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  1. Sorry, wrong sub forum.
    Can someone pls delete this?
    Hi everyone,
    we just confirmed our assumption that, if you use Milk Tea and a Combat XP Scroll simultaneously the effect of the Combat XP Scroll does not trigger. As result each of us wasted about 20 of those and a ton of time since most of use were grinding for 55 and 56 and hence we would at least want them replaced, but this is an other matter and each of use will make a ticked.
    But we would like to see that ether the scroll or the description being fixed. 
    Thanks for reading
  2. I dont know if there are any others which suffer from this but i do not get any exp-scrolls from questsrewards ( i recoginzed it bout a month ago) and when i submited a ticket i felt like just getting a computer answer.. I dont even want to know how many xp/lvl it already cost me.. I'm highly dissapoited from this answer.. its not "solved" at all in my opinion!!

  3. Americans had 2 Xp weekend and Europe had only 1 xp weekend
    We demand xp weekend for same reason NA did get first one.
  4. Post on Bonus XP Weekend Questions in General

    By Ohdi, posted
    How much bonus XP are we getting?
    Is it combat xp or life xp or what?
  5. Hello Fishers!

    My name is MaoMaoPrince and I am an Master 3 fisher over on Jordine. I run the largest fishing community in EU/NA over on Facebook.  As many people know last weekend on EU there was an XP bug for Fishing that was giving almost 300% increase experience.   Since that event and the announcement of the NA XP weekend the fishing community has been theorycrafting some of the best spots to increase XP output.   
    There are many exciting, wonderful, brilliant and magical aspects to fishing, the following is just my opinion and not necessarily the best way to play!  I made this guide with the help of the community and I could not have written it without people gathering information.  
    If you are interested in watching me fish please check out www.twitch.tv/maomaoprince
    If you want to find the best spots for fishing please check www.maomaoprince.com
    I prefer to write short guides in a Q&A style so let's take the plunge.  
    What Equipment Should I Use?  
    You want to get your grubby little fishing mitts on the Triple-Float Fishing Rod.  The Triple fishing rod allows you to catch up to three fish at a time and very rarely can produce four fish!  I’ve been taking notes on my casts for the triple rods and they seem to average at around 2 fish (rounded up) per cast.  With our current knowledge of hotspots I’ve been able to crunch some quick numbers, they seem on the high side so I need to go over them but take a look…

    Results - On Blue Spot IN-IS1
    I caught 1260 with 3 Triple Fishing Rod in 7 hours. That is ~756 Blue Fish, 378 Gold Fish 126 White/Greens.

    Notes : The higher fishing level you are the less likely it is to lose durability when casting.
    You gain xp for each fish caught with the triple rod and so it far surpasses any other rod in terms of XP gain.
    Where can I get this wonderful rod?
    Currently the only way obtain this is by doing repeatable quests.   I’m not going to go into detail here but you need to be at least skilled 5 before you can get the quest.  The first quest is from the child fishing off the docks opposite the storage in veila.  
    What other equipment should I use?
    Steel Rod is the most efficient rod both in terms of cash value and usefulness.  The steel rod gives +2 fishing speed bonus.  
    Silver Embroidered Fishers Clothes  give fishing experience, movement speed and fishing rod and is enchantable.  I suggest getting at least +1.  

    Sute Tea gives you a buff which increases life xp  (which includes fish) by 8%.  
    Where Should I Fish?
    The basics of a good spot for experience is to find one that primarily catches blue fish, is abundant and remote enough that other people are discouraged to fish there!  Most importantly find a spot that you like, you’re going to be there a while.  My personal favourite spot is IN-IS1 not because it is the most efficient but because of the people who fish there and it has Porcupine Fish.
    Personal preference aside we’re here to talk about fat stacks of XP.  Gold Fish are actually worth more than blue fish in terms of raw XP but there are other factors involved.  The higher your fishing level the less letters there are in the mini game on average.  Over enough time blue fish are the most efficient because of player input.  

    There are other factors involved when calculating XP potential but at the moment its very early days on the research.  Some spots have less cast time than others, some fish have slightly different XP - its all up in the air!
    In order to maximise your xp/fishing time make sure you are drying fishing, deleting fish or selling close by!

    The three best spots, and the ones I suggest are;
    RA-IS1/IL-IS2 We searched tirelessly for a Smokey Chromis spot (mainly because its part of a fishing quest) because it has some of the better fish in terms of xp in its Fish Table.  This spot sits along the borders of two nodes and allows you to quickly check resources in both.  

