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  1. Post on Multiple Suggestions in Suggestions

    By trtlz, posted
    Idea #1 Event Boss: With all these events going on every so often I feel like there should be a boss relating to the event at the end. 
    Example: Easter Bunny would spawn around Florin and have as much hp/dmg as a certain world boss. It would drop typical boss loot as well as some kind of event outfit and pet. It would have better drop chances because this boss happens less than other world bosses. 
    Why? The current world bosses are kind of bland and monotonous. 
    Idea#2 More "Dungeons": Have 1 or 2 "dungeons" for each major area in the map that contain all of the areas mobs in them.
    Example: Calpheon would have some kind of portal under the city with all the mobs of Calpheon in them and would place lowest level mobs in the beginning, scaling to tougher mobs as the dungeon goes on. With a sub boss zone being filled with 2 cyclops and an ogre, then a main boss being a Witch. After the dungeon is completed it would give loot at the end based on how many mobs were killed and how quick the dungeon was completed.
    Why? Encourage parties to form up aside from the major grinding/leveling areas, as well as having the ability to not run into another group and get pvped by somebody over leveled. 
    Idea#3 Pet Quest: Have a medium length quest that rewards a player with a level 1 pet (Can't be leveled up or tradeable)
    Example: Pretty self explanatory, after Beginning of the Journey the player would receive a quest from the black spirit to kill x monsters, talk to npc's in different areas, and then receive 1 of 3 pets. Weasel, snake, mouse, or spider. Their gathering speeds would be half of what the current pets are. Maybe make it once per account, or make the quest exponentially harder to do and have it up to 4 times per account.
    Why? Pets are hard to acquire unless you're willing to spend money and sometimes people just can't afford that. 
    Idea#4 Tracker: In the knowledge menu you would be able to highlight exactly what kind of npc/mob you're looking for and be able to follow a direct path to it.
    Example: It kind of already exists, but make it more in-depth. The ability to find a specific mob instead of the area would be nice. 
    Why? Because It would save time and help out the newer players. 
    Idea#5 Quest conditions: Under available and recurring quests you could list why we can't access these quests. 
    Example:  List pre-requisites for the quest so that players can understand why they can't access the quest. As well as grey out the quest if they don't meet the pre-requisites. 
    Why?: It's pretty aggravating to do 1-200 quests and find out you need to do 10 more to get a certain quest chain to process an ingredient into the next step. As well as it would help out new players and give them guidance on which quests they need to do to reach their goals. 
    Welp these are just some ideas that popped in my head while processing. I'd love to help with ideas if any of them help out the game, I could go more in depth and give lore, story, and insight on them. Hope you enjoy them and if you have anything to add I'd love to hear it. 
    Just another suggestion, fix auto run paths to avoid mobs getting in the way or walls and what not. 
  2. Hi.
    I was riding through a thunder storm in game and it looked great (great job) and thought that the game has all these cool different natural events (could have more) but they don't really matter/contribute to game play. This thunder storm happened to be over Serendia shrine right about the time zaka should spawn and it hit me, it be cool if you guys used them as a warning/notification system so they are more then just pretty light shows.
    Some suggestion for these would be, eclipse, sand storm, volcanic eruption, blood moon, and so on.
    Anyone have some more epic suggestions post em up! or expanding on the idea.


