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  1. Hello,
    I seem to be stuck at 208 energy. I am getting new knowledge but I am not moving past 208? Any one else? Am I caped out?
  2. Even only as a lvl 57 it takes some time and work to build up xp. What's flat out ridiculous is to lose 30min-1hr of that work to lag when your grinding mobs that you wipe. This is why I will not grind to 59+. This is the 3rd time today that I have died due to lagging out, which is at least 1.5hrs wasted. I've even move to weaker less xp giving mobs to not have to go through this and it keeps happening.  
    This should be enough to get this mechanic out of the game without adding the random encounters of pvp where people intentionally work at getting others to die to mobs especially in higher contested areas. 
    Edit: ...and again. 2hrs
  3. Hallo BDO-ler, Hallo alle aus der DACH-Region,
    Verzeihung aber Ich versuche es mal auf diesen Weg!
    Wie alles begann:
    Ich hab von US Servern auf EU vor einigen Monaten gewechselt. Auf US war ich bei LotD welche auch im Jahresbericht erwähnt wurden.
    LotD ist eine auf PVP getrimmte Gilde mit focus auf XP faming, leveling und Node Wars. (es gab einen Wettbewerb wer den ersten Char auf 60 bringt)
    Mein Ziel ist es jetzt auf EU eine passende Gilde zu finden die a) meinen derzeit noch schlechten PVP-Skill tolleriert und b) aktiv am XP farmen und leveln ist.
    Mit LotD waren wir "Platzhirsch" auf Sausan und bekannt dafür dort alles zu killen was unseren Main-Spot beanspruchen wollte. Wir machten natürlich auch Ausnahmen und waren keine reinen Barbaren!  Nichtsdestotrotz suche ich eine aktive Gilde die, wenn es drauf an kommt, eine gute Gruppe parat hat um main-spots zu halten und aktiv weiterlevelt.
    Mein jetziger Char ist Level 58 und hat eine AP von 201 und DP von 254. (Valkyrie). Mein damaliger Char war ein Warrior deswegen bin ich noch nicht so sattelfest.
    Damals konnte ich noch 24/7 spielen, heute leider nurmehr abends und am WE.
    Wenn ihr tipps habts oder meint ich passe zu euch bin ich sehr erfreut eure Bekanntschaft zu machen
    vielleicht bald euer Gildenmember!
  4. Is there a node that i can send works to to get? (plz send pics) #not ----- pics;)

  5. Im skilled 3 cooking how do i lvl it up fast ? (dont be vague)

  6. Basically after any person flags and hits another player, the player hit (or both) becomes immune to xp loss for a certain duration such as until the person unflags, one dies& the person alive reaches 50-75% hp back.
  7. Seriously, why didn't they block the Olvia channels at 56 when ppl get their awakening?  Too many ppl churning out level 59 characters.  You'd actually be better off just making a new account and leveling on the Olvia channel to 59.  Money and gear is the easy part.
  8. Reducing the stock of trade managers across the entire map is ridiculous. I've never "rolled" to get trade xp, but now I'm getting punished for other people "exploiting" a mechanic you left in the game, and didn't fix. You are punishing everyone, for something a small group did, and have made getting trade xp absolutely cancerous. 
    Make it so you can't roll while overweight. Why should Trent have less stock if I have been trading in mediah for 3 hours with a wagon? Fix this. 
  9. Post on Soloing a Guild in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    I ended up soloing my own guild because reasons. Unfortunately, I can't do guild missions as those are not allowed with less than 3 guild members online. I tested contrib points, knowledge gain, mob grinding; none of them gives any guild XP. The only thing that gives guild XP is when you gain a character level or a life skill level. 1 character level = 1% guild XP, which is extremely slow.
    Anyone know any other way to get guild XP or is soloing just hopeless?
  10. Bonjour à tous,

    J'ai créer ce post, car depuis quelque temps(plusieurs mise a jour, enfaîte) j'ai la forte impression que les métier/compétence métier ne monte plus comme au départ depuis plusieurs maj. 