    PI-IS1 Another sought after fish, the Octopus has been tricky to track down, but we now have a spot.  The reason octopus is so special (as of writing) is because there are cooking recipes that require Dried Octopus or other types of seafood.  There has been no farm spots for any of the seafood so dried octopus could potentially be quite lucrative.  Fresh Octopus is worth 5,700 at base price.  The price for Dried Octopus on the AH currently is anywhere between 7,000 - 12,000.  When you dry fish you have a chance to produce 1-3 fish.  The potential income from one cast could be 36,000, with the triple rod 108,000.  These numbers are top end and require you not to immediately destroy the market.  The node for PI-IS1 cannot be connected via trade, octopus is still sought after.  
    ME-SH1 is an exclusive spot to this guide and to MaoMaoPrince.com and is what im considering the single best spot for XP I’ve ever seen.  The reason this spot is so good is because it doesn’t have a single gold in the loot table, has good xp per fish and has a reasonably fast catch time compared to normal.  

    Thanks for reading my short guide on XP I will look to expand it in the future and happy fishing!

  6. As you probably know by now, last weekend the EU servers got a bug that caused players to get significantly increased bonus experience for certain life skills, in particular fishing, trading and training. Estimations for the increase are between 250% to 1000% in bonus experience. 

    Because it was announced that life skills would not be affected, and only combat would get 10%, most players on Europe did not know about this bug during the event. As a result, only a tiny percentage was able to exploit the bug from the first day, those were the people who were already busy with their life skills. During the last day of the event, people were talking about it on the channel chat, and more people got involved. By the end of the event, a handful of players had gained Master skills, and some of those were Master15+. The vast majority still was unaware of the bug. And a significant portion of those who were aware of it, refused to exploit it, afraid of being banned or to stand by their own principles.

    The result is a huge gap on the EU servers between players who abused the bug from the first day (a tiny fraction), and those who did not exploit the bug at all (the vast majority). 

    Unfortunately, taking away the bonus experience gained during the bug on EU is not possible, or at least that's what Daum tells us.

    Daum seems to be considering (or already decided) to apply the bug to the NA servers as well. Because they feel there is a gap between the NA and EU servers now.
    Personally i believe the gap between EU and NA is almost undetectable on average, as most EU players did not benefit from the bug at all.
    And the gap between the NA and EU servers will increase hugely if *all* NA players know in advance of the bug, and can even prepare for it (like stacking up trade boxes to sell to improve trading skills).

    If the bug would be applied to NA and EU together next weekend, the average difference between skills on NA and EU would remain about the same, but it most likely could decrease the gap between players on EU significantly.

    So the question is:
    - Do you believe it is a good idea to also apply the bug to the NA servers or will this just mess up the balance on the NA servers as well?
    - And if the bug is introduced to NA, should it also be applied to EU again, so the gap does not increase between the servers and the gap between players on EU will also decrease?
    If you have ideas for fixing the gap between players on EU, or for fixing any potential gap between the NA and EU servers, please comment below, and let us hope that Daum will read this.

  7. I am trying to find a processing xp guide. I am not sure if there are charts out there that would show me specifically how much xp breaking down and combining certain ingredients give.
    Thanks for your help,
  8. Bonjour,
    Quand je regardes des vidéos des autres versions (Coréenne par exemple), je trouve que l'on gagne 2,5 fois moins d'xp. Je me trouve sur le même spot pour xp que sur une vidéo dédié sur un blader et quand je le vois bash du mobs on voit sa barre d'expérience monter significativement par rapport à la mienne. Même groupe de monstre , même level et cela sans boost xp. Une explication?
  9. Hey,
    was just curious as to the best way to get from 40 to 50, I'm haveing a heck of a time with some mobs and not getting too much out of it. Class: Sorc.
    Thanks in advance.
  10. Post on Open World PVP currently in PVP

