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  1. Soooo ... they just hided a spoiler in this setting ?
    Using custom slots and pressing click on the option icon of the slot ...
    Any ideas ?

  2. Post on Sulfur... Treant?!? in General

    By Eryola, posted
    I've been farming Roud Sulfur Works for like 4 weeks now to get the map pieces and had THIS happen today:
    Did my Waltz of Wind and had for a fraction of a second a mob name appear... "Root Treant"... WHAT THE...? In the Sulfur Mine a lvl50 Calpheon Treant?!?
    Then I did another round of my farming route and saw him half-submerged in the ground (a respawn), just like in treant forest. Tried to attack him once to lure him out and get a good screenshot, but sadly even the normal kick from my ranger was an instant-kill. Got a nice screen of the corpse though. After that the treant never respawned again .
    It's kinda frustrating to know, that the chance to have a mob from the other side of the continent spawn, is higher than to have a piece of the map drop...


  3. After the Wednesday update the game began freezing after a few seconds online. The screen would go blue, black, or green and my pc reboots. The error checking utility never seems to find anything, just 12 minutes of my life slowly drained away. All my drivers are updated, the game ran fine until last week, and so far this morning I am completely unable to get online for more than 10-15 seconds before it crashes my pc. I've been playing for nearly a year and there is nothing new on this end with hardware/software.
  4. Post on Serious Bug (Naval Bug) in General

    By Moroku, posted
    Why is it that my boat always "goes underwater" when I try to come back from pirates? It's stuck there until I recover it to go back to pirate island... What is this shit? This never used to happen before this patch.. Also this has happened to me over 4 times now. @CM_Aethon or anyother community/game manager have any say on what is going on?
    P.S: just notices there was another boat by me... Is this actually a common bug or something?
  5. I will never understand why people will kill players that are obviously AFK. I'm looking for others input on this. 
    Hit me with your best reasoning why the outlaw mentality is a favoured way to play.
    Pic related. How I found myself coming home from work. 

    [Deleted content] Inappropriate language
  6. Post on Can't Connect?? in General

    By Moroku, posted
    Can't connect to BDO, everytime I do I get this: "Failed to connect" I also can't connect to Discord either. I've reset my router/modem and have reset my PC. I've also used the command prompt CMD to see if that could fix it. But nothing can be done. I can connect to other games and can connect to teamspeak. But I can't connect to BDO or Discord? Weird as hell...
  7. Kinda tired of the server lag that happens so often, especially during node wars. I also have another video of me using my skills, and then getting ah "skill is unuseable on cooldown" only to be teleported back to the middle of a zerg and die  which I will post after this node war is over haha.
    Also had to force quit game since it didn't let me just relog:
  8. Post on Memory Fragments in General

    By Adonaj, posted
    Will a  time come,
    when memory fragments are easier to get. Or atelast ( i would not be satisfied with that solution) make upgrade relic,cartian,pila scrolls that give more adn are faster ( probably you can combine ANY kind freely)?  I need longet to get memfrags than to get my fcking dande ( ihave now literally every boss gear, but it aint tri yes cuz mem frags). 
    At the end, i guess not... FeelsBadMan
  9. To start with, it's probably been said before but let's say it again because nothing has been done about it. 

    Firstly, the market and buying "cheapest items first" requirement. I have nothing against needing to buy the cheapest listed items first. What I do have a problem with, is the fact that it factors in items still in the bidding phase, forcing you to constantly wait. This makes it really annoying and time consuming when you're trying to buy something and there are always more of that item coming into the market. (ie, relics and forbidden books)
    When you have to wait a minute to purchase 2 relics, and then wait another minute to purchase 1 or two more, and then wait again because more relics are always being listed, even though there are 12000 relics on the market at the moment, then there is something inherently wrong. As an example, I joined a 10x relic group, and had to sit at the market for over 10minutes just to purchase another 30 relics for 6 more scrolls because of this stupid requirement. Also, the recent patch that allows players to buy items close to the cheapest price does nothing to circumvent or help this problem. 

    My assumptions of the pre-order market, are: 
    You pre-order in a region (lets say Serendia), and whenever someone lists an item in that region, the system goes through everyone who pre-ordered in Serendia, and gives the item to the highest bidder. Now if no one pre-ordered in Serendia, it then checks the other regions, and if no one has pre-ordered the item in the other regions, then it will go into the free market where players can play the stupid lottery of a bidding system. (correct me if i'm wrong on this) 

    Now the thing is, I recently listed an item on the market for a friend whom i've known ever since the launch. We traveled to valencia because we thought it was region prioritized as i stated above, and we even waited an hour after he made his pre-order (because who knows if there is a stupid que timer for making a pre-order like there is for listing items). One hr later i added a notification on the item and listed it. Immediately, the notification that the item has been listed came up, but the one about it being purchased via pre-order never popped up. 15minutes later, it goes into the bidding phase, and we're just there scrambling, hoping that he would win the stupid lottery. Suffice to say, my friend did not get the item. 

