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  1. Bonjour tout le monde, 
    Je partage ici une map interactive en français (à jour de Valencia II). Toute aide est la bienvenue, que ce soit pour partager des positions ou pour suggérer des ajouts et/ou modifications. Pour ce faire vous pouvez utiliser notre forum ou répondre ici. Toutes les informations données seront vérifiées avant d'être ajoutées.
  2. Hey guys, 
    I share here an interactive map (Valencia II). Everybody are welcome to help, to share locations or to suggest anything ! You can use this forum to help us. All information given will be checked before being added.
  3. Hello everyone,

    I started my game today and everytime i open my worldmap it displays it like in the picture i added, the white part flashes and goes up and down. It's really weird because i have been playing the game for about 2 weeks now and haven't had this problem before. I've tried restarting the game a few times but this didn't seem to change anything. I've also already tried the reset UI function. I really don't know what to do. My graphics card is a Nvidia 840M (i play this game on my laptop) and today i ran the "game ready" update for my driver. Maybe this has something to do with it? 

    Hope anyone knows how to fix it or has an idea.

    Thanks in advance

  4. The world map is half covered in white. tried re installing game and re logging multiple times.  pc specs-  intel i7-5500u 2.40ghz,  12 gigs ram, 64 bit laptop geforce 840m graphics.

  5. Post on BDO Community Map in Guides

    By Phoenixf129, posted
    Alternative Map for EU/NA Servers - Want your input!

    Community Post
    Please note, this IS a work in progress and many things are constantly changing / evolving to the needs of our users.
    So, i've noticed that other maps like BDOTome look quite outdated, have incorrect information for the EU/NA servers, generally can be misleading and missing crucial information such as gathering spots. So, due to this, i've started making my own interactive map here which i'd love your input on.
    We're going to be populating this map with only accurate information obtained by either myself, the people with access to the map, or others that post in our forum.
    If you have any suggestions etc then feel free to post them on our forums, thanks!
    Want something added? Check here!
    Applying for an account? Check here!
    You can draw Polygons and other shapes too! Check the top left menu options! Click the "Draw Polygon" option in the top left, and draw away! Once you are done drawing your area, finalize it. You can then screenshot that and post here with info, and we'll get to adding it!
    Once it's added to the map, it'll look like this;

    Alternatively, if you wish to be actively documenting a lot of areas, you can contact me via PM or discord about an editor account.
    Thanks for your time guys!
    If you want to donate towards further development (which is totally not a requirement!), then click here!