    By Sara, posted
    Level 55s and 54s running around with -1m karma trolling lower levels because they can, making them lose 1% xp each time they kill them, pretty much what it is now, no clue why they added 1% xp loss while youre the one getting killed....no clue.
  11. I have been playing both the beta tests, I think everything is very articulated and complete, but some mechanics are not perfectly tuned yet.
    1) The gathering and crafting system of the game is very well made, but seems that it's still not so worth to dedicate your time to it.
    I have been playing very few hours just grinding monsters, in those few hours I collected a huge amount of silver (cause of selling the loot), and I also gained a lot of xp, and better gear, crystals, etc.
    I spent a lot of hours in collecting materials, processing, crafting, and I was able to earn knowledge, contribute points, but very few silver and almost 0 XP.
    I believe that gathering and crafting should be rewarded better in terms of XP and silver.
    2) Another thing I didn't like too much was the combat (it's my personal opinion). Looks fantastic, but I didn't feel that it was necessary to learn how and when to use some combos in order to take advantage in a combat, even if using a random skill rotation, I was able to kill monsters quite easily.
    3) Monsters bounty system: It would be great if in the cities you could find some bounties on boards, offering rewards if you kill that monster (kinda similar to what happens in "the Witcher")
    4) At last something about the beautiful graphic of the game. The wet effect is too extreme, faces looks too glossy, as they were painted with extremely glossy oil, doesn't look like water.
    Thank you.
  12. Post on Increase Group XP in Suggestions

    By muffett, posted
    Please increase the xp while in a group. I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to level up in BDO.  Why you may ask? Well...because its an open world pvp game. Technically you're not safe anywhere you go by yourself! You can go out and pull shit tons of mobs and out of the blue 2 to 3 people come up to you and gank you and the mobs!  So, your assed out of an area to get xp. Yes you can simply move to a different area but unfortunately, those spots will be taken by other players. You must keep in mind that once BDO launches at start, its going to be a blood bath. There will be no spots available to get xp! This is one of the reasons why we need groups with the xp bonus. This will allow people in a group to move onto a different area quickly and not take so much time for other players to level up. 
  13. Some general questions I can't find solid answers to.  
    1)  Solidified my name reservation, however I'm curious to how long the reservation lasts. The name was intended for the Ninja class which I know won't be available for awhile.  Is there a time limit to how long you can reserve a name?
    2)  I've read that there might be some XP adjustments to all quests,  making it more important to actually finish all the quests earlier on instead of the grinding method.  Is this true,  unconfirmed rumor or false?  
    3)  I've also read that the grinding method is arguably the best way to level with the idea being that you want to take time to do the black spirit quests and do only the quests that give bag space but NOT bag space and skill points.  The idea being that the skill points become more difficult to come by post lvl 50 and by doing the quests later, you save yourself time.  An idea I don't fully understand as I thought skill points were earned ONLY by leveling up and select quests.  Why should skill point quests be done at 50+ instead?  As I've read different opinions on this,  I'd like to know which is true in order to save me hours worth of trying to progress less efficiently.  
    4)  I've found information on hit boxes of objects in the world and NPCs - but no information on hit boxes for player characters.   Does the size of your character such as Berserker vs Tamer matter to the extent of hitting your target?  Does it effect your reach of your attacks and how easy you can get hit? The only other thing I was able to find was that it changes what you can duck through and what you can jump on.  Taller characters can't duck under some things but they can apparently jump higher. 
    Thanks for reading this over and giving me your time.
    Edit - added question number 4 which I forgot to mention.
  14. In most MMORPG game there are two ways to level up ,grinding mobs for XP , or doing quests for XP. But having only one way to gain XP could get a little boring after sometime . 
    As this title stated , In my honest opinion I think the quests should reward us with more XP (not just inventory space and contribution points) because grinders will level up faster and just do the quests that grant  inventory space -/+ leaving the players who enjoy doing quests way behind and way under leveled .
    Don't get me wrong ,I like grinding , but I also like doing quests and have a meaning to why I am doing this or that.
    please vote to whichever you think is better ,then kindly state why.
  15. one of the things i loved about BDO is that no matter what level me and my friends are we can all hunt together power levelling each other or just helping each other with quests so on , we all play games at a different speeds but we like to be able to hunt together when we can

    the most recent update to KR has made it so we cant hunt together any more unless we make new chars because some of us are 5 levels higher or lower then the others  meaning we get 0 XP when we hunt together ,
    I really hope this is not in the EU/NA version because its going to ruin playing with new people , or helping them
    people may use the fact they can hunt together at any level  to power level to 50 but surely its there choice if they want to  rush or not
    what a player may  find fun in the game (be it power leveling)  should be the players choice and putting restrictions like this only hurts the player base (power levelling helps the noobs catch up to the high levels when the servers have been up for a year or 2) and gives old  players a way to get there m8s interested in the game that haven't played yet 