  3. Its bullshit that I have to wake in 3-4 AM to kill a boss that may or may not spawn , or have the boss spawn while I am at  school. Why not take the good example of any other mmo and make fixed spawns on evenings 
  4. EDIT: I found a guild
  5. Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm
     If you do decide to join us, please look over the #read-first-rules-faq channel, it has a lot of information on how our Discord runs and some great information on bosses.
     Hello BDO players,
     We are the moderation team of Edan World Bosses (EWB). With the coming server merge, that name may change, as we intend to continue operating post-merge for the entirety of the NA region and we want to welcome all players from Uno and Orwen who would like to use the Discord as well.
     Edan has always operated its own independent Discord server for world bosses, hunting, LFG, and chat. It currently has over 5500 members and climbing, currently with around 3100 connected users during prime time. We want everyone to have a place in and benefit from this Discord, so be assured that while we do try to encourage it, participation has always been and will always be completely optional, with boss information always remaining visible to everyone.
     We have a robust bot that has been built to fit our vision and needs which helps with tracking boss information. The bot is actively developed and we are prepared to handle any changes that may come, and are also open to suggested changes by the community.
     Utility Channels:
     #boss-timer - Souffle Bot automatically updates this once per minute with current boss windows. You can also type !w in #general to see that same information.
     #boss-notifications  - Where everyone will be notified when a boss spawns. Permissions to "ping" everyone that a boss has spawned in this channel is based upon participation and reputation.
     #boss-status - Active bosses are fought here. Share boss alive, death, HP information, and channel/train coordination.
     #hunting - Where people interested in whale and Khalk hunting can work together. The bot also helps out in here with some additional hunting target tracking. We may have some more information on this in the comments below from Fam soon.
     #lfg-scrolls - Looking for a group for scrolls or otherwise? This can be handy and save you some loyalty on finding a group or looking for members.
     Chat Channels:
     #general - More or less like the server's global chat where people can discuss whatever they like, but being civil and respectful is the name of the game in there.
     #cancer - This is more of a free speech chat, so it may not be for the faint of heart. It helps keep the discussion in #general civil, and when drama and such is happening, we want there to be a place for it, as a lot of people find that entertaining. It is not, however, "anything-goes", as certain activity does cross the line and Discord has their own Terms of Service that should be reasonably observed: https://discordapp.com/tos
      Being a community focused Discord, we also promote members who are streaming. If you are a streamer, and you'd like your stream to appear at the top of our user list when you go live, hit up a mod to get everything sorted.
     We hope you’ll join us, and some of our moderation team will be in the comments answering questions and hanging out while the merge is underway.
     Once again our invite link is: https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm
  6. Field Bosses and world bosses currently lack challenge and engaging gameplay. This is mainly because how the Monsters spawn in the world. 
    As soon as a boss spawns, hundreds of players jump from channel to channel to Zerg attack these damage sponges.
    Because of the huge numbers of players involved, the boss is unable to respond to individual player's attacks and/or skills. 
    To remedy this situation I suggest a new boss ability/mechanic:
    Magical Barrier:
    Wherever a Boss spawns in the world, a magical barrier arises, forming an enclosed area. The radius of this area depends on the Boss monster.
    Any players caught inside the barrier are trapped inside until the boss monster is eliminated, or the player is killed.
    Barrier Mechanics:
    The area encircled by the magical barrier has certain rules.
    1. No more than x players are allowed inside the barrier at any given time.
    2. If a player dies inside the barrier, they respawn to a node outside the barrier (unless Elian's tears are used)
    3. Players outside the barrier can not cross it to enter unless the population in the barrier reaches X-1
    4. Once the population reaches X-1 the first player to get through the barrier is allowed in, the remainder are bounced back out. (An RNG stat "barrier crossing" could be used to govern which players can cross and when.
    5. The Barrier has weak points. Guilds can use cannons and elephants to break a hole in the barrier, allowing guild members to pass through the barrier. (Guild's entering the barrier this way do not count toward's the barrier's population limit.)
    Boss Monster Mechanics:
    This mob is able to detect any players inside the barrier. It will autopath to the nearest player and attack. It will also prioritize AFK players first as primary targets.
    Within the barrier will be Magical artifacts that grant the Boss monster special powers. One or more of those may spawn along with the boss and barrier.
    1. Shrine of ranged protection. This is a magical altar infused with the black energy. It is guarded by continuously spawning elite mobs. While the shrine is unmanaged, the Boss Monster can nit be harmed by ranged attacks.
    2. Shield Generator: While this artifact is active, the Boss monster can not be harmed by melee attacks.
    3. Magical Dampening Field: While this shrine is active, Magical attacks are resisted by the Boss monster.
    This system allows a number of gameplay enhancements to be created. Boss monsters can no longer be "zerged" to death. By only allowing a certain number of players in at a time, a more tightly crafted group/RAID experience can be programmed for. Parties will need to coordinate to take out shrines and altars as well as distract and kill the boss. 
    Fewer players in the mix will also ensure that skill makes a difference. Unskilled players will quickly die and be spawned outside the gate. 
    Guilds will have an advantage other players do not. They will be able to break down the barrier and allow their members to cross and overrun the Boss monster.
    This system allows for many more bosses to spawn all over the map. Multiple bosses can even spawn together, and maybe bosses can occasionally drop into the center of major cities.
  7. When he shoots something whit his beak
    magical evasione seems not work..
    teleport works sometimes if i have space usless she start focusing on me..
    i image awakened classes can block it when we can't
  8. Post on Kzarka<NodeWar in General

