if you are working and sleeping a lot. In several cases the time difference in the end is almost zero. I didn't take into account weekends where you might be able to feed the little bee-like goblins more often giving them more of an edge over the other workers. Also to note, goblins that don't reach the 150+ workspeed will fall behind by about 10 tasks per day additionally on 150 nodes.
  3. Are named workers better then normal Artisan workers?  (EXPLAIN WHY THEY ARE OR WHY THEY  ARE NOT) 

  4. It makes sense that if you get rough stone when you mine yourself that your workers would get it as well.
    Can you please add Rough stone to what workers gather when they mine please.
  5. For node work, I'm not finding much of a difference between professional and artisan workers. Is the +2-5 points in stamina and ability to get adv. city-based skills their main feature? ( http://bddatabase.net/us/sskills/expert/ )
    Working times ~ the same as my prof. workers of the same type.
  6. so i've seen a screenshot from a guy that plays NA and had 83 workers (working all of them)
    to me looks like a loooooooot , since im having 35 with 270 cp and i have 2 left to use ...
    so how many workers you got ?
  7. I don't think I need to explain anything else. I'm just wondering how much CP do you guys have, and how many active workers.
    By active workers I mean those that are working all the time ... not interested in extra workers that you are not using.
    Right now I have 158CP and 39 active workers. I have more than 10 unactive workers, waiting for more CP to spend on nodes, but I decided to invest only in good nodes that produce something that's always in demand and priced at over 500 silver. So mostly some kind of timber and ores. And ofc. all 10 nodes for cooking beer.
    So let me know, how many workers and CP do you have guys  
  8. So. it would be really nice if the works promotion test took 23 hours instead of 24. if it were 23 hours instead people would be able to keep it at the same time of the day if you are promoting multiple from the same location. with 24 hours you will always start the next test later than the previous one. i started with doing the exams at 3 pm. and soon i will have to do them at 3 am and kill my sleeping schedule or miss a day to reset it. (The latter sounds more sane) I dont think it would be a huge buff for people who are promoting, i just think it would increase the quality of life of your players and let them keep playing instead of skipping a day.
  9. i see updates that bring in wonderful content for combat and lifeskills but nothing has been added onto the current crafting or worker system why limit them to just gathering and crafting maybe we could get specialized workers that would not only give bonuses to the worker themselves but the player as well like 2% bonus profit for trading or a 3% to increased chance to obtain ores like gold and platinum it could be good 
  10. There are a few things that are really annoying that I'm floored haven't been fixed already. When your inventory is full so you go to an NPC to sell stuff, the game is all "oh there's no empty slot" well duh! That's why I'm trying to sell stuff! Can we please get that fixed? Also, with your storage, it's full and you say want a worker to get you potatoes and there is already potatoes in the storage, so please get rid of the storage is full message and just let them get more. These are just a couple of little things that I think would make things a bit more enjoyable for everyone cause they won't be getting annoyed by silly little "bugs".
    Edit to update: Ok after playing some more the oh your inventory's full you can't sell thing seems like it may only happen if you're trying to sell to trade managers, but still you are trying to SELL so it should still let you please!
  11. Is there an easy way to tell how many slots for workers you have in towns? Other than adding up lodging? Taking into account Pearl-shop purchased slots, if applicable?
  12. Post on Crafting Yuria Weapons in Guides

    By Xenso, posted
    Sorry if this has been answered before, I had no luck during my research. I was wondering where I could set up a resource collection system to get me what I need to begin crafting Yuria Shortswords. I have a timber setup for calpheon, and would love to be able to do this in that city. Is it reasonable to do that in Calph or is there a better city with better collection nodes?
  13. I'm confused on quite a lot of things, been trying to follow guides on how to make a boat/shipyard and make workers work. But I always hit something that doesn't make sense. So I have a few questions - Btw I am level 33
    1. How do you make a worker work in Port Epheria? The node manager wont let me talk to him, and I already talking with the other one, but he's just for the senrtry post.
    2. Am I able to make workers gather certain items [like to create a Fishing Boat or Calpheon Rowboat] even though I've never seen the item before?
    3. Am I able to have multiple workers in one house/lodging? I tried buying more then one, but it told me I needed additional lodging, which I bought another lodging and it keeps telling me the same thing.
    4. Is there a faster way to get contribution points besides quests? I saw somewhere that it sounded like you could put yourself to work and carry things around, but then again I may have misread something
    I have other questions, but this is all I could think of on the spot. Thank you for the help [if I get anything lol].
  14. Hi guys
    I'm an oldskool mmorpg player and I really enjoy BDO. I spend a lot of my time on it, so lately I was thinking maybe I could do some guides and how to's and stuff. So I made a video guide on how to craft grunil gear for people that may find it somewhat confusing. Even my video may be confusing cause I choke up a lot like I'm in a rap battle or something. This is like my third commentary video ever so I get really nervous when i start speaking, go easy on me T_T. I'm trying hard to improve my speech.