    Notamment les trade pack, qui ne donne presque plus d'xp alors que je suis en apprentie ou qualifié.

    Avant ce problème il me suffisait d'une centaine de pack pour arriver jusqu'à professionnel. Maintenant, je dépasse pas le grade qualifié 5....

    Du coup, je voulais savoir si vous avez la même impression que moi ou bien j'ai complètement tord. Merci.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, i'm a Game Level Designer, coder, animation maker & i have a YouTube channel. I have created many famous things for the Ps3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps4 & PC (I have made the first Ps4 GTA 5 Mod Menu ever etc!).
    So you can call me: "The best person ever".
    My Famous YouTube Channel (Click)
    Now i have create a new Guild called: "United_WarGuild" & my BDO Name is ImHaxoTV. Join The Guild If You Will Are Too A Person (If you playing in the other noob Guilds are you only too a 0, so you don't exist for the World |We do not want that|). So If You Join The Guild will we make missions together & catch the elephant together so we have a guild elephant and many other things, then all can ride the BIG Guild elephant etc, In the other guilds are the owner a 0 & randome noob and he don't let other players ride the Guild Elephant etc. So ladies and gentlemen join the Guild and make the best guild ever!
    Have Fun!
  12. Hola !
    Je suis en train de pêcher et du coup je me posais une question :
    Combien de temps faut-il pour 0-100% le niveau de notre personnage en pêchant ? Et pas n'importe quels level, ceux qui m’intéresse sont le 59-60 et 60-61, j'aimerais bien savoir le temps qu'il faut non seulement pour up, mais également du coup le nombre de poisson requis et l'écart entre le 59-60 et 60-61 (combien de poissons en plus ?)
    Cette étude peut rendre la canne à pêche de Balenos P2W si on l'enchant à grade assez haut, ce qui peut nous permettre de prendre 1% d'xp par heure avec un level assez haut.
    Qu'en pensez vous ?
  13. bonjour, 
    je cherche actuellement les bonus de chaque compétence de métiers que l'on peut acquérir en le montant, par exemple le commerce en maître 2 le bonus est : 200% sur chaque vente je crois .
    je cherche pour les autres métiers et commerce également mais je ne trouve pas, pourriez vous m'aider ?
    merci a vous 
  14. Post on I LOVE XP GAINS in PVE

    By haybreee, posted
    50% combat scroll, 10% villa combat buff, 15% party xp elixir, 8% milk tea, 20% combat buff from dark beer, 20 min daily grind buff & 100% weekend buff.
    This is on top of the night time buff & 10% combat xp from outfit.

    You know you've had gains when you get 3% xp instead of 2% xp into 58 

  15. Anyone know how to access/activate this buff?
    New Daily achievement [Daily Grinding Hour!] has been added.

    o    Players can choose one buff to obtain;

      Combat EXP +200% (30 min.)

    Combat EXP +100% (60 min.)

  16. Post on Fasest seed to cultivate? in Musa

    By Sara, posted
    With a decent xp per cultivation?
    Currently beginner 1 farming, but want to be apprentice 1 just for a title, grind to 400 titles and such, let me know which seed is good for fast cultivation - don't care about how much it costs, don't care about energy, don't care about contribution points, I just want the fastest seed to farm.
    shit wrong forum
  17. Hi =)
    Been trying to find an answer to a question regarding how to obtain guild xp but can't find any answers. Everyone knows guild quests award guild xp but, I've noticed that the guild is gaining XP without doing quests so was curious where it came from?
    Heard that the guild gains XP when a member gains a level in different things (like, normal character level and profession levels), suggesting that inviting low level characters is the way to go in order to obtain xp outside of guild quests. No clue if this is true.
    Also curious if just grinding monsters for xp (without actually gaining a level), using professions etc will grant guild xp.
    Anyone out there who knows how this works?
  18. People told me that they nerfed heating xp, anyone confirm this + what would be the best thing to process, from my warehouse with the costume and 1350 weight limit?
  19. Post on Quick Refund Process in Suggestions