    By Mageslayer, posted
    So right before a node war happened today kzarka spawned and before the notice that said node war was starting it despawned all the mobs including the Kzarka that was in the red... that I was one of the first 10 to be there.... this is a problem world bosses should not be Despawned because of a node war. or if they do Despawn they should have a much larger timer to them than the other mobs this is just stupid.
  9. Post on World Boss Timers in Suggestions

    By Chromas, posted
    This would prevent people from being greedy and allow everything to actual join in on fighting world bosses rather than all the "big zerg clans" camping them and not shouting nor giving back to the community. 
    Why should it be limited to a set few that are able to camp? Why should people who already have TRI + items destroy the chance of someone that is fresh and new the chance at obtaining better items? The answer isn't well you should join a bigger guild or join a guild. There are people who rather smaller guilds over large ones and that there should be something for the smaller one's to do rather than get pushed around because of numbers. 
    World bosses should be meant for everyone and not controllable by the few.
  10. I was walking along the road near Calpheon today and ran into the most powerful boss I've seen in BDO to date.

    Seems to be some sort of living plant, possibly related to the tree spirits?
  11. i've only done a few field/world bosses as of lately so correct me if i'm wrong please.

    why not make all loot from world/field bosses RNG and damage done to factor in what/how much loot we receive.

    i've read that it was originally all damage done, then they changed it to RNG. why not mix the two? an appropriate balance of the two seems the most fair.

  12. ‌So after the +20 patch I have seen that all the World Bosses are dying(die+ing) like manshas (<less than 1 min
    and most of the players(non-campers) cannot participate in the world boss

    my suggestion and I know that are other ppl that consider that WorldBosses should have more HP

    @‌‌CM_Jouska could you please check this‌
  13. Wait 1 Month per Boss Item even tough i farmed up 500m it makes no sense.
    You think it does? Why? Are you trying to tell me i need to be farming WB's 24/7? Fun?
    I'd rather do what i want, make my money and buy the stuff i want. Whats wrong w/ a endless supply of BiS items? Small chance, costs energy per try, could be 300% of the market price. 
    I also would appreciate an official statement why this is not in our version are we supposed to stack silver and wait? Hebetate on Croxus - best example right there - the game is out a few months now i can buy one ... a few months now .. i wasnt able to. Why? There are 8(?)~ total sold, sure i can bid 180m hope no one bids 181m and wait a month more now w/ the new pre-order-system. Ye. sure. 
    Idk but i kinda feel like if i make my self a few 100'Millions i should be able to spend it w/o waiting a month
  14. Post on World Boss in PVE

    By VairyHagina, posted
    Hi guys! Before anything else I would like to say that I love this game, and Im posting because Im wondering, not trying to complain saying its a bad game. I was just wondering if theres anything in the future concerning better bosses? Better meaning like for example in vindictus there are other things that need to be done in order to beat bosses besides just focusing on doing rotations that can get repetitive and boring after a few minutes. It would be awesome if there are bosses in the future where you need to go  to this point and this point to do this and this to weaken the boss. Basically like add in other factors other than just smacking the boss with your skills.
  15. As everyone already knows that world and field bosses benefit the already rich/hardcore players and rarely the majority of casual and average players. Most would agree that a system like this it's hurting the game more than its benefiting. My idea is to allow players to receive top drop only once per week per boss. This way it's still beneficial to the hardcore players but it won't force them to come back to every boss because they wouldn't benefit as much from it. Which will allow the rest of the community a chance to get those drops. I would assume that the reset would be reset per week at the same time; maybe maintenance.
  16. Post on World Boss Loot - Changed? in PVE

    By Hype33, posted
    This is not a thread to talk about what world bosses should be or how they should change etc.
    I am just curious what others are experiencing as far as drops. I have always been fairly lucky with world boss loot as I typically hit the top damage table. For a little while I was always walking away with at least a liverto a day from bosses. After the damage reduction to bosses' abilities was patched recently I have seen NO drops (just the standard gems/ingots/Hunters). I am seeing people who have never taken aggro from a boss and I know for a fact they are not as geared as I am getting boss armor on a daily basis. I am holding aggro for a majority of the fight and usually getting first hit yet no loot. 
    Has anyone else noticed a change in drop rates whether you are someone who gets drops often and have stopped seeing them or vice versa. Not sure if how the damage tables work was changed with the damage reduction but I have definitely noticed a difference personally. 
    Just to repeat, Not looking for your opinion (even though I know I'll get it) about who should or shouldn't get boss loot but rather what kind of drops are you seeing has your luck changed etc.**
    Sorry if I said the same thing 10 times but I know I'm about to have half serious answers half troll answers.
  17. j'ai trouvé une info exclusive sur le prochain WB qui doit sortir bientôt 😀
    Il donne du loot à tout le monde mais c'est plutôt de la daube. il est facile à faire sans risque de mourrir... Sauf de rire 😬😬

