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  1. When you look across the internet with any mmo's title you come across a wealth of information created and written by players, whether it be guides, journals, blogs, or character stories. My suggestion is to take all of that and allow players to craft it in game as a book that they can enter into something like a central library or some sort of central knowledge database.
    I understand server space would limit the number of physical object in game so instead of making it something physical you could make it more of a log type thing, a player journal that could work similar to a notepad that they could write in for themselves with an option to share it with the rest of the world in a central database. Other players could then visit the central location in game and access the database there spending in game coins and energy to purchase or browse the books. So all of the guides, all of the blogs, journals and cookbooks and general knowledge that can be found all over the internet, things that that players have taken the time to write, could come into the game and be in one place as well as bring a new level of immersion to the people who want to access that information while making it easier to do so. Not only that but if was sellable by the people who have written it for in game coin then you have not only given them a platform to acknowledge the hours of work they put in for your game but you have also rewarded them for that work.
    All in all I think my suggestion would give the immersive elements of black desert online even more layers of depth and would expand on one of the games key elements (the knowledge system and the idea of continued learning) while allowing people to become more apart of the community through helping each other and sharing with each other. It would also be a great way to reward the player guide makers, the writers, the cook book creators who have been anonymously helping your players since launch. I understand however, that my suggestion could require a lot of work and coding to implement so I would expect to be patient, though it is my hope that it would be considered for a far in the future patch as a totally unique feature to the immersive world of Black Desert Online.
  2. Hey guys!
    So I myself am a passionate story teller and writer. I thought about how cool it'd be if you would actually be able to buy/craft your own blank book, then equip a feather and ink and just write. Minecraft has something like that but in a really crappy form. No formatting no nothing etc. So I'd be nice to see what the developers of BDO could do in terms of "Book Writing". You could write stories up to like idk...10.000 words or higher? Just an idea I'd really like to see. You could sell them in the shop and it'd be really cool for RP players to become like a "known author" or stuff like that. It should take some time to craft those blank books however, so they get a bit of a value. Just an idea.

  3. I've been thinking of making this thread for awhile, may as well get this ball rolling!

    In this thread, tell us about a character or characters you plan to be playing!
    "What's their name?" "Where are they from?" "What having they been up to up until the present?""How did they learn to fight?""They have any interesting stories about them?"Other assorted things to add or remove at your leisure!...and, naturally, a picture or two. This ain't no picture thread, use your words! I know that not everyone here (myself included) has much in the way of lore to go off of but that doesn't mean you can't be vague for now on information! Tell us everything you can about your character and worry about Lore (or don't!) later!

    Helpful things:

    - Timeline: not sure how accurate it is, however...starting year for the game looks to be y.283?