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  1. Since last patch I'm not able to e.g process stuff while playing other games. I get to the character interface, when trying to log in - Boom
    0xE0191014 Error: XIGNCODE3 detects executed game client as multi-times.
    Don't need to say, that ofc not multithreading BDO.... fix this please.
  2. Bonjour, 
    Suite au patch de Mercredi L'anti-cheat a décidé de s’affoler pour un RIEN :
    Résultat impossible de jouer au jeux,Crash au lancement etc....
    Après avoir tout tenter pour re-jouer au jeux RIEN ne marche
    _Réparer le jeux
    _Supprimer dossier usercache et cache
    _Recherche de virus
    _Désactiver l'antivirus etc etc
    De plus j'ai pu voir que je n'etais pas le seul dans ce soucis la depuis le dernier Patch :

     Pour le coup je suis vraiment sur les nerfs. 
    Est ce que d'autres personnes ont le même soucis ?
  3. Just tried to log on and now recieving securit alert, error: Failed to update xigncode due to insufficient hard drive space or becasue program is being blocked by a firewall. 
    The drive the game is on has 20gb free unless this is not enough? and no firewalls are blocking the program as I was logged on yesterday? 
  4. It's been a while now since I last could get into the game and actually play it. The last couple of weeks I've tried literally everything to get rid of this fraudulent and false positives errors of Xigncode. 
    I believe I'm not one of the few ones who has this issue. The game must have lost lots of population due to this cancerous program they use to protect the game from 3rd party programs and such hacking stuff. However, there are way better softwares to do so without screwing everyone else unlike this useless Xigncode.
    I've uninstalled my antivirus, disabled windows protections, closed almost every single process from the task manager but the essential ones and nothing has worked so far. The actual problem is with this bs software "Xigncode3". I've been playing MMOs for the last 18 years and never had these ridiculous experiences, and even though if applicable, those games companies solved every issue related to such hassles.
    This Xigncode3 crap is literally the worst aids protection the devs might have chosen to keep the game safe and undoubtedly it's giving a bad name to their reputation for prospective projects. 