    By Slen, posted
    I would like there to be a quick refund process(pearls at the least and even possibly game cost if you knew about this prior to beta and never mentioned it) in response to the 06/01/2016 patch that removed the xp loss on death for players over 0 karma. I played in beta and aside from the very nice battle system, the xp loss on death was the biggest reason(50%) why I choose to invest my time and money into this game. I am and was not a fan of the end game but gambled on you making that better in the future. The xp loss was not a gamble, it was there, it was implemented, it was a non issue in everything I read, it was Black Desert Online. Karma 2.0 (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8044-updated-v20-bounty-hunters-karma-and-flagging-discussion/&page=1) was also proposed and that is what we were led to believe was the path this game was heading. Instead this game flipped a 180 from strong front runner, who's proposed goals were to make the pvp system even better with Karma 2.0(again xp loss was not even an issue that was shown being removed), and create a very fun exciting sandbox style game where everyone could find something they loved, to this,, this.. anti open world pvp game one sided completely against any form of pvp what so ever. The only thing someone who feels like getting in skirmish achieves is karma loss, the other guy loses absolutely nothing at all, NOTHING. Those who claim exp loss wasn't a core of this game need to look at the enacted system as a whole. The way it was advertised and was prior to June 01 was nearly perfect imo, it did restrict open world pvp very much as well, giving you a total of 5 initial kills before you were open to be murdered and have very high death penalties. Then, to get karma back up from 0-300k again it took 2 hours of constant grinding. So that gives you 2 kills per hour, now.. how can, as in "official response" from Daum, people be killed over and over and over if the act was a griefing unrelated to guild wars?! The fact is it could not. It is mathematically impossible even if the victim refused to change servers and kept letting the guy kill him. If you turn red you are dead, everyone kills red players on sight. Point is the response was lies. Someone got a hold of the pvp game(it is a pve too, it is everything in one, that is what made it awesome) and decided they want to get rid of the pvp aspect post launch. That is fine, but those of us who bought into the wonderful idea you presented at launch should be reimbursed for everything we invested into this game, and there should be a quick and painless process for it. You choose to change the game completely, fine, that is your choice. But it is our right to receive our money back because you decided to go a different route than what you were pushing since pre beta. AKA in USA we call that the old the bait and switch. I would like a link in my Account if possible for this to happen, where I can put in my reason for the refund, why I am leaving, click click done.
    Thank you.
    No troll responses please, this is to Daum and is a serious post. If they want us out that is fine, but as the players in their new game we should also suffer no pvp penalties of money loss.
    Edit Update: DAUM has denied my refund with a generic email response with no way to speak to anyone about this matter. I for one will NEVER play anything that has DAUM on it ever again. America needs to move back to boycotting bad customer service businesses so they all fail and reward those ones that do care about their customers. And just so you are aware DAUM, I was looking forward to all the cash shop items coming out and would have dropped another $400 into that. It's what you lost from me at least as a customer for ruining this game. So me as your customer base would have been $700/game minimum. Good bye, good riddance to this heap of trash, server crashing, no end pve, no challenge game. They made it to work with the old system, it has nothing else.
  20. Bonjour all,
    Bon... je sais que j'étais parti sur Sorcière mais en fait .. non,
    Le gameplay ne me plait pas, j'accroche pas du tout ... au début ça allait et plus j’avançais plus ça me disait ( non, arrête toi là, c'est pas pour toi cette classe ... )
    enfin bref .. voilà,
    Donc, j'aimerais avoir vos ressentis sur le PVE et PVP/PK et GVG;
    J'aimerais avoir vos retours sur les classes en général, laquelle se débrouille bien ( stuff et skill à niveau égal ).
    Je ne veux pas une "god" classe mais ... juste vos retours d'xp,
    Moi j'ai eu des retours comme quoi le Tamer est useless en GVG et moyen en PvP , très bien pour le PVE mais alors le reste ... bof bof,
    Le rôdeur et la sorcière sont OP apparemment, mais j'accroche pas du tout; et oui again x) )
    Le guerrier et la valkye je n'en sais absolument rien, je sais qu'ils sont beaucoup demandés au niveau de la recherche de guilde mais .. voilà, rien de plus.
    Merci d'avance et bon jeu à vous
  21. Post on XP LOSS in Suggestions