  16. Post on Party Play Revamp in PVE

    By Tesla, posted
    Good news indeed. Great team work from us, to Daum, to Pearl Abyss, and then back down the pipe to us again.
    I know I can't be alone in not understanding this part: Experience gain will be determined based on the lowest party member’s level and the monster level.
    I would like believe, they won't want to encourage Power Leveling (PL'ing or PL'ers). I'd also reason that the party experience gain mechanic is set to provide optimal xp when all party members are the same level. So here's where I ask the rest of you if you have a better guess, or better insight, into what this experience gain determination ratio could be. How is it going to work, what are the game parameters? It's too vague for this old fart to get it.
  17. I don't like the idea of there being large groups of people who basically grind until they awaken/hit level 56, then sit on 0.00% xp and are essentially immune to xp loss from death.
    Before you scream "But.. but.. griefers!" Consider this. When hunted down and killed, why should a group of pkers who are sitting on 0.00% be immune to xp loss?
    What happens when you delevel and no longer meet the level requirement for a skill? The skill points stay in that skill and it is grayed out/unusable until you level back up to the prerequisite.
    TLDR; No one should be immune to xp loss.
    I think there will be a point where the majority of people stop grinding. Maybe it's not level 56, it could be level 60 from looking at the Korean servers.
    People will just sit on 0% until the next patch is released and there are reasonable ways to level again.
    You're giving people a sort of "save point". Think about this in terms of a raid boss where there may be many deaths by many players, you're punishing anyone who doesn't sit on 0%. Why should the people who choose to stop leveling be rewarded?
  18. Over the course of 4 days on the KR server, doing every crafting and contribution quest I could get, I experienced less than half of the content and hit lvl 50.  There's still WAY more content for me to experience, and I need to experience it and perform those quests if I want good labor and contribution point availability.  As of now, There is nothing sub lvl 50 for me to do in terms of quests, and everything I can do here on out is lvl 50+.  If you reduce the XP gain on the NA/EU servers, it will force players to grind endlessly just to hit 50 because the content will not match the XP gain.

    For those carebears complaining about content, there is plenty to be had, and even more if you go looking for it.  The crafting system is so complex it could be a game in and of itself.  And since we're being forced to suck up labor to process materials, you MUST have multiple characters (another change I am displeased with).  The game is grindy enough without forcing us to grind just to hit 50, and on top of that requirement, 50+ then gets worse for NA/EU players.  Theres only a handful of 58+ players in Korea, after a full year.  Its assinine to expect us to tolerate an increased XP scale.  Revert it back, PLEASE.
  19. This game rocks! I hope it really succeeds  
    It captured the magic that a very good mainstream title would have (Ocarina of Time, Guild Wars, etc.). With the (literally) breathtaking graphics, unbelievable weather, fun and individualized class combat, attention to details, amount of content, very unique and engaging mobs, fun and inter-connected lore, and the push from Daum EU to push HQ to make positive changes, this could be the one all to be all MMO for me for the next 5-10 years. Thanks to everyone involved with this game; I've thoroughly enjoyed it and can see a little piece of every successful mechanic that has been in MMO's for the last 18 years I have been playing them.
    I would like to iterate my thoughts in reply to CBT1 leveling a Ranger to lvl42 and testing out many areas of the game: 1. Items that need to be addressed, 2. Great features that are in the game that should not be changed, and 3. Suggestions that are not necessarily needing to be implemented, but would in fact compliment the systems in place or provide insight to solving some of the issues.
    I. Items needing to be addressed/fixed for release
    Skill PointsPvE Mob BalanceXP GainParty XP GainParty Loot Bag OptionParty InvitePvP Class BalanceHorse Spawning 
    II. Great features in place that were spot on
    No cash shop items on the Auction House (AH)Karma systemItem drop rateCharacter creation (Tamer could use more aged options)Potion cooldownsDye system + dye combiningWeather systemsNight XPGvG cost 
    II. Suggestions to issues and game complimenting design ideas
    If no PvE or PvP balance is made to Wizard/Witch, please omit them for being a choice for launch.They would make an excellent "catch-up" character to be released later (as done in KR, and was successful).Please bring a party temporary bag loot option to the game if there is limited/no trading, to give us the option to properly/manually distribute loot to my friends that we party with.Increase horse spawn rate:I was the first to tame a horse in the channel (for 2.5hours) and it was fine then, and for the rest of the day, but after 2 days it was impossible to get a horse unless a person spawn camped the locations.An increased spawn rate would synergize very well with only having T1 & T2 horses available, and would really reward the people that wanted to invest their time into being an Expert Trainer.Would fill the gap for the mass need of horses.Alternately, these horse events would be a great idea to relieve the initial flood of need for horses on release.Lanterns emitting red light is almost worse than having nothing at all.Made horses near impossible to identify, to make my choice in training them.Dark environment and hair lighting. My hair looked like a neon billboard in certain dark scenariosGvG statistics to include: kills:deaths between the two sparring guilds, time length of war, etc. 
    Thank you for a very community engaging, event oriented and fun CBT! It was one of the most memorable of any I have ever been a part of. CM_Jouska and the whole Daum EU team really WOW'd me with the thought that went behind the scenes to make this a very special and memorable event.