  5. This new computer was shipped just 3 days before
    I can't run this fxxking game...

  6. Hi, I am having the XIGNCODE3 0xE019101A issue... wtf is up with this? Never worked so hard to try get a game to work... almost at the point of cutting my losses and moving to something else.
    Tried disabling Anti-virus, firewall... killing processes... nothing works! 
    I am on Windows 10. We shouldn't have to do all this just to get a game to work, seriously.... any other Ideas, or links to a thread I've missed? thanks.
  7. Since the latest windows 10 update was released I have not been able to run BDO, I keep getting the following error code 0xE019101A. I have contacted support that has been more than useless, as they have blamed Microsoft for the changes, and suggested turning off secure boot as well as other features in Windows which I am not happy about.
    Does anyone know when this is going to be fixed? As the last response from a GM I got is so bad it makes BDO looks unprofessional, as the GM made it sound that as a company cannot afford to buy windows 10 to develop on?
  8. Bought a new computer and wanted to try Black Desert. Fresh installed windows 10 home.
    Last two days ive been checking for all kind of solutions but none gave a permanent fix.
    Disabling firewall, antiviruses, exclusion lists etc nothing worked.
    The only thing that worked was disabling windows driver signature enforcement,
    but thats only for 1 session cause it will reactivate whenever I restart my OS. Disabling the DSE completely would also be unsafe.
    So Im just wondering if anyone found a permanent solution yet?
  9. This is ridiculous... I haven't been able to play this for nearly 2 weeks now since updating to Windows 10 Anniversary.
    And no, I won't disable driver signature enforcement. Have the company behind XignCode fix this already FFS. 
  10. Dear Daum and community,
    How are you doing?
    I'm doing fine thank you very much.
    Anyway, I would love for you guys to stop using xigncode to protect the game...
    It's not that I don't want the game to be protected but even Punkbuster is better at it...
    So lets start listing all the issues I personally have with it,
    1. It conflicts with anti-virus software for no god damn reason...
    2. It randomly triggers for no reason... 3 days ago, I played just fine, today, I can't play, AV turned off, all applications closed down, nothing, can't -----ing play the game I paid to play
    3. It doesn't actually stop injections, cheats or game modifications... Its safe to say that back when bdo just came out I injected the game with texture replaces for you know... anyway this is allowed in the terms of service because its a client side modification that does not affect the gameplay of me or others... but others are cheating in this game with ease... so what's xign doing?
    4. Why does xign have to dig trough my harddrive's files? Honestly this is probably illigal... it has nothing to do inside my personal files. I get that it wants to find hacks and stuff... but well, that's what ram memory scanning is for, stay the hell out of my harddrives.
    5. xign can anti-cheat with false positives for no reason what so ever...
    6. It logs your activity... Not even joking ""Thats not even the heaviest scan. You should be more concerned that they log all files and paths that you modified in the last ~48 hours and all executables with prefetch files into their logs.""
    7. It can (and does) Motitor texts you type while the game is running (Which is a invasion of privacy)
    ^ evidence from other games
  11. Bonjour.
    Afin d'aider les joueurs qui sont ou ont été dans mon cas, je vais partager mon expérience avec vous..
    On ne va pas polémiquer sur Microsoft et les dauberies de XIGNCODE...
    Si vous avez ce message au lancement du jeu (après la vérif de XIGNCODE ou pendant le jeu) alors vous pouvez continuer à lire le post !
    Donc c'est simple...
    Déjà penser à voir pour les restrictions de votre anti-virus... des gens ont eu des soucis avec Bitdefender.. après si vous n'en avez pas... alors il va falloir taper ailleurs...
    (Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows)
    (la manip est viable aussi sur w8.1, d'ailleurs à l'époque je l'avais fait mais je ne sais plus pour quelle raison...)
    Pour se faire... je trouve que ce tuto est assez bien fait : http://www.top-password.com/blog/how-to-disable-driver-signature-enforcement-in-windows-10-8-7/
    L'option 1 ne fonctionnant pas pour moi, je vous dirais de faire l'option 2 direct.
    Pour ceux qui sont récalcitrant à l'anglais :
    Voilà, la mise en forme de mon post est un peu pourri, je fais ça à l'arrache mais j'espère que ça aidera...
    j'ai trouvé un autre moyen : virer le SECURE BOOT dans le BIOS.
    Et là ça fonctionne. Pas besoin de virer le contrôle obligatoire de la signature de pilotes sous Windows.
    Pour ceux que ça intéresse, on peut s'aider un peu de https://itsfoss.com/disable-uefi-secure-boot-in-windows-8/ après c'est du bon sens
    PS1 : Daum ou KAKAmachin... franchement revoyez votre anti-cheat...
    PS2: après recherche sur le forum, j'ai quand même trouvé ça... http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/107137-windows-10-anniversary-update-and-e019101a-error/
  12. Hello,
    today my game crashed while I was playing getting the Xigncode 0XE019101A  error.
    After that the laucher keep crashing everytime with a message saying "Failed to start the game launcher".
    Anyone else having this issue?
  13. Just to preface, the NA servers were recently attacked via DDoS. After their sloppy work at blocking the attack, Daum's recent patch and "server optimization" has effectively BLOCKED certain ISPs or hop hubs in the midwest, ie Chicago and it's surrounding states/areas. There's several threads on both reddit and these forums where players would connect for maybe 5 minutes before being disconnected, some not even being able to connect for more than a few seconds. The general consensus is that these players are on certain ISPs or in the general midwest area. After trouble shooting for over two days, the ONLY way to get around this block is playing via  a VPN. 
    WHY are players being blocked? and WHY should we have to PAY for a VPN to play a game we already paid for? Is Daum's networking team so incompetent that they need to block entire hubs/ISPs to stop a simple DDoS attack?
    To make matters worse, Xigncode sometimes FLAGS the VPN clients as being "suspicious software", effectively making the game unplayable. Why the hell do we even need Xigncode? I'm sure Daum's realized the botting software, namely Pyx, literally 0-day patches the updates to Xigncode allowing them to work even when Xigncodes running. Xigncode flags so many things as suspicious software (ie Razor Synapse) when it's perfectly harmless and useful software. Though the ONE thing it's supposed to flag actually gets around Xigncode just fine. Please get rid of this trash excuse of anti-cheating software or update it in a way that it's actually effective. The server-side skill check that was recently implemented has done away with most of the hackers, only botters remain, but obviously Xigncode will never stop them.
    TL;DR; Daum's blocking midwest ISPs since the DDoS, Xigncode flags perfectly safe software, bots still get around Xigncode anyway.
  14. XignCode / Wellbia 0xE0191009
    "Error: Failed to update XIGNCODE due to insufficient hard drive space or because the program is being blocked by a firewall or anti-virus software."
    #1 I have plenty of Hard drive space
    #2 I turned off antivirus and firewall to test it
    Pre-patch it worked fine. I played until I was kicked for maintenance. I actually logged disconnected and reconnected 30 mins before to do something. So after the patch it won't let me in. Of course Wellbia has horrible tech/customer service. They send more copy/paste responses then I've ever seen.
    #3 I've deleted the suggested files from the folder also.

  15. So i had a problem with "FAILED TO INIT SECURITY" earlier and i fixed it with a GM fix posted on the official BDO forums.
    But now after the latest maintenance i have not been able to access the game even with all the fixes and little things i tried. Added BDO folder to exceptions on my C drive. Put it as run as Admin, turned off punk buster, turned off avg at one point. restarted..... No go. Any ideas?
  16. Hello there!
    This is an automated response from the Support team of Wellbia Co., Ltd.
    Hmm, seems like you have some troubleshooting issues with your game!
    We’re sorry for your inconvenience.
    Your xigncode.log sent to us has detected a third party program as the following;


    Please turn off the program mentioned for smooth gameplay, or uninstall it unless it is a must-have program.
  17. Hey guys, I'm sure many of you have encountered blue screen errors (and numerous file corrupted errors) when running Black Desert on windows 10.
    My game was working initially.
    Presently however, every time I attempt to start the game on WINDOWS 7 I blue screen halfway through when the XignCode picture comes up, thanks to the xhunter1.sys driver.
    The blue screen reads "a device driver has been caught trying to corrupt the system, please replace the driver in the kernel stack etc etc.".
    I'm just wondering if anyone else has come across this error.
    I've already:
    - reinstalled the game twice
    - updated and verified all drivers
    - validated files via deleting/modifying the version.dat file
    - reinstalled windows/formatted
    - closed all nonessential programs when running the launcher
    - added antivirus exceptions
    Any help addressing this infuriating issue would be appreciated! I've included relevant bluescreen view and Xigncode launcher log files.