    By Efreeti, posted
    I never seen a person who likes losing XP, it makes me happy to feel like you are never safe when you aren't in a town. If you have problems dying afk fishing its because you did it outside the safety of town and deserve to be punished. If you die auto pathing your horse, its because you left the safety of town, don't cry about being killed if you can do these things INSIDE a safety zone and you chose not to. 
    When I would PVP I would make sure I played in a way not to do stupid things like charge in to 5 people and die instantly so I don't lose experience, it made the game enjoyable and you thought about engagements. 

    You thought this was a good change? Let me change your mind. I know a lot of rangers that are gonna steal your monsters and you cant do anything about it, you know why? Because they clear faster than you and you cant do anything about it. You kill them you go red (they will let you kill them) guess what, they keep coming back and stealing your monsters, you are forced to leave or go red, your choice. Leave and they can follow you! you can change channels, but there will be another guy doing the same thing. Best part is they probably wont even be in a guild! Not like you can declare war, hahahhah. So you go red, you die and lose all your EXP, all your enchant levels, and your gems. Then you quit the game for a reason different than maybe losing 1% for being killed randomly. (if you quit because you get ganked you are playing the wrong game) THIS game had an appeal to a lot of people, its really similar to a game most of us use to play, LINEAGE, and LINEAGE 2. The thing is with those games, if you died and lost xp, you could even DELEVEL. ALL THE WAY back down to 10. OH and the EXP was much harder to get on those games, so quit being a crybaby.
    My guilds goal might have been a little bit mean but we had EVERY guild declaring on us for fear of losing EXP upon death. If you pissed us off you were on the hit list, warred or not. We killed you AFK or not, it didn't matter. You lost experience and it was your fault. The feeling of never being safe was lost with this patch, you can literally feel safe anywhere you go now. Not like you have to worry about losing hard work and time if you get killed for being a mop-thief, or crap talking the wrong player. 
    There is only 2 solutions to this patch. The first solution, go back to the way it was. The second solution is remove karma completely from the game. If I can continuously kill people with no draw back that would be fine with me, then people will consider they are wasting their time instead of actually being rewarded for griefing. (Rewarded for griefing - they die lose 0% xp, you lose karma and go red, with MASSIVE penalties) I like the first solution better believe me, but the second solution would open the door to a lot of PVP . (griefing actually might be worse in case 2, you are out of town you probably gonna die).
  22. Greetings Developers,
    I have some some information and a suggestion that I hope you read and seriously consider every angle of.
    So every game I have seen go down this path has always failed. Does anyone from you're company remember "The Nether". If not, then I'm not surprised as it was a hardcore pvp survival game where people complained about the difficulty of the game and the griefers; while most of the community was against any difficulty or "carebear" changes, they were still made. Multiple 80 page threads and countless polls against changed that made the game easier started to pop up, even so the developers patched it to make it easier for the 10% of the players that spent most of their time on the forums than in the game. After about a month of the population of the game dropped about one or two servers whereas before said patches, all thirty servers generally contained forty to sixty people in each server.
    Please, do not give in and listen to the people who will only be playing the game for very short period of time, who literally go from game to game complaining about them, disliking the changed made or the game itself; this in turn makes the rest of the community dislike the game anyway.
    Most of the people that joined the game with the intent of being a "hardcore" player joined because of what the game looked like in Korea, some changed were great or needed to adjust it for the western market, however the changes to the Open World PVP has essentially made this game another World of Warcraft clone. It is taking away the main niche of the customer market you aimed for when taking on this project.