    Now before anyone starts listing how it has worked for them, yes, I too have seen pre-order working for some people. I myself, obtained my bhegs gloves off the market via pre-order.
    But i've also seen it fail for others, and know that many of you have seen items that you've pre-ordered go into the bidding market even though you have already put up hundreds of millions to reserve it.

    Why even implement a system if it doesnt work ALL the time? Please fix it so that it can be exploited as it was designed to be, or remove it and force everyone to play the lottery. Because frankly, knowing that it's there and that it's broken, is worse than not having it.
  10. Post on attendance rewards in General

    By Tank, posted
    ummm ive seen some bad things come to past in BDO, but this takes the cake... who the F**K came up with the idea of auto receiving attendance rewards needs to get fired i mean really Kakao really duam ???? i mean WTF seriously ??????????????? can you please tell  one of your GMS who read this can you please pass the message on to your managers and get this feature removed.....
    i afk in magoria on a alt all day to get cash the last f**Ken thing i need is attendance rewards in my inventory...... WTF now i have to spend 2 hours getting back to mainland to put that S**t in my main bank.,....
    @CM_Aethon  i mean really guys ??????  
  11. So just logged in after the latest patch only to find this....
    What gives? 
  12. Like for real , I've  been harpooning in vabadin sea , jurr sea , magoria sea zones and most of the times i get Cuttlefish...I barely get 1 yellow per 10mins? ( Master 1 fisher ) Like cmon...what is going on with this useless feature...Buggy animations , buggy mechanics , 10decades of minigame and yet 90% trash loot from it..
    Kill me please
  13. I saw Iconic dip in numbers and started to ask around.. what I hear is that Paladin Katiya has went mad and is demanding that only pure Demacians remain in his guild. 
    The problem being obvious with term 'pure' - how you define it? Can anyone live up to the RPing demands of a 'pure' Demacian? 
    Anyone heard any other rumors on this issue they seem to be having currently?
  14. Post on Wat...? in General

    By Dyingtolive, posted
    so uhh this just happened to my friend
  15. For 3 days days in a row I've not got any sharps or hard shards from shoveling in the desert. Anyone else having this issue?
    I have 400 energy and usually start off my gathering session with max energy and turn in the red battlefield daily for 200 energy - overall spend 600 energy minimum on gathering per session. This is excluding the extra energy I get from general energy regeneration as well as not using any energy at all from being artisan 10 gathering. Last week (pre patch) I was getting around 6-8 total shards from gathering. After the more recent patch I never got around to shoveling until 3 days ago. I've got nothing at all since.
    Today I used around 150 energy on the shoveling before going about my day and coming back to it with max energy. I had 400 capped energy and drank 6 x cold draft beers and turned in the rbf daily energy quest and came out with 0 shards. Overall today, the energy spent was in excess of 870 with no shards obtained at all. I have attached a screenshot with my acquisition for the day.
    I wonder if the last patch bugged out the drop rate for lavientia's items as well as any other rare drops?
    Anyone else getting trade items/other rare drops apart from standard gathering items?

  16. Post on Hacker or Legit? in Warrior

    By SoggyCow, posted
    Not going to name names, already reported for investigation.
    So wtf is up with this warrior that was able to grab me, attack me for 1-2sec, then grab me and again to slam me down a 2nd time? Happened on 2 occasions. This guy seems to have no cooldown on his grabs. I have 178 days on my warrior, this is why I am so sure I had to report this person. So is there a cooldown breaker or not for our grab?
  17. I left the game 3 months ago WTF...

  18. Post on Tamer Hack? in General

    By Thinker, posted
    A tamer just flew past my horse like a UFO.   Their avatar was perpendicular to the ground and moving at light speed like superman. 

