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  1. xigncode3 - 0xE019100b
    Sent them 3 emails complaining about this issue.
    xigncode3 is detecting system files in system32 and classifying them as hack files lmao!
    They only reply with automatic messages.
    "C:\Windows\System32\user32.dll" is causing my game to get shut down by xigncode3
    I literally can't remove this file without corrupting / destroying my operating system.
    It's an essential system file.
    • Tried booting in safe mode / playing , didn't work
    • Validated the file , ensured it's the legitimate file , not some imposter / infected file (signed by microsoft) - https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/1a69e7b04be6a2fb3ad7d8a6037e4bf3bbda119d81a3f1337e80a6551cc352f3/analysis/1494552005/
    Currently the game is literally unplayable
    What the hell can I do?

    Also just to note , I couldn't post anywhere else on the forum except for here , so sorry about that.
  2. So I'm getting the xigncode2 system has stopped working with a failed to init security error. I've tried repairing the files and I've tried downloading a bin64 folder and replacing the files as well as the na folder that is located in bin64. It is still not working. I last played 2 days ago and it seemed to play fine. then I logged in today and there was a patch, now I get this error. Any ideas? or recommendations? 
  3. Every time I try to start the game I get a message :FAILED TO INIT SECURITY
    I have replaced the NA folder and it doesn't help
    It's the 3rd time I download this game, I have busted my Internet limit by re-download that 48Gb, do you have an XIGNCODE3 installer or an installer we can keep with the data?
    And why that XIGNCODE3 app? Can we play that game? Can we play that game without this parasite hooked onto the game?
    Would you have a better solution than this security app stopping some people from playing the game we paid?
  4. Hi Leute.

    Ich habe ein problem mit BDO, nach dem ich Spielen im Launchner geklickt habe öffnet sich der Client und kurze Zeit später ein security alert fenster mit dem Text "0xe019100b  Suspicious programm detected please close any programs you have running and restart the game". Ich habe alles geschlossen im Taskmanager was nicht von windows/microsoft war und was notwendig war damit der Pc vernünftig läuft halt.
    Habe ein viren scan gemacht wurde nix gefunden habe dann anschließnd mein virenprogramm(windowsdefender) ausgemacht so wie die firewall auch hab nämlich gelesen das die beiden dinge auch der verursacher sein könnten hat aber auch nicht geholfen. Dann habe ich meine xigncode3.log datei an den support geschickt, nach 1 Tag habe ich eine antwort bekommen und da
    stande drin

    " Hello there!
    This is an automated response from the Support team of Wellbia Co., Ltd.
    Hmm, seems like you have some troubleshooting issues with your game!
    We’re sorry for your inconvenience.
    Your xigncode.log sent to us has detected a third party program as the following;

    Da ding ist aber ich finde keine Datei auf mein Pc die so heißt oder in mein Taskmanager ist auch nichts was ansatzweise so heißen könnte.Hoffe jemand weiß was da los ist
    mfg Leon.
    Hier sind nochmal ein paar Screenshots von mein Taskmanager und mein C:\ Festplatte vielleicht übersehe ich ja etwas.