    You have done very well with these previous patches (some i disagree with but that happens with anything and anyone), however this one i promise you will very likely kill the game as it sets a precedence of what will happen in the future with the games content/play style and removes the reason at least 50% if not 80-90% of the community joined for/enjoy about these open world games.
    Please don't cave, think about it seriously. Most patches don't need to be rushed out in reality, most things can take a few weeks to think about before changing (especially play style changes). Also please, Please understand that a very very large portion of the population never even make a forum account or make replies on the forums and that the people who have been complaining likely have much less hours than most people in the game and generally like drama/discussion/complaining. please just think about this.
    If the company was the admit this patch was a mistake you would actually earn a very large portion of respect from not only this community but from gamer's across the board since a lot of game companies in the past have neglected the community and skimmed forums without reading into the discussions/general consensus.
    A suggestion/alternative that I and many others think would work extremely well would be to add in extreme durability loss due to pk death. such as 10-20% of durability is lost when death occurs. this will cause an effective method of having punishments for getting killed with a way of hurting enemy guilds and allowing groups to control leveling/grinding area's. they fight 4 times and they will lose most of their armour's durability thus preventing them from stealing mobs without a way for you to deal with them.
  23. Bonjour all,
    Je suis un nouveau joueur et après ( pas mal de création de persso etc) j'ai enfin trouvé un persso qui me donne envie d'en apprendre plus ! ( lire mes sorts, comprendre les combos, faire les quêtes , le commerce, grind et j'en passe ... )
    Donc j'aimerais savoir pour ceux qui ont un peut d'xp a ce niveau,
    Comment bien débuter au niveau du stuff ( Taritas, Grunil ou autre, les colliers, les bijoux, arme etc )
    Donc en gros, quel stuff choisir " de base " avant d'avoir tel ou tel armure, ce que je devrais viser, ce qu'il me faut,( ou si quelqu'un a un bon guide à me link ) je suis preneur j'ai déjà cherché de mon coté mais je n'ai rien trouvé de sûr...
    Juste pour avoir une base de jeu quoi,
    Donc je suis une Sorcière, de niveau 10 actuellemennt avec 3millions ( pour vous donner une idée de ce que je peut acheter )
    Merci par avance et bon jeu a tous !
  24. It strikes me as grossly unfair that the person who is killed by another player is penalized XP, and possibly Money in the form of broken crystals
    These are just a few reasons that it should be changed or modified
    1) the penalty of losing your grinding spot by being killed already is strong enough without losing XP and possibly crystals
    2) Players whose sole reason for playing the game is to annoy others get the added bonus of causing normal players to lose money and leveling time
    3) If this effect happens during node wars etc there will be a large number of players who will not turn up because they can't afford to lose the XP
    4) Karma loss is obviously not a sufficient method of controlling peoples urge to kill random players as I've personally seen quite a few red name players camping main roads just killing people as they go by.
    Now possible Fixes/alterations
    1) Remove the XP loss and crystal break chance by death in PVP
    2) Penalize PK'ers by freezing their XP gain for a length of time (possibly 5 minutes depending on how low their Karma is)
    3) Anyone with negative Karma can't gain XP 
    4) Remove the automatic dismount if attacked while riding a mount
    At the minimum number 1 needs to be implemented immediately the rest are just suggestions and could help make the game a better place to play within 
  25. Hi everyone,
    we just confirmed our assumption that, if you use Milk Tea and a Combat XP Scroll simultaneously the effect of the Combat XP Scroll does not trigger. As result each of us wasted about 20 of those and a ton of time since most of use were grinding for 55 and 56 and hence we would at least want them replaced, but this is an other matter and each of use will make a ticked.
    But we would like to see that ether the scroll or the description being fixed. 
    Thanks for reading