    I'd like for you guys to at least watch my video partially, so you can give me some hints and critique so I can work on making my videos better.
    Thanks for taking your time to watch. 
  15. Hello Staff
    I am letting you know several workers on the new 50.000 system stop before the old numbers, I have not changed all but made notes on which where done,
    anyhow not sure if anyone else is having this @gm_dew @GM_Axion @CM_Aethon
  16. Post on Wokers are stuck in In-Game Bugs

    By clayt95, posted
    So I cancelled one of my workers who was trying to do 50,000 of something that takes roughly 2 mins. I cancelled his action 7 hours ago and it still shows he's trying to cancel it and its stuck now...help.
  17. Hey Daum,
    Since servers came back up when I try to craft at workbench with a worker, and I try to set the maximum number of repeats for that worker, the Maximum Quantity (F button) will set the number to 50,000.
    see attached screenshot

  18. Please allow the option for workers to get rid of the task that were given to them so they will not repeat it.
  19. Post on Workers (newbie ) in Guides

    By gurghul, posted
    I know how to make a beer,and I produce a lot of them.But what to do next?Igot 70+  points left.There is on net ton of guides for beer and end game 300 + con points but nothing for newbie(exept beer)
    Any tips or helpful links?
  20. When i joined a guild, all my workers that where crafting stopt and all material got deleted.
  21. Hello,
    After the emergency maint that caused all Node Wars to be cancelled on EU I have been unable to access my workers list as it says that my workers are locked to the fort building that was going on when the servers went down. This is a very big issue as I can no longer use my workers after they run out of energy.

  22. Post on Worker Skill (?) in General

    By Trixologist, posted
    Does anyone know of a particular skill that would be good for crafting gem crates?  I have timber, produce, herbs, and fish but not gems.  
    Also early congratulations to anyone getting good workers from Day 4, 11 or 18, may your beer supply remain abundant 
  23. Pretty much the title.
    So we don't have to manually re-assign a worker to an unwanted node for an unwanted working then disconnect the node later on.
    For example, I've a worker crafting stuff for me. But I don't need it to be producing the stuff 24/7. 
    If we can clear its current function so it doesn't get affected by "repeat all", then I don't have to manually assign it to another node after its completion.

  24. Hey everybody. I'm a new player and I'm very confused about almost everything in the game right now lol. I figured out how to connect nodes by investing contribution points, but I don't know how to assign a worker to one of my nodes. I tried scouring the entire web for any help regarding this matter, but all the guides seem to lack any info on how to actually get workers to, you know, work. I already hired a human worker from velia and I tried to figure out how to get him to work on one of the nodes nearby, but there is no option in node management to assign a worker. Could anybody help me with this?
    Also, is there a node management in velia or is that automatically an activated node?
  25. I have energy invested in a few resource nodes and as a casual observation I feel like the workloads of some but not all nodes are increasing little bits at a time. I haven't been able to find any kind of reference on the standard workloads for each node at Level 1 energy. So I am posting my current workloads and energy investment as of right now, and anyone else is welcome to post theirs and maybe we can compare and get an idea of what's going on. Post-research update: After about 10 minutes of sitting here watching the nodes, I can confirm that energy investment level does not directly increase the workload amount. Before you post your "told ya so" comments, keep reading and maybe we can dive deeper into this. The actual node workload seems to increase maybe every 10 minutes, but some seem to be slower than that? It's definitely slower than the every three minutes of your character's energy. At the time of these numbers I had accumulated 14 days, 20 hours, and 14 minutes of game time. Please feel free to post your workload numbers for similar nodes and game time played and we can get a grasp on some kind of ratio for time played vs workload increase. I don't necessarily see this is as an important thing, but it is an interesting, previously unknown value that has never been talked about as far as I can tell.
    This is where you find the workload for each node:

    Coastal Cave - Main Level 1
                 - Copper - Level 1 - 76.50
                 - Iron - Level 1 - 76.50
                 - I can confirm that on a Level 1 node, contribution withdrawal and reinvestment does not change the workload.        
    Bartali Farm - Main Level 1
                 - Potato - Level 3 - 197.00
                 - For science, I had to do it: contribution withdrawal and reinvestment on a Level 3 resource had no impact on the workload of the node and obviously reset the energy level to 1. Investing that point in the chicken node of the farm showed that it also had a workload of 197.00 at the time.
    Glish Swamp - Main Level 5 for Naga drops
                         - Lead - Level 1 - 144.30
    Keplan Quarry - Main Level 1
                  - Coal - Level 5 - 109.60
    Northern Wheat Plantation - Main Level 1
                              - Wheat - Level 1 - 115.90
    Old Dandelion - Main Level 2 for Khuruto drops
                  - Birch - Level 5 - 75.00 
    Khuruto Cave - Main Level 1
                 - Tin - Level 5 - 250.00
    *The Tin and Birch seem to have not increased at all, maybe because they are hazardous areas?*         
    Abandoned Iron Mine - Main Level 1
                        - Iron - Level 4 - 188.20
                        - Zinc - Level 4 - 470.50
    Additional questions:
    Has anyone invested in other hazardous resource nodes?
    Are your Old Dandelion or Khuruto Cave numbers different than mine?
    Why would these nodes have static values?