  5. Please have regular updates with this people are starting to figure out how to bypass xigncode3, I love this game and i dont want to see people get around this with injectors , useing cheatengine for faster fishing pet pick up and in general faster skills they get d-sync and I love this game to much to see it turn out like other mmo's please also can you make it run with the launcher that was when people go to login the anti-cheat will run . then a second instance runs after you launch the game  should put a stop to it, of course with regular updates
    Thanks in advance
    Dont mean to bother you guys  
  6. Bonjour à tous,
    J'ai récamment acheté le jeu Black Desert, mais voila que j'ai déjà un problème ! Quand on clique sur ''jouer'' dans le laucher une petite fenetre rectangulaire apparait au baus de l'écran avec XIGNCODE3 écrit. Mais voila, cette dite barre de chargement n'avance pas du tout ou avance un peu et bloque à la moitier du chargement !  Je tien a préciser que oui j'ai déjà tout essayer les solutions proposer dans le Support en ligne (antivirus, remplacer le fichier na, changer le ''version.dat'' pour ''config.filecheck.dat'' et vérifier s'il n'y a pas d'autre programme qui interfere avec. Mais rien ne fonctionne. J'ai aussi essayer de reinstaller (3 fois) le client du jeu mais rien ne change. J'ai toujours cette même erreur de ''failed to init security'' . C'est frustrant parce que j'ai quand même dépensé de l'argent pour ce jeux et je ne sais même pas si je peu me faire remboursé si aucune solution n'est disponible... Alors voila c'est un cris d'appel à l'aide que je vous lance si vous avez d'autre solutions qui ont fonctionner pour vous j'apprécierais Énormément!  J'ai aussi envoyer un ticket au support mais j'attend encore leur réponse. 
    Si ça peut aider voici les info de mon ordinateur: 
    Asus portable Windows 10
    Carte graphique NVDIA GEFORCE GTX 670M
    Intel Core I7 et 16 Go de RAM
    Merci de vos réponse!!
  7. Hi I know there is already a thread about this but I can't find any fix so I was hoping someone could help me fix this. When I launch black desert login and then press play Xigncode3 logo appear at the bottom right but the loading bar stay at 0% and it stay there no matter how long I wait.I already tried to reinstall the game but it didn't fixed anything. I also tried to download the XC files from the admin thread which didn't fix neither then I tried to delete xhunter file and that didn't fixed anything neither I still ahve the same issue I restarted my computer several time I tried to clean my registry , I disable my firewall completely restart my rooter but still nothing I really don't know what to do anymore my game was working fine yesterday I close it for the "text localisation" quick fix yesterday and now XIGNCODE3 Won't load.
    edit: I sent my log files to xigncode3 support. I heard they take about a week to reply.
  8. I've tried scanning, repairing files, nothing seems to get it to go through. I even tried using that old file that's in an earlier thread. That doesn't work either.
  9. So i just bought some pearls and 3 mins later i got dcd, cool w/e it happens, then when i try and boot the game back up  XIGNCODE3 loads slow as anything and then stops at 30% loaded and just sits there, i've tried using the fix at the top of the forum and it's done nothing. 