    They were too fast to get a screenshot and I laughed at my keyboard for about 5 mins, but it happened. I know they have a gap closer, but I don't know if this is a mechanic or a hack. They just kept going until they were out of sight. 
    If anyone has seen this or sees this too please screenshot it.
    I feel like I just saw bigfoot.
  19. I just bought the game 3 days ago, i haven't played an mmorpg in a long time and i've noticed a huge lack of content and terrible decisions, the following annoys me: 
    1.- I have no idea how much damage i make to monsters whenever i hit them, i would like to see numbers so i can compare and decide wich attack is better for me to use Kinda like Guild Wars 2
    2.- Monsters Health Bar behaves very weird.
    3.- Lack of armor variety, most of the armors look the same, and apparently if u want to look diferent u have to pay real money or be ingame rich to afford clothes in the market place, it's fine if u want to get money from it, but don't go that far and put a little more variety here.
    4.-I have a helmet on my set, but u don't allow me to see it, what the hell?
    5.-Lack of weapons.
    6.- i admit the character customization is the best i've seen but seriously tho u need more hair styles, not everyone likes the appareance of an asian emo guy.
    7.-lack of interesting quests. I would really love to go into a dungeon or a cave, kill a boss, then open the chest behind him or take his corpse and get a cool as weapons, Kinda like Skyrim
    8.- The quest stories are shit.
    9.- the voice acting is shit, tho it wouldn't matter if the quests were actually good.
    10.-No reason to go pvp, the person doesn't lose xp and u can't take any item from the body i played tibia for a long long time, and PvP was delicious, if u killed someone u could take a random item from his corpse (i know people will complaing about it, but u could set it to work after lvl 55 or something, i don't know, you're the developers)
    11.-No random events. I remember from some other mmos that from time to time a random army of X faction or monsters would attack a city
    12.-The inventory system is shit, just an excuse to do those quests. In my opinion a backpack system would've been better, if u already are limited by weight, then why limit the inventory like that? it's annoying
    13.-Gender locked classes, ¿?
    14.-Not being able to choose between having the sword on the back or in the hip
    15.- Monsters don't drop anything interesting, most of the time is either money or 1 or 2 things that u can sell, what about meat god damn?
    16.- Alot of Useless Npcs. I see guards everywhere, and i see alot of random npc people traveling, Why not let u commit crimes, maybe rob some adventurers and let the justice of celpheon go after you?
    17.-Tryng to contact Guilds in-game is extremely dificult, Like hell, if u can open the Guild Ranks, let me see the members and let me try to msg them directly not some empty blank page.
    18.- the map sucks, lack of icons, i get lost in a city tryng to look for a material vendor, had a hard time until i found out there is an option on the top right next to the map, to find some nps, put more tips in the tutorial.
    19.- The storage system is terrible. i have to run from city to city to gather my stuff. and even then i have to expand the storage because the amount of slots u give us is ridiculous.
    20.- the weight system is stupid. I can carry 400 metal armor fragment, but not the money im going to get for selling it? Come on...
    Im brand new to the game, but that's what i've noticed so far, for now everything now seems perfect and way ahead of any other mmo rpg. Waiting for the rage in the comments!
  20. The problem with my Shard lies in the fact that in 90% of cases during the casting shard part of it crashing down on my leg and only a portion hits the target and inflicts very little damage compared to a well-functioning Shard (I have this problem for 2 month)
    I indicate with the problem as early as Tick week ago but apparently technical forgot about my problem

    Please solution to this problem
  21. Post on Forums Help Me in General

    By Obscured, posted
    Hello look I have a problem and I'm writing this in hopes a GM might see it I was supposed to be refunded pearls a while back. Finally coming back to the game I checked my mail and nothing was there and i still had the items i asked to be refunded the reason I'm posting this is so there is a slight chance that maybe a GM will see this.https://gyazo.com/b3c0fb1e3b8fcb4d42769a86e6bdf15c Here is the link proving my claim this is a screenshot of the response i got and I can also provide the Request number please help reddit.
    TLDR: Help me get my pearls
  22. Revert this change RIGHT NOW. This is the dumbest thing I have seen in this game since release. The retarded level of end game harvesting to advance your character is already beyond stupid and frustration for everybody playing and you go AND DO THIS ? You have to be -----ing kidding me.
    Either revert this change immediately or add another way to gain these shards. NOBODY likes this current end game and you punish people even more for actually doing it.
  23. So I am wondering if Black Desert will ever really get End Game content, as of now there really is no End-Game content which makes my progression seem pointless. 
    This is a question directed towards Korean Server players, as they are ahead of us in terms of content and patches. I am wondering if they ever add any nice End Game content. If they do, when approximately was that?
  24. When I load Black Desert online and have the ms webcam plugged in the can light engages, kinda creepy Jouska you peeking in?
    I unplug it as well ya know its weird
    anyone else? 
    can someone let me know, I know this is weird but there is not other app or such, once character is loaded the cam light starts. its now facing a wall 
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes @ any CM 
    Microsoft LifeCam studio https://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-ca/p/lifecam-studio