  18. Ok I am really freaking out here, why am i getting a XIGNCODE error 
    kicks me from Game?
    ok where is the code and well how do i get back in game? 
    0xE019100B error occurs.The error occurs, when third party program runs during the game playing. If the same error keep occurs send the xigncode.log file to support@wellbia.com. We will send an e-mail back as soon as possible for solution. TrendMicro' dropbox, nvidia, logitech game experience, Asus suite
    is all thats running
    Apparently you guys see Blackberry 10's as a hack or cheat....
    its my work phone 
  19. Folgende Meldung erscheint kurz nach dem Spiel:

    Diese Meldung wird von XIGNCODE erzeugt, ein Bestandteil vom Black Desert Online ("Anti Cheating Tool").

    Diese Meldung wird nicht von Bitdefender erzeugt, d.h. Bitdefender (http://www.bundespolizei-virus.de/virenschutz/) blockt nicht. Es scheint eher umgekehrt, XIGNCODE erkennt - wenn man so will - Bitdefender als "Cheating Tool", Trojaner oder Ähnliches und bricht daher ab.
    Rundumschlag: Active Thread Control von Bitdefender deaktivieren, so wird jedoch kein Thread mehr überwacht!

    Besitzer von Bitdefender möchten aber ggf. nicht auf diese Funktion verzichten. Was muss man also ausschließen, welchen Thread darf Bitdefender nicht überwachen (oder anders: wo überall schnüffelt XIGNCODE auf meinem Rechner)?
    Nach Prüfung im Taskmanager, nach Start vom Launcher:
    Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64
    Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2
    Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2
    Die xm.exe meldet sich, sobald die Fehlermeldung aufgeht.

    Vielleicht hat noch jemand einen Hinweis, was im Detail alles im Hintergrund passiert.
  20. After the update today, after a min or two of gameplay, the client crashes with a Xigncode error 0XE019100B. I've tried disabling my firewall and antivirus as well as all system tray icons and processes. It still does the same thing.
    I'm running Windows 10 64-bit.
    Any suggestions?
  21. REDDIT POST, RATE IT UP: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4dmdzc/xigncode_0xe019100b_error_daum_dont_ignore_this/
    So, for those who aren't familiar with the situation, the problem occurred for MANY players after the latest patch (6.4.2016.), and there are many reddit post about it, as well as here, on the forums. The game just crashes after a minute or two, and a "cheat buster" of some sort tells you to close suspicious programs and to try again.
    Pre-generated help posts don't help at all, you guys from Daum actually have to DO something in order to fix this. Make an announcement. Make a patch. Anything. Many of us can't get a refund, and believe me, many people would if they could. We gave you money, FFS, and we were planning to do it even more to support this awesome game, and we want it at least to be a stable game and have good technical support in exchange.
    Things that DON'T fix the problem so far:
    - Ending every single process in msconfig
    - Closing any sort of antivirus (even Windows Defender)
    - Closing MSI Afterburner
    - Disabling Firewall
    - Running as Administrator, both from Desktop and installation folder
    - Restarting PC many times
    - Closing all running programs on the tray
    - Deleting all files in the "temp" folder
    - Redownloading and reinstalling the game
    - Deleting "version.dat" in the game folder
    - Cleaning everything with CCleaner
    If anyone came up with a solution, please, post it here.
    And, once again, DAUM PLEASE FIX THIS.
    This DOESN'T help as well:
  22. Post on 0xE019101A in Technical Issues

    By DaniGTA, posted
    - No other Programs open
    - I dont have bitdefender
    - I have scanned the PC with malewarebite's
    - The Error pop up after 3-5 min
    = No Virus = No Programs open = HELP
  23. is there a specific place to report programs that are falsely flagged by xigncode?
  24. My system seems to be running slower than ever after exiting BDO each time. Just checked system and theres 3 processes of XIGNCODE running. Is this normal? There's no way to cancel/exit out of them either, except by ending process which I'm not sure is wise to do?
  25. Hello,
    There are no voice communication in the game so we have to use some other software like TS3 or Discord.
    Team speak overlay and overwolf are blocked by xigncode. I am unable to see who is speaking on the channel (yeah I should tell that by the voice but in a 100members guild that's pretty hard). It works sometimes but when it does it also cause the game to crash when changing channels or switching characters.
    This is very annoying as I am used to have this overlay in every mmo I ever played.
    Thank you