    What am i supposed to do?.
  10. Bonjour.
    Afin d'aider les joueurs qui sont ou ont été dans mon cas, je vais partager mon expérience avec vous..
    On ne va pas polémiquer sur Microsoft et les dauberies de XIGNCODE...
    Si vous avez ce message au lancement du jeu (après la vérif de XIGNCODE ou pendant le jeu) alors vous pouvez continuer à lire le post !
    Donc c'est simple...
    Déjà penser à voir pour les restrictions de votre anti-virus... des gens ont eu des soucis avec Bitdefender.. après si vous n'en avez pas... alors il va falloir taper ailleurs...
    (Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows)
    (la manip est viable aussi sur w8.1, d'ailleurs à l'époque je l'avais fait mais je ne sais plus pour quelle raison...)
    Pour se faire... je trouve que ce tuto est assez bien fait : http://www.top-password.com/blog/how-to-disable-driver-signature-enforcement-in-windows-10-8-7/
    L'option 1 ne fonctionnant pas pour moi, je vous dirais de faire l'option 2 direct.
    Pour ceux qui sont récalcitrant à l'anglais :
    Voilà, la mise en forme de mon post est un peu pourri, je fais ça à l'arrache mais j'espère que ça aidera...
    j'ai trouvé un autre moyen : virer le SECURE BOOT dans le BIOS.
    Et là ça fonctionne. Pas besoin de virer le contrôle obligatoire de la signature de pilotes sous Windows.
    Pour ceux que ça intéresse, on peut s'aider un peu de https://itsfoss.com/disable-uefi-secure-boot-in-windows-8/ après c'est du bon sens
    PS1 : Daum ou KAKAmachin... franchement revoyez votre anti-cheat...
    PS2: après recherche sur le forum, j'ai quand même trouvé ça... http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/107137-windows-10-anniversary-update-and-e019101a-error/
  11. My system has happily been playing BDO with no major unknown issues or crashes until the patch issued today (22/07/2016) ..
    My main characters were Tamer, Valkyrie and sorceress but after the patch with the ninja/konoichi I made a new Konoichi character and started plodding through the quests again.. I played for many hours yesterday with no real issues apart from me forgetting important quests and only finally getting the Black spirit to transfuse and enchant gear late last night or early this morning.. I upgraded my secondary weapon to +7 and added a gem to it with no apparent issues.
    I then put my system into sleep mode rather than shutdown as I tend to have erratic sleep times and sometimes want to play as soon as I wake up
    When I loaded the launcher today it began downloading the latest patch but stuck for quite a while at 10% so I went off to do other things an left the system on to patch itself.
    I came back a couple of hours later and hurrah it had downloaded the patch so I logged in and started playing ..All seemed well but after a few minutes of play  i was in the game map and the cursor locked up, the screen (running windowed mode) visibly shifted to the right slightly so the Right hand border was no longer visible and after a few more seconds BDO shut down and the Xigncode came up with an error suggesting i needed to do a virus scan. I did this even though no new programs were evident and McAffee antivirus was running all the time with latest virus definitions etc..
    Now BDO will randomly crash after maybe 10 minutes or so of gameplay, Xigncode pops up with different codes each time it crashes. I have shut down along list of services and background programs/services that have been on my system for a long time but the random error persists ... even completely disabling services and shutting down the firewall and antivirus after all the stopping of services etc I only managed to ride a horse from Velia to Heidel and move a few things into storeage before it happened again.
    The Xigncode crashing issue does not seem to relate to any particular action. I can be running, riding amount, looking at the map, feeding workers or just moving items in the backpack or storage. The game is now essentially completely unplayable as I cannot try and attempt quests or slaughtering sprees without the random crashes etc and some of the error codes from Xigncode are not even listed on their web site.
       It is extremely annoying as I admit I have purchased far too many items from the pearl shop to sit back and say "oh well, I wil leave it a while and see what happens" especially as one of the items was the new 30 day boost pack .. GRRRR
    In addition I now find the game log files are over the max file size to upload here with the other log files !!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!
    My rapidly emptying pockets are pushing my hands towards the url for paypal ... so please do something so i can get back to wasting more pearls and many more hours .. I have a lvl 48 tamer who hasnt even been to the delphi nights castle yet
  12. Xincrap3 Error 0xE019101A
    I have been unable to play since I got back from vacation (7/5/16). This security software wont let me play, I have validated my files and it keeps telling me that I have a virus. 
    The worst part is that if you click the log it takes you to the folder where there is indeed a log file. but it is in MACHINE CODE, why do they even bother giving me that option if it is in a language literally nobody can read. How am I supposed to play again? After spending so much time and money on a game only to have it not allow me to play due to some software that it wont even tell me about. The other fun thing about this half baked software is that the more info redirects to a 404
    The last thing I remember installing is B.T Sync (as a windows service), however even if I stop the service I still cant play. This software seems to go too far to try and catch people... I have been playing since the week head start and I have never had a problem

  13. So I have and Win 7 64bit, I have been able to play the game since its North American launch but after this last patch I have been having an issue getting past the launcher.
    I log in and all is well and click play, this following logo appears. *attached as pic 1* and then nothing. The game stops booting completely. I have tried running all .exe's within the folder as Admin and have forced all .exe's to run on my geforce card through the Nvidia control panel. I have also reinstalled the game once but that did not seem to help. Can anyone help me or does anyone even know what is going on? Thanks in advance.