  18. I think when it comes to world bosses, that the time you've been actively fighting the boss should largely be taken into consideration. It is a bit unfair that someone who has been fighting a world boss from long before anyone else arrives can get absolutely nothing based on the facts that they've died a few too many times or that their attacks are weak.
    Some classes can be maxed geared and compared to other classes do hardly any damage in comparison. I don't think they should be penalised for that by getting hardly any loot for putting all the effort in.
  19. Post on Dim tree needs nerf in General

    By Ama, posted
    Make him unable to attack you for 10 seconds once summoned.

  20. Bonjour all,
    Bon... je sais que j'étais parti sur Sorcière mais en fait .. non,
    Le gameplay ne me plait pas, j'accroche pas du tout ... au début ça allait et plus j’avançais plus ça me disait ( non, arrête toi là, c'est pas pour toi cette classe ... )
    enfin bref .. voilà,
    Donc, j'aimerais avoir vos ressentis sur le PVE et PVP/PK et GVG;
    J'aimerais avoir vos retours sur les classes en général, laquelle se débrouille bien ( stuff et skill à niveau égal ).
    Je ne veux pas une "god" classe mais ... juste vos retours d'xp,
    Moi j'ai eu des retours comme quoi le Tamer est useless en GVG et moyen en PvP , très bien pour le PVE mais alors le reste ... bof bof,
    Le rôdeur et la sorcière sont OP apparemment, mais j'accroche pas du tout; et oui again x) )
    Le guerrier et la valkye je n'en sais absolument rien, je sais qu'ils sont beaucoup demandés au niveau de la recherche de guilde mais .. voilà, rien de plus.
    Merci d'avance et bon jeu à vous
  21. So, I did some searching around the interwebs and the forum and it may be because I'm not searching for the right thing but, I've been trying to figure the following out:
    After a world boss dies, he leaves a pile of loot that no one can immediately pick up. I'm guessing for players that were there and left? Anyhow, lately I've been simply standing somewhere on the pile with my 3 pets out and not doing anything. And roughly 5 minutes later the loot automatically becomes available and my pets pick it up (80% of the time). I've noticed the 20% of time I don't get it, is when I come late to a fight or do little damage. Is there a correlation between the amount of dps you did on the boss, and your chance of getting leftover loot?
    Anyone got any ideas about this?
  22. Helbjorne's Game Saving Suggestion Thread (Updated 6/4)
    Despite the fact that I'm sure some of these have already been addressed in different threads, I'm going to list them anyways for the sake of being thorough. Each proposed suggestion has a [High] [Medium] [Low] priority indicator, and below them is a spoiler with information regarding the reasoning behind the suggestion.
    Of course, there are still plenty of other things that need to be addressed, however this is just the beginning, and I plan on adding more sections as time goes on. Make sure to check back every few days for an updates, or go ahead and click that follow thread button! 
    Also, if you have anything you'd like me to add to the list, go ahead and post it below!
    Thanks for reading!
    - Implement server side hit detection and player data storage [High]
    - Move servers to a central data center [High]
    - Add an East Coast server, and give players one free server transfer [High]
    - Fix/ add animations when being knocked back or knocked down [Medium]
    - Add ‘Stiffness’ status effect indicator [Low]
    UI Related
    - Show rare drops in Systems or Party chat, and allow players to roll on the items before they go to Special Deals [High]
    - Fix bug where UI becomes distorted when changing resolutions [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn off Black Spirit warnings when fighting higher level mobs [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn on timestamps for chat [Medium]
    - Add arenas to the map [Low]
    - Allow players to increase the grid size of their inventory and storage [Low]
    - Add a feature that allows players to unlink themselves from items sitting in Special Deals [Low]
    - Fix issue where right clicking on minimap doesn't always cancel an auto-path [Low]
    - Fix issue where the chat box becomes stuck following a cutscene, and hotkeys become activated while still typing in chat box [Low]
    - Fix search bar located in Knowledge Menu [Low]
    - Allow players to modify all parts of the UI and adjust the size of individual UI elements [Low]
    Convenience/ Optimization
    - Add WP potions to General Goods Vendors [High]
    - Allow players to make gear/ costume changes from horseback [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn off Accessories of Magical Power Black Spirit Dailies [Low]
    - Add residences with a large plot of land to grow crops on [Low]
    - Add tab to character sheet detailing all hidden stats [Low]
    - Increase diameter of the area that summon boss scrolls can be used [Low]
    - Add AFK button to UI which sets status in both guild member and friend list to AFK [Low]
    - Modify EXP scrolls so that they are all family bound instead of character bound [Low]
    - Implement feature that gives players contribution points based on guild mission participation [Low]
    - Allow players to access their map while fishing [Low]
    General Bugs/ Glitches
    - Fix issue where screen flickers black during combat [Medium]
    - Fix issue where players become suspended in air when jumping from great heights [Medium]
    - Fix issue where the continuous repair option doesn't work when using the base item plus Silver coins [Low]
    - Fix issue where mobs can be knocked back through objects and reset [Low]
    - Fix issue where players not in the summoning party are forced to view summoning cutscene [Low]
    - Allow new Helm NPCs located in Helm dungeon to count towards kill count for both the Black Spirit Daily, and Guild Mission [Low]
    - Allow player to player transactions as long as the transaction is made in person, price paid is still within marketplace price range, and tax is still being deducted [High]
    - Notify players if an item they've requested to be notified on goes up on the 'Special Deals' tab [Medium]
    - Add additional filters within the marketplace [Low]
    - Add search bar to 'Special Deals' tab [Low]
    - Remove ‘Dye’ tab in marketplace [Low]
    - Break ‘General Goods’ tab down into ‘General Goods’, ‘Lifeskill Items’, and ‘Crafting Supplies’ [Low]
    - Add corresponding tabs for ‘Lifeskill Items’ and ‘Crafting Supplies’ within marketplace [Low]
    PvP Changes
    - Remove EXP loss for ‘unflagged’ players in open world PvP [High] (Seeing as this has been implemented, and seeing the outrage behind it, below this I am placing an alternative solution)
    - Only allow players killed in open world PvP to respawn at town, instead of at node [High]
    - Reduce Karma penalty for killing another player in open world PvP to 50k Karma [High]
    - Have players drop 25% of Silver and 10% of turn-in items on OWPvP death [High]
    - Adjust DP limit of Red Battlefield [High]
    - Add tiered Gold Ingot and EXP rewards to Red Battlefield [Medium]
    - Add scoreboard to Red Battlefield [Low]
    - Make players spawn with weapons drawn in Red Battlefield [Low]
    World/ Field Bosses
    - Remove EXP and crystal destruction from world bosses [High]
    - Modify algorithm that determines world/ field boss loot distribution [High]
    Balance/ Enhancements
    - Increase the maximum failstacks when upgrading gear/ accessories, allowing players to get higher chances for success when attempting to enhance [High]
    - Add item drop rate percentage 'failstacks' [Medium]
    - Decrease Grunil crystal slots from 2 to 1, make every armor set have 2 crystal slots when upgraded to Ultimate, add vendor in each city that allowed for a one time exchange of gear [Low]
  23. Hello guys , I have a few suggestions . With my guild we made the world bosses ( Red Nose ) , I am not an expert , but I think that the system is too frustrating for those who play melee and mid range ( I play sorceress ) my advice is :

