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  1. Hallo Liebe Community,
    ich bin nun Stufe 56 und suche den besten Levelingspot für meine Werte:
    Ap:130 DP:211
    Ih bin Bersi und will so schnell es geht 57+erreichen.
    Habe mehrere ausprobiert, aber was empfehlt ihr? 
    Bashims? wüstennagas, wüstenfogans... etc.?
  2. I just rolled Zerker a few days ago (i"m returning since ive tried basically every class and i liked it the most, and the world could always use more tanks) 
    I guess i picked the worst time to roll though, seeing how everyone is losing their minds over DK (which is fine) and now finding a knot on that you need is a tough as buying a Kzarka (this is a joke if you couldnt tell). But hopefully by the end of the month (meaning march) the market will settle down a bit, because by then the dk's will have their gear up and the others will have gone back to their old classes. 
    Pray for me 
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  3. Heilang AI is dumb. Zerker beating Heilang with my body and does nothing about it. That is child abuse; Failure to report it anyways.
  4. This KR Wiz, Comes in and Wrects a whole pile of ppl in node war, thanks to this new item!
    This is the reason horses need to cost more. The amount of work to get a t8 to get a chance to get a t9 is worth so much more than 100mil that the game puts t8s at. 
  5. Herbal juice should be buyable from the General Good vendor like HP/Mana potions. The x amount of time it takes to gather weeds and herbs + the y amount of time to process all of it into Herbal Juice + the z amount of time to process the herbal juice into better herbal juice could be spent actually grinding silver and exp.
  6. Hey all,
    Awhile back, someone posted a vid of what I think was a JP BDO guild made up of all Awakened Berserkers.  It was comedic, it was hilarious, and they had a few other videos of similar escapades.  I cannot, however, track that video down.  I think it must've been an inline comment rather than a thread of its own, and I've searched YT, Google, and the forum for various keywords (JP BDO Berserker, All Berserker Guild, etc).
    Any assistance would be appreciated!
  7. Post on Seizing fear in Berserker

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I'm 52 and I don't have any points in this yet. I figured it's a late skill to dive into. Question does the crit stack per rank or does it take that many points just to get 5%? is it really worth it?
  8. Post on Skill Build Theory's in Berserker

    By Kizmet, posted
    So I have been 55 for awhile now, Easily over 200 DP, Low end of the AP cause I have decided to go pure Dp build, I have noticed a huge difference in my Zerker now compared to before I really shine in Fights, Solo I hit like a butter knife, but as far as a group small scale or large they always want me, CC Chains for easy kills. Now maybe its because I have decided to go DP and not AP, but my damage is fairly low, I am completely fine with considering that I am a tank and have the best CCs in the game, I get more pleasure holding someone over my head and letting all my guild mates kill them then I do killing them myself, But as I have been thinking and questioning my skill build I want like some thoughts from some of you other guys.

    Is it worth is to put all the points into Maxing out Corpse Storm, Rock Smash or just enough to get the first lvl of each since they are all 100% Accurate at the First Rank, I understand that its worth it for Undertaker because at max rank it gives 10% Health to added Damage - The damage they seem to do at max rank hardly moves any targets HP unless they are extremely under geared. Let's keep in mind I am not talking about picking on lowbies here I am thinking about this for real lvl 55 Decently Geared Fights.

    Another question would be Predatory Hunt IV, I have the first rank in this because it had a knockdown and its very useful for people when they are grouped up, but I do see some zerkers using it rank IV and jumping around and it seems like it could be useful but I don't know how useful.

    What about Beast Roar - this one I have no clue about, I don't see a lot of zerkers with this, but in some pvp videos I do see zerkers doing some sort of Instant scream Stun, and I was wondering if that was Beast Roar or Just a Skill cancel with Fearsome Tyrant ? And if so can anyone tell me this combo ? And should Fearsome Tyrant be maxed out?

    And what is everyone's Thoughts on Ire of Beast, Seems like it just takes to long to cast?

    Tackling Rock ? Falling Rock ? Never Heard of Her. Well I just have never fooled with them and Don't know if I should even be asking.

    The Reason I am asking all this is because I was thinking about making some extra room for Fierce Strike in pvp. I know its slow but They have buffed it a lot, it would Definitely be dependent on the situation but there are a ton of times when I spin on a stunned target to do little to No damage when I could be using this Skill with its bleeds. Any Thoughts on This >?? I use  SP Beastly and Frenzied as well I know the damage they do. I know the Norm Zerker Combos and how to play, I was just trying to Mix it up some and test some things any constructive input would be great.