    To top it off here is my log for WinMTR just in case this helps
    |                                      WinMTR statistics                                   |
    |                       Host              -   %  | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |
    |                    -    2 |   60 |   59 |    0 |    2 |   91 |    1 |
    |                     -    0 |   64 |   64 |   17 |   33 |   78 |   23 |
    |te-1-2-ur01.pottsville.pa.pitt.comcast.net -    0 |   64 |   64 |   10 |   19 |   68 |   14 |
    |te-8-1-ur01.pinegrove.pa.pitt.comcast.net -    0 |   64 |   64 |   10 |   17 |  101 |   13 |
    |te-0-10-0-18-ar01.lowerpaxton.pa.pitt.comcast.net -    0 |   64 |   64 |   12 |   21 |   68 |   18 |
    |te-8-8-ar01.mckeesport.pa.pitt.comcast.net -    0 |   64 |   64 |   19 |   29 |   75 |   21 |
    |hu-0-16-0-1-ar01.mckeesport.pa.pitt.comcast.net -    0 |   64 |   64 |   22 |   30 |   81 |   22 |
    |be-7016-cr02.ashburn.va.ibone.comcast.net -    0 |   64 |   64 |   27 |   37 |   84 |   27 |
    |                    -    0 |   64 |   64 |   26 |   35 |   85 |   28 |
    |                 -    2 |   60 |   59 |   39 |   50 |  125 |   45 |
    |   be2657.ccr42.dca01.atlas.cogentco.com -    2 |   60 |   59 |   40 |   50 |  124 |   42 |
    |   be2113.ccr42.atl01.atlas.cogentco.com -    6 |   52 |   49 |   39 |   47 |  101 |   51 |
    |   be2690.ccr22.iah01.atlas.cogentco.com -    2 |   60 |   59 |   59 |   67 |  151 |   65 |
    |   be2066.ccr22.lax01.atlas.cogentco.com -    2 |   60 |   59 |   89 |   98 |  188 |   89 |
    |   be2161.ccr22.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   64 |   64 |  100 |  109 |  160 |  101 |
    |te0-0-1-0.agr13.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   64 |   64 |  100 |  110 |  158 |  100 |
    |te0-0-2-1.nr12.b007366-1.sjc01.atlas.cogentco.com -    0 |   64 |   64 |  100 |  110 |  160 |  103 |
    |                   -    0 |   64 |   64 |  102 |  112 |  160 |  103 |
    |                 -    2 |   60 |   59 |  100 |  108 |  132 |  104 |
    |                  -    0 |   64 |   64 |  101 |  110 |  160 |  104 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
    |                   No response from host -  100 |   13 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |    0 |
       WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider
  14. When I clicked Play to start the game, the XignCode3 screen shows up but stuck at loading for a very long time, then a message pops up saying "Failed to init security".
    Any suggestion please?
  15. Moin Moin
    Ich nehme einfach mal an, dass die gleiche Version vom XignCode3 Hackingschutz im CBT2 Client verwendet wird, wie beim Charaktergenerator.
    Wer also Probleme hat, dass der Hackingschutz das Spiel beendet weil angeblich verdächtige Programme gefunden wurden...und Bitdefender 2016 Internet Security verwendet, dann hats - zumindest mir mir - geholfen wenn man:
    1. im Modul Antivirus die Active Thread Control deaktiviert
    2. die Angriffserkennung deaktiviert
    3. Launcher und Main-EXE in die Liste der vertrauenswürdigen Programme hinzufügen schadet auch nicht (hilft für sich alleine aber nicht gegen die XignCode3 Probleme)
    Vielleicht haben die Entwickler aber ja auch XignCode3 aktualisiert und alles läuft wie geschmiert
    man sieht sich Donnerstag

  16. Bonjour à vous, les malheureux joueurs victimes de ce petit souci, je vais vous expliquer la démarche à suivre pour contourner ce problème le temps qu'il soit résolu par les développeurs.
    Tout d'abords cette solution s'applique sur les possesseurs de Bitdefender mais marche également sur d'autres antivirus si ceux-la posent aussi problème.
    Solution n°1 :
    1° Il vous faudra aller sur le panneau de Bitdefender (ou de votre antivirus).
    2° Accédez aux options (ou cliquez sur modules pour ceux qui ont bitdefender).
    3° Sélectionnez Antivirus
    4° Cliquez sur exclusion puis sur Processus exclus (pour bitdefender, les autres cherchez quelque chose du genre)
    5° Cliquez sur ajouter, sélectionnez BDO ou BDCC (character creator) et sélectionner autoriser, vous pouvez maintenant l'ajouter.
    Maintenant lancez votre jeu, si cela fonctionne tant mieux, sinon, comme beaucoup de cas il faudra passer à la solution 2.
    Solution n°2 :
    1° Il vous faudra aller sur le panneau de Bitdefender (ou de votre antivirus).
    2° Accédez aux options (ou cliquez sur modules pour ceux qui ont bitdefender).
    3° Sélectionnez Antivirus
    4° Puis couper l'analyse 5min le temps de lancer le jeu.
    Vous pouvez maintenant lancer le jeu. Malheureusement il faudra faire ça à chaque lancement, en priant pour que cela soit réglé au plus vite, bon jeu à vous.