    Feel free to comment items that you feel I should add, or if you feel I was mistaken, please explain why with data to back your point up and I will give proper credit to you and add it.
    Thanks everyone!
  20. Penalizing a player by causing them to lose xp if they die in PvP is not helpful to maintaining and growing a strong player population, deters PvP in open world which is what this game is all about and is illogical to a progressive experience system(technically dying is a ADDITIONAL experience one's character goes through).
    Please remove ANY xp loss penalties from this game, particularly in its current form and how it deters PvP (which is against the whole idea of a sandbox PvP game).
  21. At first, i freakin love the darker nights, please keep them. They create an awesome atmosphere and (i didnt pvp, but i do really think) a epic pvp setup, where you can hide in the dark dark places of the world. Maybe just tweak the lantern a bit, so that it is a lil bit brighter, but don´t kill the darker nights, pls

    Second, i would like to see the EXP required from 1-50 decreased, or the quest xp increased, because you have to grind between like every mainquest, which is just not so cool for twinking. i also dont think, that a player learns so much more, if he/she is grinding 1-50 more then in other regions. maybe the player wont do quests at all because he/she wants to be faster, cuz its taking more time in eu/na and because of that doesn´t do that many quests, so he/she will learn even less in a longer 1-50 process.
    Ofc it wont be the absolute worst thing to dont change the xp from cbt1 to release, but it will make a good junk of the playerbase not burned out even before the real game starts. and the pressure of grinding 1-50 is much much higher than 50+ because 1-50 the xp is in the focus, nothing else.
    +1 for a rp channel btw, just read it at another post, and i would really like that.

    Ty for reading
  22. Post on more EXP using energy in General

    By Merpeh, posted
    the leveling it self is a bit too slow in my opinion, but unstead of just adding extra EXP to the quests and grinding why not add more xp to energy use?
    not everyone likes grinding mobs and questing for hours just too level up it would be a great to be able level up just as fast by for example fishing or hunting.
    i really enjoy grinding in this game but i also want too feel more rewarded when i fish and so on with a decent amount of EXP
    please add a comment what you think!
  23. The XP revised in the EU version Is considerably less than the Korean version, this makes questing/Grinding extremely demoralizing and tiring.
    Note : I have grinded to 50 on multiple accounts on KR so I am not crying about leveling being to hard but simply stating that there is a BIG difference in XP compared to Korea and personally I detest this fact. As for grinding, a lot of areas are packed due to the short amount of channels; in korea there are like 50 channels which avoids this cluster. But how many channels will be available to us on launch 
  24. I started a topic on the general thread, about how leveling in a group will get you less experience (for each kill) oppose to soloing.
    Ofcourse you will pull more mobs while in a group, and you will kill a lot faster,
    But soloing will probably still level you faster overall.
    However this topic isn't just about getting the most experience as possible,
    It's also about playing together and have more fun while leveling.
    Because grinding mobs all on your own could get boring pretty quick.
    So what if we instead of penalising players for leveling in a group (with a experience reduction).
    You could just give each player 100% or at least less of a reduction while killing mobs in a group.
    This will give players more of an incentive to play together, this is a MMO after all!
    The reduction could still be a part of groups that are bigger than 3+ or 5+ players,
    what do you guys think?
  25. Hallo zusammen,
    ist eigentlich eine Anpassung der Lvl-Geschwindigkeit im Highlvl Bereich für EU/NA geplant? 
    Viele Leute aus der EU MMO-Spielergemeinschaft (NA kann ich nicht beurteilen) haben ein Problem sich mehr Aufwand für die letzten LvL machen zu müssen. Dies resultiert oftmals in Flames und es wird im Endeffekt angepasst, obwohl es dem Großteil der Spieler eventuell nicht so ergeht.
    Wie seht ihr das? 
    Ich bin auch auf das Feedback der Leute gespannt, die bereits die Möglichkeit hatten Charaktere im High-LvL Bereich zu leveln.