    Thanks Guys 
  9. Post on Lava Piercer in Berserker

    By Kizmet, posted
    I know that there are a lot of bugs atm with Zerkers, maybe its just me but I would personally like to see Lava Piercer become smoother, with pretty much every class being able to out run or get away from us and the Desync with Grabs the least they can do is fix our engage/chase. Don't get me wrong I love my zerker I deal with the Desyncs because in group fights when i grab someone and pile drive them backwards into My Guild Leaders Wizard Alt for GG its a great feeling But when we are winning and I break out to chase someone down or engage, cast lava piercer and get stuck on a rock smaller then my big toe or just let the hair on my shoulder graze a tree or a mob to get stuck in position is really annoying. This is a great skill all in all but it could be fixed so it can work a lot smoother then it does ! Just some thoughts !
  10. Hi Fellow Zerks
    I'm currently enjoying my Zerk in PvE so much i have decided to dedicate him to this role and build a separate PvP character on the side, or farm till the dark elf comes, I am only level 45 with him and have reset his skills so was wondering if any of you think its worth investing any (1) points into grabs if he will be a dedicated PvE smasher, are there times in late game pve that a grab might be needed or even essential or will stomp,FD,spin,repeat be the bread and butter skills to use
    If going PvE should i consider maxing the crit skill?
    Gear, currently i have 2 Grun (Helm,Gloves), 2 taritas (chest,boots), should i stick with this or is there a better alternative for PVE?
    Yes i know there are more efficient classes for PvE but i like playing zerk while i farm
    Thanks for your time
    Mr L
  11. Post on Skill bugs in Berserker

    By nandayo92, posted
    Hi there, I've noticed a problem with the Berserker ability, Frenzied Destroyer.
    It says to activate double smash you click LMB + RMB, however, it doesn't seem to apply any damage.
    Down + LMB for Frenzied Destroyer is fine, it has down damage effect. I think it's bugged so I thought it would be a good idea to submit this and let you guys know. I also have a screenshot to attach, hope this helps as well...

  12. There seems to be a problem with melee classes and fighting the bosses.
    If the rumors are true about loot dropping for only the top 40 damage on the boss, then we are shit out of luck...  It seems that this is definitely true with my experience fighting Bherg last night 4 times. How is this system of loot for only the top 40 damage fair for melee when the range classes can sit back and deal major damage and die less? In addition to having the luxury of staying far away with range, the range classes like ranger, and witch, deal on average more DPS so they will often get the loot/better loot. Here some evidence based on my experience last night:
    Fought Bherg last night 4 times.. I only received any kind of loot ONCE.... ONCE OUT OF THE 4 TIMES. And this is with me just going in relentlessly with all I got using the best damage skills for my class as a berserker. I died so I died over 20+ times per fight trying to deal constant DPS. My sorc friend and warrior both got NOTHING out of the fights too. However, the Valkyrie got loot 3 out of the 4 times and the ranger got stuff EVERY SINGLE TIME and even a liverto bundle once! Is it coincidence that they got lucky? No.. its most likely due to the ranger dealing high DPS and thus getting better drops.
    To top that off, the ONE time I got loot, I only got a measly 5 hunter seals and 45k silver. The Ranger was consistently getting weapon and armor stones in additon to 800k+ crystal gems and even a liverto weapon once.
    In the process, I lost about 1.5 mil in gems and that's because I couldn't get unequip my weapon since I needed the ap to do damage. It would have been more if I didn't take off my armor.
    In addition, this system only helps the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. If this system is indeed based on top 40 dps like the evidence shows it to be, then only the highly geared players with the best DPS will get the best drops and thus the people who don't have as much time will not benefit.
    How could anyone at Pearl Abyss not realize the fault of this system involving melee vs range dps for boss drops?
    There are easy ways to fix this:
    1. Make the drop ratio a mix of top DPS and mid range DPS.
    or 2. Allow melee classes an offset damage or other characteristic that is applied to the boss to help with better loot chances
    or 3. Reward damage output based on classes involved in the boss fights, not individual character damage
  13. Post on Fix the grabs in Suggestions

    By YippYaya, posted
    Fix the grabs. Nuff said.
  14. Hey there, international people! 

    The poll is just for fun. But my questions are serious business.

    Im thinking about choosing the zerker as my main class, for.. reasons.
    I watched Hakurai's Videos on yt and I initially wanted to start with the tamer. But the longer I stay here in the forum, the more I want to play the zerker.

    I wonder
    - about the zerker being a skilled PvP class?
    - if the zerker is looking great in several armors? (screenshots, anyone?)
    - if the zerker is a good teamplayer?
    - the zerker will keep up my long time motivation? (okay, this one is hard to anwer for you...)

    Feel free to add your questions / thoughts about the zerker.