     Lower the output of the boss damage so that those who fight melee can hit at least a couple of times without the risk of dying
    Fix the drop rate so that even if a person who has lost all gems can still make up with drop
    Fix the animations and add moves that still while doing large damage they are recognizable and so the people can dodge or block .
    Others mechanical could be considered such : spawn minions or ranged attack in order to make the boss more fun
    Thanks for your attention I hope that these tips will come back to something useful and to serve.
  24. Link zum Field / World Boss Timer - Alustin only
    Derzeit gibt es keine Pläne für eine Erweiterung auf andere Server - ich kenne leider nicht genug vertrauensvolle Leute auf den anderen Servern.
    Grüße zusammen,
    Seit einigen Tagen habe die Leute spitz bekommen das "meine" Field- und Worldboss Timer ziemlich genau sind und ich bekomme jeden Tag ingame mehr anfragen zu Kill und Spawn Zeiten. Aus diesem Grund habe ich mich entschieden das ganze als Timer ins Netz zu stellen - das nimmt nicht nur mir die "arbeit" ab den Leuten zu antworten sondern erlaubt es auch jedem auf einen Blick die kommenden Spawns für sich selber zu planen.
    Ich hoffe ich kann dem ein oder anderen damit helfen ein paar mehr Bosskills zu sammeln! GL bei euren Drops!
    Bitte beachtet das dieser Timer nur für den Server Alustin funktioniert!